Season 8 Episode 4

Desperate Housewitches

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2005 on The WB

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  • Desperate Housewitches

    Desperate Housewitches was a perfect episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written, engaging and entertaining. It was interesting to see Piper get competitive with another mother at Wyatt's school, though the woman is more than she seems. Paige interferes with Phoebe's love life after seeing they guy kiss another woman. It was awesome to see the Source return if only to be vanquished again. This episode shows just how the sister's cover identities affect them and their lives as well as how easily their cover can be blown. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The Source of All Butchery


    Desperate Housewitches-Wyatt's school play brings out the competitive nature in Piper when her hand-sewn costume & parenting abilities are criticized by another mother. However things go from bad to worse, because this Stepford-like mother is actually a demon in disguise bent on kidnapping Wyatt in a plot to resurrect the Source. Meanwhile, Paige spies Dex with another woman, and despite Phoebe's objections, butts in.

    Is it just me or did the writers suffer from some kind of selective memory loss this season!? Cause honestly how does a line like Paige asking Piper and Phoebe how they vanquished the Source make it into a script!!!? O_0 You're telling me in an episode where the writing references Cole, Richard, Tempus, Zankou and brings back the sisters' greatest villain but the writers can't seem to remember the simple fact that Paige was there and helped her sisters vanquish the Source back in Season 4!! What kinda stupidity is that?! And don't tell me that line was suppose to besarcasticcause Rose McGowan delivers that line as dull as dirt! Not only shame on the writers, but on Rose McGowan now speaking up and saying "Hey! That line makes absolutely no sense and a disastrous plothole!" To make matters worse, when the Source is resurrected, his vanquished again just as fast. Piper's excuse also makes no sense because it was Wyatt's power that brought back the Source, not the possessing demon!! *HEADDESK UNTIL HEAD TRAUMA!*

    The rest of the episode? Where do I begin?! Paige is offrunningPhoebe's love life by posing as Dex's ex-girlfriend, Phoebe continues obsessing over Dex, a guy who's about as interesting as this episode itself, Piper is stuck in an episode of "Desperate Housewives" and Billie and Leo masquerade as demons by wearing the tackiest, trashiest clothes that I've ever seen! What more is there to say? Typical Charmed! At this point, I swear the three leads are seeing this show a merely a job, a means of getting a paycheck as the writers give these women very..and I mean VERY little to work with each week. It's a shame the Source couldn't stick around as final villain for the sisters. Instead, what's to come is probably the most anti-climatic, laughable main villains I've ever seen. Season 8 in all it's lack ofqualitypeople!

  • A demon possesses a mother who knows Wyatt to kidnap him. Why? To conjure the Source!

    I think this was the best episode since Imaginary Friends. Haha... people need to get over the fact that the Source was vanquished so easily. The Source had been conjured. It wasn't like facing him the first time. The way the sisters took care of him made complete sense. Phoebe and Paige actually have it backwards. Paige was right about Cole. Phoebe was ultimately right about Richard. So, they should stay IN each others' love lives, not out. Of course Dex ends up being a good guy. I guess that should be a relief. I am pretty unconcerned one way or the other. Paige has looked gorgeous these last two seasons. As much as I thought I loved the red hair, I think the dark hair makes her eyes seem even bigger than before.

    Anyway, Billie doesn't have a lot to do here other than be mischevious. Kind of bizarre that she could send her and Leo to Magic School just with a potion, but I guess it was essential to the plot. At any time they were there, Leo could have told Wyatt to orb them home, but I guess that would have ruined what was a very good scene when Leo stood his ground with the Source. Again, I had originally thought making Leo mortal was a big mistake, but actually, he has been an even tougher character without powers than he ever was with them, minus the couple episodes when he was frying Elders. As a whitelighter, he was pretty much useless except for orbing and healing, though those are pretty useful skills, granted.

    Anyway, the final scene when Piper, Leo and Chris attended Wyatt's school play was absolutely darling. It is always wonderful to see them together as a family considering everything they have gone through. Great scene.

    Now I am expecting this "secret identity" junk is going to end soon. From the beginning, what was ever the point of "living normal lives" if demons were still going to come after Wyatt and Chris? Pretty pointless, no? And it also suggests that their personal lives are more important than the greater good. If that were true, then what the hell have they been doing this whole time?
  • The Source of all E-- oh, he's gone..

    The sheer scope of this episode is impressive (as is Kaley Cuoco's smokin' hot bod), but for all of its build-up (and, boy, does it keep building and building...), the payoff is extremely disappointing. Forget any sort of big bang, there's not so much as a whimper. (Barely even a mote of dust.)

    Brad knew going into this season that it would be Charmed's last, so kudos must be given to his staff for rummaging through Charmed's back catalogue of demons and plucking out their most powerful nemesis - the Source.

    On any other series, and I'm going to be recalling Buffy here for a second, the show-runners would have gladly made this plot line into a two-part episode. Buffy, however, decided to treat the fans to an arc that would recall every Big Bad Buffy ever faced. With Charmed, however, the Source of all EVIL, for cryin' out loud, is awarded 5 to 10 minutes of screen-time, give or take. And his vanquish is so pathetic, that when Paige asks for an explanation, it's tossed aside by Piper with a pithy sentence that makes no sense, since WYATT was the one who conjured him up. Ugh.

    Sloppy finish aside, 'Desperate Housewitches' continues with season 8's perky, affable storytelling, with each sister nabbing a side-story of their own, with mixed results.

    Paige thinks Dex is a cheat, so she disguises herself as his ex to find out. It's a storyline that goes nowhere, but I did enjoy Phoebe jumping on Paige. (What? Don't look at me like that!) It's hard to believe that Phoebe would ever go out with someone as lifeless as Dex, but then again, she did go out with Jason for two seasons. Piper, meanwhile, is having trouble adapting to being considered Wyatt's 'distant cousin' and not his mother; I enjoyed this storyline the most. It was surprisingly well thought-out, and it certainly connects well to the main plot, even if it all crumbles in the final act. And the ending is unbearably cute.

    Billie still hasn't started to bug me yet, which I'm finding a tad worrying. Her snappy comments are very much welcome, and when Piper tells her to 'SHUT IT,' I laughed. I also liked the way she casually told Leo he looked hot, and how he proceeded to brush his clothing down one more time, as if to say 'hey, the new hot witch thinks I'm hot'. There's plenty of nice throwbacks to earlier seasons, with brief mentions of Cole, Richard, Tempus and Zankou. It's an awful shame that the writers didn't plan to bring the Source back for the rest of the arc as the main threat. It would have added some much needed momentum to the season. (There's more salt added to the wound when we eventually find out who the Big Bad is...or should I say who the Big Bads are...)

    Costume drama

    After a brief but refreshing break, it's demons as usual this week. Not for the first time, the plot sees a baddie try to lure Wyatt away from his parents. To do this, our demon-of-the-week first possesses one of his nursery school teachers then whisks him off to Magic School to summon the Source.

    While the point of the episode is to wind up Piper by portraying Mandy as the perfect mother, Mandy's sickly smiles do feel rather contrived. By contrast, the possessor demon is truly chilling and the actress is excellent. 'Nuff said about those costumes.

    The return of the Source is a bold move and a complete surprise. Unfortunately, his appearance is a total letdown. The build up is good but the action once he arrives is non-existent and the Source himself seems totally out of place. In fact that whole scene is weird. Leo, the Source and a demon dressed as a schoolteacher just don't work together. And that vanquish was way too easy. Why bring back someone so powerful only to have him disappear five minutes later? Surely they could have kept him on for a few episodes? Grrrrr!

    There is also a major subplot involving Paige, Phoebe and Dex. Annoying though it may be to see the writers spending yet MORE time on Phoebe's boring boyfriends, I have to admit this is far and away the best part of the episode. The scene where Paige glamours into Dex's ex girlfriend then gets busted by Phoebe is hilarious.

    I'm swiftly going off Billie. Her know-it-all attitude stinks (even more so because she doesn't know it all) and she's really rude to Leo in the opening scene. That said, I did enjoy seeing the two of them at Magic School. Demon Central indeed!

    Score: 8.6
  • Season 8 finally kicks into gear with this fantastic episode...the source returns"!!

    season 8 overall i found to be genuinly rather good all round although the previous three episodes have been quite below average...this however is charmed perfection.
    Run Pioer Run made a good use of their disguises which is what made tht episode very good but this one kicks everything up a few gears,Piper starts a rivalry in such a classic style (see Desperate Housewives for similar styles of agressive behavior and the fact that it is named loosly on the hit series and one of my fave series Desperate Housewives just makes this one an early classic of the season and a late classic of the show.
    although Holly of course steals this episode,Alyssa and Rose are a great presence in the episode and make it the fantastic standard it is today.
    Billie and Leo have something major to do in this episode for a change and aide in kicking up the pace and momentum tht was lacking in the seasons previous episodes.
    with this episode it single handedly aided the course of the series and with a special thanks to the writers of this episode season 8 reaches new heights of entertainment value and remains one of this seasons best and one of my fave episodes of the shows run.
    genuine classy fun that is only topped by the return of the one and only Source Of All Evil Himself.
    Great Episode!!
  • Very disappointing... what has happened to my favorite show?

    I mean, the rip-offs... the unoriginal storylines...
    Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano act as though they had just entered an acting class for the first time in their lives. What is with Paige sarcasm and over-acting in these four episodes?
    And Phoebe coming at Paige at the house like that? Totally rehearsed and un-exciting.

    I wasn't complaining so much with the rip-off from sex and the city (8x02) but this is too much. What, that Mandi is Bree, and Piper is Lynette, and the two of Mandi's friends are supposed to be , what, Susanand Gabrielle? Totally transparent!

    Peter Woodward (Source) was abysmal at the very least. I just hope they don't bring back Barbas, or some other "great" demon!

    Jason Lewis- He sould be killed! His acting skills amount to zero!

    And Kaley Cuoco still acts as though she's still in 8 Simple Rules. (Wonder if they rip that off any time soon..)

    I would give it a 1, but still, it's a 7 because...
    welll, Charmed is still my favorite show and I'm giving it another chance...

    but the worst episodes from seasons 1-7 are better than the first five episodes of season 8. Let's see what happens when they get "rewitched"...
  • Piper competes against a stepford-like mother and winds up re-vanquishing the Source.

    Piper finds that her son has a school-play and works hard to keep up with the demand for costumes. Her mothering skills are challenged by a cruel demonic mother who wishes to lure Wyatt away and use him to resurrect the Source to become the perfect demonic family. Piper finds out about this and puts her fut down by vanquishing the Demon, which kills the Source, literalizing the old Ball-and-chain theory. The ending with Wyatt's school play was so sweet. Meanwhile, Paige magically poses as the woman Dex is supposedly sleeping with to exact vengeance, bu it backfires on her. I found this episode to be very exciting in it's conspiritorial nature and enjoyed the "fast times" with Billie and Leo.
  • A way to get the Charmed Ones into the story. Not the best ever, but one of the best of the season...

    At last one watchable episode about the sisters and not about Billie! Xd I don't have a lot to add...

    The story is original, a demon trying to bring the source back! Cool idea, and the demon itself was good. The good thing about the episode is that a the end the Charmed Ones come together and kill the big bad! And Billie is in the second place (as she always should have been). The vanquish, as the whole field of vanquishes in the season, is poor. It's Piper blowing up the demon, nothing more... Maybe a spell or something... because I can't remenber when was the last time that they vanquish the episode's demon with a spell, lately they only use potions! Only! Xd

    In the other hand, the stories of the sisters individualy were cool, I liked the funny moments of Paige and bla blabla bla blabla...LOL! That was so unexpected! Xd Great job. Piper has a good episode in the funny part aswell. I think that in the episode, they use the funny part and the "others shows" ideas, like the comedy of Desperate Housewives (not only included in the tittle) but they didn't a inpersonal job. It doesn't go too long out of Charmed. We have a good work of camera and a good cordination in the scenes (The scenes in Magic School were good filmed, and the scenes since Piper realized that Mandy is a demon are fantastic... You know, the hall scene, the attic scene, ect...)
  • I understand why paige turned into Silvia to trick Dex that girl is HOOOOT in that short skirt

    Wyatt's impending school play brings out the competitive nature in Piper when her hand-sewn costume for Wyatt and her parenting ability are attacked by Mandi, the perfect Stepford-like mother. Unbeknownst to Piper, Mandi is a demon in disguise, befriending Wyatt so that she can kidnap him to use his powers to bring back The Source and create the perfect demon family. Meanwhile, bored with learning the basics of magic but intrigued with the idea of a Magic School, Billie uses a potion to send her and Leo to magic school. Once there, they realize that the school has been taken over by demons who have kidnapped Wyatt. Knowing that Phoebe feels Dex is the one, Paige worries when she suspects he is seeing another woman, and decides to intervene
  • Wyatt's school play brings out the competitive nature in Piper when her hand-sewn costume & parenting abilities are criticized by another mother.

    Awesome episode! Billie is awesome! She is my second favorite character! I love the wat she dresse but I would have the white stuff in black. The stuff the demons were wearing that Billie later wore was awesome! I so would wear that even though the top is short. Thats my style. I also love how Paige dresses. My favorite part was at the beginning with Billie and Leo and she starts making that metal thing more than it flys out the window.
  • It wasn't bad, I suppose

    Wyatt's impending school play brings out the competitive nature in Piper when her hand-sewn costume for Wyatt and her parenting ability are attacked by Mandi, the perfect Stepford-like mother. Unbeknownst to Piper, Mandi is a demon in disguise, befriending Wyatt so that she can kidnap him to use his powers to bring back The Source and create the perfect demon family. Meanwhile, bored with learning the basics of magic but intrigued with the idea of a Magic School, Billie uses a potion to send her and Leo to magic school. Once there, they realize that the school has been taken over by demons who have kidnapped Wyatt. Knowing that Phoebe feels Dex is the one, Paige worries when she suspects he is seeing another woman, and decides to intervene
  • Piper tries to deal with her new position as Wyatt's supposed "legal guardian" while Paige tries to "save" Phoebe from Dex (who she believes is cheating) and Leo tries to help Billie learn more about magic. With a source vanquish and a possessed room mom.

    This episode was really an example of why I love this show. True it had no residual effect and did not change the course of the series but it continued to deal on themes that had been started this season and that had yet to be resolved. Namely, the identity crisis that followed the girl's rash decision from last year. Aside from that was one of the funnier and better plotted episodes of the series. We saw the best of so many characters that it's a must to see for the season. We saw one of the best Leo moments of the year. And we see what it is the sisters are so striving for... normalcy. There are moments that are so normal that it makes the series that much more believable. This episode really highlights the fact that this show is about the sister's first, magic second.
  • the correct quote, what Piper actually says is, she\\\'s a REAL mom, not a ROOM mom. Room mom is meaningless.

    the correct quote, what Piper actually says is, she\\\'s a REAL mom, not a ROOM mom. Room mom is meaningless.

    the correct quote, what Piper actually says is, she\\\'s a REAL mom, not a ROOM mom. Room mom is meaningless.

    the correct quote, what Piper actually says is, she\\\'s a REAL mom, not a ROOM mom. Room mom is meaningless.

    the correct quote, what Piper actually says is, she\\\'s a REAL mom, not a ROOM mom. Room mom is meaningless.

    is that 100 words yet? there should be a separate area for corrections, but I couldn\\\'t find one.

    also, the \\\'your score\\\' field doesn\\\'t always work properly, about half the time I only get text of some javascript code in a box.
  • Too much rip-off and overused storylines, but still an average and fun episode.

    It’s no secrets that Charmed usually have some sort of a pun in the title, but it’s not often the whole episode is based on the title. This is the case with Desperate Housewitches. Desperate Housewives is a great show, and I see nothing wrong with doing a little DH theme. It could have been fun, if they hadn’t made as big of a rip-off as they did. A jealous and neurotic Piper is always fun, but the whole school play and perfect mom thing was just screaming DH with some extra exclamation signs. It was simply too much. Despite that, the episode was actually good and quite fun. It was fun too see some Leo and Billie interaction, a way for both them and us to get to know her, and get used to her. The demons taking over Magic School was a smart move by the writers that can bring up some interesting story lines in the future. Speaking of Billie, she was fairly annoying in the episode, but I’ve learned how to see her good sides, and I now see some good qualities in her character, and I actually like her the more I watch. At my first viewing of the first half of this season, I just hated her with might, but at my second viewing I actually like her at times. She can be fun and at occasion smart and imaginative.

    Paige’s date was just hilarious, and as always I’m stunned by Rose’s beauty and Paige’s carefree and funny character. Brian and holly are great together as usual. It was also fun to see the source again, and to see the sisters react to his being there. It’s just too bad that Peter Woodward seemed to be such an awful actor here. He’s shown before on the show that he’s capable of some fairly good acting, both as the Source and as Aku, but here he’s disastrous. Everything he says is overacted and strained, and he’s not the least bit intimidating, as he used to be. The way he was vanquished was also quite ridiculous. The Source was probably the worst demon they will ever have to face, and now they vanquished him just like that. I admit, the sisters are stronger than they were at their last encounter with him, but that was just silly. While we’re on it, most of the demons in this episode was really bad actors, even if their characters were original and quite interesting. But I don’t get that whole Gothic Teenaged Demons thing. Since when are you a demon when you dress in black and have black hair. I look like that, but I’m not a demon, and I’m not very evil. It’s just stupid to have the demons look like that. I miss the season 1 demons that didn’t look human.

    Phoebe and Dex’s relationship moved just inches forwards in the episode, and continues to be as boring as a glass of milk. Phoebe was as a rule very boring, as she always seems to be nowadays. It’s really such a pity. She used to be lovely, and more importantly, she used to be my favourite character of the show. Those days are over, and now I have Paige in my heart.

    All in all a fun episode with some good scenes, and some bad. Average Charmed.
  • Desperate Writers

    Well, we're back to average Charmed again after last week's excellent episode. This is an episode which may of seemed good on paper but ends up a real mess with the writers looking like morons who may as well be walking around with a neon sign above their heads reading "out of ideas".

    Desperate Housewitches (kill me now) has Piper going head-to-head with a psychotic mom at Wyatt's school. The mom turns out to be possessed by a demon called, originally, a Possessor Demon and is intent on resurrecting the Source, so she abducts Wyatt to do so. Meanwhile, Paige believes that Dex is cheating on Phoebe so some hilariously awful hijinks ensue.

    It's sad to see the writers relying on successful storylines from the past in order to make new episodes. The Source was the big bad for seasons three and four and it's annoying to see a demon who was built up so much back then to suddenly re-appear and then get vanquished (so simply) in the space of around thirty seconds. The Source is really wasted in this episode but at least possessed Mandi makes up for it. She's a really cool bad guy with some good demon make-up and is played effortlessly by Young and the Restless star Michelle Stafford. The only plain bad moment in this storyline is when Paige asks "how did you vanquish (The Source) last time?” Uh, you should know Paige, since you were there!!! I honestly cannot believe how stupid the writers are for not remembering that! Or Rose McGowan at least! I've lost all feelings for Paige now. They've turned her into a mentally ill bimbo!

    The Piper storyline in this episode was awful. It was like Brad Kern broke into Marc Cherry's office and stole the script from the Running to Stand Still episode of Desperate Housewives where Lynette and Maisy Gibbons clash over the school play and threw in some demons to make it seem original. Get your own material Kern!

    The Phoebe/Dex relationship continues to get spun out and it's still boring as hell. This episode has a pathetic subplot where Paige shapeshifts into a woman seen with Dex after she suspects he's cheating on Phoebe. Paige acts like a complete mental patient (like she has all season) whilst Phoebe seems really arrogant throughout.

    Also, what the hell is up with the new costume designer?! Has he/she got a thing for kinkiness and S&M outfits? First will Billie's "borrowed from a hooker"-look in season eight's first two hours and now with the leather-clad, choker-wearing demons in this episode that looked like they've just wandered off the set of a gay porn movie? Excuse me whilst I barf...

    In the end, Desperate Housewitches is a pretty pointless episode which doesn't do much to advance the story. The Source made a pointless re-appearance and I'd need a mathematical genius to add up all the inconsistencies and knock-off's featured!

    Rating: D-
  • All I can say is average.

    To be completely honest, I was a bit disappointed with this episode. The whole Desperate Housewives thing was so cheesy, it wasn't at all enjoyable for me. It was a cool idea to bring back the Source, but I thought they would have done it under different conditions, it should have been a bigger deal. He was only around for about eight minutes. And finally, the biggest thing of all, we got to see our first glimpse of baby Chris this season. It's kind of like they've completely forgotten about him. When Leo and Billie were at Magic School and Piper was with Wyatt at the kindergarten, who was looking after Chris? I don't think Phoebe would have taken him to work, and you don't see Paige carrying him around when she was trying to find out about Sylvia and Dex. The writers need to give these things more thought. I do hope the episodes start to improve next week.
  • Piper meets a demonic Stepford wife and the Source returns

    I was disappointed with this episode. The way in which the sisters and Billie was lazy, not so much on their part but on the writers.
    First of all, Billie’s potion to get into Magic School. Since the school was introduced the only way to get in there was a door or by orbing and the idea of a potion was ridiculous. Maybe a potion thrown at a drawn door would’ve made more sense (like the one they wanted to use in It’s a bad bad bad bad world part 1 to send Chris to the future.)
    The way in which the sisters vanquished the demon was sort of logical and lazy. It seems a little bit unbelievable to think that just a few explosions from Piper could kill a powerful demon and the Source. Speaking of the Source, that was a very much-wasted demon. He was the biggest and baddest demon the Charmed Ones ever faced and to bring him back and kill him in the space of a few scenes was an insult to the fight they fought for 2 years.
    The rest of the episode was average. The rip off from Desperate Housewives was alright and the Paige interfering in Phoebe’s love life storyline was an old one but didn’t help to forward the plot in anyway.

    Saying all that the episode wasn’t that bad. I liked the Leo and Billie interaction and if I’m honest, Billie wasn’t that annoying. I loved Leo’s defence of Wyatt, which I felt really showed how much he loved his son- to face the source of evil as a mortal.

    My favourite scene of the whole episode was the final one with Piper, Leo and baby Chris looking on at Wyatt in his pumpkin costume. Their happiness and seeing the whole family together for the first time this season was too cute for words!
  • Piper becomes a desperate housewife when one of the other moms at school turns out to be a demon who wants to bring the source back...

    Overall a good episode...

    Interesting to see Piper trying to be a normal mother though everybody sees her as a far away cousin. That must have hurt!
    Paige interferes with Phoebe's love life when she suspects that Dex is cheating on Phoebe as Phoebe's storyline pretty much resolves around that. It's not that big. It mostly resolves around Piper and Mandie the mom from Wyatt's school... I haven't said this yet but I find Wyatt so adorable! He's so cute! :)

    And besides that it's funny to see Leo tutoring Billie, I thought that would be Paige's task.. But it's nice to see Billie interact with the other characters on the show.. So far I also like her character on the show

    It's an interesting fact to bring back the source and it was nicely done and all... the only minor point to this episode was that the Source was beaten pretty quickly, though the way the Source was destroyed was original..
  • the source of all evil is killed within five minutes of coming alive. this episode lacked a lot of thinking. they could have done a lot more with this one than they did. they did a whole run on turning wyatt evil last year. this year five minutes and poof

    this one would have been a good halloween episode. but they could have had the source more than a few minutes. they could have run that story line for a long time. fighting the source was a good team effort last time this time poof and your gone mister boo
  • Before I saw the episode I knew The Source will be in it, but what I wanted to saw was the Phoebe/Paige storyline and on the other side I was afraid because the Wyatt storyline repeating. After I watch the episode I couldn't belive it, it w

    Charmed is geting better and better and the ratings are on it side too.

    Before I saw the episode I knew The Source will be in it, but what I wanted to saw was the Phoebe/Paige storyline (I love the trailer and I really wanted to saw the fight between them) and on the other side I was afraid because the Wyatt storyline repeating.

    After I watch the episode I couldn't belive it, it was so amazing! more than I imagined, the only thing that I don't like was the fact that The Source was vanquished as an easy way. Well, the way was original and credible, but I would loved to saw The Source throwing fire balls meanwhile Paige and Phoebe use martial acts agains him. And Piper trying to blow up the demon.

    And the very last scene with Piper was very tearful and happy... and normal
  • It was ok

    This episode was ok , although the previous episode , " Run , Piper , Run " , was much more interesting .

    Once again , Billie kind of ruined the episode for me . Again I say that if there was less of her , it would have been better .

    I liked the bit with Piper & the 3 other mothers critisizing her , I've never watched " Desperate Housewives " , but I have seen clips of the show & the 3 of them reminded me of Marcia Cross , Terri Hatcher & Eva Longoria .

    The vanquish at the end was too quick & silly.
  • A big missed opportunity at the end...

    First, as a martial arts aficiondo, I can say that nunchucks are a lot harder to use then they seem so kudos to Kaely for looking so good with them. Sad that's the best thing she's done all season.

    I made my peace long ago with the fact the writers seem to have forgotten the history of the show so I can forgive their messing up the Source's return. I do think it's nice they still seem to be hinting at how Wyatt can still turn out evil.

    I do think they missed a big opportunity for a nice twist at the end when the Bree-like housewife seems broken after the demon encounter. I think it would have been funnier to have her show up not remembering anything but even more chipper, intense and perfect than before, with Piper realizing to her dismay that the demon was actually *downplaying* her traits. That would have been a nice touch at the end.

    So, still don't have much hopes for this season but maybe next week can change that.
  • pretty good

    Not a bad episode, but it's not exactly one of my favorites.
    The storyline wasn't awful, but i didn't like how The Source was defeated so easily.

    Rose, Holly and Alyssa all did a fine job acting (like always). I'm likin Billie much more than I did in the beginning of this season. Also like Leo's new look.

    Don't really have a lot to say about the episode, so im callin it quits.
    But the episode was pretty funny
  • I am undecided about this episode, although parts of the story were good, there was a lack of the all-round quality that makes Charmed what it is. We seem to be coming across more and more holes... and less convincing demons.

    When I first started watching Charmed - very first episode - I found it thrilling, but most importantly, the demon fighting and issues seemed to be an analogy for the issues within the family, and the relationships they carry. Not only have they seperated them, but they seem to be forcing everything in together. Perhaps the choice to fake their own deaths to get away from demon fighting -- but still have demons eventually come after them was not the best line.

    Four episodes into the new season and I'm still waiting to be wowed into admitting that they're still good, still 'Charmed'.

    However, the only way they seem to be keeping themselves afloat is by the blatant allusion of a popular tv show 'Desperate Housewives', the episode name, along with the character 'Mandi' having too many similarities to the character 'Bree' from DH, and watch closely, you'll see the mothers group up on Piper, all three looking slightly too similar to the cast of DH.

    But I'd be willing to overlook that, had I not been so overwhelmed by the need to create a story around Paige that she could not tell Phoebe that she saw Dex kissing someone. When you see the person that your sister is so deep into, kissing someone else, you tell them, no matter what - just blurt it out for heavens sake!

    Piper's storyline, though more believable, was still slightly flawed. Why would you not change the boys' appearance as well? What would be the harm in saying that say Victor moved away with the boys, and have the cousins have their own kid - would make things much simpler for the 'legal guardian' Piper.

    Overlooking Piper's soft spot for losing her child to everyone, there was still the issue that Mandi was too easily a demon. So convient, and completely unbearable. We were not introduced to her before this episode, and chances are, we will not see her again, so what makes her such a prime candidate to be possessed and take Wyatt, he's smarter than that.


    I do hope they get better, I found it unbearable and somewhat boring to watch the demon parts of this episode; bringing back the Source - how original and thrilling.

    I think in order to make this show better from here, Paige will continue to go on dates, rather than making this yet another one off, just so she'd bump into Dex. Apparently Sergei Cops is coming on the show to do just that, so that'll be good, only four episode to go until he's on. She should also look into a job - how exactly are they living? Something in teaching would be good, or back to her social work.

    Phoebe's love life should have more of Dex in the roles - we don't actually know anything about him except that he's an artist. Do you remember when Cole was in the picture, how much detail we got of them? Every little flirt and smile; That's what we need! If we expect them to get married, we need to get to know him.

    Piper and Leo are going good, I don't really need to pick apart their relationship from this episode, it was good.

    I do find it annoying how every episode they do the whole 'Oh my God, the Charmed Ones are alive?!' I mean, if they killed all their demons last time - just the way they're doing now, how'd they get their name out? Someone's gotta be looking. And the elders? They would be able to sense the presense or lack of of their powers, and the fact that random demons are getting killed off. Or they know and they're not letting on - but then why ask to take Wyatt?

    Anyway... the bottom line, is that there are so many things that the crew on Charmed need to do to pick up their act if they expect to get viewers through this season and onto the next. I wish them luck, and I hope they don't disappoint me, they're one of my first favourite shows.
  • Great fun and an intersting story.

    This was a really great episode with the return of the Source and the show's very own Mandy/Bree. Billie is becoming more and more likeable with the speedy development of her powers and Piper really took the lead in this one. The Phoebe/Dex storyline is a little dull but everything else in the episode made up for this. I thought using less special effects would damage the show but it just goes back to the first 3 seasons with good old dramedy.
  • I LOVE it ! I think its JUST getting better nad better by the episode !! Everyone is moving on with thier lives, and Billie is becoming more aware of being a witch....It gives me hope that Charmed will continue again !

    In this episode we saw everyones lives becoming more and more complicated, I mean, Piper making costumes for Leo and going to see Wyatt at a school play that is soo adorable ! Pheobe moving on with Dex, and Dex being honest and showing us that he truly cares for her, not a character has come whom i fell in love with so fast !! LoL, Billie is becoming more aware of everything and learning more and more which shows that she might leave hope for all of us ! And paige was being the nice sister caring about pheobe's relationship, so sweet of her!
  • Billy get's a bit more screen time in this episode, but is ultimately told that she is still a child. Also, the return of the source!

    I admit at first the introduction of a new character (Billy) disappointed me. It stood out as a way to reach the younger male market. Just a tool to breathe new life into the series.

    I didn't feel it needed new life - we were getting enough with the girls 'alter egos'.

    But now I've grown to like Billy (Kaley Cuoco), and I'm a bit disappointed at how she's being treated. It's understandable, yes. But if you are going to bring a new witch into the series (especially one as hot as Cuoco) you need to do something with her character.

    She got screen time in this episode by landing Leo and herself at magic school - surrounded by demons. This gave the two an excuse to play bad guy and try on hot clothes. Billy looks amazing, and you really start to notice that Brian Krause (Leo) has been working out.

    But when it comes time to defeat the demon, Billy has no part. They need to stop treating her like a child.

    The return of the source! The writing in this episode is amazing. We first find out that there are plans to bring back the source. Then Phoebe mentions Cole in a conversation with Paige. Way to plant that seed. Alas, the source wasn't Cole, but was instead the source previous to Cole. I was disappointed. But since he got it in the end, maybe bringing back Cole would have been a bad idea - especially with the connection he had with phoebe, and the viewers.

    Tune in next week when Phoebe continues to rush her relationship with Dex. Hopefully we will get to know the guy a bit more.
  • A woman at Wyatt's School tries to kidnap him to bring The Source back to life

    Not a bad episode, but it's not exactly one of my favorites.
    The storyline wasn't awful, but i didn't like how The Source was defeated so easily.

    Rose, Holly and Alyssa all did a fine job acting (like always). I'm likin Billie much more than I did in the beginning of this season. Also like Leo's new look.

    Don't really have a lot to say about the episode, so im callin it quits.
    But the episode was pretty funny
  • How could any true Charmed fan even watch the show after the past 3 episodes?

    Wow, I am a HARD CORE Charmed fan and this new season is so bad I want to cry. I used to look foreward to Thursday night(yeah way back when Prue was on the show), then when they changed it, Sunday night. Now I can't even force myself to finish a new episode because it is soooooooo DUMB and pointless, and shouldn't have the right to be called Charmed. The show has been going downhill for the past few year, but I have faithfully watched every second, now the new episodes have started, and I can't even make myself go to the channel. This is a very sad time for any real charmed fan, let me know if the show stops sucking.
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