Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2003 on The WB

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  • Everybody hates Chris

    After half a season of questions we finally find out what our new whitelighter is up to. An excellent plot, some thoughtful direction and some serious backstabbing make this the darkest episode since "Centennial Charmed".

    Chris is busted once and for all when his girlfriend shows up to drag him back to the future. Turns out she isn't the sweet girl he left behind; she's now an assassin working for Wyatt. She's an intriguing character and the guest actress plays her well. For once, the leather outfit actually works.

    I loved the flashforwards, although the burnt down San Francisco did look, ahem, rather fake. Not sure why Wyatt would want to rule a ruined city but there you go. The idea of the Halliwell museum was highly original and the blue tint really added to the dark mood. Plenty of spells also.

    Adult Wyatt totally rocks. What a dude! The scene where he steps from the shadows is one of my favourite Charmed moments. Wes Ramsey is an inspired choice to play him; he not only looks the part but, as we shall see later, he's equally at home playing good Wyatt and bad Wyatt.

    There are a few niggles. How Chris mentioning a creaky floorboard would automatically make the others think of writing a power restoring spell I'm not sure but it does add to the drama so I'll let it go. Disappointed that Bianca's spell ended with Paige and Piper getting naked again. That said, Brian and Holly were particularly good value in this scene.

    Out of interest this was the first episode I ever watched end to end. As you can imagine, it made very little sense at the time but Chris and Wyatt's fight scene was what started my interest in Charmed.

    Season Six has come alive at last.