Season 1 Episode 4

Dead Man Dating

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 1998 on The WB

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  • Dead Man Dating

    Dead Man Dating was another perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I enjoyed watching because the story was well written and had layered the character development throughout the story in an appealing way. I liked the exploration of Chinese Mythology and the magic was fun to watch in action. The sisters are caught up in their own worlds while the main theme is Prue's birthday. This episode seemed like it might be referenced later on in the series in subtle ways and I look forward to watching more episodes!!!!!!!!!
  • Here is where America's love affair with Piper begins and where Charmed begins to take off.

    After 3 episodes that gave us back story and laid the groundwork for the rest of the series, this episode is where Charmed first showed where its lasting power would come from: from the strength of its characters and the actors that played them. This is a Piper-centric episode and Holly Marie Combs, the least known of the 3 main actresses, steals the show and begins to steal the series. A plot that could have easily turned into a corny rip off of Ghost is instead delivered as an emotional and inspiring story mostly thanks to tremendous writing and the great acting of Holly and John Cho. That's right John Cho. The guy who coined the now ubiquitous acronym "Milf" in American Pie. He proves here that hormonal comedy isn't the only thing he is good at. He actually has amazing chemistry with Holly, and their scenes together gain in heartfelt intensity as the end and their final parting nears. The funeral scene and their final parting is one of the more emotional scenes of the entire series. Only one episode after Leo is introduced, this episode sets the stage for what is to come after. It is ironic to those of us who knew ahead of time that ultimately Piper will end up with a man who has died.

    Phoebe's subplot is half exploration of her character and half comedy. Phoebe here is all energy and shows the same kind of intrepid desire to save innocents at all costs that will be hijacked even more forcefully by Paige after she becomes the youngest sister. Once again, Phoebe appears to be the only sister actually enjoying her power, and strangely enough, she is sort of the magical driving force behind the sisters early on.

    Prue's subplot does little but reinforce the already established overly cautious and protective nature of the eldest sister. Shannon's acting was the rock of the series for the first couple episodes, but we are already seeing Holly and Alyssa begin to settle comfortably into their roles. As they do, Shannon simply holds steady. She is a beautiful actress but the Prue character is nearly too motherly to be liked. I'll take Paige's wackiness and Piper as the too blunt elder sister any day.

    Anyway, the first truly great episode of Charmed, carried by a greatly written impossible love story, an important message about life and family, and an actress and actor with the talent and chemistry to pull it off in just one hour.
  • "A loveless world is a dead world."

    Okay, there are basically 3 sub plots and the main one here. Mark and Piper's relationship, Andy and Prue's relationship, Phoebe's fortune-telling, and Prue's birthday.

    Andy and Prue's relationship is just a basic will she, won't she. Nothing really needed to be resolved in this plot, as it's a seasonal arc, unlike with Piper and Mark.

    Phoebe's is a basic save-the-innocent story. Although, I assume the point here was to strengthen the relationship between Prue and Phoebe, which, for all intents and purposes, it achieved.

    The birthday plot seemed to exist solely to keep Prue from going away with Andy. I don't see why they didn't just drop the going away plot and come up with some other way to further their relationship.

    I absolutely loved the relationship between Mark and Piper, it was very well done. Some of the exchanges they had were beautiful. It was interesting watching their relationship develop as the episode went along. I liked the mock-kiss scene, and I thought it was a lot more meaningful than if they'd just kissed normally. Another reason I think the birthday storyline should have been dropped is because it completely ruined and negated how upset they showed Piper at Mark's funeral when she had to say goodbye.

    The other minor issue I have is the bad direction outside the Police Department, cutting from person to person so fast it's dizzying.

    Overall I really liked this episode, mainly due to the relationship between Piper and Mark. If only they gave Phoebe's relationships-of-the-week, that we've become accustomed to from Season Five and up, this much depth and emotion.
  • Love hurts

    I love this episode. This was a true tear jerker. I love Piper in this episode. She finds what could be her true love and he is a ghost. We all know that Leo is her soul mate but if we didn't know that this guy would have been so good with Piper. I also loved the fact that Pheobe and Pru finally started to get along. I felt bad for Pru when she found out and how she found out that Andy was married before. Piper is so innocent in the first season or two. I thought it to be very funny when she was talking to her ghost and nobody else could see him. These are the episodes that snatched my heart ad keeps me coming back.
  • Love lives beyond death...

    I loved this episode alot. Mainly because of how it ended. Mark and Piper\'s short, but sweet romance made this episode what it was. I thought it was really sad at the end when Mark finally accepted his death and walked off with his father forever, leaving the sisters with his last words. Piper\'s \"almost-kiss\" with Mark\'s ghost was really cool. It wasn\'t going overboard at all and it showed that they liked eacother even if they would be together for a short time. Some of the more lighter and comical points of the episode was when I saw Phoebe trying to get a job and ended up as a psychic in this hilarious pink outfit that those psychics wear. Also kind of funny was when Prue almost got shot right when Piper freed her hands so she could freeze time just in time to stop the bullet from reaching Prue. Overall this was a great episode and I loved it.
  • On Today's Jerry Springer, "I'm Screwing a Ghost!"

    The first classic episode of Charmed, Dead Man Dating is a genuinely well-written hour which showcases the talent of the writers back when Charmed first began.

    It was good decision on the writer's part to delve into ancient Chinese myths and legends, and Yama was one of the most original and believable demons seen on the show. Piper and John's short-lived relationship is well written and masterfully played by Holly Marie Combs and John Cho. It's interesting to see in retrospect that a character that only lasted one episode is far better developed than the non-existent love interests featured in the later seasons of Charmed. It's sad to see what this show has turned into. Looking back on episodes like this, it's hard to believe.

    Phoebe's subplot is well handled and completely in character for her. She gets a job as a psychic to raise money for Piper's birthday and it's hilarious. Though the storyline involving Phoebe trying to protect a man from being ran over drags on a little, it's necessary in drawing together Prue and Phoebe, as their constant yelling at each other was getting old... fast.

    Dead Man Dating is a classic episode of Charmed with some excellent character development and some stand-out performances from Holly and guest star John Cho.

    Director: Richard Compton
    Writer: Javier Grillo-Marxuach
    Rating: A
  • Brilliant

    I love this episode, especially watching the growing relationship between Mark and Piper because it is so sweet. If he was not a ghost they would have made a perfect couple and when they try to kiss - it brings tears to my eyes.

    Having a ghost on the show was a brilliant way to add some humour - with Piper looking as though she was talking to herself and the embarrasment when Mark walks in on Prue wearing nothing but a towel.

    This episode was also special to me because it showed how Phoebe had grown up -trying to help the man even though he was really annoying and obnoxious, and showed how Prue had accepted her sister and supported her.
  • Piper and the ghost boyfriend.

    This is a very touching and sweet episode with a great main plot and a couple of interesting and funny sub plots. A man, Mark, is killed by some criminal and becomes a ghost. Eventually he stumbles upon the Halliwell sisters, and falls head over heals for Piper, who has similar feelings for Piper. The whole plot about Mark and Piper growing fonder of each other and their struggle to justify his death and prevent him from going to hell is very exciting and their romance is perfectly built up, making us love Mark as much as she does. Meanwhile Phoebe starts a new job as a psychic at a hotel, a mission to get money for Prue’s birthday present. This is a story that’s both hilarious and very typical of Phoebe. Especially the way show tries to hide it from Prue and her silly costume. Very fresh and funny. Prue also finds out that Andy is married, and their relationship moves some tiny feet forwards.

    The acting of this episode is generally very good, especially Mark and Piper sparkle together. What strikes me the most is that John Cho, playing Mark, is very good when around Holly, but quite boring and slightly strained when around the others. His relationship with his mother was very sweet and I was genuinely sad when I saw Piper’s conversation with her. All in all a great episode that is very gripping and a real tearjerker. It’s fun to see that we in only one episode can become so fond of a character, and see a romance be born and literally die. A classic episode.
  • Piper meets a ghost who can't move on while Phoebe gets a job as a psychic and Prue finds out a secret about Andy.

    This was a very good episode. all three story lines work especially the main one where Piper meets a ghost who can't move on because he hasn't had a proper burial because a gangster murdered him to fake his own death. The chemistry between Piper and Mark worked really well. it was touching how they had feelings for each other but were unable to do anything about it. The ending was sad but it was nice to see the sisterly support for Piper from the other two.

    The Phoebe storyline was pretty funny the way she tried to save someone who thought she was crazy.

    I even liked the conflict between Prue and Andy that was left not quite resolved but hopeful at the end.

    A minor complaint that I have is one that I have with any show or movie with ghosts where they can go through walls and can't touch things but can sit on things and walk on the ground. also I notice Phoebe can get premonitions on demand while working as a psychic. all in all a very nice come back from the last episode.
  • aww. this episode made me cry!

    This epsidode was very good. I liked it alot. If I were Prue I would have broken up with Andy right then and there. Andy was a real jerk this episode. Prue does have a point when she says that even though he was hiding that, she has been hiding her secret of being a witch everyday But Andy and Prue are cute together. Pheobe is so funny in the first season. She makes me laugh so hard every episode. Awww! Piper. I love her. Shes my favorite. Her voice is so cute when she was younger. I felt so bad for her when the ghost had to leave. The funniest part was when she was crying at his funeral and Phoebe comes over and hugs her and she says leave it to me to fall for a dead man. lol.
  • The one with the ghost in love.

    Prue tries to avoid a birthday celebration while Phoebe takes a cheesy job as a lounge psychic so she can afford a decent birthday gift. What started as a trivial way for Phoebe to use her powers for cash becomes a positive experience when she saves a man's life. Prue is devastated when she finds Andy on a lunch date with the ex-Mrs. Trudeau, whom she didn't know existed. Piper befriends a ghost, Mark, who was murdered by a gang leader and whose ghostly soul will be dragged to hell if his body doesn't get a proper burial. The sisters save Mark's soul, but Piper is brokenhearted after he vanishes. Realizing every birthday in life should be celebrated, the sisters throw a bash for Prue, who accepts a forgiving smile from Andy. After all, how can she resent his keeping a secret when she has a whopper of her own.
  • Ghost guy

    I really liked this one. Mark was really interesting I liked seeing a ghost. It was cool that Piper fell for him because it was so Piper and it was so cute.

    The relationship between Prue and Phoebe was getting stronger here and I really enjoyed seeing that. It was cool that Phoebe actually went and got a job as a psychic and I loved how scared she was that Prue would be mad when she found out. IT was great that she got that job just to buy Prue a good birthday present too.

    Phoebe at the hotel doing the psychic thing was awesome too. It was amusing to see how insulted that one woman was when Phoebe told her about her weight watchers meeting. I also enjoyed the guy getting hit by the pink car. It was amazing to see Phoebe actually save the guy in the end.

    I loved Andy and Prue. It was great to see Prue trying to keep her secret and not knowing if she should go with him or not. Her reaction to seeing Andy with his Ex-Wife was great too.

    It was good that they found the bad guy in the end and that Mark's body was found.

    This was a really good episode of Charmed.
  • Chinese whispers

    A well written and highly original episode with a great 'demon' plot and plenty going on in the background. For once, the innocent is supernatural and the baddie is a mortal. Nice twist!

    The twin storylines of Mark trying to stay out of hell and the Halliwells trying to prepare for Prue's birthday are woven together very cleverly. Basically, Mark stumbles across Phoebe because she has taken a job as a psychic in order to earn money to buy Prue a gift. At first, the sisters see Mark as a bit of an annoyance but Piper soon takes to him and they do strike up a bit of chemistry towards the end.

    The sequence where the sisters take out the gang who killed Mark is excellent, particularly the moment when Piper freezes a bullet six inches from Prue's face.

    While Piper and Mark are off together, the other two get involved in their own sub plots. Phoebe's, in which she saves a rather obnoxious businessman from being run over is nothing to write home about. Prue's, in which she wavers over whether to go away with Andy or not, is rather better. Despite a setback when Prue sees Andy with his ex-wife, their relationship does seem to be inching forward.

    This is also the only episode in which Andy gets to vanquish the baddie.
  • My review for the 4th episode of Charmed

    Prue finds out something about Andy that he has been keeping from her and gets furious about it. Phoebe becomes a psychic at a hotel lounge to get some money to buy a birthday present for Prue, but then gets a life threatening premonition of a client at the hotel, who thinks that Phoebe is crazy and is trying to stalk him. However, the main storyline here is when a ghost named Mark comes to Paige to ask her for helping him reveal his body to the authorities, so that he can be given a proper burial before Yama, the gatekeeper of hell, takes his soul and puts him there.

    This was a wonderful episode, because it has a little of everything. Holly Marie Combs was exceptionally good in playing her character Piper. Her chemistry with John Cho (who played Mark) was great. Phoebe's storyline was hilarious to watch, and added a nice humorous touch. Even though nothing much happened with Prue, it was interesting to see how she dealt with Andy, considering that she was keeping a secret from him herself.

    This whole episode had a nice blend of drama, comedy, action, suspense, and other elements that made it fun to watch. All in all, this was one of the more memorable episodes of season 1.
  • 3 Witches, A Ghost and A Pink Cadillac

    Dead Man Dating-Piper falls for the ghost of a recently murdered man who needs her help. Meanwhile, Phoebe works as a psychic to help others and make money for Prue's birthday present, and Prue discovers a devastating betrayal.

    The finest episode this season so far as the writers get more creative with they're storylines and also developed a romantic relationship for Piper. Mark is a great, relateable character and is played superbly by John Cho of "American Pie" and "Harold and Kumar" fame. But unlike his comedies, John shows that his very convincing at dramatic acting and his chemistry with Holly Marie Combs is excellent. The romance that builds Piper and Mark is very believeable, especially during their many well written intimate scenes together. Both characters relate to each other so well s they are young 20-somethings trying live their lives and fulfill the expectations of their parents. The scene where Mark and Piper say their goodbyes is heartbreaking with Holly giving a wonderful performance.

    Phoebe's sub-plot is also very entertaining when she gets a job as a hotel foturne teller to save up money to buy Prue gift for her birthday. It's a hilarious sub-plot that gets very serious when Phoebe gets a premontion of a man getting hit by a car whose staying at the hotel. It's a great development for Phoebe as she does whatever she can to save her innocent to which she actually does in the end. I also great how Prue and Phoebe get a nice scene together besides their constant arguing at this point as Prue is proud of Phoebe for what she accomplished. Then there's also the development of how Mark's death help Prue to realize that brithdays are precious and shuold always be celebrated no matter what.

    The Chinese element of the storyline is also well written like the Chinese supernatural myths and the Chinese mafia that kill Mark. Yama is an elaborate and the creepy looking villain and the special effects used were above average. In fact, there were other great SFX scenes like Piper freezing the bullet before it hit Prue. "Dead Man Dating" is a superb episode that shows Charmed is developing into a great series finally with a well written romance and imaginative storytelling.
  • Piper tries to help the ghost of a young charming boy.

    That was a GREAT-GREAT-GREAT episode! This and Forever Charmed are the only Charmed episodes that have made me cry!

    I loved Piper's storyline! It's good to see Piper helping and falling for a *dead* guy! And Holly is acting just perfect (we love her don't we?) I liked Phoebe's storyline too! She save an innocent again! Now I disliked Prue's storyline. It was kind of stupid: He was maried so!

    The direction was good- nothing special but good! Except of the slow moving scenes with Yama I hate slow moving scenes without a great background song to help it! I loved this episode because it combined love, tears and magiic in 42 minutes! Blessed be, John
  • A young man in China Town gets hunter down and killed by a gang. He contacts the sisters to help him move on.

    This episode was so good I loved it. I liked the relationship between Mark and Piper. It was just to bad he was alredy dead. I liked this episode, it was a change from what it uslully is and I liked that. I also liked the Andy and Prue point of view and Phoebe just being Phoebe. I liked the part when Mark gave her the rescipes. I think that if Mark was alive he and Piper would have made a great couple. I also thought that the way Phoebe planned to pay for Prue's present was hiliarous. It was a good episode.
  • It's Prue's birthday and a poor and penniless Phoebe thinks of a way to earn money for a gift. Meanwhile, a young man is murdered and seeks the help of 'The Charmed Ones' to help bring his murderer to justice.

    A young man is murdered in an alley and his spirit walks the earth seeking to bring his killer to justice and have his body discovered so that he can be properly buried and rest in peace. When he realises that Prue, Piper and Phoebe can actually see him, they promise to help.

    Meanwhile, Phoebe wants to earn enough money to buy Prue a birthday present so she gets herself a job as a psychic at a fancy hotel where she actually makes some very real predictions and ends up chasing a man all over the place to prevent him getting hit by a car which is very funny but, unfortunately, means that Phoebe loses her job.

    As for the birthday girl, she is shocked to learn that Andy was once married as he has never mentioned this fact to her before.

    There is much pain for Piper as she finds herself falling in love with Mark the ghost because they both know that his killer must be found so that his soul can be at peace. The girls pull of a masterful plan which makes exactly that happen and Piper is left broken hearted for herself but glad that the young man will find peace.
  • A 23 year old man is gunned downed in Chinatown and then his body is burned after the gang who perpetrated the crime planted a ring on him. The young man finds Piper who can see him as a ghost and the girls help him to get to his rightful resting place.

    John Cho as Mark Chao is excellent in this episode. He just left his 23rd birthday party when he is gunned down in an alley in Chinatown for no reason.

    It's Prue's birthday and Andy is trying to get back in her good graces. Ever since they slept together the first time they saw each other again they have been taking it slow. Unfortunately for Andy he never told Prue he was married before. Not a terrible sin, but a plot hang up for the storyline.

    Phoebe has taken a job as a psychic reader for an upscale hotel so she can buy Prue a present and finds it's not so easy as she thought with all the things she sees including a man being killed by a car. She ends up saving him which seems to bring her a lot of satisfaction.

    Now back to Mark. He takes Piper to see his body so she can report it to the police. You see if his body doesn't get a proper burial he will be taken by Yama who collects random restless spirits and takes them to hell. Piper manages to hold Yama off for the time being.

    It seems Mark's death was not so random and the perpetrator is going overseas now that the burned body has been recognized as him not Mark. The girls end up breaking in and stopping him and in the end Yama takes him instead when he is gunned down in a police shootout by Andy. The girls protect Mark from Yama and he is allowed to go to his peaceful rest.

    Piper and Mark fall in love during their time together but of course that is not to be so it is for another time and place leaving Piper sad and forlorn. She and Phoebe end up throwing Prue her surprise birthday party and after the girls brush with death Prue now appreciates the gesture and seems to have forgiven Andy who is there as well.

    Mark Cho adds a lot to this episode and Yama was an interesting spirit. He does not distinguish good or evil. He just wants souls which begs the question why did he stop when the girls protected Mark by saying he was a good soul? Yama is the Gatekeeper of Del Huoy, the opening to the gates of Chinese Hell.

    Not a bad episode and certainly a story with a lot of promise. Thanks for reading...
  • "Leave it to me to fall for a dead guy."

    The first Piper focused episode, Dead Man Dating sees the ghost of a Chinese murder victim seeking help from the Charmed Ones: If his body is not properly buried in time, his soul will be claimed by the Chinese gatekeeper of hell.

    I never really cared for this episode. Apart from the moving closing moments and a good message (to appreciate life), this is not really Charmed. A feeling of this sort is only natural, obviously, in any show's first season, and nonetheless, there are some neat subplots (especially Phoebe's adorable adventure as a 'professional' psychic) and the powerful atmosphere remains, not least due to the leading actresses' outstanding performances. Certain things bothered me. The whole gang story was tedious and somehow didn't make sense (e.g. when Prue suggested that Wong's motive should be physical appearance, when he and Mark look nothing alike), and Wong put up his hands way too conveniently when Piper froze the room and photographed him carrying the paper.

    Not a strong episode of Charmed, but still a step up from last week's disaster.
  • The Ghost of John Cho before he got the Munchies

    It was interesting and bizarre to see someone who you regard as a comedy character in a show where he has to be just a little serious. Although saying that I saw an episode of Star Trek Voyager a couple of days ago featuring Sarah Silverman. However unlike Sarah Silverman (who basically played herself), John Cho seems to have a little acting chops.

    In this episode he's killed by a Gang lord who wants to fake his death so he can get out of the country. The sister's Halliwell seem to be the only ones who can see him and in classic 'Ghost' mode Piper starts to fall in love with him. Meanwhile Phoebe gets a job as a hotel lobby psychic and tries to save someone who she sees run over by a car in one of her premonitions.

    The episode's fantasy elements such as the Knight who has come to reap the soul and send John Cho's ghost to hell were well played and added a tone which fitted well. Piper freezing the gang lord then putting the newspaper claiming him to be dead in his hand's, so she could take an incriminating photo was the funniest bit. Phoebe's side story was fun at first as well. Unfortunately it all got a bit serious in the second half and I started to get bored again.

    So best episode so far although the tone is still too dreary and without enough light hearted elements.
  • Piper has a Close Encounter with the ghost of a young man who asks her for help to save his soul from Hell. Complications arise when the two develop feelings for each other.

    This episode's main storyline was a beautiful example of how good this show could be. Watching Piper go from doubting this young man who claims to be a ghost in need of her help to save his soul from hell to knowing him well enough to have feelings for him made me laugh and cry, despite the small inconsistencies scattered through it, such as Piper's having to open her truck door so Mark could get into the vehicle, or how he could sit on a solid couch or walk on a solid floor without sinking through them when he could walk through walls and put his finger through the tv set. Those little details, and Phoebe's storyline were what kept me from giving this episode a full 10. Although Alyssa Milano was my favorite in this series, Holly Marie Combs shines a lot brighter in this episode, and the young man who plays the character of Mark did a wonderful job. The two really manage to get across the frustration they're feeling with this hopeless relationship they've found themselves in, and yet it doesn't get bitter. They even manage to pull something positive out of it... How? I'll let you find out for yourself if you haven't watched it yet. After all, I don't want to give away ALL the surprises.
  • Fantastic Episode!

    This is a great episode of Charmed. A man celerbrating his birthday brutaly gets killed and needs the charmed ones help to avoid getting his soul stolen. Piper goes and trys to reveal to everyone who the murder is. Meanwhile it is Prue birthday in a couple of day's an Phobie is trying to sort out her suprise birthday party as well as trying to buy her a present. Piper and the man become close and along with Prue and Phobie saves the mans soul as well as getting justice. The man see's his father in the light at his funaral. Before he goes he tells Prue trhat birthday's are important. The sister's goes home to Prues suprise birthday party
  • This is one of my favourite Charmed episodes for so many reasons...

    'Dead Man Dating' is such an interesting episode, not to mention emotional. During the funeral scene, I started crying!! Mainly because of the wonderful voice of Beth Nielsen Chapman, and the fact that Piper and Mark developed such a beautiful relationship. The two main storylines in the episode were interesting to watch, what with Phoebe trying to convince the man in the hotel that he will die, and with Piper trying to save Mark's soul. For the whole 40 minutes, my eyes never left the screen. It was one of the most compelling episodes i've ever seen, and it's one of the best in my opinion.
  • Piper's efforts to save a ghost from going to hell...

    This episode is about rescuing a young man's soul from going to hell. That man is Mark, just a normal guy that unfortunately was murdered by a criminal in order for him to fake his death. But Mark turns into a ghost and asks for help to our favourite witches. From that point on, The Charmed Ones have to discover his body and give him a proper burial, in order to prevent Yama, the keeper of the gates of hell, from taking his soul. As Piper knows Mark better, she starts falling for him, and it is interesting to see, at the end of the episode, how their relationship has grown. Finally, the sisters let Mark's family know that he is dead and Mark can finally rest in peace.
  • Piper must help a young man Mark who has been murdered by a gang member, seek justice for his death in order to be properly buried. Phoebe becomes a hotel lounge psychic to raise money for a birthday present for Prue.

    An excellent episode, containing a spectacular storyline, superb acting even from the guest stars; particularly John Cho who gives an effective performance as Mark and Holly whose scenes with Cho are very emotional and feel very real. The part at the end is very moving when we see Mark go into the afterlife with his father

    Phoebe's storyline makes way for some character development; while working as a lounge psychic she gets a premonition of a man being run over and ends up saving his life making her more appreciative of her powers and her need to save innocents

    The demon Yama is very intense and creepy even though he only appears in 2 short scenes, he looks very cool with his spear and glowing green eyes

    Overall a very grand episode far better than the previous one. A must see for all Piper fans
  • The ghost of a murdered man goes to the sisters to ask for help.

    I loved the storyline. Though I thought that ghosts didn't move on beacuse the person had to finish something, and I did't get what this guy had to do, but anyways, it was a very original storyline. Piper falling for Mark was sad. Meeting someone dead and knowing that you can't be with him but still like him is sad. I sill can't like Prue. I don't know why. But she is a great older sister.
    I also think that Phoebe is growing as a character. Getting a job just to buy Prue a birthday present was a great gesture. The job wasn't the best one she could have get, but the intention is what counts, like Prue said. I also loved that she tried so hard to save that man.
  • i thought it was an very special episode it was sad at the start when he got shot so another guys identity was his, i thought it was funny when the man that got shot went around to all the physics and found one and it was the charmed ones phoebe & piper

    I thought it was an very special episode it was sad at the start when the got shot so another guys identity was his, i thought it was funny when the man that got shot went around to all the physics and found one and it was the charmed ones only phoebe and piper.But it was funny the were arguing, lol, and eventually they spoke and help get his murderer and reunited him with his father. i thought it was lovely when piper fell in love with him and they almost kissed, CUTE, how funny is that kissing a dead person, it is one of my favourite shows. :) :) :)
  • It is Prue's birthday, Phoebe gets a job, and Piper falls in love with a ghost.

    Phoebe and Piper are trying to surprise Prue with a party that she doesn't want. Phoebe gets a job as a phsyic to pay for Prue birthday gift and gets to save innocent. When piper goes to see Phoebe at her new job she runs into a ghost but doesn't believe him until a bike goes through him. She trys to save him and ends up be kidnapped by the murder. Prue and Phoebe also comes to her rescue and saves Piper. They ended up save the ghost and go to his funeral where he ended up leaving with his father. Even though Piper falls in love with him she wishes she should have met him earlier. Love works in mysterous ways. Love this epsiode.
  • Piper is in love with a ghost.

    When Mark is murdered his ghost seen by Piper is in need of help before he can move on. Phoebe gets a job as a pyschic so she can get Prue a good birthday gift. Piper starts to fall for Mark. Great episode and good character development.

    Andy has a secret that shocks Prue.
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