Season 7 Episode 3

Cheaper by the Coven

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2004 on The WB

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  • Cheaper By The Conven

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  • Cheaper by the Coven

    Cheaper by the Coven was a superbly entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was awesome to see Grams, Victor and Patty come to help the sisters. Leslie made some bold moves and in the end he impressed Phoebe. Wyatt blamed himself for his parents disconnect but in the end they try to make it right. It was funny watching the sisters revert to teenager behavior after Grams cast a spell. I liked how every thing played out. there was a lot happening and it was all very interesting. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Bratty Witches


    Cheaper By The Coven-When Paige and Phoebe summon Grams for Chris' Wiccaning, Grams puts a spell on the children to try to end their sibling rivalry, but instead it reverts the sisters back to bickering teenagers. Meanwhile Phoebe, still acting like a teenager, attends an award ceremony with Les, and Leo consults a demonic seer to find out who is behind the attack on Wyatt.

    Poor Holly, Rose and Alyssa. When you personally cringe when an actor is forced to work with literally chilish material, you know a series is in serious trouble. I can't name how many times we've seen the sisters have been put under spell, posessed or made to act silly for an episode. At this point, I've seen more mature episodes of Rugrats, which pretty what this episode is! An episode of Rugrats with the sisters acting like a bunch a bratty kids for an hour. The writers try to tie that part of the plot with the sister's childhoods and what's going on with Wyatt, but it just doesn't work. The sibling rivalry spell is just failed to make any sense besides some of thosecheap laughs the writer love to add inlike Phoebe's embarassing behavior at the Reader's Choice Awards. Oh look, little bitty Phoebe likes Lesley! *rolls eyes*

    But have to say everything else about the episode was range from pretty good to borderline awesomeness! It's good to see Victor,Grams and Patty all in one episode again. Last time we saw the sisters' mother was in "Charmed Again" Part 2 and I'd rather forget about Grams' appearence in the horrid "Witchstock". All 3 characters definately make up for the weak plot, especially watching Victor and Grams bicker. I also loved the "family" moments between all the characters like Victor and Patty talking about how they wish they were there for the girls growing up and how Grams has been with the girls every step of the way. I even liked the scene of Piper nearly breaking down about all the tragedy that has happened to the sisters over the years like losing Pure and Leo's current issues. Even as a child, Holly manages to make the best of story and gave a decent performance there. It's nice to know the writers haven't completely forgotten about the sisters' past. The demon plot was also intriguing, leading to a shocking twist that Leo is demon! It was chilling reveal and the reason behind it was actually some pretty complex stuff for Charmed. You feel bad for Wyatt especially knowing he created a demon out of guilt over his father's absence in his life.

    Lastly, I can't forget to mention of Kira, the Seer, who is played played by the always charming Charisma Carpenter. A veteran of Buffy and Angel, this was a great casting choice for the writers as Charisma effortlessly steals her scenes in this episode. You just gotta love the Cordelia-eqse way she is written and how she toys with Leo's emotions. Luckily, this is the end of her Charmed appearences and she leaves a lot to look forward to in upcoming episodes! All and All, "Cheaper By The Coven" may haveliterally chilish plot, but thanks to some great guest stars and some intense reveals, it's decent.

  • The irritating Charmed teenagers

    ‘Cheaper By The Coven’ is so far the worst episode I’ve reviewed so far. It had it’s very few moments but in overall it was really painful to watch and I think my brain got damaged.

    The episode could have been completely removed and nothing would have been missed except for two or three scenes, everything else wasn’t worth it.

    May I begin with the note about the /terrible/ acting?
    All the actors looked extremely bored while filming the episode, can't say that I blame them. It also seemed so forced and it made the episode hard to watch. Even the beautiful Charisma wasn’t at her best, but then again. How can you when you have a terrible script?

    The episode was about Wyatt feeling rejected because his dad isn’t around and all the attention is going towards little baby Chris. Also there is a demon after Wyatt that turns out to look exactly like Leo*snore*. He made the demon because he blames himself that Leo is never around and that Leo killed Gideo *snore* and this was actually the good part of the episode.

    Oh, and we have the amazing Charisma scenes, well. They weren’t amazing, Charisma was. With her beautiful smile that makes the average man loose their minds over. Charisma was a big part of the reason why the episode isn’t complete garbage, her first scene was pretty bad but she did good in her second scene.

    Oh, and then over to the three annoying sisters, they are once again acting like a teenager (does that sound familiar?)

    Holly did a good job in her ‘sad’ scene but other than that it was just as annoying as the other two. Though I have to admit, Alyssa wasn’t all that bad. She had her funny moments and her cute facial expressions, but that irritating Nick McLay or whatever almost ruined the scenes with his stupid face and horrible acting.

    Oh, and what do we have more? Peggy, Penny and Viktor are back. Yay? No, not really. That old hat is as irritating as it can get, the woman who plays for the Charmed ones mom is a very bad actress and her performance made tiny till no impression at all. Viktor was the good character this time, he stayed interesting and un-irritating through the whole thing. Though his acting wasn’t that great either.

    All in all, ‘Cheaper By The Coven’ is an extremely irritating and badly written episode, completely unnecessary and forgettable.

    Sibling Rivalry

    I like these big family episodes, especially when Patty is involved. The banter is knife-sharp and it's great fun listening to Penny and Victor scoring points off each other. The occasion this time is Chris's wiccaning, despite the little mite being about as magical as a loaf of bread.

    For all the family members, however, this is very much a Wyatt based episode. The main plot sees him getting sulky over the attention heaped on Chris. To stop them quarrelling, Penny casts a spell which (shock!) backfires and shifts their rivalry onto the sisters. At the same time, Wyatt also has to contend with a mysterious masked demon, which leads his father to consult a demonic seer.

    Having the Charmed Ones turn into bickering teenagers is an interesting idea but ends up being rather annoying, despite some good acting. I'm so glad they decided to reverse the spell. I also don't get why Penny thinks Leo is evil. Surely killing someone who is trying to murder your son would make you a hero? She has killed countless demons to protect the sisters so what's the difference?

    The guest actress playing the seer is very good and adds a real sparkle to the role. Hope she sticks around.

    Having the 'demon' turn out to be Leo is a good twist and all the more so because Wyatt has conjured him. I think it's a bit much that a two year old is blaming himself over his parents splitting up but there you go.

    Overall, it's a decent hour with some good one liners and some interesting twists. I just wish they'd skipped all that squabbling. Score: 8.8
  • Leo is evil?

    Paige and Phoebe summon Grams in order to help them for Chris's wiccaning. But Wyatt is unhappy, and he is being stalked and haunted by a demon, whose identity remains unknown. Leo is the first one to know the demon, but he is shocked because he is actually himself. Grams panics and afraids of Leo doing something harmful to Chris. Good episode, especially after the very disappointing episode "A Call to Arms", "Centennial Charmed"...Not the best episode in this series, also not the worst episode in this series. I like this episode, but just not too much about Leo. I don't like the story about Leo too much.
  • of what the Charmed ones were like as kids!

    Grams accidentaly turn Phoebe, Piper, and Paige into arguing teenagers. Number three in my top fav funny episodes of Charmed! I loved seeing them out of character like that. Piper teasing Pheebs about her liking Leslie, made me laugh and so did Grams talking about robbing the craddle. I think it was nice for Victor and Patty too, because they weren't around too much when they were growing up. My favorite part was when they all saw Patty and ran towards her screaming mommy. With the way they carried on, I would've hated being their mommy! Makes me wonder what Prue was like as a pre-teen?
  • Despite the weird beginning, the episode gets better with the moment! And finish with a perfect story and bringing a calid family feeling. Cool off-screen job aswell

    If you see it... It seems a stupid episode that is meant just to do the girls act like little ones. Anyway, if you delete the whole part of the spell with still have a fantastic episode, with the starring of their parents and Grams. It's like a family episode with so many changing that has a good result:

    The story of the girls acting like children is strange at first but at the end has some good results. It seems just a way to make us laugh, tecnicaly it is, it's a personal gain spell that they never would have done! It's too much obvious that it was gonna backfire! Anyway the story gets better as the episode continues. The thing of the girls being little girls is a reason to bring a expledid family feeling! You feel as they are a family again with Victor and patty there. It's a great idea to do that. And it's so great have a episode with the work of the family. I love the scenes with Victor-Grams and Victor-Patty. The demon was original this week. It's not the freaky tipic bas demon that we are use to see in some episodes. It's a great idea, that plays with our minds, making the episode a episode that you have to follow (For exemple, Leo's face in the Seer thing) It's a good way to make a "weird" story that is changing through the hour (like a book)

    The camera job, the photography, the effects and the acting make the episode so remarkable. The filming use a lots of big planes that show big rooms in cold tones making the audience feel the house bringing that way a great familiar theme. The effects were great! The idea of the strange demons things that attack Wyatt and the fight LEO/LEO in Magic school was a good job. The music was cool in the episode, bringing out the spirit of the children xd

    For all those things I think that the episode is a 9 one. Not perfect, but a good one. Anyway, if you don't like the idea of the girls as children, you have to think that the episode has a lots of great moments and a good story despite that.
  • Yay the family reunited!

    Grams, Patty and Victor are all in this episode, their little tiffs are entertaining and it was nice to see them all together again!

    The episode involves Wyatt being jealous of chris, and paige summoning grams for chris's wiccaning which piper does not want.

    Grams casts a spell to stop the boys fighting, but it accidently causes the girls to take the minds of their teenage selves, which is actually pretty funny. Throughtout the episode a masked demon keeps trying to steal wyatt and at the end they discover it is wyatt, having nightmares about leo. This is all resolves and Leo seems a bit normal again!

  • Great acting !!

    Paige summons Grams for Chris's wiccaning, but Piper dosen't know that she has because she dosen't want a wiccaning for chris. Due to Wyatt and Chris always fighting magikly, Grams casts a spell on Chris and Wyatt to get rid of sibling rivalary but it backfires and the children's rivalary goes into the sisters and the sisters begin to fight and fight and, fight.Phoebe has an award to accept for her column but she doesn't know that its for Leslie, so Phoebe being a (child)goes to the award and her and Leslie accept it. Piper shows an emotional scene with grams as she talks about being a witch and what it means to her and family members who have passed away.
    Paige goes to magic school as a (child) and gives her friend a big kiss!! and then she find out that he is only 21!!
    Wyatt is jealous of Chris getting all the attention so he is creating a demon to come after himself to get attention for himself but the charmed ones fall for his little trick and think that he is actually getting attacked, this demon seems to be unknown as it is wearing a mask so the charmed ones dont know where to find it.
    Leo is having a hard time in the underworld where he seems to be going all the time to vanquish demons, and he is looking for the demon who is (after) Wyatt he asks around and finds a seer she said "the only one who is after your son is you" Leo dosen't belive her but she is right, the demon Wyatt has been creating is Leo. The charmed ones mother comes and reverses the spell and Wyatt's demon is gone. But the sisters still have doubts about Leo. Great episode well worth watching. I couldn't stop laughing through this episode as Alyssa Milano is a great chid actress and too funny!!!
  • Chris's Wiccaning.

    Cheaper By The Coven is one of my favorites episodes of Charmed, I don't know why I liked so much this episode, but maybe because the story, The Charmed Ones became teenagers again (acidentally), other thing that I liked in this episode was the appear of Penny, Victor and Patty, they are really great actors, Charisma Carpenter was okay in this episode, I never was a big fan of her, but I kind of liked her special appear on Charmed, this episode have some really great scenes and really funny moments, specially after the Charmed Ones became teenagers, the writing was great, I really enjoy it this episode.
  • Well you can't say this episode isn't funny because it realy is funny.

    After season 6 I think season 7 was much better, this episode is a fine example that Charmed can be very funny and we get to see Penny, Patty en Victor.

    The story of this episode may not be the best they have but the humor saves it, it's really funny to see the Charmed Ones as teenagers and although somethings just don't seem right...

    HELLO PENNY PERSONAL GAIN??!?!?! (with her black book full of spells she used on the sisters)

    and a few other of those little things.

    I liked that they mentioned Prue in this episode and of course I liked that Finola was in this episode, I just wished they had saved her appearance for something much more important.

  • grams is called for christening of chris but things go commically astray wen a spell goes wrong and wyatt creates a demon in the image of his dad because he feels like it is his fault that leo isnt around and gideon is dead.

    i love this episode. It is incredably funny wen paige, piper and phoebe are reduced to a child like mentality. It gives us a glimps at wat they may have been like wen they were younger. It is so sad that wyatt is blaming himself, and i think it is a great way of showing just how much a parents relationship affects children and also how much parents dont realise that their interactions with each other affect their children. This episode sees piper and leo putting aside wat ever issues they have to help their son and it is relly great to see that again. and this has one of my favorite quotes:
    Piper: she said no phoebe
    Phoebe: i heard her piper
    Piper: today phoebe
    Phoebe: geez your so bosy!
    haha a very funny episode with great underlying values and morals.
  • Charmed ones are teenagers

    I think this episode was hilarious. You got to see the Charmed Ones younger and not so serious. It was also good to see Patty and Victor working together on raising the kids. Phoebe was a little annoying with Leslie, but it was still cute. I liked how everyone was so immature and not so serious. Penny killed me when she was mad because no one agreed with her and left. It is so like her because she is a control freak. I think Piper was being a little selfish by not wanting to give Chris a wickening but had a point. She did see that he should be given one in the end. In all I think this was a wonderful episode.
  • Whytt is jelous of all the attention that Chris is getting and is orbing Chris' stuff and Chris everywhere. Penny cast a spell to get rid of the sibling rivalry and it went into the Charmed Ones. They are little kids again and very whinny.

    I think that it was cute how they had all those little kid moments but it got annoying. My favorite line was "Why don't you marry him?" "Well why don't you marry leo?" "Maybe cuz I already did!" That made me laugh really hard. I liked it how they showed that Phoebe really liked Leslie but I think that the way they showed it was really cheesy and stupid. Overall a pretty good episode.
  • Reversed to Teenagers Episode #17232

    How many times have they done the "reversed to their younger selves" storyline on Charmed? I can remember at least three different times where the Charmed Ones were reverted back to annoying, immature kids.

    The storyline has the sisters conjuring up Grams to perform the Wiccaning Ceremony for baby Chris. Grams is annoyed at the sibling rivalry the sisters are involved with, so she casts a spell to end it. Unfortunately, the spell backfires and the sisters are turned into their bickering teenage selves.

    The reunion (of sorts) of Patty, Grams and Victor is enjoyable (as always) and it's nice seeing Patty again, who hasn't been seen since early season five. But, it feels as if they were just drafted in to inhance an already dull script.

    Holly and Rose look bored throughout and it's only Alyssa who actually puts any effort into her performance. The scene where she practically leaps on Leslie at the award ceremony is the only funny moment in this episode.

    I would of given this episode a 4.5 score if it wasn't for the marvellous Charisma Carpenter, best known as Cordelia Chase on Buffy and Angel, who starts a three-episode guest stint as Kira, the Seer. Her scenes are brilliant and the way she casually flirts with Leo whilst acting completely Cordelia-like are spectacular!

    The subplot involving the demon pursuing Wyatt is effective and the demon himself is creepy with the black mask he's wearing, but in the end it just opens the door for a dull metaphor and dull "family" scene at the end.

    Cheaper by the Coven, besides a hilarious title, is Charmed-lite and isn't worth getting excited over. Well, besides the certain Charisma this episode has...
  • The Power of Three and their Teenage Years...Again

    The Power of Three and their Teenage Years...Again

    Main Storyline:
    Grams returns and casts a spell, which backfires, reverting Phoebe, Paige and Piper back to their teenage selves.

    1. Wyatt's Sibling Rivalry with Chris: Well, this is really why Grams casts the spell. But, whatever. Also, isn't this personal gain? Or is Grams so over that?
    2. Phoebe and Les: The attraction continues! Les basically accepts an award for Phoebe, about something that he wrote. And then Teen Phoebe gives Les a big ole' hug. Kind of cute. But then again, kind of creepy. I mean, who wraps their legs around anyone when they give hugs?
    3. Victor and Patty Return: I was really expecting more screentime for Patty. I mean, she was only in the last fifteen minutes of the episode! Which is really only 10 minutes of airtime. At least the writers gave them something to do while they were there, though they did introduce a new element that has never been discussed before - that Piper blamed herself for her parent's divorce.
    4. Wyatt's Dreams: I didn't expect this at all. I thought that the alternate Leo behind the mask was like Phoebe's alter-ego in "Sand Francisco Dreamin'". I was partly right. The Alter-Leo came from Wyatt's blame of Piper and Leo's split, but his fantasies just popped right out of his head. Confusing, huh?
    5. Paige at the Magic School: Cool...and the kiss between her and Ben was cool. I hope they continue this romance. However, they probably won't, with guest star Kerr Smith coming in next week. Agent Brody...Hah!
    6. Chris' Wiccaning: Though this is probably the most important part of the episode (as its the reason why Grams and Victor come) I'm making this last, for no reason at all! Just thought that I would mention it. Oh, and I'm still dissapointed about no Prue. Stupid Shannen Doherty! Oh, and did anyone notice that in this episode and "Necromancing the Stone" the wiccanings have taken place at the end of the episode?

    Exceptional Episode and I'm glad that the sisters didn't actually turn INTO teenagers. I love all of the sub-plots, especially Phoebe's with Les. Magical? Maybe. Probably not. Next week we see...Pirates! Hard to believe that Charmed hasn't touched on those yet.

    Grade: B+
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