Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2003 on The WB

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  • Charmed 2025


    Chris-Crossed-Bianca, a woman from the future, arrives to take Chris' powers, and Leo learns that she is actually part of an assassin family of witches. In an attempt to distract the Charmed Ones, Bianca casts a spell which causes the sisters to act on their true desires, which prompts Piper to give her sisters her blessing to move out of the manor to be with their boyfriends.

    Cameron Litvack is a Godsend to Charmed during these years. How else to you explain the awesomeness that is "Chris-Crossed". The first episod to delve into not only Chris' past but actually tries to give depth to his character, the episode plays as an epic(ish) storyteller as we get a glimpse of the future and the events that took place that eventually drove Chris to come to the past. Despite Drew Fuller's delivery still living nothing to the imagination, "Chris-Crossed" manages to tell a strong story set 25 years into the future. I love, LOVED the Haliwell Manor being turned into a historical museum in the future with thier superheroes outfits and mermaid costumes on display. The hologram showing the reconstiution of the Charmed Ones from "Charmed Again, Part 1" was also another nice nod to the past. I also loved the direction during the future scenes, especially with the dark blue tint over lense, giving the future a dark ominous feel. Everything about the futurewas excellent amd seemedthoughout accordlingly, which for Charmed as this point is amazing! The big reveal with Wyatt as ruler of the future was shocking at first viewing and appropriately chilling. It also makes sense giving with Wyatt's immense powers and preivous warning of how his he will change the future of magic now feels full circle. Whether the writers preplanned this or just put two and two together about how this Chris storylien should play out, it's was a brilliant twist. Wes Ramsey actually looks gritty and msyterious here. We don't get much from Future Wyatt, but there's enough to show he's a force to be reckoned with. I also liked the fact that he made the manor into the museum to show people the power he's born from. Very King/Conqueror-like!

    We also get a love story with Chris and his finance, Bianca, which is probably the weakest aspect of the future storyline since Drew Fuller can'temote enoughto make it even seem like he likes Bianca let alone love her. Bianca on the other hand is a solid character and I love the idea of the Phoenix coven who are assassin witches. It's an wonderfully concieved concept, although they come off asyour averageeveryday demons when throw energy balls and shimmer like all the others. Seriously, what's up with that? But I did love the bit between adult Bianca and her mother. It's a rare moment from Charmed that's so subtle but shows depth not only in the character but the writing itself. I have to say Charmed's enhanced bugdetwas used well for once, Th future looked cool visually with the all the probes, damaged buildings and chaos within the city. We rarely get to see Charmed on such a major scope in terms of visual effects and it definately payed off her. Although, once again, we have the sisters surcoming to random spells that turn them into careless idiots but thankfully it was brief and the confrontation between the sisters and Bianca was pretty great. I love the bullettime sequence with Bianca shimmering while Piper froze the knife and the revealation that Chris was half-witch was also a fitting surprised and cleared up a few plot holes.

    In the mist of all this of all this, we get a decent sub-plot with the sisters beginning to realize they need to go their seperate ways. While I didn't like the inhibition spell they we put under, it did bring up some nice scenes, like the one with Alise and Phoebe and especially the last scene with all 3 sisters deciding to got their seperate ways in their personal lives. It's a development that makes sense given that the sisters have felt distant this year with Paige wanting to be solo all the time, Phoebe becoming even more successful with her column and Piper becoming a single mother. While the writers have always written their wayout ofthe whole "sister moving out" plot, it's inevitable at this point and makes sense at this point in the sisters' lives. I also loved the references to "Morality Bites", Cole and Prue.It's arare ocassion when the wirters actually rememberthe show'shistory.All and All, "Chris-Crossed" has some nagging flaws, but it's by far the best episode of Charmed since "Centennial Charmed" with awesome SFX, strong character development, soild plot developments and great storytelling.

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