Season 3 Episode 16

Death Takes a Halliwell

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2001 on The WB

Episode Recap

To begin this episode, Prue and Phoebe are at the beach where Prue is taking photos, and Phoebe is sitting in the sand, building a sand castle, which she refers to as "Kingdom Phoebeville". When Prue's feet are splashed by a wave in close distance to Phoebe's castle, she tells Phoebe that she doesn't understand why she, Phoebe, 'would spend an hour of her life building something that is going to be completely destroyed and disappear in five seconds flat'...making it obvious that she is not having the best time, nor is she in the best of moods. Phoebe responds a little more positively, and questions Prue about why she is in such a ba-hum castle attitude.

We then come to know that Prue does not like the beach because this is where Grams took the sisters after their mother's funeral many years ago. This being the episode after Piper's wedding, Prue had just seen her mother who made a surprise visit, allowed by the Elders, and now here they were at the beach, where Prue admits to feeling angry about their mother's death, while Phoebe says she isn't angry about it, she is sad. Apparently, Prue doesn't do sad that well.

Meanwhile, the two sisters are only at the beach because they are giving Piper and Leo some "alone married people time", as they have decided to hold off on their honeymoon. After Prue explains why she is not fond of the beach and that she didn't mean to ruin it for Phoebe, the sisters agree to leave the beach and go out for two lattés. When they are getting ready to leave, Prue sees a woman just up the hill taking pictures as well, only a demonic-looking shadow is right next to her. When Prue tries to call out to the woman, she runs away. However, when telling Phoebe about the shadow that she saw, Prue claims to have taken pictures of the woman and the shadow so they simply go home to check the book. So much for the lattés.

Back at Cole's old apartment, his landlady, Mrs. Owens, is speaking to two men who she believes are interested in renting out the apartment. While Mrs. Owens is talking to one of the men, we are able to see the other almost floating towards the alter that Cole used for his demonic rituals when he had lived there as the Assistant District Attorney. The demon says that there is demonic residue all over the alter, which he can sense is Belthazor's. When Mrs. Owens hears this she is taken back and confused and begins to ask questions. The demons, however, expect that she must know something about Belthazor/Cole's dissapearance.

It seems the two demons are interested in tracking down Belthazor/Cole.

One of the demons who was talking to Mrs. Owens then begins to question her about what she knows about Cole Turner. However, not knowing anything and therefore, not saying anything, the demon who found the alter bites into the back of Mrs. Owens' neck, killing her. The demon that just killed her says that she didn't know whether Belthazor was alive or not, but she knows someone who might, and they smile and shimmer out.

Back at the manor, Piper and Leo are preparing to go to a whitelighter reception, where Leo's fellow whitelighters will throw them a party for their recent marriage. Piper wants to look perfect and continues to question how she looks, but Leo says she looks amazing. Phoebe comes downstairs and is excited about the fact that Leo called Piper his wife, and Leo orbs himself and Piper out. Prue walks into the room carrying the photos that she took at the beach, although the shadow didn't show up in any of her pictures. Prue asks Phoebe if she found anything in the book of shadows, but Phoebe says no, and that she didn't have that much to go on. The doorbell rings and Phoebe goes to answer it. At the door is Reese Davidson, the inspector leading the investigation and disappearance of Cole. He tells Phoebe that Mrs. Owens was murdered, describes the way she was killed, and claims to know that Cole is alive and in town. Phoebe says that the Cole Turner she knows wouldn't kill Mrs. Owens, which makes Reese suspicious of how she chose her words, seeing as Phoebe claims Cole took off and left her without a trace four months ago. Prue calls Reese on the way he is almost accusing Phoebe and the tone he is taking with her, as if she killed Mrs. Owens herself. Reese responds by saying that, if Phoebe is covering for Cole she may as well have, and tells Phoebe that he will get to the bottom of this and that when he brings Cole down, he will be sure to bring her down, too. While Prue and Phoebe watch Reese return to his car, the woman from the beach steps out of the passenger's seat. Phoebe says that Reese must have her following them, and Phoebe can't see the shadow that Prue sees next to the woman, again. Prue then says that this must mean that, because she is the only one who can see it, that must mean she is meant to fight it, and tells Phoebe to go tell Cole what is going on and ask if he knows what the shadow might be. Meanwhile, Prue is going to follow the inspector and the woman, to protect her from the shadow. The sisters believe that the shadow must have something to do with Mrs. Owens' death.

Phoebe goes to the mausoleum to inform Cole about the situation. After being told about the murder at his address, he believes that he should leave town because it is obvious that some demon is looking for him and the demon has made it clear that it will kill anyone it has to in order to get to him...including Phoebe. Cole says that he has to leave to keep her say. Annoyed at the thought of having Cole be on the run again and be in danger rather than be with her, Phoebe asks what about keeping her sane. Cole says that this is his fight and when he is about to leave, Phoebe calls him to turn around and says that she loves him and is prepared to fight a few extra demons if it means holding onto their love. Cole smiles at this, and starts to walk back towards her. He says he has no idea what a demon-looking shadow thing that only Prue can see might be, but Phoebe says that they can figure it out together, and they hug.

Prue followed Reese in her car to a building where he and the woman came to a stop. Inside Reese's car, he tells the woman, Andrea, that there are things about Cole's case that just aren't right, and asks her to keep following Phoebe Halliwell. At first, Andrea wants to know what it is that Reese isn't telling her, but when he says that he doesn't know what it is that he is looking for, she says okay and gets out of the car with the pictures from the beach to go put them on Reese's desk, and to pick them up again tomorrow morning. Andrea walks into the building and Prue follows her.

Back at Cole's apartment, Phoebe and Cole are looking around in the room where the murder took place. Phoebe is using the back of her hand, as suggested by Cole in order to prevent leaving finger prints, to try to get a premonition. When Cole sees his old bed, he stops. Phoebe asks is he found anything when she notices that he was just standing at the doorway to the bedroom, but then realizes that he is just thinking. He tells Phoebe that this was the first taste he ever got of a normal life. He says that there were mornings he would wake up next to her, and he didn't feel evil...he was just a guy in love with a beautiful girl. She tells him that they can have that life by taking out the bad guys that want to take it away from them, and with that, they go back to their search. Phoebe gets a premonition of Prue turning her back when the two demons attack Reese after touching a piece of furniture in the apartment. She tells Cole that the demons had vampire teeth and were floating, and he identified them as Seekers, who he says can collect information really fast. He also says that he doesn't know how to vanquish them, so they head back to the manor in hopes that there was a vanquish in the book of shadows.

When Andrea gets into Reese's office, the same demons who killed Mrs. Owens are waiting in the room for Reese. Just like before, one demon asks her a few questions, while the other gets behind her.

Prue, who had lost Andrea for just a second and is wandering around the hallway trying to figure out which door to enter, when she hears a scream.

Inside the room, the same demon as before bit into the back of Andrea's neck and says that he (Reese) didn't tell her anything. The other demon says that this means that Reese must know something, as Prue uses her powers to open the door. When the two see her, they shimmer out. When Prue looks at Andrea, she sees the shadow again, so she tries to use her powers on it. However, the shadow turns into a man, who calls for Andrea's spirit as it is her time, and holds her hands. He tells Prue that he is the angel of death, he is beyond her powers, and that he will be back. He then disappears with Andrea's soul.

Back at the manor, Phoebe and Cole found the Seekers in the book of shadows. They are demons who gather information by feeding on their victim's brain stem cells. When Phoebe offers for Cole to look at the book, holding it, he says no because the last time he tried to touch the book, it electricuted him. Phoebe tells him that happened when he was evil, and maybe the book knows now that he is trying to be good. Cole just says better safe than sorry. Prue comes into the house and confirms that they are the demons who just killed Andrea, and is upset to see Cole near the book of shadows. He tells her not to worry, he is keeping his distance. Prue then calls for Leo to ask him about the angel of death. When Leo and Piper orb in, Leo is holding an extremely bright lamp that they were given as a wedding present, although Piper is very easy to read in the fact that she doesn't like it. Leo then tells Prue that there IS such a thing as the angel of death. Cole says that Death can't be working with the demons because he is neutral, not good or evil, although Prue disagrees and thinks of the angel of death as completely evil. Prue states that he IS evil and that she will not let Death take another one of her innocents, as if it is Death that is actually killing them. The sisters and Leo then decide that they have to call Reese and get him to the manor to protect him, despite the fact that he is the ADA investigator and could prove a threat to the sisters if he was told that they were witches. Prue says that she doesn't care, and is obviously stubborn to letting Death take Reese. When Cole hears this plan, he decides, against what he knows are Phoebe's wishes, to act alone in trying to save Reese and stop the Seekers. He then slips away out of the group and into the main hallway, where he rubs his head trying to think of a plan that doesnt involve the girls telling Reese they are witches, and shimmers out.

Cole reappears in the courthouse and catches Reese before he leaves to go meet with the Halliwells. Cole then brings him to the mausoleum, because he sensed the Seekers close by. When the Seekers, who were following Davidson, walk past the place where Cole shimmered out, they sense it and agree that Belthazor is alive.

When Cole gets to the mausoleum with Reese, he kind of verbalizes the thoughts that are going through his head, all the while trying to calm Reese, a mortal with no experience to magic, down after having shimmered. He mentions the word demon and tells Reese that he doesn't mean it metaphorically, freaking Reese out even more.

Back at the manor, Phoebe realizes that Cole wasn't anywhere in the house and concludes that he must have went to find Reese and the Seekers first, in an attempt to protect them. The sisters agree that they have to get Cole to bring Reese back to the manor, so, despite Phoebe's premonition which she says MAY take place in the mausoleum, Prue astral-projects there to help Cole and make him bring Reese to the manor.

When Prue gets to the mausoleum, the Seekers are already there. Reese, seeing Prue appear out of nowhere, freaks out again and tries to run past the Seekers to get out, only to be thrown into a wall and knocked unconscious. The fighting begins as Prue goes to stop a one Seeker from killing Davidson and Cole tackles the other one. Then, Prue notices the shadow and tries to kick it. Even though her kicks are having no effect on Death, she continues. Meanwhile, Cole is being attacked by both Seekers at once and can barely keep them off of him. Finally, he scares the Seekers into retreating, and the Angel of Death disappears as well.

At the manor, Piper and Leo are arguing over the lamp a little bit, until Prue and Cole show up with Reese slung over Cole's shoulder. It is now that Cole comes to realize that going after the Seekers alone was a bad move because he has become a major part of the sisters' lives and if he had lost to the Seekers they could use what he knows about them to destroy the charmed ones. Reese wakes up scared to death and runs out the front door, saying that he isn't afraid of death and wants the sister's, and ESPECIALLY Cole, to stay away from him. After Reese leaves, Cole is upset knowing that Reese has the power to expose the woman he loves and her sisters as witches and ruin their lives, but is outvoted by the them in deciding to help Reese anyway. Phoebe and Piper decide to go and follow Reese and protect him against his will, while Prue again tries to stop Death, and Leo checks with the Elders. Cole is told to stay home.

Prue returns to the beach and uses a summoning spell to call for Death, having it written in there that this is before her time, and partially breaks down when talking to him, after he mentions her mother. It is made obvious that she still has some issues to work through with accepting her mother's death, realizing that Death is not the ultimate evil, and "looking at the bigger picture". Death then offers to show her exactly what the bigger picture is, and Prue agrees to it.

Meanwhile, Phoebe and Piper are sitting in their car at a cemetery, where they had followed Reese to Andrea's funeral. Phoebe is talking to Cole for a few minutes, but hangs up with the order for him to stay home. They then see that the Seekers also followed Reese to the funeral, and Reese begins to walk away with the Seekers close behind. Piper and Phoebe get out of the car and follow, as well. Reese and the Seekers go into a tall building, possibly another mausoleum, where one Seeker uses a pole of lock the doors shut, keeping Phoebe and Piper from getting in. Reese tries to shoot the Seekers but the bullets have no effect. Once again, one Seeker talks to Reese while the other goes behind him. Prue appears with the angel of death and is shown that she can't stop the deaths of all of the innocents. Reese is killed by the Seekers and they leave. When Piper and Phoebe finally get the door open they are upset that she didn't even try to help Reese, but Prue says that there is nothing she could have done and begins to cry for Reese, after death having taken his soul and left.

Back at the manor, the phone is ringing and when Cole goes to answer it the Seekers appear and tackle him to the ground.

In the car, the three sisters are racing to get home while Phoebe is trying to call Cole and warn him, but there is no answer. Prue offers to astral there but Piper says they should stick together. Piper starts driving faster when Phoebe begins to get nervous.

Back at the manor, the Seekers are double teaming Cole and despite his best efforts, he can't seem to hit them. Cole is knocked unconscious. Just as one of the Seekers is about to kill Cole and find out what he doesn't want them to know, the sisters come in and Phoebe's gasp catches the demons' attention, causing them to pause. Prue kicks them off of Cole, Prue taking one and Phoebe taking the other, while Piper wakes Cole up. When Cole sees that Prue is taking all of her misplaced anger and frustration out of the Seeker, he stops her so that the sisters can say the vanquishing spell. After they do, Leo orbs in, Prue refers to Cole as an innocent, and Leo says that the Elders told him to miss what happened, claiming that Prue had to learn this lesson on her own. When Cole asks what lesson, Prue says "that Death is not the evil" and walks upstairs to deal with her newfound clearness regarding her mother's death. Phoebe and Cole run upstairs about a minute later, and Piper finally tells Leo that if he loves the lamp then she loves it too. However, when they kiss they accidentally bump into it and it falls and breaks. Piper says that now she loves it even more now that it is broken, and she and Leo continue to kiss.

At the beach, presumably the next day, Prue is sitting around the spot where she and Phoebe were in the beginning of the episode. She is sitting on the rocks along the ocean, once again thinking about her mom and death, when the Angel of Death appears. He asks her if she is contemplating the tides, and states that she cannot control them anymore than she can him. Prue then asks him why she wasn't meant to fight the demons, and Death explains that she would have lost. When he calls her by her name, Prue is taken back and asks him how he knows what her name is. Death tells her that it was the next name on his list after Reese Davidson, making that the bigger picture. He tells her that the only reason that she could see him is because he was coming for her, and had she stopped fighting him, she would have died. The lesson of all this, he tells her, is that focusing all of her anger on him leaves her vulnerable to the real evils in the world. After considering this, Prue says that she doesn't know how to live without being angry towards him, because she had been that way so long, ever since her mother died. He tells her that she should grieve and move on, and then disappears.
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