Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2003 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, it is implied that Chris is engaged to an older woman, since in present-day, Bianca is 4 or 5 and Chris hasn't been born yet.

    • TRIVIA: Bianca says to Paige "the power of two will have to do. Oh, you'd be surprised what's in the history books." Paige mentions the power of two when discussing with Piper whether or not they should call Phoebe. It was also said by Prue in the season one episode Power of Two.

    • Phoebe asks Paige to drop her off to Hong Kong where Jason is. But what about exposure? Considering she was acting on her true desires as she was under the spell, but how did she explain to him her sudden arrival and departure minutes later?

    • TRIVIA: According to the tour guide in the future, Chris comes from the year 2026, since The Charmed Ones were reconstituted in the year 2001 - 25 years ago.

    • TRIVIA: At the Halliwell Museum, some of the costumes from season 5 are displayed. Like the super-hero costumes in the episode Witches in Tights, the mermaid costume in A Witch's Tale (1) & (2). And also what appears to be the one worn by Phoebe in Y Tu Mummy Tambien, when she was possessed by Isis' soul, and the one worn by Paige when she becomes a Nymph in Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun. There is also the Little Red Riding Hood robe from Happily Ever After and the clothes Paige's evil past-life wore in A Knight To Remember.

    • Phoebe is speaking Mandarin Chinese phrases such as "Zaijian" in this episode to prepare for her possible move to Hong Kong with Jason. However, the Cantonese dialect is most prominent in Hong Kong, making Phoebe's learning attempts for getting around better in Hong Kong pretty fruitless.

    • When Chris first appears in the episode Oh My Goddess he is in a tan coat and red shirt, wearing glasses, but when he's shown entering the portal, he is wearing a black shirt. He also comes to the past through a portal on the attic wall, but in Oh My Goddess, he orbs in to save Phoebe.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, it is revealed to the audience that Wyatt had turned evil. This reveals Chris's purpose for coming back from the future: to keep Wyatt from turning evil. However, Leo and the Charmed Ones will not know about this until two episodes later, in Prince Charmed.

    • TRIVIA: The following spells used in this episode:
      To Summon the Book of Shadows: I call upon the ancient power, to help us in this darkest hour. Let the Book return to this place, claim refuge in its rightful space.
      To Travel to the Past: Form the symbol of the Triquetra on a wall and chant: Hear these words, hear the rhyme. Heed the hope within my mind. Send me back to where I'll find, what I wish in place and time.
      To Restore One's Powers: Powers of the witches rise. Come to me across the skies. Return my magic, give me back, all that was taken from the attack.

    • When Chris uses the time travel spell for the second time, he comes into the attic through the location where Bianca had the triquetra in the future. When he came back the first time, he floated down from the ceiling, but Bianca had the triquetra in the same place.

    • In the season 2 episode "Witch Trial" Piper draws a triquetra on the wall, and where she draws it, there are beams on the wall. In this episode when Bianca draws the triquetra in the same place there aren't beams there anymore.

    • TRIVIA: This is the first appearance of Wesely A. Ramsey as adult Wyatt and is also his first appearance in an episode with Drew Fuller.

    • After Leo puts the spell under the floorboard he puts the rug back in place, but when Chris comes back in, the rug is folded again.

    • Leo told Phoebe to try to sense something from Chris when he was dying on the couch, but Phoebe said that she has never been able to sense anything from Chris. This is in fact false, in many episodes Phoebe has been able to use her empath abilities to sense things from Chris. She was actually able to sense things from him up until he took the Empath Blocking Potion.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode it's revealed that Chris is part whitelighter & part witch (just like Paige), that Wyatt was turned evil in the future, and the Charmed Ones were "vanquished". All this contributed to Chris' reasoning to go back to the past to change it.

    • Why were the sisters in such a rush to write the spell and put it under the floor? Chris was in the distant future, so them writing it fast wouldn't have had any effect on him finding it.

    • In this episode, Phoebe spoke a little Chinese, including "ni tzai tzuo mong" and "zaijian", these are Mandarin, or Han. While the most widely used and commonly used language in Hong Kong is Cantonese, not Mandarin. Why is Phoebe learning Mandarin since most of the people speak Cantonese there?

    • How did Piper explain to the fireman who she was laying naked next to one second and fully dressed & ready to leave (or worse, had just disappeared) the next?

    • In the episode, "Oh My Goddess", Chris said he can't tell who sent him, and it could change events in ways "we don't want". Even if by "we" he was referring to himself and Bianca, it would still be pretty safe to just say he sent himself.

    • Why would there be no objection to Phoebe considering a move to Hong Kong? What if Leo or Paige need to orb to her? Someone would be sure to spot the magic being used.

  • Quotes

    • Phoebe: Come on, you and Greg. Put out any fires lately?
      Piper: Is that supposed to be a subtle fireman reference?
      Phoebe: Yeah, you like it?
      Paige: Wait a minute, you're going out with a fire fighter?
      Piper: Proof positive you haven't been around much.
      Phoebe: Let's see. They've been seeing each other for about three weeks, and someone, I won't say who, although it's not the fireman, is avoiding taking it to the next step.

    • Paige: I am not at Richard's that much. Fine, okay, maybe I am. But, you know I am just an orb away if you need help.
      Piper: Yeah, the thing is, we've just got to be careful because if we stray too far away from each other, demons take advantage. We've learned that lesson the hard way a few times.
      Paige: I know, I know, I get it. I just really don't want to think of us living together in fifty years.
      Piper: Nah, twenty, thirty years tops.
      Phoebe: We can always move to Hong Kong so I could see Jason whenever I want to.
      Piper: How do you say "dream on" in Chinese?

    • Piper: What's the problem? Leo: He's not healing. Something is draining his powers and blocking mine. Its like a virus.
      Piper: A virus named Bianca.
      Phoebe: You think she did this? Piper: Its gotta be. Paige: Yeah, but it doesn't explain why she would come back from the future just to kill him. Piper: Well, somebody had to of sent her. She's a hired gun. Phoebe: Well, we've gotta find her to save him. Figure out what she did. (Sound of Phoebe picking up Chris' emotions.) Wow.
      Leo: What is it?
      Phoebe: Oh, my God. He loves her.
      Paige: Loves who? Bianca? Phoebe: Yeah. She broke his heart. (Phoebe sees that Chris is holding something in his hand. She takes it from him and holds it up.) Engagement ring.
      Paige: Obviously an acrimonious split.

    • Bianca: You really shouldn't try to orb anymore, you know. It could kill you.
      Chris: Is that what you want?Bianca: Ha, if that's what I wanted, you'd already be dead. All I want is to bring you back. Chris: How'd you know I'd be here?
      Bianca: Same reason you'd knew I'd be waiting here. This is still our spot, isn't it?

    • Elise: When I say, take time, I don't mean a vacation. Go live there for awhile. Give it a shot!
      Phoebe: Elise, I-
      Elise: No! I want you to listen to me! Its time I gave you some advice for once. Don't let it be work.
      Phoebe: What do you mean?
      Elise: There's a whole generation of women out there who followed the dream; built successful careers... but at the expense of everything else. Now, I'm not saying I think they all made mistakes because some of them are very happy... but some of us aren't. Trust me, you don't want to wake up one day and realize that, all you've got is your career.

    • Chris: Will you marry me? Bianca: You're asking me now?Chris: Uh-huh.
      Bianca: Here?
      Chris: This is still our spot, Bianca. No matter what he's done to it. Marry me.
      Bianca: On one condition. You come back to me. Safely.
      Chris: Have I ever let you down before?

    • Piper: What are you thinking? Leo: I'm thinking that if we figure out who she was, we might be able to figure out who Chris is.

    • Phoebe: There's gotta be a spell in here somewhere.
      Paige: To take us to the future? I don't think so.
      Phoebe: Bianca's a witch. She could do it. How could she do it?
      Paige: We don't know how.
      Piper: How did we do it 5 years ago?
      Leo: The Elders made that happen, remember?
      Piper: Well, you're an Elder. Make it happen.
      Leo: That was a unique situation.
      Paige: And this isn't?
      Leo: Hey, I don't like this either. Don't you think I wanna save him too?
      (The floorboard squeaks as he paces)
      Phoebe: I don't know if I wanna save him or kick his ass!
      Leo: It still doesn't change all the good he's done.
      Paige: Hmm. You're certainly singing a different tune. You've come a long way, baby.
      Leo: Ok, despite all his secrets, I still believe that he came back to protect Wyatt, and that is enough for me to want to save him.
      (Leo paces again and the floorboard squeaks)
      Piper: The question is: How?
      (Leo paces the floor trying to think of a way, when the floorboard squeaks again. This time, Piper notices)
      Piper: Leo.
      (Leo turns around and steps on the squeaky floorboard again. This time, Phoebe and Paige notice)
      Leo: What?
      Phoebe: "Fix the floorboard".
      Paige: Maybe he was trying to tell us something.
      Leo: Who? What?
      Piper: Maybe. Maybe that's where Bianca was taking him…to the attic in the future.
      Phoebe: But that would still be there in the future, wouldn't it?
      Paige: Yeah, unless we fixed it.
      Piper: Or USED it to send him something…something that he needed.
      Leo: Like what?
      Paige (realizes): His powers.

    • Piper (to Bianca): Hey! Future girl!
      (Piper throws the vial at her. An athame appears in Bianca's hand, she hurls it at the vial and shimmers out. The athame breaks the vial mid-air on its path to Piper. Piper freezes the athame just as Bianca shimmers in front of Piper. She picks the athame out of the air, turns around and holds it against Piper's neck)
      Bianca: You were saying?
      Phoebe: Wow. She is good.

    • Bianca: Just remember - protect baby Wyatt and you protect The Charmed Ones. Keep them alive for our future.
      Chris: Great. No pressure there!

    • (Paige is looking in the Book of Shadows for the demon that attacked Chris)
      Piper: No, it looked more like a bird.
      Paige: A bird. So you're saying maybe the Audubon Society sent the demon after us?

    • Wyatt: You know, if anyone else tried what you tried, I'd kill them on the spot. But you...I've forgiven Bianca, I can forgive you too. If you promise never to cross me again.
      Chris: I think you know me better than that.
      Wyatt (to Bianca): I thought you said you could talk some sense into him.
      Chris: Leave her out of this.
      Wyatt (begins crushing Chris's throat with his powers) Pardon me?

    • Leo: Yeah, see, the way time travel works-
      Phoebe: Yeah, I don't wanna know. I already have a headache.

    • Bianca's Mother: Do you have to leave so soon? Can't I help?
      Bianca (turns to face her mother): Yeah. Someday, when I ask you what it feels like to kill, don't lie to me. Don't tell me you don't feel a thing.

    • (After Elise suggests Phoebe go visit Jason in Hong Kong)
      Phoebe: It's just another airport, another city.
      Elise: You can always send in the column. (Phoebe says nothing) Email, fax machine! It's the 21st century and I'd like to welcome you to it!

    • (Leo is mopping Chris's forehead)
      Leo: Hang in there buddy!
      (Paige, Phoebe and Piper walk in)
      Piper: We've found Bianca she's at her mother's!
      Leo: Little Bianca?
      Piper: No the one we want. Here something for Chris to remember her by... or not.
      (She hands Leo Bianca's engagement ring but Leo doesn't seem to know what to do with it)
      Paige: Got the vanquishing potion so after we orb over there I'm gonna...
      (The sisters have been cast by the inhibition spell. Leo looks confused due to Paige's abrupt halt)
      Leo: You're gonna what?
      Paige:... I'm gonna move into Richard's house.
      (Leo turns to look at her)
      Piper: Are you? Good for you
      Phoebe: That's a great idea and I think I'm gonna go check out what's going on in Hong Kong.
      Paige: Cool!
      Leo: Hey, hang on a second this isn't you guys, you must be under some kind of spell. You have to fight this!
      Phoebe: How can you fight your heart?
      Piper: Or your hormones?
      Paige: Yeah!
      Phoebe: Will you drop me off on the way to Richard's?
      Paige: Huh, I would love to!
      Leo: Paige, Phoebe listen to me!
      Phoebe: Zey jen!
      (Paige and Phoebe orb out)
      Leo: Wait!
      (He looks at Piper)
      Piper: Hmmph.
      (Piper walks out leaving Leo speechless. He looks at Chris unconscious and lying on the sofa mumbling)
      Chris: What do I tell them?

    • (Leo, Phoebe, Piper and Paige are talking about little Bianca)
      Phoebe: Wait! How old is the little girl?
      Piper: I don't know four, five!
      (Chris orbs in and falls to the ground, they all run to his aid)
      Paige: Chris!
      (Chris is panting)
      Chris: Bianca!
      (Paige and Piper look confused)

    • (Paige orbs into the house. Leo is reading the Book of Shadows, with Wyatt on his knee)
      Leo: Paige, when I said I need you I meant a fully clothed you.
      Paige: Oh please, Leo. What's the big emergency?
      Leo: What would you say if I told you whoever attacked Chris was called a "phoenix"?
      Paige: Well, I would say "what's a phoenix", and then you'd probably tell me!

    • Bianca (holding a knife to Pipers throat): Uh huh! I can kill her in half the time it takes you to even think about it.
      Paige: Yeah, well we still have enough potion to vanquish you.
      Bianca: Maybe. But then you really will have to hope that the power of two will do! Won't you Paige? (Paige looks confused) Oh, you'd be suprised what's in the history books. Now put the vial down. Slowly. (Paige and Phoebe put down their potions)
      Chris: Bianca don't. Let her go and I promise I'll go with you.

    • Chris: That's right, part-witch, part-whitelighter, just like you Paige.

    • Piper: You can't keep sacrificing your lives forever, and neither can I. Mom did that, Grams did it, and even Prue. And look what happened to them. It's not a legacy I want us to inherit.

    • Paige: It is time to get back in the saddle.

    • Piper (naked under a sheet, Piper gets ready to get changed, but Leo is watching): Okay turn around. You don't get to see anymore.

    • Piper (to Leo, after he orbs to her, when she is kissing Greg): Oh my God, what are you - a peeping elder or something?

    • Piper (about her boyfriend): I'm not going to freeze him. I'm so nervous I'd probably blow him up.
      Phoebe (smiles): Well...
      Piper: Gutter! Gutter. Gutter.

    • Chris (to Baby Wyatt): If I can't save you, I swear to God, I'll stop you.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Chris v pasti (Chris in a Trap) France: Phénix (Phoenix) Italy: Il segreto di Chris (Chris's Secret) Germany: Zwischen den Zeiten (Between Two Worlds)

    • For this first 10 episodes, the show was nominated for the 2004 TP de Oro for "Mejor Serie Extranjera" (Best foreign series).

    • This episode scored 6.0 million viewers.

  • Allusions

    • Paige:'ve come a long way, baby!

      This is a reference to Fatboy Slim's second studio album with the same name. This line is also the marketing slogan for Virginia Slims cigarettes.

    • Title: Chris-Crossed
      This is based on the common phrase "criss-crossed" meaning mixed-up, or jumbled up. It can also be in reference to a betrayal - as Wyatt views Chris' actions "Et Tu Chris?" or Bianca's betrayal of Chris, her fiance.

    • Leo: ...were born with a distinct birthmark symbolising the rise from Salem's ashes.

      This is not a reference to witches being burnt at the stake in Salem, Massachusetts, since witches were not burnt at the stake in Massachusetts. Only Melinda Warren, an entirely fictional character, seems to have been burnt at the stake. Thus this is actually a reference to rising from the ashes of the biblical city of Jeruselam, often referred to as Salem. 2nd Chronicles 36: 15-23 speaks of its destruction by the Babylonians, with 2nd Chronicles 36: 19 stating "They set fire to God's temples and broke down the wall of Jerusalem; they burned all the palaces and destroyed everything of value there."

    • Wyatt: Et tu Chris?

      This is a reference to Shakespeare's Julius Caeser III, I, 77. Caeser has been betrayed by everyone he trusted including his best friend Brutus Casius, and this is his famous line (but replaced with Chris' name instead).

    • From the Book of Shadows, about Arabic legends: a phoenix is a bird which incinerates at the end of its lifespan, then regenerates itself from the ashes. in egyptian folklore the phoenix resembles the sun, dying each night to be reborn in the morning.

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