Season 3 Episode 9

Coyote Piper

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2001 on The WB

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  • Coyote Piper

    Coyote Piper was a superbly fun and entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching as Piper had anxiety over her looming 10 year High School Reunion, Phoebe continued feeling guilty over Cole, and Prue played her role of big sister. There was a lot of character and plot development along with some funny and also some serious scenes. The story of the life essence was interesting and it was fun to watch it possess Piper. I liked how every thing turned out and look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!
  • Piper bar dancing? UGH!!!!

    So far Season 3 has ripped Ladyhawk, The Cat's Eye, and The Matrix. At least all three are pretty good movies. Why the writers then decided to take a scene from the likes of Coyote Ugly, I have no idea. It resulted in a very predictably bad scene.

    Otherwise, this is a pretty solid episode, not much of a let down after the end of the Cole story arc. It was unfortunate that the sorceror played by the guy from The Office was killed off so quickly because he was a fun bad guy. It is also unfortunate that the original Terra was dispatched so quickly; she was gorgeous. Holly is an amazing actress but playing evil is not one of her strong suits. Her Terra comes off more as a byotch than an evil spirit. Is bar dancing and giving shots to guys what every evil spirit longs for? Whatever.

    It was also very hard to believe that Prue would be willing to kill Piper on the mere hope that Terra would take her offer and revive her. That is an amazingly courageous move for a woman who still struggles with her mother's death, among other things.

    One solid positive for the episode is that for all the sister-gets-possessed stories this one is probably the most realistically handled. We didn't have to suffer through half an episode of no one figuring out the obvious. In fact, Prue figured it out in about 5 minutes and Leo was never fooled. Surprisingly dark episode after the end of the Cole story line would have made you think that something more lighthearted was coming.
  • Piper Lets Loose!

    Coyote Piper-Prue and Phoebe have their hands full when Piper is possessed by the evil life essence, Terra, on the day of her high school reunion.

    Featuring an excellent storyline that's both dark yet at times also hilarious, "Coyote Piper" sees Piper getting possessed by an evil essence just in time for her high school reunion. Holly Marie Combs really carries this episode as she showcases Piper's doubts and fears as she's about to got to her high school reunion. Then, at the same time, she's effectively evil when she plays under the possession of Terra, the evil essence. Piper's possession bring some tense scenes like Terra attacking Leo and hilarious scenes with the higlight being after the fact they fpund out she's possessed, Prue and Phoebe run into P3 to be shocked at the sight of Piper doing some serious stripper moves at the bar and bring the club to it's knees...literally.

    Prue's resolution for saving Piper was a great moment as your shocked Prue would ever kill her sister, but the scene plays off so well and your at the edge of your seat the whole time. I also love the sub-plots in the episode, especially Phoebe's as she looks into Cole's past and ancestry. The premontion Phoebe has of Cole's parents is well directed and stunning sequence. There's Prue and Piper's old classmate, Justin, beginning to build a relationship as both Shannen Doherty and Chad Willett have some genuine chemistry. All and All, "Coyote Piper" is another great episode with a well written possession storyline, solid suspense and thrilling developments.
  • Piper's high school reunion, which is being held at P3, could turn out to have a nasty ending for her and many others.

    Piper is very nervous about her upcoming high school reunion. She can't decide on her outfit or her hair and she is terrified that something willgo wrong and that the whole night will be a fiasco. I don't, somehow, think she was thinking about herself being possessed by an evil life essence and turning into ... well ... quite the 'party girl' as she dances on the bar in a figure-hugging outfit that she would normally throw out in the trash. Thank goodness Prue and Phoebe are there to save the day.

    I have always felt that Piper is, for want of a better word, the most 'dull' of the sisters, so it was excellent to see Holly Marie Combs able to strut her stuff in a Piper-centric episode that was very enjoyable and entertaining throughout.
  • Great episode!

    The alchemist demon Kierkan tries to capture the essence of life of his creation, Terra, and trap her in a bottle. However, the evil spirit escapes, possesses a human and tries to find and possess one of the Charmed sisters to become powerful and vanquish Kierkan. Meanwhile, Piper is nervous, preparing for the celebration of her 10-year high school graduation, with the reunion of her schoolmates in P3. Phoebe is missing Cole, and researching his family. Terra possesses Piper, and when Prue discloses, she plots a mortal plan to save the life of Piper and vanquish the fiend.

    "Coyote Piper" is a good episode of "Charmed", with humorous and dramatic moments. The picture of Piper with sixteen years old is very funny, and the modification of her behavior after her possession is great, dancing in the counter of P3 like a striper. Phoebe has also a minor but important participation, feeling ashamed because she was easily seduced by Belthazor, while Piper resisted the possession of her body by Terra.
  • I am a charmed fan and have been for years.I already have almost all of the series I even have my 3 year old watching charmed with me! I was upset that Shannon Doherty left the show It still is a good show but I liked it better with her page is great too!

    This show is my all time favorite show I have always been a milano fan since Who's the boss. but piper is my favorite on the show its probably because I am a mother and I can relate to her. My family never argues when I tell them we are watching charmed because the show is very entertaining and keeps you motivated to keep on watching it. I need to go and buy the last two seasons I make it a habit to buy one every paycheck. I wish I could watch it in person but I guess I just have to take what I can get.
  • Caught in possession

    Q: How do you follow an episode like "Sleuthing with the Enemy". A: With something completely different.

    This week sees Piper possessed by an evil soul named Terra. It's the first Piper based story we've had in a while and Holly really takes it by the horns. The action is set against the backdrop of a school reunion, which is mildly interesting but turns out to be fairly incidental.

    The plot steps up a gear once Prue and Phoebe find out the truth and the best scene comes when Terra threatens to stab her host through the heart. Having said that, I guess what most folk will remember this episode for is Piper's bartop dance at P3. To be fair, it is rather good.

    This isn't the first time one of the sisters has been possessed, of course, and it certainly won't be the last, but it does have some interesting twists. The way Terra possesses Piper by having her first victim kill himself in front of her is very cunning and I like the way her victims can see their own souls in the mirror. This leads to plenty of Nicki / Jessica moments as Piper fights to assert herself.

    The vanquish is pretty cool, if a little complicated. I couldn't believe Prue stabbed Piper before Leo arrived though. For all she knew, he could still have been unconscious, then she'd have been possessed and Piper would have been dead. Priorities, Prue!

    Phoebe has a bit of a subplot this week as she tries to come to terms with losing Cole. Her scene at the graveyard is both touching and revealing and she very nearly spills the beans to Leo at the end. Can't see her secret lasting too much longer.

    The truth is in there and it certainly hurts.
  • Piper is posessed

    The beginning of the episode was absolutely brilliant. I loved Prue trying to tell Leo to tell Piper how great she looked and all. It was incredibly funny watching Prue trying to explain the Brady Bunch to Leo. I loved how Leo had to come to the conclusion that anything he said wouldn't be the right thing to say too.

    This was an incredible episode. I loved seeing Piper all afraid of her high school reunion. It was nice to see that side of Piper because you don't get to see that nervous wreck these people make me crazy side of Piper. Piper being possessed and doing the bar dancing was very amusing. It was really too bad that Leo missed out on that. It was nice to see Prue trying to calm Piper down and all. I loved how Prue kept messing with the balloons too.

    Phoebe was only annoying in this one. I hated to see her all blah about Cole. You would almost think that she had actually killed him with the way she was acting. It was so annoying to see that she couldn't look Prue and Piper in the eyes because she didn't want to admit that she hadn't actually vanquished Cole. And Prue trying to get Phoebe to open up about it wasn't doing to well either because all Prue really did do was say the wrong thing. It was really cool that the only way to get Terra out of Piper was to kill Piper. I really liked that Prue actually killed Piper. Prue's plan was a really good one I loved how they got it all together in the end.

    This was a really good episode but Phoebe and all her Cole issues made the episode less than it could have been!
  • Piper's high school reunion.

    Piper has trouble attending her high school reunion and dealing with the fact that she was a lot less then popular way back then. She let's her former classmates push her around, doubts herself quite a lot, and has trouble dealing with the fact that she can't reall be herself witch-y demon vanquishing self. But bigger problems are afoot from a demon posesses Piper and begins to act even more out of character then Piper already was. Telling off Piper's classmates, uses Piper's powers for her own personel gain, and seriously hurts Leo though she doesn't kill him. Then there's the bar, though that's not evil so much as raunchy. As hard as Piper tries she can not gain control over her body though she does manage to get out a few burts to avail. In order to save Piper Prue must kill her but her plan is much more complicated then that. When Prue kills Piper and the demon jumps into Leo's body Prue makes a deal with her, resurrect Piper (one of the demon's powers) and it can keep Leo's body. Taking the deal the demon doesn't count on the power of three, the girls perform an excorcism and vanquish the demon with no other body for it to jump and Leo heals Piper's wound. Meanwhile, Phoebe is still haunted by her decision not to vanquish Cole and searches for answers about him and his past. She almost confesses to Leo what happened but at the last moment changes her mind.
  • Who knew Piper dances on bars ??

    Piper was a geek in high school and 10 years later is facing the reunion. Desperate to show how she's changed, Piper frets over not being able reveal the coolest things about herself: you know, the whole "I'm a powerful witch and in love with a Whitelighter" thing. Guess she'll have to settle for owning P3, site of the reunion debacle. Just as the nasty homecoming queen is undermining Piper's confidence once again after all these years, the insecure witch is possessed by a she-demon. While Prue and Leo try to figure out what is going on, Phoebe struggles with her decision to save Cole and lie to her sisters. She goes on a fact-finding mission into Cole's past, but is called away to help Prue kick that squatter-demon out of Piper. In order to vanquish the demon, Prue has to throw a dagger into Piper's chest, nearly killing her. The demon transfers into Leo, who then helps save Piper's life.
  • Piper is preparing for her high school reunion which will be held in P3. During the process she gets possesed by Terra-the evil life essence, and that is where everything turns upside down...

    This was a pretty darn great episode in my opinion.
    The episode was great fun because it feels so good to see Piper in a different "edition" even though that wasn't really her. The bar-dancing that she performs at P3-just perfect, great fun. Really cool to see Piper standing up to that stupid Missy girl in a way that she did, even though again, that wasn't the real Piper. But, it does show us Holly's A-level acting abilities.
    All that fun on the side, the episode is also very exciting as Prue decides to kill Piper in order to save her, not knowing if it would actually work. Of course it does :)

    All in all, a great episode IMO, pure refreshment!
    Holly-U Go Girl! :)
  • WOAH...whole new side of Piper!

    The day of Piper's ten year high school reunion, a life essence named Terra possesses Piper to be part of the power of 3 and manipulate Prue and Phoebe into killing the alcomist who controls her.

    Piper, being more of a shy and awkward girl when in high school, does not have that much confidence going to her high school reunion. Prue, being the head cheerleader in high school, tries to help Piper with her confidence. Meanwhile, Phoebe, who is still stuck on Cole, decides to go and check his family lineage, perhaps to see if Cole was lying when he said he was half human or not.

    After realizing that Piper is possessed, Prue and Phoebe must come up with a plan to get Terra out of Piper {WITHOUT TERRA STABBING A KNIFE THROUGH PIPER'S HEART} and kill Terra.

    This episode was pretty good, and it was funny to see a new side of Piper.
  • coyote piper

    this episode was great it was about piper being possesed and slowly dying.holly marie combs did a very good job acting like she was possesed.we also got to see piper do a dance in a bar,piper and prue get in a cat fight, and prue stab piper this is a must see!!!
  • Piper is possessed by an evil life essence name Terra. Pheobe, knowing that she didn't really vanquish Cole, isn't sure whether to tell her sisters or not.

    Piper is getting ready for her high school reunion. While she is taking out the trash, she witnesses a suicide and is possessed by the life essence that had taken over the body. She tries calling out for Prue, but Terra covers it up. Back at the mannor, Terra tries to find out what Pipers power is. When Piper won't tell her, she threatens to kill both of her sisters so Piper tells her and tells her how to vanqish the demon that is after her. While the demon is burning, he warns the sisters that she will destroy them all. While they are in the attic, looking up the bottle that the demon left behind, Piper says she is going to change then leaves without saying good-bye or showing her sisters what she is wearing. Prue then realizes that Piper is possessed and they go to P3 to try to get her, where they find her table dancing!! Prue knocks her out and they bring her back to the house. Prue then kills Piper and the spirit takes over Leo. They tell her that if she brings Piper back to life that she will give her the bottle. They vanquish the spirit and Leo heals Piper.

    This is one of the best episodes they have made. We also learn a little about how Piper was like back when she was in high school. Two thumbs up.
  • I never considered Piper as a beautiful person, but in this episode her dance is so hot and sexy!

    I love this episode very much because I think that Piper's dancing was really, really sexy and hot and even tough she was possessed by an evil witch, I think that she looks very that way... and I think that this episode is one of the best episodes of this season, just because of Piper's dance, and I also think that the plan Prue make in order to save Piper was really great and that it was really strategical and everything, I think that this episode is really good, and I will like to see the sisters as bad as everytime, I love when they are bad...!
  • High Ghoul Reunion

    I absolutely love this episode! Any episode where an evil demon takes over the body of one of the sisters is always risky. Sometimes they can pull it off (like Coyote Piper) whilst other times just plain suck (Used Karma, anyone?)

    Luckily, Coyote Piper is probably the best "possessed-sister" episode in Charmed history, with Piper being taken over by an evil witch, who's on the run from demon lover, Kierkan.

    As well as having a cool demon story, it's also fun finding out about the sisters at high school as Piper and Prue are both attending a high school reunion at P3. The opening shot of the episode, a yearbook picture of a teenage Piper with braces and bad hair, is hilarious and Holly is brilliant throughout the episode with her worry over how she can make an impression on her former high school pupils. You really get worried as Terra takes over Piper's body and threatens to kill Phoebe and Prue if the ghostly Piper doesn't tell her where the Book of Shadows is.

    Coyote Piper is a dark yet funny episode which features the comedic highlight of the season: Prue and Phoebe in shock as they enter P3, seeing the possessed Piper doing some Coyote Ugly-style dances on the bar!

    Rating: B+
  • Piper gets possessed and Prue and Pheobe must try to save her

    I thought this episode was a little faster pace then others, (personally i like episodes where the character is possessed, mainly because it allows the actor or actress to play a different person on the same show) and i liked how Piper even though possessed was able to clue in her sisters and Leo. Overall it is one of my favorite episodes, not just because someone gets possessed, but because it had a lot of humor that i find in low budget B-movies
  • Not as great as the previous episode but still a good and interesting one. It was nice to see Piper act wild for a change.

    Not as great as the previous episode but still a good and interesting one and I loved it. It was nice to see Piper act wild for a change.

    It's Piper's highschool reunion & the reunion party is being held at P3.

    Piper who was unpopular in highschool gets possessed by the evil life essence, Terra, while she's at P3 & starts acting wild. When Prue & Pheobe find out they try to get Terra to leave Pipers body but the only way is to get her out is to kill Piper.

    Pheobe is still not herself now that Cole is gone, & is feeling guilty for lying to her sisters about vanquishing him. She decides to look up his ancestry and finds out that he is over 100 years old.

    The end was great, Piper dying & Leo saving her with the help of Terra.

  • cyote!

    it was cool how she got turned into what ever she turned in to! ( i frget what she turned in to!) lol! piper look funny in that old picture when she was in High School! that was a funny picture! but, she sorta of still looked sort of hot! lol!
  • You really get to see a wild side in Piper in this episode. (Even though she is possesed by an evil witch) GREAT EPISODE!

    I was really surprised when I saw this episode. Even though she was possesed, this is the first time we really get to see a wild side in Piper. I thought it was refreshing and would really like to see her let loose more! (In my opinion,)She has always been the most mature of the three sisters and it is nice to see her unleash a little silliness. I hope this is something we will see more of in the future. Besides that I thought this episode was great. It had a good story line and a GREAT ending that I really didn't expect.