Season 3 Episode 16

Death Takes a Halliwell

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2001 on The WB

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  • Another one.

    I used to not mind this episode it was fun. Those were back when I was 10 and loved every single aspect of this show. Getting older, developing my own thoughts and judgements it's hard to like this episode and this season seeing just how much they truly favoured Prue. I'm almost surprised they didn't fire Alyssa instead.

    Have a shot for every episode in this season about Prue, even episodes that are advertised as Phoebe or Piper centric still revolve around her.

    I loved the Angel though, I thought he was perfectly cast and played it perfectly and glad we get to see him again eventually. Which made Prue more annoying than ever, and her issues are getting endlessly annoying. But my reviews are more just rants now as you may have noticed. Everyone else explains the episode (hell so does the summary in the overview) this is my letting off steam.
  • Death Takes a Halliwell

    Death Takes a Halliwell was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching as Prue discovers Phoebe and herself are being watched by a woman who has a strange shadow following her. There was a lot of great character development as Prue met the Angel of Death and learned to see the bigger picture. Phoebe and Piper try to save innocent people from being victims of a different type of demonic vampire. There was a lot of great action scenes, humor and laughs, and plenty of drama. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • In this episode, Prue meets the angel of death.

    This is my second favorite episode, next to Hell Hath No Fury. Both deal with death. In this one, Prue has to deal with the fact that death is part of life, and that it is not evil. It hits home because when my grandma died, I held a hatred for death and a questioning about the meaning behind it. This episode was helpful in that it showed a purpose, especially with Prue's having to deal with the loss of a loved one from a young age. Shannen Doherty's acting was amazing in this episode, and it was good for the show for Prue to finally deal with this situation that had been haunting her throughout the series.
  • Touched by an angel

    After last week's cutesy ending, Charmed turns dark once more as Cole is tracked down by brainsucking demons and Prue comes face to face with the Angel of Death.

    This isn't the best of the darker episodes but it's not bad. The two demons are fairly run of the mill but they do manage to be pretty sinister without the use of costumes or makeup. Whether this is down to a good performance or simply because the one doing the talking looks so odd I wouldn't like to say. Either way, they remind me a lot of the two warlocks in "They're Everywhere".

    So much for demons, the real story this week is, of course, the Angel of Death. Guest actor, Simon Templeman, portrays him in a suitably matter of fact and slightly jaded way. Nicely done! I love the idea of a force beyond the reach of good or evil. Aside from the odd reference to "the gods" or "the big guy", this is about as close as this show gets to religion. I can see why the producers would want to steer clear of the subject but it's interesting to get their take on how witchcraft sits with the bigger picture.

    As seems to be happening more and more on Charmed, Prue and Phoebe deal with the main action, leaving Piper with Leo and a sub plot until the final vanquish. This week, the sub plot seems to comprise where to put a wedding gift from the Elders. Is it me or this a complete waste of Holly's talents?

    Seeing her mother last week has obviously upset Prue and the final scene, where she meets Death on the beach, is surprisingly touching. I'll admit, I'd not appreciated how alone she was until these last few weeks. It's all the more poignant when you realise she only has another six episodes to go.
  • Prue Knocks On Death's Door...Literally!

    Death Takes A Haliwell-Prue, growing weary of her battles to save innocents and in fighting off the Angel of Death, is forced to turn her back on a dying soul, and must come to grips with her feelings towards fate and the death of her mother.

    A dark and stunning episode that features some moral complex themes and some creepy, dark scenes. Shannen Doherty once again proves she's probably the finest actress of the series as she gives a phenomenal performance when Prue finds herself under the radar of the Death himself. The concept of the Angel of Death is really works on Charmed, especially thanks to an errie performance by Simon Templeman. While most would find his monotone, dry delievery as sub-par acting, the guy suppose to be Death!, so he fits the role nicely. The scenes between Death and Prue are heartbreaking, not to mention when Death hits Prue hard with the truth of why she won't stop fighting causing her to breakdown. It's quite a powerful scene as Prue can't hide her feelings from the one thing that has caused her mother to live her which is a moving development.

    The demon plot of the week also comes together perfectly with the Angel of Death plot. The Seekers, themselves are creepy villains and remind me of "the Gentlemen" from Buffy as they float around hauntingly before killing their victims. Keith Diamond as Reese Davidson returns and gives a great performance as he becomes both the Seekers and the Angel of Death's next victim. He's reaction to the magical world was pricless, like when Cole makes jokes about him using a gun on 3 witches and a demon. The murder scenes were well done, especially Davidson's tragic murder which is made even more sad as Prue helplessly watches him die as she must learn the hard lesson that death is not the enemy and some innocents just can't be saved.

    The most intriguing aspect of the episode is Death's revelaton that Prue was one his list and that's why she alone could see her. Whether the writers had already planned to kill off Prue at this point in the season is unknown, but it's still quite the frightening development as Prue will soon become Death's next victim whether she wants to or not. All and All, "Death Takes A Haliwell" is a dark, chilling episode with some strong acting, shocking developement and stellar villains.
  • Vampire Seekers and the Angel of Death are not the only thing that make for a very good episode

    When you think about it the idea that a bunch of Seekers (i.e. Vampire brain suckers) are seeking Cole and Death isn't far behind seems clichéd. However it actually makes for an entertaining and quite important episode in the end. The Seekers are actually really creepy and Julian McMahon in particular plays his role very well, the last couple of episodes his portrayal of Cole has been great and no exception here. Another great thing is that the detective Reece actually has a hysterical reaction to the paranormal goings on. I mean he must have been expecting something but this reaction from a recurring character is in stark contrast to Morris (who takes it in his stride) and even Andy if you think about it. It's fitting that Death is hanging around for him. Talking about the Angel of Death, is it me just knowing but a few episodes have pointed towards Prue's death this Season and this is by far the most obvious. Why else would Prue be the only one to see and speak to him. It's a real shame as in this Season I've really enjoyed the character (unlike previous when she seemed too serious). In fact I have to say that she's been my favourite Haliwell sister this season.
  • I found this episode incredibly sad, as it marked the beginning of the end of my favourite character, Prue, who has a close encounter with The Angel of Death.

    Prue is very unhappy with her life in many areas. She finds herself reflecting on the things which worry and sadden her and she is generally in a 'bad place' emotionally. Her struggles are not helped when she is unable to save someone's life and has a lengthy conversation with The Angel of Death who explains quite a few things to her, including the fact that nobody can run from him once their time is up.

    If we weren't aware by now that Shannen Doherty was about to exit the show, we certainly were after this conversation, mosy particularly when Death told her that he would be seeing her again soon.

    For me, a good episode, but a sad one. I never wanted the original cast to break up.
  • The very unwelcome Angel of Death makes his first appearance and the countdown to Prue's inevitable death begins...

    This episode uses Prue's neurotic hang up with her mother's death to make an interesting statement on death and grief.

    Yes, even though Prue just got to see and hug her mother last episode, she still has unresolved issues regarding her death. This episode ends up being an intriguing and entertaining hour despite being centered on another one of Prue's apparently endless issues. This is in large part thanks to Simon Templeton, who was absolutely perfectly casted to play the Angel of Death. Templeton, who thankfully will be Charmed's Angel of Death from now on, somehow manages to capture the antipathy of Death while not being wooden. He also is fittingly ernest. After all, what is more ernest than Death? He is helped by an excellent script that somehow partakes in an interesting discussion of death without being overly cliched. The demons of the week are effectively ominous, especially the talking one, whose general creepiness probably ranks only second to Barbas. These demons wreak quite the path of slain innocents before the sisters and Cole finally put a beat down on them.

    This is another strange episode where the innocent actually ends up needing to die, and so, another investigating agent bites the dust. This episode is whack full of foreshadowing, and since most of us already know Prue's days are numbered, it is all about as subtle as a humvee. I personally love Death's line- "Oh, don't worry, it isn't your time. At least, not yet anyway."

    Basically Death says he should be accepted, mourned for, and then move on. It isn't exactly original or worthy of the Dali Lama, but it is simple and true and fits well with what we know is coming.
  • This episode is a perfect example of Cole and Phoebe's love. While it may be transcendent and epic, it is clearly defined as doomed starting here when Phoebe refuses to turn over Cole to Reese Davidson and innocents begin to die as a result.

    This episode starts out as casually as any other episode as Prue takes photographs of the beach and Phoebe plays in the sand like a happy 5 year old. When suddenly Prue realizes they're being watched-and photographed-by a strange woman. What's worse is that this woman appears to be stalked by a shadowy apparition that Prue's camera can't shoot.

    The situation worsens when District Attorney Investigator Reese Davidson arrives suddenly on the Halliwell's doorstep demanding that Phoebe hand over Cole on suspicion of murder.

    Seekers, demons who suspect Balthazar is alive with the horrible ability to pierce their victims skulls with vampire-like teeth and suck knowledge out through the brain stem cells are in fact the guilty party. They intend to find Cole, kill him, and collect his bounty. They soon set their sights on the Investigator and start with the woman photographing Prue who was working with Davidson.

    Prue arrives on the scene seconds too late to save her. That's when the shadow appears and this time coalesces into the Angel of Death. Once she gets home and tells everyone what she saw Cole realizes that these deaths are his fault and he Shimmers away turning himself in to Davidson.

    Unfortunately his selfless act doesn't last long when he senses the Seekers and Shimmers with Reese to the Turner family crypt to protect him. The Seekers pursue and confront him there. Their interest in the Investigator is lost with Balthazar in sight, or so he thinks.

    Meanwhile at the manor Phoebe is frantic, unable to find Cole. She surmises that he must have turned himself in to protect Reese Davidson and the only safe place she can think of his the crypt. Prue Astral Projects herself there to help him but only ends up fighting an untouchable Angel of Death while Cole barely fends off the Seekers with energy balls.

    After retreating home with Davidson Prue swears she saved him by fighting off Death. Cole, and Leo both agree that wasn't what happened, that Death can't be fought and isn't working with demons. Prue doesn't buy it. Reese wakes up, runs off, Phoebe and Piper follow him leaving Prue and Cole alone each seething at the situation. Prue goes back to the beach and summons the Angel of Death who sees right through her righteousness to her anger at losing her mother and how she views death as the ultimate evil. Death simply tells her it's not true and that she must stop fighting death, it's an inevitable part of life.

    The Seekers find Reese at his partners funeral and he leads them away into a large open mausoleum intending to stop them himself. Once he realizes there's nothing he can do Death teleports Prue in where she just watches the Seekers kill Davidson and leave. Phoebe and Piper witness the whole ordeal from behind a barred door, baffled why their sister just turned her back on Reese's death. She simply says it was his time.

    Having found the key to finding Cole the Seekers go directly to the manor where Cole awaits word from Phoebe. He's knocked out and just about to have his vast knowledge of the Charmed Ones and how to destroy them sucked out of his skull when they show up, Prue proceeds to brutalize them into a pulp before she and her sisters vanquish them with a Power of Three spell.

    The house trashed, Cole elevated to Innocent status in Prue's eyes the couples enjoy a romantic evening and Prue settles her grudge with Death by finally being able to mourn her mothers death and move on.

    Overall this was an enjoyable episode I've looked forward to seeing again and again. I give it a 9.0
  • Prue vs. Death!

    So after Piper and Leo get married Phoebe and Prue decide to spend the day at the beach to give the couple some alone time. Phoebe was almost cute when she was just sitting there building her sand castle. It was nice to see Prue just taking pictures as they were hanging out at the beach. I think I enjoyed the innocence of the entire scene.

    Cole's old land lady being killed by the demon guys was so incredibly creepy it was terrifying to watch that scene. I hated hearing them just kind of question her about Cole in the way they were going about it.

    Piper and Leo were amazing. I loved that they got that light from the elders and Leo was all in love with it and Piper wasn't too fond of it. I absolutely loved Leo trying to suggest a new place for it and Piper turning him down every time. I loved their compromise in the end about the lamp and then how it broke right after. It was so cute to see them together like that.

    It was nice to see Prue learning a lesson. I didn't really like that Prue was angry at death for taking her mother away because it wasn't something that was normal and it just seemed to be there to make Prue seem almost cold. Not many people are angry at death for taking away a loved one. We grieve and then we move on for the most part and Prue's anger just seemed random. I liked that she had to learn that death happens the way it does and people go when it's their time; you can't save everybody.

    I enjoyed seeing Prue talking to death in the end and how death told her she was next on his list. It was nice to see that they just kind of sat there calmly and talked. It was also sort of unnerving and the same time.

    This was an amazing episode but Prue's views of death made it a little less than it could have been in my opinion anyway.
  • Fist appearance of the Angel Of Death.

    Prue sees a woman, with a strange black shadow following her, she takes her picture and yells to warn the woman, but the woman runs away. Meanwhile some demons, Seekers, are trying to find Belthazar/Cole. They go to his apartment, bite the landlady and drain her knowledge of Cole. They discover she knows someone who might know where he is. While Prue develops the photo and discovers the shadow has vanished, an Inspector interrogates Phoebe about Cole. He tells her the landlady is dead and that Cole killed her. Prue arrives as the Inspector leaves, and notices that the woman, with the shadow, is leaving with him. Prue follows the Inspector, while Phoebe goes to warn Cole. The woman is dropped off at the Inspector's office, where the Seekers are waiting. Prue follows her and finds the Seeker's hovering over her body. They disappear and the mysterious shadow becomes the Angel of Death. Cole and Phoebe revisit his apartment. Phoebe gets a premonition of Prue watching the Seekers kill the Inspector. Cole goes to the crypt and waits for the Inspector, Prue astral projects herself there. The Inspector arrives at the crypt, followed by the Seekers and is knocked unconscious in a fight. As the Seekers attack Cole, the Angel of Death appears and Prue fights him. Cole sends a blast to the Seekers and they disappear, the Angel leaves. They take the Inspector back to the Manor, where he regains consciousness and runs away. While Cole waits at the Manor, Piper and Phoebe follow the Inspector and Prue summons the Angel. He arrives and tells her that he's not good or evil just inevitable. She is unconvinced and he takes her with him on his next journey. The Inspector is at the funeral of his friend and the Seekers approach him. He tells them that he'll go with them, but not to harm the people here. Prue and Phoebe follow them into a crypt. The Seekers barricade the door and begin to feast on the Inspector. The Angel and Prue arrive and the Angel forces her to accept that she can't do anything to save him. The Seekers and the Angel disappear and the girls go back to the Manor where Cole is in full fight with the Seekers. They cast a spell to destroy the Seekers. Prue goes to the beach to contemplate her mother's death the Angel shows up and says her name. She asks how knows here name, he replies that he looked on his list and saw that he was supposed to take her life in the Crypt, but Cole saved her. Prue is shocked, but she accepts that death is inevitable and the Angel disappears. I loved this episode and but i thought those vampire things were stupid woahhhhhh that was a long review.
  • Nice & creepy episode.

    Nice & creepy episode.

    This episode marks the first appearence of the angel of death, and the only person who can see him is Prue. And if you've watched the later episodes you'd know that he only shows up when it's a person's time to die.

    So why did Prue see him? It seems like it's a message from the writers telling us Prue that it's almost her time.

    In this episode Prue is angry at him for taking her mother, & she was next on his list until she realised that death can't be stopped.

    The vampire like demons who came for Cole were differnt & truly creepy.

    Prue finally starts to accept Cole. And Piper & Leo's little argument about the lamp brought some much needed humor into the episode, especially at the end when the lamp broke.

    The last scene was touching, with Prue finally accepting the death of her mother after all these years & finally crying.
  • Touched By An Angel of Death

    An episode which grows on you with repeated viewings, the hour features some dark story developments and some actually shocking death scenes.

    Death Takes a Halliwell (awesome title) sees Prue determined to stop the Angel of Death from taking the soul of Inspector Davidson, who is believed to soon be murdered according to Phoebe's premonition. She has to face off against some deadly vampire-like monsters and learns some hard truths about life and death.

    The death of Inspector Davidson was one of the first big shocks on Charmed. The entire episode makes you believe that they'll eventually save him and having him end up dead was a daring and successful move on the writer's part. The scene in which Piper and Phoebe desperately try to get into the mausoleum to save him is extremely nerve-wracking and tense.

    The Angel of Death himself is an interesting character but he could have been played a little more creepily by Simon Templeman, who's a pretty boring actor for such an important role.

    The closing scene is excellent and the (intentional?) foreshadowing of Prue's ultimate death makes for the creepiest scene in the episode. The Seeker demons are also cool, if killed a little too easily, and their vampire-like teeth and the hovering is a major improvement on the standard demons usually seen on Charmed.

    An excellent hour with a thought-provoking storyline and some truly shocking moments.
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