Season 7 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2004 on The WB

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    Poofest of the Caribbean

    Whoever came up with the idea of putting pirates on this show should be shot. This has got to be one of the worst storylines ever seen on Charmed. It's as if there's a checklist: knights; mermaids; gypsies. What else can we do? I know....

    The main plot has a bunch of half-dead pirates using the Charmed Ones to help them break their curse. Sound familiar? All the old cliches are there, from the headscarves and earrings to the parrot on the captain's shoulder. The writers seem to think continually namechecking Pirates of the Caribbean will make this blatant plagiarism alright. Newsflash: it won't.

    The guest actors are rubbish and none of them can decide what accent they have. The first mate has obviously decided he is going to copy Johnny Depp's London accent but then ruins it with a very Irish sounding "would you mind?" In the meantime, Paige becomes an old woman and her sisters must get her a drink from the fountain of youth before it's too late. Whatever.

    It's not all bad: the theft of the chalice is nicely done and it's good to see Piper use her powers together at last. A bit of a quiet week for Paige and Leo though. Inspector Sheridan continues her witchhunt and this time succeeds in outing the sisters. This would have been good if it hadn't been done a hundred times before. Still, compared to the main plot it's actually quite exciting.

    By far the best thing this week is the introduction of Agent Brody. Who is this mysterious young cop? I'm intrigued already. Perhaps the police are going to play a bigger role this season?

    For all the nonsense, there's a lot of foreboding in this episode, with a couple of references to the "gathering storm". If something big is going to happen this season, please let it be soon.

    Score: 7.7