Season 7 Episode 21

Death Becomes Them

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 15, 2005 on The WB
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When a person who was killed right in front of Phoebe comes back from the dead to blame her, she becomes guilt-ridden and vulnerable, creating an opportunity for Zankou to steal the Book of Shadows. Meanwhile, Paige has a new charge who knows nothing about magic, and Piper and Leo attempt to plan Chris' first birthday party.moreless

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  • This episode is so flawed, it's laughable.

    The IQ of the writer is horrible here. (1) He doesn't know the difference between a nut and a bolt, and has both Phoebe and the mechanic call a lugnut a "lug bolt". WTF is a lug bolt? Maybe he should take a visit to Home Depot and learn the basics of male and female hardware components. The only bolts you deal with when changing a tire are the wheel studs, and they don't come off in your hand. (2) To imply that Phoebe is so stupid that she can't tell what a tire iron is, and hands him a tiny lugnut instead, is preposterous. (3) The fact that the actors simply read the script "as is" instead of saving face and insisting that the writer correct it, so as not to be insulting to them, . the "just deal with it" attitude, doesn't bode very well for them either. (4) How did the body of Tim Cross get an even more gruesome, exaggerated look, in the morgue compared to how it looked when he was killed? When he was injured, it was just long scratches in his face. But in the body bag, it was deep, spread open flesh, claw marks, the works. (5) (this is a good one) When Paige is talking to her friend Joanna in the bar, this one bar patron (guy in a grey shirt with a buzz cut) walks behind Joanna (from same direction) and checks her out. This same sequence occurs 4 times while they are talking. Like he's doing "stalker laps" or something. He finally stops and ends up behind Paige. Seriously laughable. The rest of the ep seems to have gotten a little smoother, but that first 20 mins is ridiculous.moreless
  • Death Becomes Them

    Death Becomes Them was a great episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character depth and development. I was very entertained with the drama and intrigue that ensued through out the story. There were many great scenes, some action, drama and of course plenty of intrigue. I couldn't believe how every thing played out in the end with Zankou having possession of the Book of Shadows. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!moreless
  • Dawn of The Dead Innocents

    Death Becomes Them-When a person who was killed right in front of Phoebe comes back from the dead to blame her, she becomes guilt-ridden and vulnerable, creating an opportunity for Zankou to steal the Book of Shadows. Meanwhile, Paige has a new charge who knows nothing about magic, and Piper and Leo attempt to plan Chris' first birthday party.

    Well, this is more like it! A dark (ish), serious episode that sees Zankou unleashing his latest plan on the sisters and it's actually pretty good. Playing on the sisters' guilt, Zankou with a help of an Alchemist, bring back dead innocents to make the sister's vulnerable enough to take the book of Shadows. It's a good plan considering it brings back the previously established notion that the sisters and the powers are connected to the Book. We've seen that if they were ever to fight each other using their powers that they would lose their powers and the Book would lose it's power too. So if the sisters were made emotionally vulnerable why wouldn't the Book be vulnerable too. It's a nice little twist on the part of the writers and yiou really do feel bad for the sisters. First when Phoebe's friend gets brutally murdered right in front of her and then when Zankou kills Paige's latest charge. Not to mention, it's just cool in general to see zombies on Charmed. We even got to see one of the sisters' former innocents return, Inspector Davidson. While it was good seeing an old face (or more so a deformed one), it would have been nice to see other former innocents that the sisters' failed to saved. At one point, Piper sees three other former innocents she failed to save, but since we don't know who they are, it kinda cheapens the impact of that moment. Wouldn't have been great to see Dr. Williamson back? Especially considering Piper took his death hard and blamed herself? Such missed opportunity there! But anyway, the zombies looked pretty gruesome regardless, it's nice to see some actually scary looking creatures on Charmed. Also the moment where Piper blows them all up was pretty cool. Well, in the end, Zankou's plan worked and he ends up getting the book as the episode ends on a cliffhanger.

    We also get some plot movement on Sheridan and now she's pretty much after the sisters' again, with Darryl once again in the crossfire. As much as Sheridan annoys, Darryl really is stuck in bad place, leaving his decision help the sisters that much harder. Although, I have to wonder why Shelia is suddenly wanting Darryl to not help the sisters. During the finale of Season 6, she was all about the sisters being their family when Darryl was done helping them and now she pretty much gives Darryl onultimatum? O_0 Also, this is a minor nitpick, but I find it funny how Phoebe during the beginning of the episode had no idea which tool was which when her friend was helping her? Back in Season 1, it'semphasizedin more than one episode that Phoebe wasknowledgeablewith tools and was pretty handy around the house. Just goes to show how much the characters have changed ininconsistentways. But anyway, "DeathBecomes Them" stillmanagesto be creepy, solid episode that is a nice lead-in to the finale.moreless
  • Zankou and the ultimate guilt trip...

    I give this episode a 7 thanks to great acting and a dark feel throughout. However, there is a ton about this episode that irks me.

    1. Zankou and the Alchemist can not restore life. Some reviewers have commented about the use of zombies in this episode. Wrong. These were not zombies. These were the actual people brought back to life. Sorry. No demon has that kind of power. Even the Elders can't bring people back to life after they are dead. It is ridiculous. 2. Innocents die every day. In this show, many are killed by demons. That is what demons do. That is why the sisters vanquish said demons. So, that all being the case, why would Phoebe feel especially guilty about this particular innocent being killed by a demon? This is FAR from the first innocent that has died because a demon was after her. I totally didn't buy the whole guilt trip subplot.

    3. The only time we've seen the BOS disempowered was when the sisters turned evil or when they fought among themselves, destroying their sisterly bond. So, why would the sisters feeling guilty allow Zankou to get the book? Because they used their powers on innocents? Those weren't innocents. They were once dead people brought back to attack the Charmed Ones as pawns of evil. Whatever.

    4. Darryl's wife has always known he protected the sisters. So, why would Sheridan talking to her make a difference? And she was the one that always insisted he do so for the greater good. Why the sudden 180?

    Zankou is good in every scene he is in, as usual, and it was quite an ending. Great set up for the season finale. Like the Source, considering the great myriad of powers we have seen from Zankou, I'm not sure why he has to attack the sisters as women to defeat them. Regardless, it isn't the first time that someone has done this, with Belthazor's use of Andras to break the Power of 3 being the most similar.moreless

    When innocents attack

    A good offering but nothing to write home about. I like the dark feel and, yes, it does set up the finale nicely, but I'm just not getting the sense of excitement shared by the other reviewers.

    Amazingly, this is the first time zombies have appeared on the show (although the dead have briefly been brought back to life in earlier episodes). As an idea it's worth a spin, but the choice of zombies is a real letdown. Here are just a few niggles:

    1. The producers had the opportunity to bring back loads of guest actors from the past few seasons. Instead, five of the six zombies are actors we've never seen before. The one character they did bring back was the rather obscure Inspector Davidson from Season Three. While this wasn't a bad choice, it was blatantly obvious he was the only one who answered the phone when the producers called. How awesome would it have been if Andy Trudeau had been brought back?

    2. Inspector Davidson had been dead for four years yet his body and clothes were completely intact when they took him out of his coffin. As if!

    3. The scene where Tim attacked Phoebe would have been so much more shocking if we hadn't known he had been brought back from the dead. What a missed opportunity!

    Having Zankou tackle the sisters by confronting them with lost innocents is a clever idea and follows on well from similar attempts made in the past; both Rex Buckland and the Crone almost defeated them by targeting their human sides. What I don't get is why this would make it easier for Zankou to get his hands on the book. Surely if the sisters were under threat the book would protect itself more?

    I don't want to be too negative though. This is a reasonable hour with some good performances, particularly by the bloke playing the demon-of-the-week.

    One last thing - has anyone else noticed the sisters never use their original powers any more? Piper never freezes anything, Phoebe never gets premonitions and Paige only uses her TK power if someone throws something at her. Ah, the good old days!

    Score: 8.6moreless
Keith Diamond

Keith Diamond

Inspector Reece Davidson

Guest Star

Colin Egglesfield

Colin Egglesfield

Tim Cross

Guest Star

Laura Regan

Laura Regan


Guest Star

Oded Fehr

Oded Fehr


Recurring Role

Jenya Lano

Jenya Lano

Inspector Sheridan

Recurring Role

Sandra Prosper

Sandra Prosper

Sheila Morris

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • Inspector Reece has been dead for over four years, yet his body is still very intact. A dead human body starts to decompose about 24-48 hours after death when the bodies supply of ATP is depleted. Considering he was buried, those cold, moist conditions would have made him almost completely decomposed at this point.

    • The shot that shows the bed in the scene where Phoebe runs out of her bedroom and Piper looks if there is someone there will be used again in the season finale episode (when the manor explodes).

    • In the beginning of this episode, Phoebe is asked to get a tool and she gave the guy the wrong one. Why doesn't she know anything about tools anymore? In the season 1 episode "The Witch Is Back" she knew which tool Leo wanted.

    • TRIVIA: The song at the beginning of the episode during the opening credits is Vanessa Carlton's "San Fransisco".

    • Why didn't Piper just freeze the zombies? She was not forced to blow them up, since she still has the power to freeze and that would have allowed the sisters to ponder what to do next.

    • In the season 3 episode "Coyote Piper" the Alchemist had the power to bring the dead back to life. Why was it that this Alchemist needed Zankou to bring the dead bodies back to life?

    • When Piper enters the house holding Chris, his hand moves from her collar to her shoulder and back again when the camera changes from in front of Piper to behind her.

    • TRIVIA: Keith Diamond reprises his role as a zompie of Inspector Reece Davidson. His last appearance was in the episode "Death Takes A Halliwell" in which his character was killed. In this episode he terrorises Phoebe, although previously it was Prue who failed to save him, having been told by the Angel of Death that it was his time to die.

    • TRIVIA: The episode ends with Zankou with the Book of Shadows and a "To Be Continued...".

    • TRIVIA: Baby Chris is now one year old.

    • Throughout the episode Leo is totally bummed because they have to cancel Chris' first birthday party in case the demon attacks, and Piper thinks they can't have one until next year. Why can't they wait until next week? Why do they act like that one day is the only time they could ever have Chris' first birthday party?

    • In the season 1episode "The Wendigo", Phoebe knew how to change a tire, and was about to tell Piper how to do it herself over the phone. So how come in this episode, she has no knowledge of how to change a tire, or what a tire-iron looks like?

    • When Paige and Joanna are talking at P3, there is a bald man that passes behind Joanna, walking right by her. Every time the camera focuses on Joanna (3 times) you see the same bald man pass her in the same direction every time.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Alchemist: It has been an eternity since we worked together.
      Zankou: Ah yes, those were the days. The Crusades, the September massacres, the black plague...
      Alchemist: Good times.
      Zankou: Good times.

    • Zankou: If I'm to get what I'm after, I'm going to have to attack them all—not as witches, but as women.

    • Piper: Traffic was horrible. We should have been home an hour ago.
      Leo: Well, we wanted a normal life, right? That means we give up the cosmic taxi.
      Piper: Well that doesn't mean I gave up the right to complain about it.

    • Paige: Look, we can make this work — I know we can. You keep planning that party. I'm gonna meet my charge, give her a pep talk. By the time Phoebe's back, I'll be home. We can do this. (She orbs out)
      Piper (to Wyatt:): Mommy wants to teach you a new word. It's called denial.

    • Darryl (about Sheridan): She's already linked you to way too many murders. It's getting harder and harder to cover.
      Phoebe: I know, and I'm sorry about that. But she's got nothing. She's just going off a hunch.
      Darryl: But if we accidentally trigger her memories, then everything comes back. And then that's it. It's over—for all of us.
      Phoebe: Well maybe that's not such a bad thing.

    • Darryl (looking at Tim's body): It looks like somebody was trying to send a message.
      Phoebe: What! Why would you say that?
      Darryl: It's vicious. It''s calculated. I see this all the time. It's like it makes you think twice when you see him. Maybe that's the point. Do demons send messages like this?
      Phoebe: Well if it's a message, it's obviously for me.

    • Paige: This is classic Phoebe. You're running away from your pain. Honey, you cannot run away from this.
      Phoebe: Well I can try, can't I? (about Tim): He was just helping me with a flat tire. That's all. He didn't do anything wrong. He was just with me. And how am I supposed to deal with that?

    • Phoebe: How do I know you're not Zankou right now?
      Piper: Because I'm not.
      Phoebe: Prove it.
      Piper: Jake Singer. Back seat. Tenth grade. Can Zankou tell you all about that?
      Phoebe: I think I'm losing my mind.

    • Leo: Where's Phoebe going?
      Paige: Probably to a mental institution.

    • Sheila: I used to stay up late worrying whether you were going to come home at night because of all the criminals out there. That is nothing compared to what I have to worry about now.
      Darryl: Listen, Sheila, look, this is not the time or the place...
      Sheila: No? When is the time? When I bring our kids to jail to see you—or to your funeral? This is not your fight, Darryl. It's theirs.

    • Darryl (about the sisters): You're not going to be able to take them down. They won't let you.
      Sheridan: What, is that supposed to be some kind of a threat?
      Darryl: It's a friendly warning. What they're doing, and what they're all about, it's above reproach. I wouldn't mess with them if I were you.

    • Piper: God help us!

  • NOTES (4)


    • Title: Death Becomes Them

      A pun on the 1992 fantasy film "Death Becomes Her" starring Bruce Willis, Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep.