Season 7 Episode 8

Charmed Noir

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2004 on The WB

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  • Flesh and Gnome

    Charmed Noir is Rose McGowan's favorite episode of Charmed and it's no surprise really. She has stated in interviews that she's a massive fan of the 1940's and she gets to really act like she's back in those times in this excellent episode.

    The episode begins with Paige and Brody investigating the murder of a gnome at Magic School (I originally thought "better turn off my TV" but I stuck with it, thank god!) before inadvertently getting sucked into a novel, which leads them into a weird dimension set in the 1940's with gangsters and the mafia, all filmed in glorious black and white.

    Doing experimental episodes is extremely rare for Charmed but this episode really works. I loved how whatever was written in the book actually happened to Paige and Brody (like the piano falling down, for instance) and I loved how everything that this real noir-ish feel to it. You really get captured into the excitement of the time period and you can really see that Rose McGowan and Kerr Smith had a blast making it. I loved the idea of the Burmese falcon and I loved all the character names of the guest stars (Johnny the Gent and Mr Lips for instance).

    Bug Hall gave a brilliant performance as Eddie Mullen, who is trapped in the book after the murder of his brother, you genuinely feel for him and it's nice to see that he escapes the book at the end. The closing shot, with Paige and Brody having their first kiss in front of the big red neon sign outside the apartment was also a really cool moment. This episode exudes a real sense of fun which hasn't been seen on the show in ages. Well done writers!
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