Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2003 on The WB

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  • We get a lot of background on the mystery that is Chris.

    After ten episdoes of trying to figure out who CHris is, we finally get some solid information on his background. I thought this episode was written extremely well but the acting was off in some places.

    We begin at P3 where the girls are discussing their lives. Piper is dating a fireman which is totally offbase for Piper. THey make some stupid jokes some really dirty for its timeslot but then again this show is always pushing those buttons. THe scene is surprisingly saved when CHris walks into frame. Piper goes to see what his deal is. A leather clad chick is waiting for CHris, he seems to know her. SHe grabs his heart but Piper blasts her. But she isnt dead and she seems really determined.

    At the manor Paige is searching for the tattoo on the leather girls wrist. Not exactly the best thing drawn but it will do. I wonder why Piper is not searching the book because she actually saw it. Chris continues to lie his butt off but these people are so damn persistent. He leaves the attic and everyone left begins to wonder what his deal is, like him lying is new, come on now. PAige and Phoebe leave Piper to do the work but Piper has plans also, shock there. Oh look its a grease monkey at the door. Ok casting people, Piper wouldnt date a fireman and even if she did she wouldnt date someone who looked like that. THat guy is totally for Paige but anyway she goes with the monkey and Leo is left castrated, ha.

    CHris looks at his chest and has a flashback, well actually a flash forward. It looks like a wartorn San Fran, the buildings are falling apart,etc. CHris is with the leather girl. SHe is, of course, tackily dressed in a horrible micromini and red shirt. If thats the fashion in 20 some odd years then kill me now. THey talk about stupid crap and the \"man\" who is after them. We all know who it is so stop with all the mystery. Chris seems angry and just wants to go through with his plan.

    Cut to the present where Paige orbs in from Richards. Leo somehow got book duty and found out who the tattoo belongs to. Its actually Phoebes tattoo gang from the future. Totally kidding, they are Phoenixs, hired badasses. Piper walks in, tired but not from \"that\", which is a disappointment for Paige. Seriously Paige seems to be getting enough for everyone in the house. ANyway they go off to deal with Phoenixs. Phoebe is getting advice from Elise. She wants Phoebe to move to Hong Kong. Ok I am all for Elises advice but come on. SHe makes it seem ok for women to be codependant on their men. People shouldnt have to move to another country to stay in love. Phoebe ponders the thought. Piper and Paige go over to mama Phoenix. SHe gets hostile and flings an energy ball, Piper blows her up but they discover they dont die. CHris gets attacked by Bianca again but gets out.

    Bianca is furious. THe sisters try to unlock Chris\' past, Phoebes power apparently can work now. I am guessing Biancas mojo is taking the potion out of him too. FLashforward: THe Manor is now some type of museum. WHat the hell? THis was an extremely stupid idea but whatever. I guess exposing magic in the future is ok now. I am guessing Wyatt killed the Cleaners too. The Manor museum is filled with old costumes. C and B scatter off into the basment to wait. OK this sex scene could have worked provided Drew and this chick had chemistry. Present Bianca works a spell and the girls get sidetracked.

    ANother flashforward: CHris and Bianca sneak intot he attic to call upon the book. He needs to moonlight as the sisters whitelighter and save the future. He calls the book and casts the spell, demons come but Bianca kicks some butt and CHris goes into the past. Present time Piper leaves and Leo kicks kicked in the face, I was cracking up. B takes C.

    Over at Backdraft station Piper and the monkey are taking forever to get to the good stuff, thankfully. LEo somehow made a potion to wake the girls up from the spell. Piper seems shocked that the spell made her want that and so was I. SHe isnt Paige or Phoebe. Actually scratch that I dont think he is sexually appealling to anybody on this show. Over at Richards, Paige and Richard are actually making out like people who have chemistry. B and C chat about the future and how Bianca became super biatch. CUt a few minutes when the sisters come. Fantastic scene: Piper throws the potion but Bianca flings her knife and shimmers out, Piper freezes the knife but Bianca SHimmers ina nd holds the knife to Pipers throat. OMG so fricking intense. THat scene was filmed beautifully and edited nicely. QUestion: Bianca knew CHris popped out of her so why even threaten to kill her. We find out CHris is like Paige which is a huge shout out to the viewers. In the future CHris meets Wyatt who apparently is a gym rat who doesnt use conditioner.

    CHris and Wyatt chat about betrayal and all that stuff meanwhile THe sisters are trying to save Chris. THey figure out CHris gave them a hint about the squeaky floorboard. SIbling rivalry takes place int he future. BUt before that I hate the fact the writers are making Wyatt into some sort of demigod who seems to rule the world. If CHris wanted to stop this kid from being all powerful he should went back alittle earlier to stop Wyatt from being born on that special day back in season 5. In any event Wyatt is beating up his little brother. This is another great scene. Supernatural smackdowns are great. CHris gets his powers back while Bianca gets kicked into a stick. Its actually pretty gruesome. SHe slowly dies and CHris goes back to the past. THe scene between them as she is dying is a fantastic scene and both act incredibly well.

    In the present Piper scolds Chris like a true parent would. He cant spill the beans just yet. He threatens Wyatt about stopping him but Wyatt looks at him with this face that says \"come any closer I will send you into another world.\"

    Piper makes the insane decision to let Phoebe and Paige move out and see what happens. I know how that will turn out, come on Piper. ANyway a well written episode with some flaws. Its one of the best of season 6 but not as good as a lot of people make it out to be. THe action is great and Drew really acted the hell out of it. THe following episodes are the downfall of season six, skip to the episodes that aired during February sweeps.