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Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2003 on The WB

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  • An alright one.

    So Phoebe has a vision of the titans but Paige is the one that looks in the book and keeps asking 'was it them". Piper is the one that sees the tattoo but Paige is the one that looks in the book and keeps asking. Silly.

    I like how if Bianca attacked one of the sisters they'd really care, but because it's Chris they're all happy to move on quickly. Paige acts like she HAS to go, but all she wants to do is go shack up to Richard, Phoebe acts like she HAS to go but same thing for her and Piper - you can cancel your date. Remember when saving people mattered.

    i don't like how much they want to find out who Chris is. I get being curious but there is such a thing as - he's from the future and you can't risk changing it!

    I don't get why Phoebe sensed his love for Bianca, he took the potion.

    I think how she turned was kinda quick. What you love him but a few months later you're happy to basically kill him?

    I did like this episode though, and I get that they want the truth but can't they respect that he can't tell too much. I like that Leo is finally learning to respect that too, he knows that Chris just wants to save Wyatt.

    Although the ending with them moving out is kinda meh. Paige barely knows Richard and Phoebe barely knows Jason let alone enough to move in with them.

    Paige never said she wanted to move out? What the hell.. you said you were moving out before you even got affected by the spell. you weren't thinking about it, you had decided just wanted to tell them. And if Piper can't remember what happened during the spell and how she ended up with Greg why can she remember what Paige said?
  • Let's do the time warp..again.

    It's a Chris episode. And it doesn't suck. I feel I have to repeat myself here. Chris...doesn't suck. No, wait! Uh, Anyways! Every once in a while, maybe even once a season, Charmed dangles a really good episode in front of us, just to remind us that the show has writers behind the wheel. Chris-Crossed is said episode.

    Packed with events, the hour begins with a bang and a few cheeky innuendo-y one-liners (''Gutter.'') and doesn't let up until the credits. The hopping back and forth between timelines provides the hour with a nice boost in momentum, and once again cements that when dealing with alternate realities and time-travel, is when the show is at its most watchable.

    There's also some stable writing here -- a well-thought out script can go along way. Each main character has their moment to shine, the villain this week in Bianca actually has layers (and zero shitty one-liners!) and everyone seems to be having the sex. Yes, the sex was had left right and center this week: in the basement (topless smoochies with Bianca and Chris) on top of fire trucks (there are just so many hoze jokes here, Piper!) and, uh, in a bed (so lame, Paige!). And on top of all the sex, there's the cracking (although predictable) twist that Wyatt is a badass, evil mofo in the future!

    There's also some noticeable quirks to be found, too. The action scenes had a certain verve to them that has been missing from the show for a long time. The slow-mo freeze-shimmer-knife-to-throat bit was especially well played. Cos even though Bianca kind of dressed like a street-walker (not the Blade kind) she kicked a lot of ass and had more charisma in her right hook then Chris could ever manage. But we're sticking to pros here: the sisterly banter was more than welcomed, the one-liners were snappy and Phoebe's put down when Leo tries to explain time-travel was more than welcomed. Just shut up, Mr. exposition!

    Drew Fuller is still a weak link here, his line delivery and lack of any kind of expression really undermines the drama created. But other than that, Chris-Crossed is Charmed at its best: fun, action-packed and consistent.

  • Chris-Crossed

    Chris-Crossed was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character development along with plot progression. It was great to learn more about Chris and the reason he came back from the future. The sisters all learn more about themselves and each other through out the episode. It was awesome to meet Bianca, who is from the future with Chris. I liked the ending and hope that the sisters grow from the experience. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Charmed 2025


    Chris-Crossed-Bianca, a woman from the future, arrives to take Chris' powers, and Leo learns that she is actually part of an assassin family of witches. In an attempt to distract the Charmed Ones, Bianca casts a spell which causes the sisters to act on their true desires, which prompts Piper to give her sisters her blessing to move out of the manor to be with their boyfriends.

    Cameron Litvack is a Godsend to Charmed during these years. How else to you explain the awesomeness that is "Chris-Crossed". The first episod to delve into not only Chris' past but actually tries to give depth to his character, the episode plays as an epic(ish) storyteller as we get a glimpse of the future and the events that took place that eventually drove Chris to come to the past. Despite Drew Fuller's delivery still living nothing to the imagination, "Chris-Crossed" manages to tell a strong story set 25 years into the future. I love, LOVED the Haliwell Manor being turned into a historical museum in the future with thier superheroes outfits and mermaid costumes on display. The hologram showing the reconstiution of the Charmed Ones from "Charmed Again, Part 1" was also another nice nod to the past. I also loved the direction during the future scenes, especially with the dark blue tint over lense, giving the future a dark ominous feel. Everything about the futurewas excellent amd seemedthoughout accordlingly, which for Charmed as this point is amazing! The big reveal with Wyatt as ruler of the future was shocking at first viewing and appropriately chilling. It also makes sense giving with Wyatt's immense powers and preivous warning of how his he will change the future of magic now feels full circle. Whether the writers preplanned this or just put two and two together about how this Chris storylien should play out, it's was a brilliant twist. Wes Ramsey actually looks gritty and msyterious here. We don't get much from Future Wyatt, but there's enough to show he's a force to be reckoned with. I also liked the fact that he made the manor into the museum to show people the power he's born from. Very King/Conqueror-like!

    We also get a love story with Chris and his finance, Bianca, which is probably the weakest aspect of the future storyline since Drew Fuller can'temote enoughto make it even seem like he likes Bianca let alone love her. Bianca on the other hand is a solid character and I love the idea of the Phoenix coven who are assassin witches. It's an wonderfully concieved concept, although they come off asyour averageeveryday demons when throw energy balls and shimmer like all the others. Seriously, what's up with that? But I did love the bit between adult Bianca and her mother. It's a rare moment from Charmed that's so subtle but shows depth not only in the character but the writing itself. I have to say Charmed's enhanced bugdetwas used well for once, Th future looked cool visually with the all the probes, damaged buildings and chaos within the city. We rarely get to see Charmed on such a major scope in terms of visual effects and it definately payed off her. Although, once again, we have the sisters surcoming to random spells that turn them into careless idiots but thankfully it was brief and the confrontation between the sisters and Bianca was pretty great. I love the bullettime sequence with Bianca shimmering while Piper froze the knife and the revealation that Chris was half-witch was also a fitting surprised and cleared up a few plot holes.

    In the mist of all this of all this, we get a decent sub-plot with the sisters beginning to realize they need to go their seperate ways. While I didn't like the inhibition spell they we put under, it did bring up some nice scenes, like the one with Alise and Phoebe and especially the last scene with all 3 sisters deciding to got their seperate ways in their personal lives. It's a development that makes sense given that the sisters have felt distant this year with Paige wanting to be solo all the time, Phoebe becoming even more successful with her column and Piper becoming a single mother. While the writers have always written their wayout ofthe whole "sister moving out" plot, it's inevitable at this point and makes sense at this point in the sisters' lives. I also loved the references to "Morality Bites", Cole and Prue.It's arare ocassion when the wirters actually rememberthe show'shistory.All and All, "Chris-Crossed" has some nagging flaws, but it's by far the best episode of Charmed since "Centennial Charmed" with awesome SFX, strong character development, soild plot developments and great storytelling.


    I love this episode cuz this episode is one of best episodes ever I watched! Because Chris goes to future and reuited with his older brother. We found out that Wyatt is EVIL and control the City! It was so excited to know FACTS! Wyatt tried to make Chris turn a side to EVIL, but Chris refused. It was so exciting and awesome to watch two brothers fighting for a lives! Chris had no magic that time, that was tough to fight his brother without magic! WOW!! In the ending of this episode, Chris are keeping trying to get his older brother PREVENT from turn to EVIL or kidnapped, or taken by evil demon to raise Wyatt! Chris had to save his brother's life to keep safe! He is so brave!
  • Chris and future Wyatt go toe-to-toe while the sisters go bonkers. Awesome.

    Finally Season 6 delivers as it reveals some, not all, of Chris' many secrets, including a look into a future that no one wants.

    Let me first say the the subplots involving the sisters are complete BS.

    There have always been two recurring subplots, or conflicts, that I've alway had a problem with on this show. The first is the exposure conflict. It is typically moronic. Usually, the sisters could just completely deny everything, and it would all go away. Secondly, the desire to live normal lives plot thread is about as moronic. Magical powers or normal lives? I think I'll take the powers. Not to mention all the innocents who would die if the sisters decided to just live normal lives.

    Anyway, Bianca casts a spell for the sisters to act on their desires and they immediately flee into bed with a couple guys? Haha... I thought this show was about female empowerment? Nice.

    The Jason-Phoebe subplot is just getting idiotic because they are pronouncing love for each other and yet he doesn't even know she's a witch. Doesn't anyone else think this is outrageously unfair to Jason? And now she's going to move to Hong Kong? Complete idiocy. Last complaint is actually the biggest. I HATE this whole Leo is gone so lets have Piper date crap. Isn't Piper married? Yeah, Leo left to be an Elder. So what? The guy is around all the time. Does Piper still love him or what? If she does, then she wouldn't be dating other guys, fricking regardless, and her sisters driving her to "get back on that horse" is SO Sex in the City. I mean, come on. Does this show operate under the premise that a woman can't go six months without dating? Okay, I know the whole point was just to create conflict for Piper and Leo, but sorry, I hated the whole concept. I will admit that Leo snapping Piper out of the spell and the interaction between the two is a great scene though. GREAT acting by Brian, as usual.

    Anyway, all that being said only shows how great the main plot of this episode is because it completely overcomes all that side foolishness. First of all, Bianca (Marisol Nichols) is HOT and you gotta love the leather outfit. If I was Chris, I would be "saying bye" to her a lot. Marisol is excellent throughout and her chemistry with Drew is pretty good. In fact, Drew kind of raised his game up for this episode. Good job. Secondly, Wes Ramsey as future Wyatt is awesome. His scene with Chris at the end is an all time great Charmed scene, and the moment when Chris got his powers back and threw Wyatt across the room is one of my all time favorite Charmed moments. Little brother gives big brother a little something something. Sweet. Chris is finally cast as a true good guy, which is a definite plus. He was mostly just irksome as a possible bad guy. Season 6 finally kicks into gear here, and except for the next episode, it pretty much maintains that higher level until the thrilling season finale.
  • Chris goes back to the future...then back to the past again.

    Having managed to avoid any spoliers for season 6, I spent the episodes before this one in heated debate with myself over the true identity of Chris. Much to my dismay the writers seemed intent on keeping anything about him tightly under wraps but Chris Crossed finally gave me something to go on!

    In this episode, Chris found himself under the attack of Bianca, a Phoenix sent back from the future by his enemy to drag him back to his own time who also happens to be Chris' finacee.

    We are taken on a thrilling journey filled with flashbacks that allow us to gain a little insight on Chris' life and his relationship with Bianca. It allows us to empathise with the previously more mysterious whitelighter and fully understand why he had to travel back to 2004.

    Among the shocking revelations made in this episode are the facts that Chris is really only half-whitelighter and is actually a half-witch and that Wyatt is the great evil in the future that Chris came back to save Wyatt from (if that makes sense.)

    The familiarity between Chris and Wyatt in the future, epecially the line, "Of all the people to betray me," suggests that Chris is either a Halliwell or a Matthews but then again it could just be a coincidence.

    Seeing this softer side of Chris blew the entire season wide open, showing that Chris is in the past with good intentions but will the sisters realise this and figure out who he really is? I hope so, cause then they can tell me! This really was a fantastic episode, probably the best in the series! More episodes like this needed at once.
  • Chris' girlfriend takes him back to the future.

    Chris gets attacked by a demon. We find out that the demon is really his girlfriend Bianca. Shes come to take him back to the future to Wyatt. Leo finds out that Piper is dating another person. Through out the episode we see flashbacks of Chris' past with Bianca and how he got to the future. She strips him of his powers and takes him to the future. Piper, Phoebe, and Paige put a spell in a creaky floorboard so that Chris can get his powers back. Bianca is killed by Wyatt and CDhris goes back to the past. Piper tells Phoebe and Paige that they should do what they want to do.
  • Chris finally grows on you

    I love this episode because it really makes you love Chris. I love the back and forth of the flash backs and it is so good to see what is was like in the future for Chris. I love the part where they are touring the Manor. I could watch this one again and again!!
  • oh my god i love this episode!!!!!!!!!!

    oh my god this is one of my favorite episodes!!!!! i loved this episode. i can watch it over and over again and NEVER get tierd of it. this episode tells about shows him in the future and how his life was when he was there it showed why he came to the charmed ones and why he needs to help wyatt.i was so surprised about wyatt.i never expected that from was soooooooooooooooo crazy i could not belive it!!!i totally LOVE chris .this was totally my favorite episode! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Just the beginning of Chris' true identity, true meaning of his being in the past and his secrets being revealed.

    A mysterious witch comes to the past in search of Chris and his powers. Piper blows her up and thinks that’s the end of her but they soon realize the Phoenix can reform and Chris is still in danger. In a series of flashbacks, it is revealed Chris and the Phoenix, Bianca, is engaged and they are trying to stop "him." The true identity of "Him" is unknown until the end of the episode where it is revealed to be Wyatt. Chris is taken to the future where he meets Wyatt and Bianca is killed. The fans now know Wyatt is evil, but the sisters and Leo do not. A very well written, acted and fulfilling episode. They just don't make theses anymore!
  • chris crossed:in my summary you read how this episoid was the best and well written and truley a work of art from Aaron spelling thee man behind all of our favorite shows like summerland.I simpley enjoyed watchinmg this episoide from beginning to end.

    This episoide of charmed"chris crossed" was a good episoide and very special to me cause we learn more about thee mysterious whitelighter/witch.We find out his connection to wyatt as at first we asummed right hand man.We also learn about Bianca,his Fiance who the charmed ones tried to vanqish and in the end Wyatt vanquished her while chris had to watch and it was very sad that he lost the onley woman he ever loved beside his mom who we also learn more about in the end though.this was a truley provacitive episoide an emotional to charmed veiwers of every age.
  • A deamon, Bianca, comes back from the future to strip Chris of his powers and take him back to the future.

    This is a great episode! I Like the fact that we get to learn more about Chris\' past. I think it\'s genius that we get to know that Wyatt is evil long befor the sisters, and let fans know that Chris and Wyatt is not the same person.

    I think that all of the acters did well in the episod and that the storyline was great, its probely the best episod in season six. It\'s also shows us the Chris is not evil, something alot of people, me included, was wondering about. All in all a relly, relly great episod
  • Personal favorite! Chris' secrets are starting to be revealed... and we learn, why he is really in the past! Awesome episode!!!

    I have to say that the 6th season is my favorite one. I really like all the time travelling stuff and Chris' character is really interesting. In this episode his mystery is really just beginning to be revealed. I also really liked the story with Bianca and seeing Wyatt in the future - being the reason why Chris wants to change the past - was really surprising! Like I said before, the 6th season is in my opinion really the best, beside of the first season, which was also very good! But the show has developped a lot since then. Although some shows tend to move too far away from what they were at the beginning and are becoming something completely different as time moves on, for "Charmed" it has been for the better or let's say the show is now at least as good as it was in the very beginning. To sum it up: "Chris - Crossed" is an episode that shouldn't be missed!!! :-)
  • Chris's fiance returns from the future.

    An unknown woman from the future, Bianca, arrives to take Chris' powers and forcefully bring him back to the future. Leo discovers that Bianca is actually a Phoenix - part of an elite assassin family of witches. In a series of flash-forwards, it is revealed that Chris and Bianca are engaged in the future, and together conspired to send Chris back in time to save baby Wyatt from turning evil. Unable to stop Chris from returning to the future with Bianca, Piper, Phoebe and Paige provide him with a spell, which will give him back his powers and return him to the present. Meanwhile, Piper tells Phoebe and Paige that they can't put their lives on hold for the craft and convinces Paige to move in with Richard, and Phoebe to join Jason in Hong Kong. With the Charmed Ones scattered, the Power of Three is in danger.
  • Bianca, a woman from the future, arrives to take Chris' powers, and Leo learns that she is actually part of an assassin family of witches.

    This is a marvellus episode thats mostly about Chris. One he know comes back from the past(the future) and tries to get him back home to the future agenst his will. This episede revil very much about chris and his past. His girlfriend Bianca(also from the future) is waiting in his room Chris is suprised to se her. she tries to take his powers and se almost sukseeds Piper comes in the last second and scars her away. Chris tell the charmed ones to "don't worry". Leo tries to find out who she is to find out who Chris is. Chris has a nasty cut from the incident whit Bianca trying to steel his powers (he keeps it for himself). he orbs to a place and meets bianca. and we find out that she is his fiance. his powers are fading away he orbs back and falls on the floor and gets uncontius and haves flachbaks about his past including Bianca. Leo trys to hel him but cant. Bianca cast a spell over the sisters to get them out of the way. when there goes seperate way Bianca strikes and taked Chis whit her. leo tackes the charmed ones out of the spell and they comed after her. Bianca strips Chis of his powers and prepering to travel back to the future Bianca get's a knive to pipers throat and makes the other to put their pocens down. Chris tells her that if she lets Piper go he will come back to the future with her. she acsepts and they start's to walk to the wall. paige tells piper to frese the ( none of the freses) Piper I get why she didn't frese but why didn't he frese. Chris: I'm a witch to just like you paige half whitelighter half witch Paige You lied to us. Chris I had to.

    Piper: So thats it you just gonna leave?
    Chris: I don't have a choice she stripped my powers.

    Bianca and chris walks thru.
    Evel voice: whelcome home chris
    Chris: Hello whyatt

    Charmed ones writes a spell that can give Chris his powers back and puts it undre the loose floorboard.
    Great fighting scene chris find the spell and gets his powers back. Bianca turns side. And dies Chris goes back in time the charmed ones forgives him for lying.

    sorry abou the spelling I'm from Sweden.

    You shoul really watch this episode =)
  • A mysterious woman from the future comes to bring Chris back. Starring: Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, and Holly Marie Combs as "Piper", Brian Krause, Drew Fuller

    It is about time that we finally learned something about Chris (Drew Fuller). The way that this episode was done and written was exciting, and left me on the edge of my seat the entire episode. This episode also addressed personal issues, such as Piper (Holly Marie Combs) telling Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) to go to China with Dean (guest star Eric Dane) and Paige (Rose McGowan) to move in with Richard (guest star Balthasar Getty). The action was still present though as Bianca (guest star Marisol Nichols) took Chris back to the future, and we figured out why and how he really got to the present. We also get to see what Wyatt (guest stars Kristopher and Jason Simmons) looks like in the future (Wes Ramsey). I really don't know what to say in this episode, except that it is one of my favorite ones of the season.
  • Everybody hates Chris

    After half a season of questions we finally find out what our new whitelighter is up to. An excellent plot, some thoughtful direction and some serious backstabbing make this the darkest episode since "Centennial Charmed".

    Chris is busted once and for all when his girlfriend shows up to drag him back to the future. Turns out she isn't the sweet girl he left behind; she's now an assassin working for Wyatt. She's an intriguing character and the guest actress plays her well. For once, the leather outfit actually works.

    I loved the flashforwards, although the burnt down San Francisco did look, ahem, rather fake. Not sure why Wyatt would want to rule a ruined city but there you go. The idea of the Halliwell museum was highly original and the blue tint really added to the dark mood. Plenty of spells also.

    Adult Wyatt totally rocks. What a dude! The scene where he steps from the shadows is one of my favourite Charmed moments. Wes Ramsey is an inspired choice to play him; he not only looks the part but, as we shall see later, he's equally at home playing good Wyatt and bad Wyatt.

    There are a few niggles. How Chris mentioning a creaky floorboard would automatically make the others think of writing a power restoring spell I'm not sure but it does add to the drama so I'll let it go. Disappointed that Bianca's spell ended with Paige and Piper getting naked again. That said, Brian and Holly were particularly good value in this scene.

    Out of interest this was the first episode I ever watched end to end. As you can imagine, it made very little sense at the time but Chris and Wyatt's fight scene was what started my interest in Charmed.

    Season Six has come alive at last.
  • Chris insight.

    Finally we get to learn more about the mystery that is Chris. I liked the story about his returning from the future and, although I thought it would have been a more legendary story, it was still very interesting.

    Marisol Nichols did an amazing job portraying the role of Bianca. She's a good actress. The fact that Phoebe and Paige are moving out will probably be very crucial for the Charmed Ones in the future episodes, but finally some things are changing.

    I definitely didn't see Wyatt becoming evil in the future, and I hope this will be changed. All in all, this was a satisfying and interesting episode.
  • Interesting episode

    Poor Chris, he lost someone he loves thought Wyatt. So Chris was right, he is sorta bad, but we couldn’t really tell.

    What is the secret with Chris, he’s half witch and half whitelighter, ohhhhh!!!!

    Wow!!! The end where Chris is threatening Wyatt, really hate him doesn’t he. Well can’t really blame him after in the future, he did kill his girlfriend.

    Great hinting from Chris about the floor board to the sisters, lol that was really interesting.

    I have really seen the other season, so I know who Chris is, and the annoying thing is that it is sorta obvious, but may be if I had not watch season 8 first, I may not have known. Lol
  • Hear these words, hear the rhyme. Heed the hope within my mind. Send me back to where I'll find, what I wish in place and time.

    This is the first episode where we get some insight into just exactly who Chris is and why he came back from the future to save Wyatt. When a mysterious witch named Biana attempts to strip his powers we learn the future looks bleak, especially without the charmed one's. In the future that Chris knows the charmed one's are dead and Wyatt is an evil power hungry dictator, ruling basicly everything. He is not the sweet little baby we know. They cast Wes Ramsey as future Wyatt and I think he does a lot with a character that is technicly already around but in fact needs to be totally established by him. It's defenitely complicated but he really makes it works. And though this episode does finally give us some answers as to Wyatt Chris came back from the future, not to protect Wyatt from evil but to save him from becoming evil, it still leaves quite a lot of questions about who he is. He appears to be someone of great importance, even to Wyatt how states that if anyone else betrayed him in such a way he would kill them. But not Chris.
  • A look into Chris's world. Not to be missed!

    This episode of Charmed is so good!
    A girl named Bianca (who is revealed to be Chris's fiance,) shows up in the Charmed ones time frame to take Chris back to the future.
    Throught the episode we are shown scenes from Chris's memory, though technically in the future. We find out a lot more about his life and why he has gone to the past. Wyatt is also shown to be evil in the future which is very sad.
    This is Drew Fuller's best acting yet which makes a nice change. All in all I really liked the whole time travel thing and all the effects and the whole plot line of this episode! It left me eager to watch another!
  • We get a lot of background on the mystery that is Chris.

    After ten episdoes of trying to figure out who CHris is, we finally get some solid information on his background. I thought this episode was written extremely well but the acting was off in some places.

    We begin at P3 where the girls are discussing their lives. Piper is dating a fireman which is totally offbase for Piper. THey make some stupid jokes some really dirty for its timeslot but then again this show is always pushing those buttons. THe scene is surprisingly saved when CHris walks into frame. Piper goes to see what his deal is. A leather clad chick is waiting for CHris, he seems to know her. SHe grabs his heart but Piper blasts her. But she isnt dead and she seems really determined.

    At the manor Paige is searching for the tattoo on the leather girls wrist. Not exactly the best thing drawn but it will do. I wonder why Piper is not searching the book because she actually saw it. Chris continues to lie his butt off but these people are so damn persistent. He leaves the attic and everyone left begins to wonder what his deal is, like him lying is new, come on now. PAige and Phoebe leave Piper to do the work but Piper has plans also, shock there. Oh look its a grease monkey at the door. Ok casting people, Piper wouldnt date a fireman and even if she did she wouldnt date someone who looked like that. THat guy is totally for Paige but anyway she goes with the monkey and Leo is left castrated, ha.

    CHris looks at his chest and has a flashback, well actually a flash forward. It looks like a wartorn San Fran, the buildings are falling apart,etc. CHris is with the leather girl. SHe is, of course, tackily dressed in a horrible micromini and red shirt. If thats the fashion in 20 some odd years then kill me now. THey talk about stupid crap and the \"man\" who is after them. We all know who it is so stop with all the mystery. Chris seems angry and just wants to go through with his plan.

    Cut to the present where Paige orbs in from Richards. Leo somehow got book duty and found out who the tattoo belongs to. Its actually Phoebes tattoo gang from the future. Totally kidding, they are Phoenixs, hired badasses. Piper walks in, tired but not from \"that\", which is a disappointment for Paige. Seriously Paige seems to be getting enough for everyone in the house. ANyway they go off to deal with Phoenixs. Phoebe is getting advice from Elise. She wants Phoebe to move to Hong Kong. Ok I am all for Elises advice but come on. SHe makes it seem ok for women to be codependant on their men. People shouldnt have to move to another country to stay in love. Phoebe ponders the thought. Piper and Paige go over to mama Phoenix. SHe gets hostile and flings an energy ball, Piper blows her up but they discover they dont die. CHris gets attacked by Bianca again but gets out.

    Bianca is furious. THe sisters try to unlock Chris\' past, Phoebes power apparently can work now. I am guessing Biancas mojo is taking the potion out of him too. FLashforward: THe Manor is now some type of museum. WHat the hell? THis was an extremely stupid idea but whatever. I guess exposing magic in the future is ok now. I am guessing Wyatt killed the Cleaners too. The Manor museum is filled with old costumes. C and B scatter off into the basment to wait. OK this sex scene could have worked provided Drew and this chick had chemistry. Present Bianca works a spell and the girls get sidetracked.

    ANother flashforward: CHris and Bianca sneak intot he attic to call upon the book. He needs to moonlight as the sisters whitelighter and save the future. He calls the book and casts the spell, demons come but Bianca kicks some butt and CHris goes into the past. Present time Piper leaves and Leo kicks kicked in the face, I was cracking up. B takes C.

    Over at Backdraft station Piper and the monkey are taking forever to get to the good stuff, thankfully. LEo somehow made a potion to wake the girls up from the spell. Piper seems shocked that the spell made her want that and so was I. SHe isnt Paige or Phoebe. Actually scratch that I dont think he is sexually appealling to anybody on this show. Over at Richards, Paige and Richard are actually making out like people who have chemistry. B and C chat about the future and how Bianca became super biatch. CUt a few minutes when the sisters come. Fantastic scene: Piper throws the potion but Bianca flings her knife and shimmers out, Piper freezes the knife but Bianca SHimmers ina nd holds the knife to Pipers throat. OMG so fricking intense. THat scene was filmed beautifully and edited nicely. QUestion: Bianca knew CHris popped out of her so why even threaten to kill her. We find out CHris is like Paige which is a huge shout out to the viewers. In the future CHris meets Wyatt who apparently is a gym rat who doesnt use conditioner.

    CHris and Wyatt chat about betrayal and all that stuff meanwhile THe sisters are trying to save Chris. THey figure out CHris gave them a hint about the squeaky floorboard. SIbling rivalry takes place int he future. BUt before that I hate the fact the writers are making Wyatt into some sort of demigod who seems to rule the world. If CHris wanted to stop this kid from being all powerful he should went back alittle earlier to stop Wyatt from being born on that special day back in season 5. In any event Wyatt is beating up his little brother. This is another great scene. Supernatural smackdowns are great. CHris gets his powers back while Bianca gets kicked into a stick. Its actually pretty gruesome. SHe slowly dies and CHris goes back to the past. THe scene between them as she is dying is a fantastic scene and both act incredibly well.

    In the present Piper scolds Chris like a true parent would. He cant spill the beans just yet. He threatens Wyatt about stopping him but Wyatt looks at him with this face that says \"come any closer I will send you into another world.\"

    Piper makes the insane decision to let Phoebe and Paige move out and see what happens. I know how that will turn out, come on Piper. ANyway a well written episode with some flaws. Its one of the best of season 6 but not as good as a lot of people make it out to be. THe action is great and Drew really acted the hell out of it. THe following episodes are the downfall of season six, skip to the episodes that aired during February sweeps.
  • Finally we find out why chris came back from the future.

    This episode was in many ways a very good one. The actors gave it their very best, Piper accepting her sisters needs and herselves and a little less diaper changing made this episode a relief from past ones.

    For those of you who have been reading my past reviews it will be understandable that I am nevertheless frustrated over the turn the whole Chris stroryline took. I thought that Chris was Future-Wyatt. This would have explained a lot of things. As it is now we have more questions than answers yet I don't have the feeling that the writers are going to be a lot of help on these.

    For instance: Why would the Elders assign the Charmed Ones to a Whitelighter without healing powers? Why would Chris want Leo to leave the family if he described him himself as the greatest source of good? If he changes the past so much how is it that the future is affected so little by it? In last seasons finale Chris stated that he came back to prevent the Charmed Ones from failing the Titans thus leading the future into despair and hell. Piper vanquishes the Titans within a second and still the future looks awful. A lot of unanswered question that will possibly remain that way.

    On the other hand future Wyatt has become evil. He was born in the Manor just as Pheobe was and we learned already that this means they can be both evil or good anytime. (Which is different to Paige or Piper who had a 24-hour window to choose sides or who had to be put under a spell) And if his Mother died because she refused to use evil powers for good it might be understandable what Wyatt does. It is however not quite understandable why the future he dominates has to be dark and full of death why witches are persecuted and why he is not the King of Camelot.
    Plus Piper wanted to make sure her son was good by doing a so-called wiccaning. And Wyatt would stil have his father even when his mother was killed. So the writers still have a lot of explaining to do.
    No buts this time...
  • Chris's life is threatened when his finace travels back in time, under the command of his brother, to steel Chris's powers. At any cost.

    Chris brought life into a dying show. This shows through clearly in Chris-Crossed. Acording to Nielson ratings, this episode was the highest rated non-premiere episode since Season three. And for Good reason! After seasons of fairy-tale rip offs and puns, Chris Crossed was a breath of fresh air. The plot line, though dealing with time travel, a Charmed classic, was done in a new way. The vengeful lover of Chris\'s was dramatic, and Marisols acting was top notch. As was Drew Fullers, of course. Having an entire episode centered around an actors charector can be intimidating, but Fuller handled it with the grace of a seasoned actor. And it\'s ratings and an response like the one Chris Crossed has recieved that warrants the fact that Drew Fuller and Wes Ramsey deserve thier own show.
  • The episode entitled, ‘Chris-Crossed’ takes place in the present, the future and the somewhat past.

    The episode entitled, ‘Chris-Crossed’ takes place in the present, the future and the somewhat past. It’s a little hard to explain.

    The episode focused a lot on Chris, who until this point, we know little about. I was hoping to learn who he is, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for that. I’m thinking that it will probably be revealed in the season finale.

    The end of this episode was very emotional. I almost cried. I can’t believe the sisters are splitting up like that. But, this is why ‘Charmed’ is such a great drama.

    Overall, I would give this episode a 7 out of 10. Kudos to the writers for letting us get a glimpse of the future and see little Wyatt all grown up.
  • Leather-Clad Marisol Nichols and Some Other Stuff

    An absolutely brilliant episode, I wasn't expecting much from an episode centering around the worst character on the show but it actually worked, with a brilliant guest appearance from Marisol Nichols and some mediocre (well, better than usual) acting from Drew Fuller.

    Chris-Crossed has Chris being attacked by Bianca, a futuristic assassin from something called Phoenix Group. Turns out that they actually dated in the future and she has arrived in the past to bring him back to the future (phew!) We see loads of flash-forwards(?) which show Chris and Bianca's relationship and we finally discover why Chris was sent back in time: to save Wyatt from becoming a great evil!

    It's a fun episode with loads of revelations and some brilliant acting from all round. The special effects were great and I loved how the scenes in the future had a weird blue tint to them. I loved how the manor had been turned into a Charmed Ones Museum and I loved how the sister's superhero costumes were hung up in display cases. The whole episode has a slight Back to the Future feel to it and it's great, showing that even with five seasons under its belt, Charmed hasn't completely lost the plot and can still make good episodes. Definitely one to watch.

    Rating: B+
  • Love it

    i love this episode be cause so much happens you find out that wyatt is the evil of the future and more about chris oh my god he has a fiance (correct spelling??. it all happens in that episode. i did not see little baby wyatt growing up to be a evil dar lord of the future. its my fave episode i can't wiat for it to vome out on dvd
  • A Chris-centric episode

    This is one of the best episodes of season 6. Through a combination of the present time and flashforwards we learn a little bit more about Chris and ultimately Wyatt.
    I liked seeing Chris' softer side in this episode. Before we have seen him as evil and mysterious, but here we got to see who he really was (without actually finding out who he is!) Seeing him with Bianca was really sweet and I liked their chemistry even when she had turned evil. The only thing that strikes me here is that in previous episode we have seen Chris get 'intimate' or wanting to get 'intimate' with a few of the female guest-stars. It seems strange especially since he thinks that he has a fiancee waiting for him in the future.
    Seeing an evil Wyatt was really bizarre. His attitude was difficult to see especially as to the viewers, Wyatt is a cute little baby. It was interesting to see that he doesn't see himself as evil, but above that morality battle. It was also interesting to see his attitude towards his family. He seemed to only want to associate himself with them because they were powerful.
    I liked the exchange between Chris and Wyatt. I felt it was realistic considering who they are to one another.

    I really enjoyed this episode. It was probably one of the first charmed episode to focus so much on a supporting character; the girls storyline in this was very small and although their decision to lead their own lives was monumental, it didn't seem to take precedent in this episode. I'm not sure that even Cole has had this episode attention lavished on him when he became the source.

    Overall this episode was one of the best Charmed episodes I've ever seen.
  • Chris' girlfriend from the future comes to return him before he can change Wyatt back to good.

    This episode made me love Chris- and HATE Bianca. Chris' girlfriend comes back to the past to bring Chris to the really bad future again- before he can turn Wyatt good. Bianca betrays Chris and then to reward her after bringing Chris back to the future Wyatt kills her. This is the pivotal episode of Season 6 when you learn that Wyatt is the Source of All Evil that Chris is trying to protect baby Wyatt from.