Season 7 Episode 21

Death Becomes Them

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 15, 2005 on The WB

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  • Death Becomes Them

    Death Becomes Them was a great episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character depth and development. I was very entertained with the drama and intrigue that ensued through out the story. There were many great scenes, some action, drama and of course plenty of intrigue. I couldn't believe how every thing played out in the end with Zankou having possession of the Book of Shadows. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!
  • Dawn of The Dead Innocents


    Death Becomes Them-When a person who was killed right in front of Phoebe comes back from the dead to blame her, she becomes guilt-ridden and vulnerable, creating an opportunity for Zankou to steal the Book of Shadows. Meanwhile, Paige has a new charge who knows nothing about magic, and Piper and Leo attempt to plan Chris' first birthday party.

    Well, this is more like it! A dark (ish), serious episode that sees Zankou unleashing his latest plan on the sisters and it's actually pretty good. Playing on the sisters' guilt, Zankou with a help of an Alchemist, bring back dead innocents to make the sister's vulnerable enough to take the book of Shadows. It's a good plan considering it brings back the previously established notion that the sisters and the powers are connected to the Book. We've seen that if they were ever to fight each other using their powers that they would lose their powers and the Book would lose it's power too. So if the sisters were made emotionally vulnerable why wouldn't the Book be vulnerable too. It's a nice little twist on the part of the writers and yiou really do feel bad for the sisters. First when Phoebe's friend gets brutally murdered right in front of her and then when Zankou kills Paige's latest charge. Not to mention, it's just cool in general to see zombies on Charmed. We even got to see one of the sisters' former innocents return, Inspector Davidson. While it was good seeing an old face (or more so a deformed one), it would have been nice to see other former innocents that the sisters' failed to saved. At one point, Piper sees three other former innocents she failed to save, but since we don't know who they are, it kinda cheapens the impact of that moment. Wouldn't have been great to see Dr. Williamson back? Especially considering Piper took his death hard and blamed herself? Such missed opportunity there! But anyway, the zombies looked pretty gruesome regardless, it's nice to see some actually scary looking creatures on Charmed. Also the moment where Piper blows them all up was pretty cool. Well, in the end, Zankou's plan worked and he ends up getting the book as the episode ends on a cliffhanger.

    We also get some plot movement on Sheridan and now she's pretty much after the sisters' again, with Darryl once again in the crossfire. As much as Sheridan annoys, Darryl really is stuck in bad place, leaving his decision help the sisters that much harder. Although, I have to wonder why Shelia is suddenly wanting Darryl to not help the sisters. During the finale of Season 6, she was all about the sisters being their family when Darryl was done helping them and now she pretty much gives Darryl onultimatum? O_0 Also, this is a minor nitpick, but I find it funny how Phoebe during the beginning of the episode had no idea which tool was which when her friend was helping her? Back in Season 1, it'semphasizedin more than one episode that Phoebe wasknowledgeablewith tools and was pretty handy around the house. Just goes to show how much the characters have changed ininconsistentways. But anyway, "DeathBecomes Them" stillmanagesto be creepy, solid episode that is a nice lead-in to the finale.

  • Zankou and the ultimate guilt trip...

    I give this episode a 7 thanks to great acting and a dark feel throughout. However, there is a ton about this episode that irks me.

    1. Zankou and the Alchemist can not restore life. Some reviewers have commented about the use of zombies in this episode. Wrong. These were not zombies. These were the actual people brought back to life. Sorry. No demon has that kind of power. Even the Elders can't bring people back to life after they are dead. It is ridiculous. 2. Innocents die every day. In this show, many are killed by demons. That is what demons do. That is why the sisters vanquish said demons. So, that all being the case, why would Phoebe feel especially guilty about this particular innocent being killed by a demon? This is FAR from the first innocent that has died because a demon was after her. I totally didn't buy the whole guilt trip subplot.

    3. The only time we've seen the BOS disempowered was when the sisters turned evil or when they fought among themselves, destroying their sisterly bond. So, why would the sisters feeling guilty allow Zankou to get the book? Because they used their powers on innocents? Those weren't innocents. They were once dead people brought back to attack the Charmed Ones as pawns of evil. Whatever.

    4. Darryl's wife has always known he protected the sisters. So, why would Sheridan talking to her make a difference? And she was the one that always insisted he do so for the greater good. Why the sudden 180?

    Zankou is good in every scene he is in, as usual, and it was quite an ending. Great set up for the season finale. Like the Source, considering the great myriad of powers we have seen from Zankou, I'm not sure why he has to attack the sisters as women to defeat them. Regardless, it isn't the first time that someone has done this, with Belthazor's use of Andras to break the Power of 3 being the most similar.

    When innocents attack

    A good offering but nothing to write home about. I like the dark feel and, yes, it does set up the finale nicely, but I'm just not getting the sense of excitement shared by the other reviewers.

    Amazingly, this is the first time zombies have appeared on the show (although the dead have briefly been brought back to life in earlier episodes). As an idea it's worth a spin, but the choice of zombies is a real letdown. Here are just a few niggles:

    1. The producers had the opportunity to bring back loads of guest actors from the past few seasons. Instead, five of the six zombies are actors we've never seen before. The one character they did bring back was the rather obscure Inspector Davidson from Season Three. While this wasn't a bad choice, it was blatantly obvious he was the only one who answered the phone when the producers called. How awesome would it have been if Andy Trudeau had been brought back?
    2. Inspector Davidson had been dead for four years yet his body and clothes were completely intact when they took him out of his coffin. As if!
    3. The scene where Tim attacked Phoebe would have been so much more shocking if we hadn't known he had been brought back from the dead. What a missed opportunity!

    Having Zankou tackle the sisters by confronting them with lost innocents is a clever idea and follows on well from similar attempts made in the past; both Rex Buckland and the Crone almost defeated them by targeting their human sides. What I don't get is why this would make it easier for Zankou to get his hands on the book. Surely if the sisters were under threat the book would protect itself more?

    I don't want to be too negative though. This is a reasonable hour with some good performances, particularly by the bloke playing the demon-of-the-week.

    One last thing - has anyone else noticed the sisters never use their original powers any more? Piper never freezes anything, Phoebe never gets premonitions and Paige only uses her TK power if someone throws something at her. Ah, the good old days!

    Score: 8.6
  • The scariest episode ever! (And one of the best!)

    This is really a great, great episode! Season seven finale (7x21 & 7x22) is sooo amazing!
    I really liked the idea of bringing the zombies (the undead) into the show. I'm actually kinda surprised that they didn't think of it before!
    Seeing Reece Davidson with his flesh all rotten kept me up at night but still I can't not admire it! The only illogical thing is, that, after four years, the body would already look like a sceleton (more or less) and the way he's shown could tell us that he's only been dead for a couple of months.
    All three of the girls were amazing!
    And Zankou stole the book of Shadows!
    He's the demon that managed to get closer to them than any before!
  • Ahhh...Zombies? That's so disgusting!! Xd! A strange episode and a clever idea! Zankou is so... diferent? Xd! At Last we see what would happen if Piper exploded a human being!! It's a episode to remind!!

    Not the best episode ever but a really interesting one! The idea of steal the book of shadow that way is quite remarkable! We see some interesting things! The book now has the hability to protect itself another way that means that now the girls are so much powerful! (season 1 there no powerful so that's why a lausy shape-shi.. catch the book!!) and... At last we see how Piper would blow up a person XD!!(If they freeze they can be explode aswell!!)it's quite original! AShes! Great (I always think that the blowing power in demon would be the same but the have to disapear magic make them do fire when they dead... I mean that's not Piper power what make the flames)

    I have to admit that I liked how Alysa did it in the bedroom scene with the xombie but the rest... I didn't like the acting, for exmaple in the first scene or when she is talking Piper/zankou she should transmit saddness or pain. Do you get something?? I don't! in Paige scene (when she cryes I see a better work) [one thing: The bedroom scene... When they look if there's someone there...that's the same photo used in the serie finale when the manor blows up! Do you notice??]

    Why Davison?? I have the hope that the "dead-box" was of Prue (if I don't remember bad her was the same color...) And why the *** Piper didn't freeze the zombies?? if they blow up they can freeze aswell! I hate when they do that (forget Piper powers, they did the same in "san francisco dreaming" with the asasin-boys)

    But we saw a great episode and i had a lot of sister bonding!! But the zombies could have do more!! Or have a frightened scene bigger! not so in the end
  • Zombies in charmed.. surprisingly spooky!

    Let me just say, the costumes and makeup etc donned by the zombies/demons in this episode were brilliant! Really takes you back to season 4ish. I did find this episode to be slightly rushed, like some plotlines couldn't be established properly, perhaps a 3 parter would have been better, although this was good, fast paced and didn't drag.

    Zankou wants the book, so he tries to make the sisters feel guilty and weaken them, thus weakening the book. A hitman(demon) is hired to slay a classmate of phoebe's, (remember she went back to uni for some reason) He dies. Excellent effects, it scared me.)
    Along with slaying a new charge of paige's, he also brings back a few past victims from the dead, innocents that they failed to save. I liked how the had the alchemist involved as well.

    The episode ends with the sisters finding zankou has been successful in stealing the book... what will come next in the LAST episode of the SECOND LAST season? Very exciting!
  • Zankou steals the book of shadows !!!

    Zankou's plan to make the sisters vulnerable so that he can take control of the Book of Shadows starts to work when Phoebe is left guilt-ridden after a classmate is brutally killed in front of her and comes back from the dead to blame her. Also part of Zankou's plan, Paige is devastated when she finds her new charge dead and realizes she was powerless to save her. Realizing that Zankou was behind the deaths, Piper, Phoebe and Paige go after the Alchemist, who is helping Zankou, and are confronted by all the undead innocents they were unable to save over the last seven years, allowing Zankou to take the Book of Shadows without the sisters knowing. Meanwhile, Darryl is put in a compromising position when he has to choose between protecting the sisters or working with Inspector Sheridan, who is regaining her memory and is determined to connect the Charmed Ones to the unsolved disappearances.
  • When a person that was killed in front of Phoebe comes back to blame her she fells guilty making in easier for Zankou to get the Book of Shawdows. Paige has a charge that knows nothing about magic. Piper and Leo attempt to plan Chris' birthday party.

    I really liked this episode. It wasn't my favorite but not my least favorite but i do still very like charmed. Phoebe finds this guy that was in her class and is helping her with her car but he gets killed and phoebe blames herself. Paige's charge gets killed but it is by Zankou who also killed the guy Phoebe liked. I really liked the part when the dead people came and attacked the charmed ones. That part was cool. Piper could of tryed freezing the zombies unstead of blowing them up because she felt bad. The end was cool when they went to look at the book but it was gone and Zankou got it.
  • Clever and suspenseful, but emotionally a little flat

    This episode was darker and more disturbing than most "Charmed" fare, but good overall. Zankou's use of reverse psychology at the beginning - shapeshifting into Piper and telling Phoebe she isn't cursed, just to plant the seed in Phoebe's mind that she IS cursed - was a clever twist. And Zankou's breaking down the Charmed Ones' defenses by weakening them psychologically was brilliant. Though well-written and well-acted, the episode was too rushed to really delve into the sisters' emotional devastation. The ending felt forced. Maybe the sisters were simply too self-aware. If they hadn't realized until after the "Book of Shadows" was taken that they were being manipulated, the episode would have been more powerful. In fact, if the purpose of Zankou's plan had been hidden from the audience, it would have been more suspenseful as well. Nevertheless, it was a good lead-in to the season finale.
  • A great epiosde! Good build up to finale!

    This episode was a good one! It was the typical 2nd last episode of the season that you'd expect! It really builds up quite well to the explosive episode that followed! Good to see them using an old face-Reese Davidson! It would have been good if it brought up some painful memories about Cole for Phoebe but the still wrote it well! It's really great to see Paige really after embracing her whitelighter half now. She really knows how to handle her charges when we see her with Joanna. That's why it was so sad to see her upset blaming herself for not being a better gaurdian. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was that the Piper's innocents were just forced into the story. They could have at least brought back another person we knew before for her! But all in all, a great part one!
  • The demon Zankou teams up with an alchemist to 'revive' the Charmed ones lost innocents to haunt them with the 'living dead'.

    Paige is at P3 (Pipers club) where she is meeting with another woman who is endangered by her boyfriend. Paige tells the woman to go home home and if her boyfriend is there to call her name, and that she will come to her.

    The woman goes home and guess what, her boyfriend is their. But the boyfriend covers her mouth so she can't scream, or call Paiges name, and kills her.

    Other corpses ar revived, such as a guy that was asking Phoebe out on a date when he was murdered (this happens at the very beginning of this episode), and a man that they lost in season 2.

    This episode is cleverly plotted and has a lot of pieces in it that keep your eyes glues to the screen! A must see.

    RATING: 9.9/10

  • Zankou tries to get the book by weakening the sisters by bringing back the death...

    I enjoyed this episode. It build up to the season finale and it was nice to have small flashbacks to earlier episodes. Also even though their were 2 different situation with Paige and Phoebe, it's nice that it had the same effect in the end and that they brought back the people that Piper once lost was really unexpected for me.
    I enjoyed this ep a lot so I can't wait to see the season finale next week! :)
  • The (Non-Shannen) Dead Return!

    After almost seven years on air, it always surprised me that Charmed had never included zombies in any of their episodes. Finally, zombies were introduced into the Charmed-verse and what an episode it was!

    Zankou's latest plan is to use the evil Alchemist (guest star Jon Kassir aka Mr Julie Benz) to raise the dead and get the sisters to feel so remorseful and guilty for their inability to save people they were supposed to protect that Zankou can steal the Book of Shadows behind their back. Zankou kills Phoebe's flirty new date Tim and Paige's charge Joanna and brings them both back as zombies.

    You genuinly feel for the characters as their innocents are killed when they could of easily done something to save them and the surprise re-appearance of Inspector Reece Davidson (remember him?) was a good plot development.

    I was slightly annoyed that Zombie-Davidson went after Phoebe when it was Prue that actually failed to protect him right back in season three. I wasn't expecting Prue to return (as she never will) but it would of been nice to of included her in the archive footage they used. Instead the audience was given the impression that it was Phoebe's fault that he died.

    The zombies themselves were good and the scenes where they attacked the sisters were well directed and exciting. I found it annoying that the writers seem to of completely forgotten that Piper can freeze things as she doesn't even bother trying to freeze the attacking zombies in the tomb at the end. It would of saved a lot of time and injuries that Phoebe and Paige might of recieved from the zombies.

    The cliffhanger ending is also surprising as Zankou manages to get hold of the Book. Roll on the season finale!

    All-in-all, this was an interesting and enjoyable hour full up of memorable moments.
  • Piper's choice...

    It was a well written episode carried out in a pretty good manner. They dwelled too much on the "zombies" attacking Phoebe at the manor, though.

    And I can't believe her sisters doubted her for even a second. When you're a witch, you can never assume something is your imagination. If I were a Charmed One, I'd be alert the moment I heard the slightest sound and investigate it to my full extent.

    Piper's choice at the end was very well acted and touching. This was a good setup for the series finale, although I do feel it should've been aired as a double episode with "Something Wicca This Way Goes".
  • Zombies who are past innocents attack the sisters.

    I actually didnt like this episode much.. There were a bunch of innocents who had turned into zombies but we had never seen them before... and also the guy at the start died which wasn't really sad because we didnt know him... even if he'd been in the series as a recurring character but we had only known him for a couple of minutes before he died.

    It would have been an amazing episode if they got a load of people like Andy and other "famous" innocents.

    I think they could have picked up a point at the episode where piper was worried about killing an innocent. They cold have made the episode a bit more about that and it would have been a better episode.

    Overall, pretty disapointing. After seeing the Promo pics for the episode i expected something a lot better.
  • Phoebe Episode!!!!! Plus some flashbacks not bad!

    Okay so they played the Phoebe card again but who can blame them i mean.... she was the easyest to put into the situation she was in.... any ways i was a little worried about them bringing back all the unsaveable innocents because i was sure the girls were gonna have a met down about that but it turned out to a be a very good episode~
  • Truly scarey and exceptional!

    Where to start! This episode doesn't disappoint thanks to the brilliant writer, Curtis Kheel, who has written episodes such as 'Charmed Noir' and 'Carpe Demon'.Its funny, smart, witty and silly(in a good way).The surprise ending did it for me, and I liked the return of Inspector Davidson(his special effects makeup was freaky, good work from special effects make up artist, Todd Tuker).I have seen Charmed in scarier moments but this episode just brings in fun and scare all at the same time, how often does Charmed produce an exceptional episode like this, its scarey but fun.FYI, Alyssa's acting is brill!
  • Pheobe is haunted by past innocents she failed to protect.

    This episode was the worst of the season in my opinion. The sisters were made wimpy and for no good reason other than to let Zankou get the Book of Shadows. It was a weak ploy, and I'm amazed that after 7 seasons the sisters didn't see through him. I was highly disappointed. Luckily, they redeem themselves in the finale.