Season 6 Episode 19

Crimes and Witch-Demeanors

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2004 on The WB

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  • Crimes and Witch-Demeanors

    Crimes and Witch-Demeanors was a great episode of Charmed and I enjoyed watching though there were some flaws to it. This was basically a mini recap episode exploiting past events to manipulate a current outcome. It was interesting to see the Tribunal but I wasn't very impressed. I don't like when tv shows or movies introduce all powerful beings who don't really do much or use their powers, though I understands that that very fact is sometimes the point. Still I would like to see more magic! Barbas and Gideon had a very interesting conversation at the end. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!
  • PLEASE.....

    Didn't like this episode to much...

    1st: The Elders-half representatives of the Tribunal are to naive to be anyone's Judge, jury and executioner...Elders aren't could they not see what was going on...

    3rd: The Cleaners actions is what was suppose to be in question over the current situation, the not the sisters....The Sisters trial would have been separate issue....

    4th: The Cleaner intervention for this episode is rather weak...If they were truly neutral in nature, instead of putting one man on the chopping block, especially since this action would adversely affect the Sisters, the cleaners should have erased Sheridan's memory and the tape, especially since only one person was witness to the Sisters use of magic...TALK ABOUT OVERBOARD....
  • These Writers Should Be On Trial Instead!!


    Crimes and Witch-Dameanors-When Phoebe and Paige are caught on tape using their powers, the Cleaners, cover up the situation by implicating Darryl as a murderer. When the sisters try to help, they end up on trial instead. Meanwhile, Leo and Chris work together to help free the sisters and Darryl.

    Why, WHy, Why, Why, WHY!? Like last season's ill-concieved "Cat House" wasn't enough, we get yet another meaningless clip show that progesses nothing this seasons. Well, it "kinda" does but those developments don't really mean anything in the long run. Not to mention, the whole plot with the Phantasms, Darryl in jeopardy, etc. means anything either, considering this is an exucse for the writers to go easy on the budget and tease fans with old footage from the series with NO PRUE! Yes, I know about Shannon's "image concealed" contract, but seriously, the clips were random and made no sense. Why not show clips of the Charmed Ones vanquishing some of the worst demons they've ever face or show how much good they've done over the years. But no, we get a random clip of Cole killing thugs in a bar and other scenes that contribute nothing to the plot, well, there really isn't one in the first place.

    To make matters worse, Mr. Zero personality returns aka Barabas. Seriously, kill this guy already! Did Billy Drago make some special deal with the writerscauseBarbas is the only villain who has popped up more than threes times on this series who wasn't a regular! It's hard to believe he's so powerful that he can escape death or being banished or whatever everytime the sisters get rid of him. What makes him stronger than any demons the sisters have faced so far? He's certainly not better than Belthazar, the Source, Shax, Eames etc. Why not bring one of those demons back, why recycle the same, non-threatening character that is Barbas! I'm just sick of Billy Drago's over the top southern preacher mannerisms and line delievery. Anyway, Barbas talks out his a$$ the whole time about the sisters not being able to handle their powers, they been seduced by evil too many times, blah, blah, blah! Which ends up getting Phoebe's active powers taken away from her. I have mixed feelings on this, on the one hand Phoebe barely uses her active powers anymore to begin with so nothing much has changed there, yet it sucks considering Phoebe's powers have always been the weaker of the trio. With Empathy, she finally got a huge power boosts, able to channel anyone else's power through their emotions. Also, the reason for the writers writing this plot development is both non-sensical and waste of time. Since Phoebe's powers are the weakest, they are probably the easiest to do SFX wise, yet the writers have Phoebe lose her powers because of budget constraints. Since when are premontions (just a playback of a short scene in a dream-like tint), levitation (Alyssa held up by a piece of string!) and especially empathy (an annoying jingle!) anymore expensive to make than Piper's freezing/explosions or Paige's telekinetic orbing/orbing?! O_0 Talk about BS! It's bad enough Phoebe's personality has taken a hit by the bad writing, now she has no active powers!? *Forehead slap*

    Anyway, we are also introduced to Inspector Sheridan here, who will become an even bigger annoyance the next following episodes and season. as for this episode, "Crimes and Witch-Dameanors" is just another poorly done clip show with little plot to show for it.

  • Yawn! New demons please!

    This episode is a perfect example of why I think a lot of people are loosing interest in Charmed. Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of shows have 'flashback episodes,' for some reason or the other whether it is because the actors want an easy couple of weeks of filming or to help cut down on production costs, I don't know but I just don't think it works for Charmed.

    If I wanted to watch past episodes, I would put on the videos or watch repeats but I can't help but feel disappointed after a week of excitedly waiting for a brand spanking new Charmed episode only to be fogged off with this!

    The worst thing about this episode, however, was the appearance of Barbas . . .again. Am I the only one who is seriously bored of this demon? I just can't grasp the concept that he is one of the most powerful demons out there. I think the producers are over-estimating his popularity to have brought him back so many times.

    To be honest it wasn't all bad, the Chris/Leo interaction was nicely done, highlighting their tense relationship and Leo's eagerness for them to work things out.

    Also it showed how that the sisters knew what mattered as they are willing to give up everything to save Daryll's life.

    I just hope that episodes like this are few and far between because Charmed is such an inventive show that until recently has always been original and fresh so it would be a shame to waste time slots with filler episdoes like this.
  • One of the best

    I loved this episode mainly because it showed that the sisters were unselfish enough to give up their powers to save Daryl. It was a great concept to have Pheobe get stripped of her active powers so she is forced to rely on her human powers to solve cases and fight demons. It shows Pheobe gaining stregnth and self relience. When they showed Dryl close to being exicuted it was scary and heart pounding. It made you believe that it may actually happen. Of course watching it in reruns I knew Daryl didn't die. But if I had been watching from the first I would have thought it might happen. Great episode.
  • This Episode could have been left out, the trial flashback episode is overused in supernatural story lines.

    I love Charmed, almost to the point of a religion, but this is the worse episode ever. Flash backs are tedious, although sometimes necessary, but the whole trial was stupid. Nearly all of their exposure issues (No counting Wyatt's dragon and Paige's Evil Mr. Right.) have beeen caused by other members of the magical community, usually demons. The tribunal would have to accept that the war between good and evil always presented the risk of exposure. Why was their no punishment for Barbas since he engineered the whole event.

    The only good thing about the whole episose was Leo and Chris dealing with thier issues.

    This whole episode was filler, I don't think it was even a matter of budget since Pheobe's powers are the least physically evident. It they wanted to change Daryl's demeanor towards the sisters, there were better, more creative ways to do it. Heck the underlying plot of Sheridan's involvement could have been left intact, legitimate fear of prosecution could justify his keeping them at arms length.

    Thankfully the last two episodes of the season made up for this stinker.
  • make sense??

    I hate this episode it drives me very crazy. Charmed Ones were setted up by Demon to get revenge. But Phoebe's powers were stripped because she used her powers LOT on people and nosing everyone's emotions and feelings. She used lot for personal gain. I really hate this episode, it is so boring! Chris have very small role this episode. I love to watch his role and watch him on Charmed ones. He is my favorite character on Charmed. I dont think Phoebe will never get her powers later in future or few years later because It never showed later in season 7 or 8, I think. Lousy Episode!

    BUT Chris did show up in this episode, made me very happy...
  • The Charmed Ones go on trial with Darryl's life hanging in the balance, and Barbas is their prosecutor.

    Alright, let me first say what was good about this episode. For one, it was a unique idea: the courtroom thriller. It is in many ways a truly original episode. Secondly, I am a big Barbas, Billy Drago, fan. As I have explained before, Barbas is his own demon, so to speak, and I dig the devilish amusement Drago puts into the character. Thirdly, the end of the episode is hilarious, starting when Barbas feigns outrage- "Them bringing a mortal here. This is outrageous!" And then when he's busted- "What do you expect? I'm a demon." Great stuff. Lastly, I thought it was very realistic that Phoebe should have to lose her active powers because of her misuse of them. This not only got production out of a jam regarding the cost of her levitation power, but it also got the writers around the issue of her being able to get a premonition around Gideon. I just wish they would have found a more intelligent way to get there.

    So, having said all that, let me say that this has to be one of the most moronic episodes in the history of Charmed. First of all, the Cleaners are neutral. Well, isn't setting an innocent man, Darryl, up to be executed an evil act? And of course Darryl gets the shortest stint on Death Row of all time. If the Cleaners are so powerful, why does Darryl have to die for things to be cleaned? In fact, how does Darryl's death further protect magic at all? It doesn't. It is preposterous. Why didn't the Cleaners just erase the video and Sheridan's memory?

    And didn't the sisters lose a sister because of exposure? And yet they are being put on trial for it?

    I have always said the whole exposure conflict as a mainstay in the overall plot is a negative to Charmed. It is nearly always idiotic. This is the 21st Century. Someone having a video showing a ghost being sucked into a magic wand wouldn't prove anything. Everyone would think the video was doctored and no one would believe any of it. Magic would not be exposed in the least. And what the hell does it matter if it were exposed anyway? Has anyone ever explained this? And nearly every flashback they showed was a time when the sisters successfully covered for magic. Did they almost expose magic? Sure, but so fricking what? They succeeded to not expose it in the end, and that is all that matters. Plus, if Barbas was able to see all these things, then why weren't the powerful members of the tribunal able to see them? Why do they need to be shown anything? Haven't they already seen it all?

    As usual, anything involving an exposure plot, just doesn't make any sense.

    Time to face the music

    For some, this is an intriguing break from the norm; for others it's a tedious waste of an hour. Either way, it's certainly different. When Darryl is framed for murder by the Cleaners, the Charmed Ones summon a tribunal to clear his name, only to end up on trial themselves. Sure, it's merely the latest in a long line of exposure storylines but I really enjoyed it. It has both that classic courtroom tension and a dark supernatural feel.

    Amazingly, this is the first time the Charmed Ones have been punished for their actions (Morality Bites doesn't count!). Sure, the elders have stuck their oar in from time to time but the sisters have always found a way out. Not so this time. Poor Phoebe is made the scapegoat and stripped of her powers (though she takes it on the chin). Ok, so we know the levitation scenes were costing too much but I don't see why they had to take away her premonitions. They're as much a part of the show as Piper's freezing power.

    I'm glad Darryl has such a big part this week. He hasn't had a lot to do this season. Seeing him strapped into that chair was surprisingly harrowing. By contrast, Chris has a very light week and Piper only makes fleeting appearances. Once again, it's left to Leo (who's looking particularly buff) to bail out the sisters.

    The flashbacks are fun but there are way too many and some don't have an awful lot to do with the plot. On the upside, the phantasms look great, and I enjoyed seeing Barbas again. I knew he'd make a comeback at some point but I didn't expect it to be as a lawyer! Thinking about it, the tribunal should have chosen Cole. Now that really would have been interesting.
  • Very good one of Charmed's bests.

    Phoebe and Paige are caught on tape using their powers, the Cleaners, who prevent the exposure of magic, cover up the situation by implicating Darryl as a murderer and sending him to death row. The sisters call a council of Demons and Elders who oversee all magic to convince them that Darryl should be set free. Instead, the prosecutor, Barbas the Charmed Ones arch demon, turns the proceedings around and puts The Charmed Ones on trial for recklessly abusing their powers. Meanwhile, Leo and Chris work together to help free the sisters and Darryl, but the outcome leaves Phoebe stripped of her powers and defensless against demons and evil. Absoulutely Brilliant one of Charmeds bests it had great writting and the stripping of Phoebe's powers was very good and unexpected for a Charmed one to loose her powers and, Barbas back again was a nice suprise, even though hes a demon but I do like when he returns to the show it gets very exciting.
  • This is a poor episode. The confrontation with the bad guy is forced. The entire premise of this episode is weak.

    Detective Morris faces the criminal alone. He, Paige, and Phoebe are tracking this guy because he is possessed. The premise seems forced. Everything about Pheobe's behavior seems forced. Not typical of Phoebe's pesonality. She is even forcing premonitions. She knows better. Even Paige, who has been a witch for three years, knows better. It was nice that the story line between Chris and Leo is continued. The bond between father and son is growing, slowly. Leo is even looking for like a father, somehow.

    Bringing back the demon Barbas was good. He has more pesonality than most demons on this series...except Cole, of course.
  • poor darryl.

    when the sisters are exposed ON VIDEO TAPE, the cleaners are sent by the magical tribunal to clean up their mess...only they use darryl as a scapegoat and have him put on death row when they alter a video tape to make it look like he killed a man.

    the sisters participate in what seems to be a magical courtroom almost, where the sisters want to change what the cleaners have done and save darryl from being put to death.

    the tribunal is made up of two floating heads that are evil and two floating heads that are good.

    Barbas is used as a demon to kind of represent the opposing side of the story and wants the sisters to have their powers taken away.

    i do agree with barabas on one thing...phoebe shouldn't have rejected Cole so coldly.
  • Charmed goes to court

    Ah, a very good episode…for Charmed that is.

    Season 6 of Charmed has a couple of weak episodes but this one is definitely not one of them.
    It has pretty good dialog, most of it. And The actors do a good job, specially the man who’s Barbas. He’s a very good actor.

    The only problem with this episode may be all those flashbacks of the show and why Barbas knows so much about them and not those tribuno guys.

    The episode is about the charmed ones, once again being caught by yet another inspector, Sherridan.

    I never really cared about Darryl and his wife, but they put both in a pretty interesting way this time. Darryl is accused of all the disappearing that have been happening the last couple of years and is send to death row.

    Meanwhile the witches have to prove that they don’t /always/ screw up but their contestant is Barbas and he will come free again if he wins, just a little bit.

    My favourite scenes of this episode were once again the Leo/Chris ones, I think the actors have great chemistry together and the characters both seem to grow everytime they’re around each other.

    So anyway, the witches in trouble, yada yada yada. I thought the tribuno storyline was interesting and the sets were pretty neat. I did think that this episode was a little dragged out and could have been much better.

    At the end of the episode both Phoebe and Darryl have character development, Phoebe’s premonition powers are taken away (that means Barba’s is free) and Darryl has a near death experience.

    Plus we finally find out that Gideon is after Piper Wyatt all along.

    The end,
  • Disappointing

    This series of Charmed has set such a high standard for itself, that now it doesn't quite excite me enough.

    Barbas is back and Pheobe has lost her powers which is bound to spice things up a bit, but for now its not so good.

    Piper was pregnant for ages with Wyatt, why has Chris's Pregnancy only been a few episodes and its slready 6 months in?
  • Oh Great, Barbas is Back #2

    This episode screams "we can't afford anything so let's cut powers and show a bunch of clips". If the budget has been blown already, why make 23 episodes this season? Why waste so much money on the ropey dragon from Forget Me... Not?

    Crimes and Witch Demeanors (Gasp! How dare they pun a Woody Allen movie title??!!) has a detective filming the sisters killing a demon. The Cleaners get involved and change time so the video shows Darryl killing the demon in human form. Darryl is arrested for murder and the sisters attempt to set him free by appealing to the Tribunal, big floaty heads, to free Darryl.

    This episode is mainly a load of clips showing old episodes and showing the Tribunal all the times where the sisters have exposed magic. Like last year's clip show Cat House, there is no sign of Prue in the clips, obviously because Shannen's still being holier-than-thou when it comes to photo rights. This episode also marks the return of Barbas, the most increasingly terrible bad guy on the show. Why do they keep bringing him back? What makes him so powerful that he keeps cheating death? I can't honestly believe he is more powerful than the Source, for instance. Billy Drago still acts like he's just joined acting class and you can't wait until he departs the show again. Oh, but look, he sticks around for another two episodes this season! Get rid of him! Kill him off once and for all and don't bring him back!

    The fact that Phoebe gets her powers banished at the end of the episode also screams that the budget is too low to afford them. What's the point of introducing a new power this year and then just forgetting about it? Thinking about it, she hasn't had a premonition or one of those ding-dong annoying empathy flashes for ages now.

    This whole episode is awful and the only good thing about it is that there's (finally) some character development for the underused Darryl.

    Rating: F