Season 2 Episode 18

Chick Flick

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2000 on The WB

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  • Chick Flick

    Chick Flick was another superb and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development as the sisters engaged a demon in films. I liked how Piper and Leo came closer though Dan got shut out in the end. Phoebe connected with a film character/actor and it was interesting to see their relationship develop in the short time they had. Prue was awesome and used her powers like a pro in order to help the innocent and her sisters. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The drunken woodsman and the bad facial.

    A lot of people really seemed to enjoy this one. I give it props for its uniqueness.

    This is Charmed fully embracing its horror roots, though doing so in a tongue and cheek manner. Though it has a highly unique demon, this is primarily a comedy-based episode. I do believe most of the humor worked, and the sisters clearly seemed to have a lot of fun running around the manor screaming. My main complaint with the episode is how old and quaint it made the show look. This is primarily because they chose to have Billy and the villians leap out of old black-and-white movies. Phoebe having a relationship with a character from a movie is ridiculous, and both villians were far less frightening than the demon.

    The guy with the axe looked like one of my drunk uncles, and Bloody Mary looked like a 40's housewife who was mad after getting a bad facial. Both were easily dispatched with once Phoebe, of course, figured out what to do. Prue's final vanquish of the demon was a nice twist, with her getting the idea from an otherwise meaningless subplot with some famous photographer, if such a thing exists. Phoebe once again maintains her role as primary potion maker and spell-weaver, and I especially liked how the demon called Piper the "perky one." Haha...
  • (Not So) Scary Movie

    Probably the most original episode Charmed has ever done, "Chick Flick" is a hilarious pastiche on psycho killers from movies as the Demon of Illusion transports murderers from the big screen to kill the Charmed Ones.

    The scenes where the killers attack the sisters (after being released from such hilariously-titled B-movies such as "Axe Husband" and "Bloody Mary") are hilarious, in particular Piper hiding in the shower from Bloody Mary and then only just remembering how Janet Leigh died in "Psycho" and Phoebe offering Bloody Mary a facial instead of having her stab her to death.

    Prue's subplot is also well-handled and interesting, showing that your idols or heroes may not be as you imagined when you actually meet them. As much of a jerk Finley Beck turns out to be, his line about "leaving your subject under the light too long makes it burn" at least helps Prue defeat the Demon of Illusion in the end.

    Of special mention, the way the killers die is also inventive, as they melt away like a burning piece of film. It's different to the usual way demons die on the show and it was well used for this episode.

    Rating: A+
  • Greatest episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this episode. It is so great. It is my favorite season 2 episode. Phoebe is obsessed with Kill it Before it Dies. My favorite part of this episode was when Prue and Phoebe were talking together and the doorbell rings. Then Phoebe goes and answers the door and says can I help you? While Phoebe says that Prue yells Pheebs who is it? All of a sudden Phoebe screams Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! and she flys back and hits a bookcase. That was funny. I also like how Prue kills the demon by burning the film. This episode was so greeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!
  • Characters from horror movies are brought out to kill the Charmed Ones, thanks to the demon of Illusion.

    I LOVE this episode, it's just so funny you have no idea. Full of comedy throughout the episode and it had the action and drama too. I loved the little sister moments, great episode. One of their best they've done...well for a comedy episode lol. It also has an emotional part to it with Dan and Piper, but that's why this episode is so great. It's sisterly, comedy, drama, action, romance etc. The way the show should be, and it's a classic because it's different from every other episode Charmed has brought out. Also, watching Shannen act in a comedy role was fun and entertaining to watch lol.
  • Horror movie characters come to life and are after the Charmed ones.

    This is a great episode that allows fans to see more than just the everyday chasing after demons stuff. Fans get to see kind of there own little horror movie as they watch the Charmed ones try to fight the fictional characters.

    This is probubly one of my favorite episodes because of the fact that there is also alot of comedy in this episode. Alot more than usual the sisters are making alot of smart elek, funny statements. And I love episodes where there is alot of comedy.For example: After the demon attacks in the house the sisters clean up the mess. Prue says why can\'t we fight the demon of cleanlyness or even that big, bald guy Mr.Clean I could so totally take him.
  • Why didn't you kill them, Bloody Marry?

    ‘Chick Flick’ isn’t like the most Charmed episodes, it doesn’t completely suck. In fact, it’s actually pretty good.

    The good thing about the episode, Charmed actually did something original. So this demon of fright of chaos or whatever. Is making people aggressive while they watch the movies. But suddenly he realised that he can make the characters go out of the screen. So he begins to take horror-movie killers go out of the movie and sets them loose to kill the Charmed sluts.

    Shannen did an excellent job in this episode, not only did she managed to look pretty. She also gave a great performance and some good yells. I liked her character development by making those pictures and everything.

    Piper’s storyline was a little less interesting. She went out to dinner with Leo and guess who was there? Right. Speaking of the really, really annoying person: Dan with his new hooker girlfriend. I liked sees Piper jealous. Later he comes back and finds Piper’s tongue into Leo’s and acts all jealous again. But I’m glad that Dan finally got over himself and moved on.

    Phoebe was the slut again, this time she wasn’t dating any teen boy or male prostitute, this time she was dating a badly acting movie character that was black and white. Ah, she really is quite the hooker isn’t she? But it was fun, her crush was a little over-ly done though and her character irritated me a bit here and there, but it added good to the episode instead of bad/

    The episode was neat, I loved the way the horror movie-characters died, finally something different than the usual.
    ‘Chick Flick’ was by that a classic Charmed episode and a good tv episode.
  • wow

    Phoebe was so boring in this epiosde. She just seemed to get more boring as the episode went on but apart from that I loved this episode. The plot outline, the writers did an awesome job. The characters involved, the costumes and the way that they were killled off was amazing.
  • Talk about a scream-a-thon

    It is one of my personal favorite episodes! Full of funny quotes, crazy psycho killers & plenty of screaming. My favorite parts of this episode are where Piper is hiding in the shower then she hears the bathroom door open, then she sees a shadow walk over to open the curtain (thinking it's bloody mary)'s just Prue (and they have a mini scream-a-thon). Then when Bloody Mary is following Prue & Piper out of the bathroom, Prue & Piper bump into Phoebe & Billy and they have this major scream-a-thon! Chick Flick is a great episode to watch and the bits with Finley Beck and Prue are hilarious!
  • One of my favorite episodes!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this episode of Charmed. One of my top three funny favs. Two on screen killers come of screen along with the perfect guy (to Phoebe) and try to kill the Charmed ones. I was on edge through the whole chase around the house. I don't think it was supposed to be funny, but I laughed anyway. For some strange reason it looked so exciting and fun running around the place with supposed to be fake killers chasing you down. It was like i wanted to be there. With every corner they turned and ran into a killer I nearly screamed myself. It was so exciting. I loved when Piper hid in the bathroom and said the line, that I think everyone remembers by heart, and Prue comes in scarying her, once they calm down, Bloddy Mary comes in and says pretty little girls and they scream and run. I love that part! This episode has me on the edge of my seat everytime I see it, and I'm looking at it right now! It's exactly why I watch th show!
  • Whatever You Do...Don't Go in That Shower!

    Chick Flick-A warlock brings characters to life from old B-grade horror movies in an attempt to kill the Charmed Ones.

    A brilliantly funny episode, "Chick Flick" sees the writers creating a successful parody of B-movie horror films. The B-movie titles were just hilarious like "Axe Husband" and " Kill It Before It Dies". The whole cast look like they were having fun running around in terror and bumping into each other as they were being chased by psycho killers. I especially loved the scene of Piper hiding in the shower only for her to realize the painful irony of her hiding in a shower, lol. The guest stars were also fabulous like Robin Atkin Downes (Demon of Illusion) whose completely entertaing in the role and Chris Payne Gilbert is brilliant as Billy, the campy jock who is one of the characters accidently set free from Phoebe's favorite movie. The scenes between Phoebe and Billy are genuinely cute as she gets to leave out her childhood fantasy but also realizing why she fell with the movie in the first place. The dialogue is well written and much wittier than Charmed has ever done, which is a great thing! I love this piece of dialogue between Prue and Billy:

    Billy: "It's okay. The man is here to save the day."
    Prue: "Billy, it's the 21st century. It's the woman's job to save the day."

    Prue's sub-plot was also well written with her getting to meet Finely Beck, her idol when she first became a photographer. Mark Lindsay Chapman is great as the rude, cruel hearted man whose all ego and no substance. It's a nice development where Prue learns that not all idols turn out to be what their fans think of them but it was a cool development that Finely's advice about leaving a light too long on a picture helped Prue save the day in the end. Undeniably hilarious from start to finish, "Chick Flick" sees the writers having fun on the show for once and creating a superb outing for the series.
  • Every B-Grade horror movie (and character) came out for this one but Phoebe was hilarious and that alone saved it from being cheesy.

    Phoebe's favourite old black and white film always makes her cry, but it makes her do much more than that when a demon brings it to life and all the nasty characters leave the celluloid and enter the human world, wreaking havoc all around. Phoebe's 'crush', Billy, seems to be everything she ever dreamed and she is over the moon. Thnkfully, Prue and Piper are a little more down to earth about the whole thing and soon get busy trying to put everybody back where they belong before they can do anymore harm.

    A very good Phoebe-centric episode and, as always, Alyssa Milano did a great job, but the plot was just a tiny bit much to take. Still fun though and worth watching, even if it's just for Phoebe's reaction when Billy is around!
  • Illusion and Homage to Cinema

    When the Demon of Illusion threatens Prue and Phoebe at their home, the sisters chase him and he hides in a movie theater. Phoebe casts a spell to vanquish the demon, but he actually is transported to the screen of Phoebe's favorite movie "Kill It Before It Dies". The lead character Billy, with whom Phoebe has a great and old crush, is brought to the real world, together with the invincible killers The Slasher and Bloody Mary, who were assigned by the Demon of Illusion to kill the Halliwell sisters. Meanwhile, Prue is assigned by Gil Corso to photograph her idol, the famous photographer Finley Beck. However, her illusion is destroyed when she realizes how arrogant he is. Phoebe recalls how The Slasher and Bloody Mary are destroyed in the movies, and the sisters successfully kill them.

    "Chick Flick" is one of the best episodes of the Second Season of "Charmed", where illusion and homage to the cinema are the basis of the plot. The association with "The Purple Rose of Cairo" and "Pleasantville" is immediate, with characters going to and coming from the screen and real world. There is also a nice joke with "Psycho", when Piper hides herself in the bathtub. The Slasher and Bloody Mary plays with the serial killers of the horror movies franchise. Prue finds also that sometimes the illusionary image we make of our idols may not correspond to the reality.
  • The Charmed ones' lives are turned into a horror movie.

    Pheobe goes to the movies and is stalked by a demon. She casts a spell to get rid of it, but he is transported into the movies where he finds he can release characters. He sends 2 horror movie baddies to kill the Charmed Ones and they can only be killed how they were in the movie. The sisters do this and become trapped in a movie with Pheobe's childhood sweetheart. Prue rescues them without killing them by burning the demon to death. Also, Piper has a very funny horror movie-esque shower scene, Prue's fantasy of a successful photagrapher are shattered by his cruel personality, and Piper desperately tries to have a date with Leo. I found this episode to be exciting and surprisingly funny on Piper's part. I recommend this to those who aren't squeamish about horror movies.
  • What's your favourite scary movie?

    I wasn't sure what to make of this episode at first but, once I realised the writers were just having a bit of fun, I rather enjoyed it.

    "Chick Flick" is a lighthearted stab at the world of movie clichés and, in that, it does a great job. The demon of the week isn't particularly interesting but that doesn't matter as it is the characters he brings to life who really get things going. The highlight of the episode has to be the scene where the axeman and the zombie are rampaging through the manor and the sisters are powerless to stop them. Some great lines and plenty of screaming. I love the way the sisters revert to frightened schoolgirls whenever their powers don't work.

    The special effects are great throughout, particularly where characters are jumping in and out of the screen. The idea of being trapped in a film recalls an earlier episode (The Painted World) where they were trapped in a painting, although with a very different storyline.

    Can I just say I thought Piper and Leo both looked great on their date. It's a shame they don't get to dress for dinner more often. I loved the way Piper froze the restaurant then flicked her wrist to unfreeze Leo so she could talk to him alone. For a minute, I thought I was watching Bewitched. At least she seems to have gotten over her "OMG I'm a witch" crisis from last week.

    I didn't see the need for Dan to appear at all this week. Greg Vaughan's contract obviously says he is going to appear in almost every episode this season but his character has now reached the point where he is about as meaningful as Jenny was. Enough, please!

    This is very much a standalone episode, which is a shame cause Phoebe could do with a nice boy like Billy for a boyfriend.
  • so cool .

    this episode of charmed is so funny. the characters from the horror movies are cool and the bloody mary thing was pretty scary. it was so funny when prue goes to swear and billie covers her mouth. i just found that so funny because he was this like average 60's stereotype who falls in love with phoebe. i think the idea and way this episode was presented is brilliant. Piper and Leo cant even get in a good movie date without being chased by movie characters. i like the part where piper is hiding in the shower. that is so funny. overall, one of my favorite classic charmed episode.
  • Freak out!

    I can't say in words how much I like this episode!
    All 3 sisters are just great!
    Phoebe has Billy and Piper and Prue have eachother! I think that the shower-scene is everyone's favourite!
    The Halliwell sisters battle a demon of illusions who begins terrorizing the area by bringing horror film characters to life. While releasing celluloid villains the demon accidental releases Phoebe's favorite film hero, Billy (guest star Chris Payne Gilbert), who remains in black and white. Enjoying his new found ability to bring psycho killers from the screen to the real world, the demon sends an ace murderer and knife-wielding corpse to kill Prue, Piper and Phoebe. With Billy and Leo's help, The Charmed Ones vanquish the killer characters and join the demon in an on-screen battle of good vs. evil. Although Piper and Phoebe almost get trapped when the movie prematurely ends, the on-screen witches are able to conquer the demon on his own turf and leap back to the off-screen world while Phoebe says a heart-tugging good-bye to her two-dimensional boyfriend.
  • One of my favourites

    The Halliwell sisters battle a demon of illusions who begins terrorizing the area by bringing horror film characters to life. While releasing celluloid villains the demon accidental releases Phoebe's favorite film hero, Billy, who remains in black and white. Enjoying his new found ability to bring psycho killers from the screen to the real world, the demon sends an ace murderer and knife-wielding corpse to kill Prue, Piper and Phoebe. With Billy and Leo's help, The Charmed Ones vanquish the killer characters and join the demon in an on-screen battle of good vs. evil. Although Piper and Phoebe almost get trapped when the movie prematurely ends, the on-screen witches are able to conquer the demon on his own turf and leap back to the off-screen world while Phoebe says a heart-tugging good-bye to her two-dimensional boyfriend.
  • The charmed ones are chased by horror movie people....

    There is this demon who takes horror movie characters out of movies and sends them to kill people. The demon also makes people who go to see the movies very angry and they start fights. Billy comes out of this really old movie and Phoebe likes him. They share a kiss but then he turns black and white. It's really funny when thay are chased by the movie killers. When Piper hid in the shower and Prue came in and they were both screaming. It was a good episode but the ending in my oppinion it could have been better.
  • Characters from horror movies attack the sisters.

    A series of fights have broken out at movie theaters. The girls investigate and find a demon is responsible. One of the movie characters tries to push the demon out from the screen but comes out instead. The demon uses this to bring out characters from "Bloody Mary" and "The Txas Chainsaw Masacure" and sends them out to kill the sisters. They try fighting back but the only problem is, that they are only able to kill the same way they die in the movie.
  • Black-and-white horror movie characters are leaving the screen to kill the Charmed Ones! Where's the hero when we need him?

    This is one of my absolute favorite episodes. Talking about suspending disbelief! Who cares that's it all not real and pretty silly? Not I? The plot is kind of lame, but the acting was good enough to make up for it. There was a lot of good dialogue and tongue-in-cheek repartee among the 3 sisters to make up for the episode's shortcomings. Very simply done, the viewer didn't have to be a Mensa member to figure out what was going on. The ending was sort of bittersweet, too. Phoebe's movie hero, Billy, had to go back to his movie, which was sad, but she was given her own copy of his movie that she could watch as much as she wanted to, so that was OK. The last scene was bittersweet as the movie sweethearts disappeared into the sunset while Phoebe watched wistfully. I was especially moved by the music that ended the episode and showed the closing credits before commercial. Very simple, very melodic, very evocative. I bought this season's DVDs just for this episode. A very nice hour.
  • Characters from old horror movies come to kill the Charmed Ones and Phoebe's favorite movie character (and what she looks for in a guy) also appears.

    This is one of my favorite episodes!!! The acting was spectacular and the plot was amusing. With the Charmed Ones watching their language around Billy and fighting two other movie charactes that can't die...who wouldnt be amused? Personally, i loved the ending of this episode where Phoebe gets Kill it Before it Dies from Prue and Piper and says while getting off the couch "I'm gonna go watch it right now.", and then up in her room knows all the words to it. I also think what she looks for in a man is great! Hopefully she'll find it someday. Great episode and if you havent seen it yet- i hope you see it soon!
  • A great story line and a great and fun eposide.

    I think it is a great episode. Chick Flick is great because the Ax- murderer and Bloody Mary parts which are suspenful and at times funny. There are great characters and a great plot. Lines such as Pipers, "I'm being chased by pyscho killers and I hid in the shower?!" make the episode memorible and a great watch. Loved it!
  • And now characters are coming out of horror movies to kill/kiss the Charmed Omes...

    Can someone please kill Dan? Now? Please? Can the axe murderer and Bloody Mary please chase HIM with their creepy weapons instead? I mean WHAT is the matter with him?! Hello, Dan. Piper BROKE UP with you. Okay? She chose Leo. So can you PLEASE just leave them alone and mind your own business? I mean, I think the guy must be a stalker or something. Because can it really be a coincidence that he and his date just 'happened' to be not just in the same restaurant as Piper and Leo, but sitting at the table right behind them. Or did Dan, I suspect, simply arrange the whole thing to make Piper jealous? I mean, he does live right next door. How hard would it have been for him to over-hear something he wasn't supposed to? And at the end, when Piper and Leo were making out on the couch and he 'just happened' to be coming by with some stuff and break them up, was that simply chance? Or was he, in fact, spying on them through the window? Even supposing Dan is innocent, I REALLY just wish he would pack up and leave, and I'm sure that legions of fans agree with me!
  • cool!

    this was a cool episode. i liked it how the monster ppl things cams eout of the tv. i havent seen this epsisode in FOR EVER! i want to see it again. but, i thought it was cool! i hate the part when pipers hiding in the shower nd the monster peosn thoing came and attachked her. i hate that part in movies too. lol, well, its a awesome episdoe!
  • A classic Charmed episode which has something for everyone.

    Chick flick is a classic charmed episode. This episode has something for everyone humour, horror and action. The Charmed ones are up against another “demon of the week” the demon of illusion who releases villains from horror movies in order to kill the Charmed ones. Each villain in turn tries to attack the Charmed ones. This episode was one of the most original concepts in the Charmed series. The episode was well written and full of twists and turns. This episode was one of the highlights of the second season of Charmed which was in general a much “lighter” season to the previous season. The humour in this episode was what made it work. This episode is a classic charmed episode and a must see for any charmed fan. This episode would be a fantastic introduction to the Charmed world.
  • second episode of Charmed that I screamed in!

    In the episode 'Chick Flick', old villians from old scary movies come into reality and try to kill the Charmed ones!

    Personally, I thought this episode was great! I've been looking forward to this episode for a while, and like I said before, this is the second episode of Charmed that I screamed in, first is 'Out of Sight', I liked all of the villians that came back from old scary movies, whenever they popped up, I screamed! This episode was suspensful and kept you at the edge of your seat, espically when Prue walked in the bathroom and you thought it was the guy from the old movie 'Physco'!

    So overall, I give this episode a 10!
  • I love this episode of Charmed, i'm not really a great fan of Prue and the first three seasons aren't my favourites, this episode is an exception!

    A classic episode. It's corny, it's creepy, but it's brilliant. Characters coming out of movies - literally - now who can honestly say they haven't thought about that. Whether you've just seen a horror movie and you think the villians lurking in the darkness, or you've seen a "Chick Flick" and you fantasise about the lead leaving the film and taking you in his / her arms! This film is genuinely scary at times, like Bloody Mary. Yikes! I think that Piper has some of the best lines in this episode, especially when she was hiding in the shower and realises that thanks to Alfred Hitchcock, that may not be the best place to hide. The concept that the perfect man is in a movie is a stereotypical view nowadays, but it works!