Season 8 Episode 4

Desperate Housewitches

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2005 on The WB

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  • The Source of all E-- oh, he's gone..

    The sheer scope of this episode is impressive (as is Kaley Cuoco's smokin' hot bod), but for all of its build-up (and, boy, does it keep building and building...), the payoff is extremely disappointing. Forget any sort of big bang, there's not so much as a whimper. (Barely even a mote of dust.)

    Brad knew going into this season that it would be Charmed's last, so kudos must be given to his staff for rummaging through Charmed's back catalogue of demons and plucking out their most powerful nemesis - the Source.

    On any other series, and I'm going to be recalling Buffy here for a second, the show-runners would have gladly made this plot line into a two-part episode. Buffy, however, decided to treat the fans to an arc that would recall every Big Bad Buffy ever faced. With Charmed, however, the Source of all EVIL, for cryin' out loud, is awarded 5 to 10 minutes of screen-time, give or take. And his vanquish is so pathetic, that when Paige asks for an explanation, it's tossed aside by Piper with a pithy sentence that makes no sense, since WYATT was the one who conjured him up. Ugh.

    Sloppy finish aside, 'Desperate Housewitches' continues with season 8's perky, affable storytelling, with each sister nabbing a side-story of their own, with mixed results.

    Paige thinks Dex is a cheat, so she disguises herself as his ex to find out. It's a storyline that goes nowhere, but I did enjoy Phoebe jumping on Paige. (What? Don't look at me like that!) It's hard to believe that Phoebe would ever go out with someone as lifeless as Dex, but then again, she did go out with Jason for two seasons. Piper, meanwhile, is having trouble adapting to being considered Wyatt's 'distant cousin' and not his mother; I enjoyed this storyline the most. It was surprisingly well thought-out, and it certainly connects well to the main plot, even if it all crumbles in the final act. And the ending is unbearably cute.

    Billie still hasn't started to bug me yet, which I'm finding a tad worrying. Her snappy comments are very much welcome, and when Piper tells her to 'SHUT IT,' I laughed. I also liked the way she casually told Leo he looked hot, and how he proceeded to brush his clothing down one more time, as if to say 'hey, the new hot witch thinks I'm hot'. There's plenty of nice throwbacks to earlier seasons, with brief mentions of Cole, Richard, Tempus and Zankou. It's an awful shame that the writers didn't plan to bring the Source back for the rest of the arc as the main threat. It would have added some much needed momentum to the season. (There's more salt added to the wound when we eventually find out who the Big Bad is...or should I say who the Big Bads are...)