Season 8 Episode 4

Desperate Housewitches

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2005 on The WB

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    Costume drama

    After a brief but refreshing break, it's demons as usual this week. Not for the first time, the plot sees a baddie try to lure Wyatt away from his parents. To do this, our demon-of-the-week first possesses one of his nursery school teachers then whisks him off to Magic School to summon the Source.

    While the point of the episode is to wind up Piper by portraying Mandy as the perfect mother, Mandy's sickly smiles do feel rather contrived. By contrast, the possessor demon is truly chilling and the actress is excellent. 'Nuff said about those costumes.

    The return of the Source is a bold move and a complete surprise. Unfortunately, his appearance is a total letdown. The build up is good but the action once he arrives is non-existent and the Source himself seems totally out of place. In fact that whole scene is weird. Leo, the Source and a demon dressed as a schoolteacher just don't work together. And that vanquish was way too easy. Why bring back someone so powerful only to have him disappear five minutes later? Surely they could have kept him on for a few episodes? Grrrrr!

    There is also a major subplot involving Paige, Phoebe and Dex. Annoying though it may be to see the writers spending yet MORE time on Phoebe's boring boyfriends, I have to admit this is far and away the best part of the episode. The scene where Paige glamours into Dex's ex girlfriend then gets busted by Phoebe is hilarious.

    I'm swiftly going off Billie. Her know-it-all attitude stinks (even more so because she doesn't know it all) and she's really rude to Leo in the opening scene. That said, I did enjoy seeing the two of them at Magic School. Demon Central indeed!

    Score: 8.6
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