Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2003 on The WB

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  • Chris and future Wyatt go toe-to-toe while the sisters go bonkers. Awesome.

    Finally Season 6 delivers as it reveals some, not all, of Chris' many secrets, including a look into a future that no one wants.

    Let me first say the the subplots involving the sisters are complete BS.

    There have always been two recurring subplots, or conflicts, that I've alway had a problem with on this show. The first is the exposure conflict. It is typically moronic. Usually, the sisters could just completely deny everything, and it would all go away. Secondly, the desire to live normal lives plot thread is about as moronic. Magical powers or normal lives? I think I'll take the powers. Not to mention all the innocents who would die if the sisters decided to just live normal lives.

    Anyway, Bianca casts a spell for the sisters to act on their desires and they immediately flee into bed with a couple guys? Haha... I thought this show was about female empowerment? Nice.

    The Jason-Phoebe subplot is just getting idiotic because they are pronouncing love for each other and yet he doesn't even know she's a witch. Doesn't anyone else think this is outrageously unfair to Jason? And now she's going to move to Hong Kong? Complete idiocy. Last complaint is actually the biggest. I HATE this whole Leo is gone so lets have Piper date crap. Isn't Piper married? Yeah, Leo left to be an Elder. So what? The guy is around all the time. Does Piper still love him or what? If she does, then she wouldn't be dating other guys, fricking regardless, and her sisters driving her to "get back on that horse" is SO Sex in the City. I mean, come on. Does this show operate under the premise that a woman can't go six months without dating? Okay, I know the whole point was just to create conflict for Piper and Leo, but sorry, I hated the whole concept. I will admit that Leo snapping Piper out of the spell and the interaction between the two is a great scene though. GREAT acting by Brian, as usual.

    Anyway, all that being said only shows how great the main plot of this episode is because it completely overcomes all that side foolishness. First of all, Bianca (Marisol Nichols) is HOT and you gotta love the leather outfit. If I was Chris, I would be "saying bye" to her a lot. Marisol is excellent throughout and her chemistry with Drew is pretty good. In fact, Drew kind of raised his game up for this episode. Good job. Secondly, Wes Ramsey as future Wyatt is awesome. His scene with Chris at the end is an all time great Charmed scene, and the moment when Chris got his powers back and threw Wyatt across the room is one of my all time favorite Charmed moments. Little brother gives big brother a little something something. Sweet. Chris is finally cast as a true good guy, which is a definite plus. He was mostly just irksome as a possible bad guy. Season 6 finally kicks into gear here, and except for the next episode, it pretty much maintains that higher level until the thrilling season finale.