Season 3 Episode 16

Death Takes a Halliwell

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2001 on The WB

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  • Vampire Seekers and the Angel of Death are not the only thing that make for a very good episode

    When you think about it the idea that a bunch of Seekers (i.e. Vampire brain suckers) are seeking Cole and Death isn't far behind seems clichéd. However it actually makes for an entertaining and quite important episode in the end. The Seekers are actually really creepy and Julian McMahon in particular plays his role very well, the last couple of episodes his portrayal of Cole has been great and no exception here. Another great thing is that the detective Reece actually has a hysterical reaction to the paranormal goings on. I mean he must have been expecting something but this reaction from a recurring character is in stark contrast to Morris (who takes it in his stride) and even Andy if you think about it. It's fitting that Death is hanging around for him. Talking about the Angel of Death, is it me just knowing but a few episodes have pointed towards Prue's death this Season and this is by far the most obvious. Why else would Prue be the only one to see and speak to him. It's a real shame as in this Season I've really enjoyed the character (unlike previous when she seemed too serious). In fact I have to say that she's been my favourite Haliwell sister this season.
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