Season 7 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2004 on The WB

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  • The Power of Three and the Fountain of Youth

    The Power of Three and the Fountain of Youth

    Main Storyline:
    While helping an innocent, Paige falls under the curse of a bunch of pirates, making her age. A lot. This was not a very original plot, a bit like Pirates of the Caribbean but it was something that Charmed had never done before. Nymphs, check. Fairies, check. Pirates? Check that off!

    1. Phoebe and Les: The romance continues as Les held a "Win a Date with Phoebe" contest, but she stood him up anyway. I absolutely LOVED their fight at the end, and their make-out session.
    2. Leo and the Green Head: After a brief absence, the floating holorgram returns, and I'm so excited about what he's all about. Anyway, Leo finally told Piper about the voices. This week's quote..."You can't trust him. You can't trust yourself."
    3. Sheridan's Stakeout: Fabulous actress playing Sheridan, and even though I her plot resembles that of other cops in the past, I still like it. Now that she's caught the Halliwells stealing, I wonder what she'll do.
    4. Agent Brody: Sure, Kerr Smith is a good actor, but as far as this episode goes, I'm gonna stand up for Nick Lachey again, and say that he was better in this episode. But, my opinions aside, (Yeah, right!) his storyline is quite interesting, though I'm confused about why Dr. Williamson, Piper's doctor from "Awakened" didn't explain all that crap about the blood helixes and what not.
    5. Leo begins to regain his sanity: Leo's not crazy anymore! YAY! The Elders finally trust him enough to give him a mission, and he?s finally finding time to spend time with Wyatt and Chris.
    6. The Gathering Storm: This was mentioned once or twice, by both the Elders and the Pirates, and I think that if might have something to do with the hologram. And even if it doesn't, it must mean a huge power source is coming soon.

    This is an okay episode, but certainly not as good as "Cheaper by the Coven", "Crimes and Witch-Demeanors", "The Courtship of Wyatt's Father" or even "A Call to Arms," which are all recent episodes. (After all, you can't compare these episodes to something like, I don't know..."All Hell Breaks Loose.") It was a demon-of-the-week episode, sure, but with many, many subplots weaved along with it. I like the sub-plots more and more each week and I like the main plot less and less each week.

    Grade: B+