Season 4 Episode 13

Charmed and Dangerous

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2002 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Piper pulls the darklighter's arrow out of Leo. The first time he is shot by the arrow, Prue must use her powers to pull it out because Leo tells them they cannot touch the arrow because of the poison.

    • TRIVIA: This is the second time that Leo is shot with a darklighter's arrow, the first time being in the Season 1 episode Love Hurts. This time he is healed by Paige, who was channeling his own healing power, when last time it was Piper, after she switched powers with him.

    • TRIVIA: The Seer said she helped the Charmed Ones for her own future. This seems to be foreshadowing her manipulation of Cole and Phoebe in future episodes in order to intricately have herself become The Source in the episode Womb Raider.

    • TRIVIA: The spell the girls use to vanquish the Source is - "Prudence, Patricia, Penelope, Melinda, Astrid, Helena, Laura and Grace, Halliwell witches stand strong beside us Vanquish this evil from time and space". They will also use this spell to vanquish Cole (who has become the Source) in the later season 4 episode called Long Live the Queen.

    • TRIVIA: The Source calls the Hollow "the ultimate power", but later, in season 8, the powers of Billie & Christy will be called the same thing.

    • TRIVIA: This is the second time that Pandora's box has been mentioned, and it is mentioned again in a later episode.

    • When Leo came back and everyone was in the kitchen, Piper told him that the Source took her power. Leo already knew that because he was in the attic when Piper showed him that she didn't have her powers.

    • TRIVIA: This is the fourth time that the sisters have lost their powers.

    • TRIVIA: In the incantation to vanquish the Source, three very familiar names are read aloud aside from their first ancestor Melinda; Prudence (Prue), Penelope (Penny/Grams) and Patricia (Patty) as women in the Haliwell line.

    • During the scene when Paige is talking to Darryl, when the camera is on Paige, her red handbag is clearly on her shoulder, but when the camera switches to Darryl, Paige's shoulder is still visible but the bag isn't there.

    • When the source grabs Paige and throws her into the mattress behind him, the sleeves of a shirt under the shirt she is wearing is visible. Yet when she gets up, the long sleeved shirt is gone.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode the Source is vanquished by the Charmed Ones although his powers start to possess Cole instead.

    • TRIVIA: At the end of this episode, this is the first time that Cole's eyes changed to show that he was the Source.

    • At the end of the episode when the Seer leaves the manor the camera focuses on Piper, but when it flashes back to Cole, the Seer's hair is still visible.

    • TRIVIA: This is one of nine episodes with the series title, "Charmed", in it.

    • Compared to the beginning of the season, the Source's voice has become considerably higher in tone.

    • After Phoebe, Leo, and Piper discover that the Hollow has been unleashed, Phoebe tells Piper to look for the demon with half a face in the Book, but barely 2 minutes ago, Phoebe looked through the book and said that the demon with half a face wasn't in there.

    • TRIVIA: Peter Woodward later appears (as a different character) in the season 7 episode "Someone to Witch Over Me".

    • TRIVIA: Paige uses the spell "Let the object of objection become but a dream, as I cause the seen to be unseen" on Carolyn, and it's the same spell she used on her friend at her job earlier in the season.

    • TRIVIA: When Cole comes in at the end of the episode to stop the Source, he runs in shimmering just the way Leo did in season 2 episode "Murphy's Luck".

    • TRIVIA: As of the end of this episode, Cole's human half is suppressed by the evil of the Source now inhabiting his demon half.

    • TRIVIA: This is the first time the Source shows his real face.

    • In "All Hell Breaks Loose" the Source had red hands, then in "Brain Drain" he had black hands, now all of a sudden in this episode, he has white hands!

    • When the Source opens the Hollow for the first time, a bunch of black wires are visible.

    • How could the Source control the Hollow if he was weaker than the Charmed Ones?

    • If the elders know about the demons attacking the Charmed Ones, how come they haven't noticed that Cole is the Source or even know that there's another Source lurking around?

  • Quotes

    • Cole (referring to the demon in Phoebe's premonition): What'd he look like?
      Phoebe: Creepy half-face, and his good side has tribal markings, a little bit like...
      Cole: Belthazor.
      Phoebe: A little bit. Do you know who he is? Does he work for the Source?
      Cole: He doesn't work for the Source, Phoebe — he is the Source.

    • Source: What did you see?
      Seer: I saw... your demise.

    • Phoebe: Who are you?
      Seer: Someone who just saved your lives.
      (The Seer takes the Hollow from Cole and puts it back into the box)
      Seer: Quickly! Take my hand!
      Cole: Trust her, if you want your powers back.
      Seer: Say the inscription with me!
      (The Seer and Phoebe say the inscription on the box and it goes back to the place it belongs)

    • (The sisters put up a forcefield to block the Source from using his powers on them while they vanquish him)
      The Source: Crystal. (one of the crystals creating the forcefield orbs into his hand bringing the forcefield down) Now the moment we've all been waiting for! (forms a fireball and throws it at Phoebe but Cole shimmers in and takes the fireball absorbing the Source's powers) Belthazor!
      Phoebe (realizing): No. The Hollow... Cole (throws a fireball at the Source): Hurry, the spell (throws another fireball)
      Piper: Prudence, Patricia, Penelope, Melinda... Phoebe: Astrid, Helena, Laura and Grace... Paige: Halliwell witches stand strong beside us...
      Piper, Phoebe & Paige: vanquish this evil from time and space! (The Source screaming, catches on fire and explodes, vanquished)

    • Phoebe: I don't know who you are, but whoever you are, we thank you.
      Seer: Oh, I didn't do this for your future, I did it for mine.
      Paige: I don't understand, if we got our powers back, where did the Source's go?
      Seer: Into the void.

    • Paige: Hey, Cole, too bad you're not still evil.
      Cole: One step at a time. First we vanquish the Source, then we'll worry about putting Pandora back in its box.

    • Leo: The Source unleashed the Hollow.
      Piper: Already on that train, honey. It took my powers. Anything else?

    • Paige: Five magic crystals oriented east to west. Magic circle, check.
      Piper: Oh, purple good, purple equals exploding power. Exploding power, check.
      Phoebe: One fabulously written Source vanquishing spell, check.
      Cole: Don't get cocky.
      Phoebe: Not cocky, confident.
      Piper: We are talking about the Source of all evil, maybe measured optimism is best.

    • Phoebe: Okay, so if good and evil are seeing eye to eye on this one, who let it out?
      Piper: The Source.

    • Phoebe: So, we found a demon with half a body but no demon with half a face.
      Piper: Well, we do have a resident demonologist living in the house.
      Phoebe: Yeah, we've had that conversation.

    • Piper: A demon? What kind of demon?
      Phoebe: One with a half a face.
      Piper: Yuck!!

    • Piper (about the will): Prue did it, and thank God she did 'cause if she didn't we'd still be dealing with lawyers. (Cole glances up) No offense.
      Cole: Oh, none taken. I've come to terms with my evil past.

    • Phoebe: Oh honey, are you still on that Last Will and Testament kick? I gotta tell you, it's very very morbid.
      Piper: No, it's very very responsible.

    • After vanquishing the Source, the sisters and Leo raise their drinks in a toast.
      Phoebe: For Prue.
      Piper: For Prue.
      They all clink their drinks.

    • Source: Say hello to Prue for me.

    • Paige: Oh, my God!
      Source: Not quite.

    • Leo: What do you say we go home and get started on our future?
      Piper: What do you say we go home and sleep, then we work on the future tomorrow night.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Čerovné a nebezpečné (Magical and Dangerous) France: La Boîte de Pandore (Pandora's Box) Italy: Lo scrigno (The trunk) Germany: Das schwarze Nichts (The Hollow)

    • Peter Woodward takes over the role of the Source in this episode. Previously the role has been played by two other actors(not counting the actors playing characters he possessed or shapeshifted into), the first being Michael Bailey Smith in All Hell Breaks Loose and Bennett Guillory in Charmed Again (1), Charmed Again (2), and Brain Drain. He will again reprise the roll of The Source in the season eighth episode Desperate Housewitches, as well as appearing as the demon Aku in two episodes of the seventh season.

    • This episode scored 4.7 million viewers.

  • Allusions

    • Title: Charmed and Dangerous

      A reference to the phrase "armed and dangerous" which is used when the police is pursuing a suspect who is considered armed and dangerous.

    • Cole: First we'll vanquish the Source, then we'll worry about putting Pandora back in her box.

      Pandora and her box is a famous Greek myth telling how all the world's problems came to be: when Pandora opened the box that Zeus gave her and told her to never open it.

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