Season 7 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2004 on The WB

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  • Whoa! This season it's great! They have mixed a good off-screen work, tons of original stories (Pirats, museum robbery, fountain of youth...) and a strange way to get a great episode... Anyway, it could have been better with that material!

    Since the very beginning we can see that the off-screen part is gonna be awesome the rest of the episode. The first scene can't be better! The darkness in the attic, the quotes, the acting of HMC and Brian together... The photography is excellent in the scene (and it will be the same the rest of the episode). We start hearing the music and we know is gonna be cool aswell. Except for the coin falling into the grown, the whole beginning could have been perfect (We can not see how the coin fall, they could have included a little fight or something to make the coin fall)

    The episode continues con scene with Paige and Piper, I have to admit that I love the scenes between them. Specially this episode, the scenes between them were great! Sheridan appears here too. I don't know why we should hate her! It's just a police... Agent Brody appears for first time in the episode, and we will be glad for the coming relationship. The whole story line of the episode is original itself. Pirats, the fountain, the museum so the idea is to make a good episode! Anyway, so many things get to much to handle. For exemple the scene in the museum was totaly inapropiated! The effect of blow-freze in movement was beautiful! And was an original idea. But the scene imitating, Catherine Zeta was too much! It is not beliveable, she wouldn't go there that way!!! It's ridiculous! They could have done a action scene another way! And not make that.

    Other anoying thing in the episode is the freaky alusion to Pirats of the Caribean!!! I hated that so much! You can't go every five minutes saying something about that film! It's like if in the weird scene in the museum Phoebe would say "See, like Catherine did it!!". It's stupid! we know that they did the episode because the inspiration of Pirats of the Caribean but... they dont' have to tell us about it!
    And the whole Pirats talkind scenes were bad! They just stay there and talk! It's boring

    I finish saying that Holly did a perfect job in the episode, getting out his funny say. I loved the scene when she refuses to blow up the bird!!XD Her face there was so special!

    The special effects in the episode were great in all the episode (except for the fountain blowing up) The vanquish of the pirats, the museum effects, etc... And we have to give a 10 to the pirat's set. In one of the scene we can see the big set (It's big, big!!) so I think that they did that ok! I have to remark the fact, the set in the episode is special and they did sets to the museum aswell

    So, it is a 8 episode! A perfect camera and photography job, with some perfect effects and acting that get darken by some bad scenes (Scenes that are not original) and strange quotes.
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