Season 7 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2004 on The WB

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  • Charrrmed!

    Charrrmed! was a superb and very entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching as Paige plays with Pirates, Leo confronts his demons so to speak, and Phoebe realizes some thing about Leslie. The story lines were well written, the acting was great, and the over all production was awesome. Every thing worked out in the end for each of the sisters and it seems perhaps Leslie's role may become more prominent as he and Phoebe get together. The mysterious Federal agent is interesting and I wonder what his story is. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Rrrrr!! Should Make Dem Writers Walk the Plank!


    Charrrmed!-When Paige encounters Captain Black Jack Cutting, an 18th century pirate in search of the Fountain of Youth, the curse on his life becomes her problem. Meanwhile, Leslie manipulates a contest in order to spend time with Phoebe, Leo fights with the creature that caused him to kill an Elder, and a mysterious federal agent comes to town to investigate the Halliwells.

    God, Charmed has some of the dumbest episode titles during the later years and this is definately one of them. "Charrrmed" (Wow, I wonder how the writers came up with that one!) sees the sisters up against some pirates who are trying to find the Fountain of Youth. This is the part where I usually say "Pirates? How silly and ridiculous!!" But considering the writers have done everything from fairies to nymphs to mummies, so why not pirates!? But like with the introduction of Magic School, "Charrrmed" is yet another rip-off from the writers to capitalize on the Pirates of the Carribean frachise, how else do you explain theJohnny Deppreference!! Anyway, the whole plot is as corny as you'd expect as all thepiratesespecially Captain Black Jack Cutting.Far from Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook and closer to some Saturday morning catroon villain. The whole dilemma with Paige aging is played mostly for laughs so you really don't care and the only interesting part in the story is when Piper and Phoeb break into a museum to steal the golden chalice. The SFX work was really great during that scene, especially when Piper blows up the glass around the cup and freezes it at the same time.

    This episode also introduces us to Agent Brody, played by Dawson's Creek star Kerr Smith. What we see from him this episode doesn't really give us a sense of his character, but it does seem he will have a lasting impression of the characters this season. Oh and what do you know, Phoebe sleeps with Lesley! Like we didn't see that coming. I swear,,,what's the point, they guys just gonna leave her anyway and Phoebe gonna open her legs again to some other guy just to find "the one"! Anyway, a rather poor episode that's all gimick, nothing more to say here.


    Poofest of the Caribbean

    Whoever came up with the idea of putting pirates on this show should be shot. This has got to be one of the worst storylines ever seen on Charmed. It's as if there's a checklist: knights; mermaids; gypsies. What else can we do? I know....

    The main plot has a bunch of half-dead pirates using the Charmed Ones to help them break their curse. Sound familiar? All the old cliches are there, from the headscarves and earrings to the parrot on the captain's shoulder. The writers seem to think continually namechecking Pirates of the Caribbean will make this blatant plagiarism alright. Newsflash: it won't.

    The guest actors are rubbish and none of them can decide what accent they have. The first mate has obviously decided he is going to copy Johnny Depp's London accent but then ruins it with a very Irish sounding "would you mind?" In the meantime, Paige becomes an old woman and her sisters must get her a drink from the fountain of youth before it's too late. Whatever.

    It's not all bad: the theft of the chalice is nicely done and it's good to see Piper use her powers together at last. A bit of a quiet week for Paige and Leo though. Inspector Sheridan continues her witchhunt and this time succeeds in outing the sisters. This would have been good if it hadn't been done a hundred times before. Still, compared to the main plot it's actually quite exciting.

    By far the best thing this week is the introduction of Agent Brody. Who is this mysterious young cop? I'm intrigued already. Perhaps the police are going to play a bigger role this season?

    For all the nonsense, there's a lot of foreboding in this episode, with a couple of references to the "gathering storm". If something big is going to happen this season, please let it be soon.

    Score: 7.7
  • Welcome to the world of magical beings, Kyle.

    A very mysterious federal agent comes to San Fransisco to investigate the Halliwell sister, but he seems not surprised when he finds out they are actually witches. Why? Paige is getting older and older after he is hurt by a pirate from the eighteen century. In order to save Paige, Piper and Phoebe have to rob a muzium. Inspector Sheridan, the character that I hate the most in this series, finds out the sister are actually witches. Do you like this episode? I don't, and I hate this episode because it is unoriginal. But still good if you can accepted this episode.
  • Whoa! This season it's great! They have mixed a good off-screen work, tons of original stories (Pirats, museum robbery, fountain of youth...) and a strange way to get a great episode... Anyway, it could have been better with that material!

    Since the very beginning we can see that the off-screen part is gonna be awesome the rest of the episode. The first scene can't be better! The darkness in the attic, the quotes, the acting of HMC and Brian together... The photography is excellent in the scene (and it will be the same the rest of the episode). We start hearing the music and we know is gonna be cool aswell. Except for the coin falling into the grown, the whole beginning could have been perfect (We can not see how the coin fall, they could have included a little fight or something to make the coin fall)

    The episode continues con scene with Paige and Piper, I have to admit that I love the scenes between them. Specially this episode, the scenes between them were great! Sheridan appears here too. I don't know why we should hate her! It's just a police... Agent Brody appears for first time in the episode, and we will be glad for the coming relationship. The whole story line of the episode is original itself. Pirats, the fountain, the museum so the idea is to make a good episode! Anyway, so many things get to much to handle. For exemple the scene in the museum was totaly inapropiated! The effect of blow-freze in movement was beautiful! And was an original idea. But the scene imitating, Catherine Zeta was too much! It is not beliveable, she wouldn't go there that way!!! It's ridiculous! They could have done a action scene another way! And not make that.

    Other anoying thing in the episode is the freaky alusion to Pirats of the Caribean!!! I hated that so much! You can't go every five minutes saying something about that film! It's like if in the weird scene in the museum Phoebe would say "See, like Catherine did it!!". It's stupid! we know that they did the episode because the inspiration of Pirats of the Caribean but... they dont' have to tell us about it!
    And the whole Pirats talkind scenes were bad! They just stay there and talk! It's boring

    I finish saying that Holly did a perfect job in the episode, getting out his funny say. I loved the scene when she refuses to blow up the bird!!XD Her face there was so special!

    The special effects in the episode were great in all the episode (except for the fountain blowing up) The vanquish of the pirats, the museum effects, etc... And we have to give a 10 to the pirat's set. In one of the scene we can see the big set (It's big, big!!) so I think that they did that ok! I have to remark the fact, the set in the episode is special and they did sets to the museum aswell

    So, it is a 8 episode! A perfect camera and photography job, with some perfect effects and acting that get darken by some bad scenes (Scenes that are not original) and strange quotes.
  • Brilliant episode I liked when Piper froze then blew up !!!

    On a search to find witches who have been disappearing, Paige encounters Captain Black Jack Cutting, an infamous 18th century pirate who is searching for the Fountain of Youth to reverse a curse that causes him to age but never die. When the pirate transfers the curse to Paige, Phoebe and Piper must break into a museum to steal the golden chalice, which makes the Fountain of Youth come to life. Meanwhile, Leslie manipulates the outcome of a "Win a Date with Phoebe" contest so that he and Phoebe can go out; Leo continues to fight the voice of the creature that caused him to kill an Elder; and the sisters' secret is compromised when the mysterious Federal Agent Brody comes to town to investigate them.
  • Arrr me harties.. a truly grrrreat episode indeed!

    Charrrmed is about a group of pirates attacking and killing witches.. when the fog rolls in.
    Captain Jack Cutting got cursed by a witch to be forever old, so he and his crew who are bound to him by the captains oath, take revenge on witches. The captain wants to go after the charmed ones.. so that is what they do. Paige gets cut by a cutlass and turns old and to save her, Phoebe and piper must steal a goblet from a heavily guarded museum in order to use the fountain of youth.

    Good things:

    The cool laser thing in the museum
    The pirates were a cool idea and the costumes were only slightly tacky
    The pirates were good actors

  • Paige runs into a pirate who is searching for the fountain of youth!

    This episode wasn't that great. The sisters are powerful. They can defeat all these other monsters but can't when it comes to pirates? Something about this episode just seemed wrong! The episode makes Piper look like she is doing nothing.Didnt they use that fountain of youth in a diff. episode? Sometimes half their episodes seem cheesy.Maybe if they added more to this episode it would be better.
  • OMG Kern has done it again but this time.... Pirates?!?!? But I have to give him some credit.

    Although I still don't like the Pirates, man how many different creatures and stuff from fairytales and stuff are there in the Charmed world?, this episode wasn't all that bad.

    The old Paige was funny to see, we get introduced with Agent Brody, what will become of him? (Like I don't know)

    The thing I don't like about this episode is like I mentioned above that Brad and the others use way to many things from Children story's, after the Gnomes, the Leprecaughns, the fairy's, the Ogre's, the Nymphs and now the Pirates. I wished he had portrayed the world of Charmed a little more serious not with all those 'cute' (yeah right) creatures but more darker things.

    But at least this episode was entertainable and it was funny to see Phoebe trying to steel the thing from the museum although it looked a bit strange.
  • Pirates and Pilates

    Finally! An actually decent episode! When you first hear the title and the storyline of this hour, your immediate reaction is to run and hide. Thankfully, Charrrmed! turns out to be an entertaining episode with a lot of comedy and exciting scenes.

    When a young woman is kidnapped by pirate Captain Black-Jack Cutting, the sisters have to steal the cup of eternal youth to get her back.
    Harve Presnell gives a funny performance as the Captain and it's always fun to see pirates on TV, no matter how laughably bad it is.

    The scene where Phoebe does some Entrapment-style acrobatics through a museum security system probably looked good on paper but when transfered to the screen, it comes off as kinda laughable with Alyssa's stunt double blatantly going straight through the security lights without the alarm going off.

    There are some nifty effects when the glass cabinet shatters and Piper freezes it and the introduction of Kerr Smith as Agent Brody promises some interesting storylines for the rest of the season.

    Hopefully we've seen the back of Sheridan, whose knocked out to la-la land by Brody. She's sniffed around the Halliwells for a while now and still isn't less annoying. Shiver-me-timbers! Watch this!
  • When Paige encounters Captain Black Jack Cutting, an 18th century pirate in search of the Fountain of Youth, the curse on his life becomes her problem. Meanwhile, Leslie manipulates a contest just to spend time with Phoebe, Leo fights the creature

    When Paige encounters Captain Black Jack Cutting, an 18th century pirate in search of the Fountain of Youth , the curse on his life becomes her problem . Meanwhile, Leslie manipulates a contest in order to spend time with Phoebe , Leo fights with the creature that caused him to kill an Elderm, and a mysterious federal agent comes to town to investigate the Halliwells . I like this episode . I think Leslie and phebe would make a nice couple. But it would never work out. With Phebe always being busy to keep a personal life. And Agent Brody took out Sheridian. So she gets off the sisters case. And paige meets her new boyfriend.
  • The Power of Three and the Fountain of Youth

    The Power of Three and the Fountain of Youth

    Main Storyline:
    While helping an innocent, Paige falls under the curse of a bunch of pirates, making her age. A lot. This was not a very original plot, a bit like Pirates of the Caribbean but it was something that Charmed had never done before. Nymphs, check. Fairies, check. Pirates? Check that off!

    1. Phoebe and Les: The romance continues as Les held a "Win a Date with Phoebe" contest, but she stood him up anyway. I absolutely LOVED their fight at the end, and their make-out session.
    2. Leo and the Green Head: After a brief absence, the floating holorgram returns, and I'm so excited about what he's all about. Anyway, Leo finally told Piper about the voices. This week's quote..."You can't trust him. You can't trust yourself."
    3. Sheridan's Stakeout: Fabulous actress playing Sheridan, and even though I her plot resembles that of other cops in the past, I still like it. Now that she's caught the Halliwells stealing, I wonder what she'll do.
    4. Agent Brody: Sure, Kerr Smith is a good actor, but as far as this episode goes, I'm gonna stand up for Nick Lachey again, and say that he was better in this episode. But, my opinions aside, (Yeah, right!) his storyline is quite interesting, though I'm confused about why Dr. Williamson, Piper's doctor from "Awakened" didn't explain all that crap about the blood helixes and what not.
    5. Leo begins to regain his sanity: Leo's not crazy anymore! YAY! The Elders finally trust him enough to give him a mission, and he?s finally finding time to spend time with Wyatt and Chris.
    6. The Gathering Storm: This was mentioned once or twice, by both the Elders and the Pirates, and I think that if might have something to do with the hologram. And even if it doesn't, it must mean a huge power source is coming soon.

    This is an okay episode, but certainly not as good as "Cheaper by the Coven", "Crimes and Witch-Demeanors", "The Courtship of Wyatt's Father" or even "A Call to Arms," which are all recent episodes. (After all, you can't compare these episodes to something like, I don't know..."All Hell Breaks Loose.") It was a demon-of-the-week episode, sure, but with many, many subplots weaved along with it. I like the sub-plots more and more each week and I like the main plot less and less each week.

    Grade: B+