Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2003 on The WB

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  • Let's do the time warp..again.

    It's a Chris episode. And it doesn't suck. I feel I have to repeat myself here. Chris...doesn't suck. No, wait! Uh, Anyways! Every once in a while, maybe even once a season, Charmed dangles a really good episode in front of us, just to remind us that the show has writers behind the wheel. Chris-Crossed is said episode.

    Packed with events, the hour begins with a bang and a few cheeky innuendo-y one-liners (''Gutter.'') and doesn't let up until the credits. The hopping back and forth between timelines provides the hour with a nice boost in momentum, and once again cements that when dealing with alternate realities and time-travel, is when the show is at its most watchable.

    There's also some stable writing here -- a well-thought out script can go along way. Each main character has their moment to shine, the villain this week in Bianca actually has layers (and zero shitty one-liners!) and everyone seems to be having the sex. Yes, the sex was had left right and center this week: in the basement (topless smoochies with Bianca and Chris) on top of fire trucks (there are just so many hoze jokes here, Piper!) and, uh, in a bed (so lame, Paige!). And on top of all the sex, there's the cracking (although predictable) twist that Wyatt is a badass, evil mofo in the future!

    There's also some noticeable quirks to be found, too. The action scenes had a certain verve to them that has been missing from the show for a long time. The slow-mo freeze-shimmer-knife-to-throat bit was especially well played. Cos even though Bianca kind of dressed like a street-walker (not the Blade kind) she kicked a lot of ass and had more charisma in her right hook then Chris could ever manage. But we're sticking to pros here: the sisterly banter was more than welcomed, the one-liners were snappy and Phoebe's put down when Leo tries to explain time-travel was more than welcomed. Just shut up, Mr. exposition!

    Drew Fuller is still a weak link here, his line delivery and lack of any kind of expression really undermines the drama created. But other than that, Chris-Crossed is Charmed at its best: fun, action-packed and consistent.

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