Season 8 Episode 4

Desperate Housewitches

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2005 on The WB

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  • A demon possesses a mother who knows Wyatt to kidnap him. Why? To conjure the Source!

    I think this was the best episode since Imaginary Friends. Haha... people need to get over the fact that the Source was vanquished so easily. The Source had been conjured. It wasn't like facing him the first time. The way the sisters took care of him made complete sense. Phoebe and Paige actually have it backwards. Paige was right about Cole. Phoebe was ultimately right about Richard. So, they should stay IN each others' love lives, not out. Of course Dex ends up being a good guy. I guess that should be a relief. I am pretty unconcerned one way or the other. Paige has looked gorgeous these last two seasons. As much as I thought I loved the red hair, I think the dark hair makes her eyes seem even bigger than before.

    Anyway, Billie doesn't have a lot to do here other than be mischevious. Kind of bizarre that she could send her and Leo to Magic School just with a potion, but I guess it was essential to the plot. At any time they were there, Leo could have told Wyatt to orb them home, but I guess that would have ruined what was a very good scene when Leo stood his ground with the Source. Again, I had originally thought making Leo mortal was a big mistake, but actually, he has been an even tougher character without powers than he ever was with them, minus the couple episodes when he was frying Elders. As a whitelighter, he was pretty much useless except for orbing and healing, though those are pretty useful skills, granted.

    Anyway, the final scene when Piper, Leo and Chris attended Wyatt's school play was absolutely darling. It is always wonderful to see them together as a family considering everything they have gone through. Great scene.

    Now I am expecting this "secret identity" junk is going to end soon. From the beginning, what was ever the point of "living normal lives" if demons were still going to come after Wyatt and Chris? Pretty pointless, no? And it also suggests that their personal lives are more important than the greater good. If that were true, then what the hell have they been doing this whole time?