Season 7 Episode 8

Charmed Noir

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2004 on The WB

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  • The Power of Three and the Case of the Dead Gnome

    The Power of Three and the Case of the Dead Gnome

    Main Storyline:
    While investigating the mysterious murder of a gnome, Paige and Brody are sucked into the book, "Crossed, Double-Crossed." The actual plot had me sleeping, but I liked the whole black/white (I mean, African-American/Caucasian) thing. It added a whole new element to the story. But all in all, the Burmese Falcon + Long Lost Brothers - 1 Brother = Snorefest.

    1. Leo's Avatar Status: So, he can conjure roses, heal dead people, and refrain from being sucked into a mysterious cursed mystery novel. But can he touch his nose with his tongue? I think not.
    2. Paige and Kyle's Romance: Solving crimes must get tiring, and this dynamic duo has already solved three in the past two weeks. They have great chemistry and I sure hope Kerr Smith sticks around.
    3. Piper and Leo's Romance: Even with roses abound, Piper turns down Leo's request for a date. Can I get a collective sigh here? Awwww!
    4. Phoebe's Love Connections: Wait a tick. The woman who can't hold a relationship for more than 10 episodes (Cole didn't count. He was a demon-turned good-turned demon-turned good-turned Source of all Evil-turned "good"- turned invincible demon-turned dead. No wonder his last name was Turner.) is trying to be a little matchmaker? Whatever. Next thing you know, Phoebe'll have her own advice column or something crazy like that!

    This episode definitely took a turn for the worst from last week, but unless they aired "All Hell Breaks Loose," I don't see how any episode (save a few) would measure up against "Someone to Witch Over Me." Still, the subplots were there, and they hit home.

    Grade: B