Season 1 Episode 22

Déjà Vu All Over Again

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 26, 1999 on The WB

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  • Just.. why Prue.

    THANK YOU to all the other people that have asked the question since the first time I saw this show so many years ago.

    Why not just kill Rodriguez again and let the day repeat itself and save Andy this time. And honestly, the fact he was there was pointless and stupid, he KNOWS it's a demon and he can't do anything, so he just barges in anyway? On top of that they know he dies, so why not just tie him up across town, do something - anything - that means he can't come in. I'm sure if they really tried, he would not have been ABLE to be in that house.

    But that's just me. I do like this season finale, I liked that Andy died, I felt it showed the show is serious, people do come and go in this life, and the whole 'will they won't they' with Prue was getting very very annoying. At least the love story with Piper, Leo (and Dan urgh) was well written.

    But yes, I hated the fact that, Mary Sue *cough* Prue was able to sense time as well and be all perfect. Let Phoebe (who admittedly does have kind of the crap power since she never is able to summon a vision on command, even levitation is nothing in comparison) be special for once!

    Future links:

    I like how we've had our second implication of the Source here.

    In the episode with 3 Prue's she jokes with Phoebe "Maybe one day you'll know how you sound" and in S4 she does!

    Pipers issues with being normal vs wicca resonate throughout the show.

    Phoebe's issues with being good vs evil, and where she belongs in the world.

    Fashion: Oh Darryl you're rocking that orange shirt and purple spotty tie.

    I do like Phoebe's light blue top she's wearing at the start of 'each' day.
  • Deja Vu All Over Again

    Deja Vu All Over Again was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development as Andy lost his job to protect Prue, though it didn't do much good in the end. The story was well written, superbly acted, and the over all production was spectacular. This was a great season one finale because there was a lot of character growth and surprises in the story. I certainly look forward to the second season and watching its opening episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Kill Prue Vol. 57

    Written by Connie and Brad, this is a painfully dull offering from a painfully dull first season of the show. While the fireworks on display may distract casual viewers from a weak and overly used main-plot, bad casting and a dreadful script drags this one down considerably.

    My main gripe with this hour is how straight-laced it is - the writers never have fun with the premise and bring nothing new to the proceedings. To be fair, though, how Phoebe manages to recall what is happening due to her ability is a nice touch. (I felt it was undermined, however, when Super-Prue also felt the effects of Deja-Vu)

    The 3 leading ladies, as usual, do well with what they're given, but to be perfectly honest, it's not much. The plot is wafer thin at best, so to endure the same thing over and over really tests your limits. The episode focuses too much on two actors who weren't so much cast as they were carved!

    David Carradine, who will go on to star in such cult films as Kill Bill, and appear on such hit series as Alias, can't even elevate your viewing experience, although I'd say anyone would have a difficult time convincing you with the garb he had to spew out - Tempus becomes a reoccurring villain, but here, he's your typical lame-ass bad guy with little to no background.

    The stunt work was impressive and the final moments with Andy dying weren't overly Saccharine, shockingly. But this hour was filled with insufferable dialogue, some dreadful acting and as a season finale it was all rather tame stuff, even for this show.
  • If at first you don't succeed at killing 3 witches, try, try again...

    This is the first season finale, and it is a good one. In my opinion, probably the fifth best overall, (behind Forever Charmed, Its a Bad, Bad, Bad World, All Hell Breaks Loose, and Something Wicca This Way Goes). Even though the use of time travel in the episode becomes rather worn out by time Charmed is finished, this is otherwise a rather unique episode with the same scenes repeating 3 times with small changes each time, making it probably actually a fairly easy episode to shoot. Fortunately, as we'll learn, anytime reality or time is messed with Phoebe is aware that something is up. She eventually gets the sisters together on the right path. As it turns out, like in "A Witch in Time", the ultimate answer is to allow the innocent to die; its just that this time around the innocent happens to be Andy.

    Like others, I also feel its a shame that Andy couldn't have been maintained on the show. I have said prior that I really liked the use of his character after he found out the secret, and I wish we would have had more of that instead of just a couple episodes. I think the couple repeated scenes between Prue and Andy are the highlight of this episode. They were well-written and very well done by Andy, not so much at times by Prue. Like I said with Piper and Leo, it is sort of out of the blue that Prue and Andy love each other when they've basically been resisting a relationship for the last 10 episodes. So, I don't know how believable it is. But like I said, the scenes are otherwise well-written and touching. Apparently death brings on religion and love.

    Andy's death ended up senseless in the end. If he would have stayed out of it, he would have lived. If you are the sisters and you know the day is repeating, why not go ahead and kill Rodriguez one more time, reset the day, and then do it all again except save Andy the next time? How about that for an idea? Also, Prue letting Rodriguez walk away is just idiotic. I expect it was just a lazy way to get rid of him without making the sisters look draconian, but seriously, he was a demon who had already killed twice, including Andy. Vanquishing him, even while tied down, wouldn't make anyone a murderer. Very good ending to what was a very solid opening season for Charmed.

    First seasons are typically overrated because they are the first, much like other things. I miss the magical effects displayed in later seasons. I miss Leo being a constant presence. I miss the orbing and healing. I miss Piper's blow up power. I miss the presence of a central evil to fight. I miss the underworld. I actually preferred it when Charmed settled on mostly demons as bad guys instead of the mottled mix of Season 1. I like bad guys who shimmer and throw fireballs. And most of all, I miss Paige. She brings an energy to the show whereas Prue brings a gravity. Both are good, but I definitely miss Paige.

    Still, all that being said, for all the things it doesn't have, this is still a very good season of Charmed. What this season does have is good writing and very good acting. It has at least 5 great episodes in Dead Man Dating, Wicca Envy, Is there a Woogie in the House?, That 70s Episode, and Love Hurts before the season finale. It also has very few episodes high on foolishiness. Very little exposure stories, and very little mythological or comic book chicanery. Great start.
  • What the hell is a summary anyway?

    This has to be one of the best season finales in the whole show. A couple of things that make it so special are as follows:

    * The director of this episode played out the tragedy of Andy\'s death exceptionally well. With the reason of him dying in love for Prue, with his and Prue\'s talk at the end in (heaven, if that\'s what you want to call it) and even with the funerl. Calling all angels by Jane Siberry is a remarkable song.

    * There is also tragedy in a way that we get to see Phoebe die twice and Piper die once. It may not have been amazing acting on Shannan\'s part but it was good.

    * The PLOT (we mustn\'t forget the plot) whoever come up with this is a genius, and especially the idea of Phoebe catching on to the Deja Vu before everyone else BECAUSE of her power to see things in different times.

    * As well as all this, the episode still manages to keep its comedy factor, with Piper telling her school friend, Joanne Hurts where to stick it.

    * And, last but not least, Prue got to kick ass at the end in a brilliant scene where she reflected the energy ball with great confidence in her abilities.

    And, by the way, the talk the sisters had outside the manor at the end really set season 2 up, keeping everyone waiting for it. And Prue also got to close the door with her telekinesis (which, as we all know, is a tradition)
  • This episode was really good. It was about a demon who is confronted by Tempus, a very powerful demon who can manipulate time. He keeps reversing time everytime the demon is killed by the charmed ones until he is defeated and there is a great loss.

    This was a really cool episode. I loved to watch when Rodriguez would keep killing Phoebe and then the second time he got piper. But you can never defeat good old Prue Halliwell. This was kind of a sad episode because Andy does end up dying. I think overall it did an outstanding job with the storyline. I liked Tempus and thought he was pretty cool how he turns back time. I also liked the jokes Piper and Phoebe made about that one lady. In this episdoe, Piper realizes that she wants to own her own restaurant which eventually becomes P3 .
  • Repetitio est mater studorium.

    Charmed’s first season finale is very original, and very gripping. It features tons of both hilarious and sad scenes, and turned an already used idea into something fun and original.

    The whole idea of the day keeping repeating itself is very well-done, and the way that Phoebe gets the sense of Déjà vu every time it starts over again, is always fun to watch. Alyssa shines throughout the episode, as does Holly, but it is really Shannen that excels. She gets scenes where she plays strong willed, determined and light hearted, but she truly and masterfully handles the sad scenes with perfection. Her crying over Andy’s body and at his funeral is really heartbreaking.

    When looking at the episode, it might seem a little tiring, as the same day is literally repeating itself three times, but it’s not. Every time a day is set on repeat, it’s given a new twist, and the ways the different characters react every turn is really entertaining. Besides the main story being very interesting and well executed, the episode featured some really good subplots as well. Piper’s meeting her old classmate was just plain fun, and her finally telling her off was just a wonderful foreshadow of what Piper’s character will become. Truly amazing.

    Even though I’ve never been a big fan of Andy, as he is really boring, his death was sad, and it created some genuine emotion. All the Prue/Andy scenes are handled very well, and the writing, as well as the acting, of them are great. I liked that Phoebe was the one to find out what was going on, and that it for once was her power that saved the day. She hasn’t had a whole lot to do during this season, and I liked how they made her the leader and the saviour, even though it only was for this episode.

    The choice of guest stars is also good. Carlos Gomez gives a good performance as the more and more frustrated demon Rodriguez. It was, however, David Carradine who seriously impresses me. He’s a magnificent actor, and his portrayal of the (for once very original) demon Tempus is really memorable and excellent. One of the best and most interesting demons ever on the show.

    All in all, Déjà vu all over again was an excellent first season finale, from the fun main story, the cute subplot and the great emotion it created. I also love the tradition it started with the door to the manor magically closing. It’s a sweet tradition, which is always welcomed.
  • A evil demon has come to the charmed ones to try and kill them, but is joined by a tempus who can reverse time.

    A evil demon has come to the charmed ones to try and kill them, but is joined by a tempus who can reverse time

    This episode is one of my favourites!
    The time travel has never been used before this episode so i think the idea is great!

    A cast member dies in this episode who will be missed as o quite liked the character.

    I enjoyed the dramatic performances by Holly and Shannen when certain charcters died by do i say they stay dead forever?

    I think this was a very good series finale which was action packed throughout MOST of the scenes which when time was reveresed didnt show all what had originally happend, just the information needed so the audience wouldnt get bored and stay and watch what happens in this episode.

  • rodriquez comes across tempus a demon that could mess with time and he set a time loop that will repeat the day until the charmed ones are dead. phoebe had a premonition of andys death so the charmed ones try to prevent it. rodriquez failed andy died

    ok i want to start off by saying that i love this episode. i mean the plot its pretty cool how phoebe realized that the day was repeating itself and how she knew about the car and everything. but i think that it was so stupid to kill off andy he was one of my favorites and i mean its messed up because though it isnt known in season one yet about dan, it is messed up that piper is the one that kept gettin the guys and i mean prue found one she really loves and cares for and he helped them a lot with finding the demons, they just should not have killed andy off. he was a good character and deserved his spot in the show.
  • Awww Andy dies and the charmed ones have face something they wish they didn't have to face....

    This was like a super sad episode for me. It starts off with the whole "dejavu" thing going on and leads to the whole battle. First Pheobe dies, then Pheobe and Piper, and then Andy. Among other things this is a very sad episode to watch. We learn how much Andy and Prue still cared for each other and how they would do anything to protect each other. We also find out at the very end that Andy did accept Prues being a witch and might actually have been able to live with it if he didn't die. We also learn taht he knows that Prue and her sisters do great things with their powers and that it all worked out in the end. Even though he lost his life.
    *Tear Jurker*
  • I felt so bad for Prue.

    I was a little upset, Andy dies, breaking Prue's heart I believe. Prue doesn't show much feeling, but you can tell the death of Andy really hurt her. Like a brother to Piper and Phoebe, and I like Andy! Probably the most annoying part was deja vu all over again! Phoebe must have felt like she was going crazy, the days repeating like that. I would be annoyed too. I haven't had a deja vu moment yet luckily.
  • Well a demon is working for appracsis who can turn back time and keeps doing so until the demon has killed sisters! but eventually they manage to kill the demon but loose a loved one along the way!

    Aww i love this episode! truely great acting and i never saw that andy would actually die!! it was soo sad when he is with prue for one last time in the dream sequence, major tearjerker!!Poor Prue though when she had o kill that demon and then go lie next andy, life really does suck sometimes! you just gotta love prue but i still like paige as well they both have their qerks! Iv got all the seasons on DVD how sad lol but thats just how it goes hehe well im off to review more eps luff charmed great show !!
  • by stephen. . . . . .. . . .. . . . .. . .

    i miss the series. i wish it could stay for another season and because i love . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . .. . alyssa milano . she is starting a new show . i hope it will be great....... so hope it will be out lol lol lolllll llll llll lllll l l ll l l l l l ll l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l ll ll l l l l l l l l
  • Rodriguez tries to kill the sisters with the help of a time altering demon.

    Tempest is a demon who can reset time so he is sent to help Rodriguez to kill the sisters. whenever Rodriguez fails Tempest resets time so he can learn from his mistakes. Unfortunatly for them, Phoebe (because of her powers of premonition) catches on. It was good to see Phoebe's power save the day for a change. I've enjoyed making fun of her lack of an active power through the whole first season. This episode worked really well. you would think another show with a "groundhog day" plot would be boring but this was well written. Phoebe has a premonition of Andy being killed and every time Prue goes to warn him there are little differances as there are when Rodriguez confronts Andy. Prue and Andy do have good chemisrty. at the end when it turns out that the sisters can't stop Andy from being killed he comes to Prue while she is unconsious and explains it is his destiny that they do not save him. I thought Shannen did a great job with the emotion she had to express while kneeling over Andy in the manor and at his funeral. Also I thought Alyssa did a great job with the changes as she caught on to what was happening sooner each time.
  • Sad...

    It's one of the saddest Charmed-episodes EVER!
    I didn't wanted Andy to die. I liked Andy so much. And he was just perfecr for Prue. The two were better than Phoebe and Cole.
    Eventough almost the same story is repeating itself tree times. it doesn't get boring. Everytime you stand in front on the tv and wonder what is gonna happen this time.
    And here are some totaly awesome Prue/ Andy - scenes! They are so cute together.
    When Phoebe died at first it was sad. The "next" day, Phoebe AND Piper died. And the "next" day, Andy was dead. And accepted his destiny...
  • its basd on Rodriguez teamin up with Tempus 2 destroy TCO & using Andy 2 do it. Phoeb has a premonition of Andy dying in the Manor. Rodriguez enters the home & kils Phoebe.he dies so time he kils Piper & Phoebe & the 3rd time Andy dies-sadly

    i luv this episode- its evrifin Charmed is: funny, sad, emotional and shows exactly just how close the sisters are as well as their bond with Andy, especially Prues bond with Andy amd how much they luv each other. its based on Detective Rodriguez teaming up with Tempus to destroy the Charmed Ones and using Andy to do it. Andy picks up on the fact that Rodriguez is a demon and warns Prue who informs Andy that Phoebe has had a premonition of him dying in the Halliwell Manor. Rodriguez enters the Charmed Ones home to meet up with Prue and kills Phoebe. he is then vanquised by Prue and Piper. Tempus rewinds time saving both Phoebe and Rodriguez hence the name Deja Vu. the next mornin Phoebe had the same premonition of Andy dying as she had the previous morning and remember the day before and what was ging to hsppen. the day replays itself and when Rodgiguez enters te Manor this time, he sucessfully kills both Piper and Phoebe. time is rewound again and they are all alive. again the next morning, Phoebe awakes and has the same premonition of Andy and this time when Rodriguez enters the house Andy also answers and he is killed in tragic circumstances while saving the sisters. PRue is knocked out and meets Andy in the spirit realm and they discuss what is happening now. they say their goodbyes and kiss for the last time and then Andy vanishes. Prue comes to and sees Rodriguez who she screams at and then kills. Prue races over to Andys body and sobs. a funeral is then held with the police and Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Darryl all in atendance. it is all very sad and shows you just how close everyone was and just how much Andy was loved by everyone- especially by PRue!! a very emotional and nerve racking Charmed season 1 finale episode, and really shows us why this episode is called "Deja Vu All Over Again!!"
  • A warlock recieves a visit from Tempus a demon who offers to turn bavk time until the warlock succeeds in killing all the halliwells .

    Hated it. I mean for a popular show that began with very high ratings I expected a very more exciting series finale. where did all the demon vanquishing action go and it was boring going through everything again and again . Killing off Andy in the end was a horrible, horrible mistake .He was perfect for prue and I was so excited to see what would happen to their relationship in season 2 but instead we got a big fat kill him of the show anyway. Although it was on the first season . The second season repaired alot of the damage.
  • Goodbye Andy

    A great end to a great opening season. I know the time loop idea has been done many times before but Charmed somehow manages to give it a special twist and keep the idea fresh.

    The plot is devilishly simple but very effective. In order to ensure Rodriguez succeeds in killing the Charmed Ones, the demon Tempus rewinds the day each time he fails so he can learn from his mistakes. Unfortunately for Tempus, he doesn't realise Phoebe's power of premonition means she can sense time has been reset and can warn the others about the attack. As others have pointed out, it's great that Phoebe's power saves the day in the finale.

    You might think that seeing the same day thrice over would be pretty dull but it is quite the opposite. The way they combine the old and new scenes is masterfully done and it's great, if a little predictable, that Andy finally admits he loves Prue the third time round.

    I thought Tempus was an interesting demon, and he made up for the rather dull Rodriguez (this is the first time we see any kind of demonic hierarchy on the show). Although Carlos Gomez generally plays the part of Rodriguez well, his vanquishes are laughable - he just stands there like a scarecrow and makes a lot of noise.

    Seeing the sisters die came as a quite a shock, and Shannen's reactions were superb as first one, then both, were killed. The fact they came back when time was rewound made me wonder whether they would find a way to save Andy too but it was not to be and the season ended on a very sad note. It seems such a shame to kill him off just as he has found a role for himself in their world. I know Prue is supposed to be the strong one but I couldn't help feeling she should have shown a little more emotion at his death.

    At the end of their first season, the Charmed Ones and their associates have vanquished fourteen demons, six warlocks, one ghost, one darklighter, one wendigo, one lord of war and two mortals. As well as this, two warlocks managed to vanquish each other in episode eighteen. That makes a total of 28 evil beings. Nice work!
  • Fighting for their lives, the sisters combat evil internal affairs investigator Rodriguez and time sorcerer Tempus who has created a terrifying time loop. Phoebe feels deja vu when the day repeats itself and must find a way out of their recurring fates

    An incredible conclusion to a fantastic season. Deja Vu All over again has an exciting and dark storyline. A well known guest star David Carridine (from the Kill Bill movies) who plays Tempus. The girls reucurring fates are very sinister with Phoebe dying on the first day, than Phoebe and Piper on the second day, than Andy on the thrid day. The girls have to make the ultimate sacrifice in saving their lives but leaving Andy dead by travelling forward in time, which in turn removes Tempus to the underworld (awesome effects)

    I did feel sorry for Andy, even though he is the most gullible character in the series, he meant well and I did warm towards him when he discovered Prue's secret. The scene where an unconscious Prue and Andy are in some sort of limbo is immensely sad as this the last time Prue sees Andy (in my opinion her true love!)

    I absolutely loved the fact that Prue was the one that destroyed by Rodriguez (reflecting his energy ball), he ended her closest friends life after all. The funeral for Andy was tearjerking and the music that played helped show the feeling and mood

    Overall one of the best series finale of Charmed containing a mix of deaths, pain, vanquishes and great acting! Must be watched!
  • Groundhog Demon

    Deja Vu All Over Again-As a demon makes plans for his attempt to kill the Charmed Ones, he receives a visit from Tempus, the Devil's Sorcerer who will turn back time until the demon succeeds in killing all the sisters. Meanwhile, because of the endless loop, Phoebe has a number of strong cases of déjà vu, and she even sees Andy's death at the hand of a demon.

    After a shaky but great first season, "Deja Vu All Over Again" ends with season off with a, impressive bang. The revelation that Inspector Rodriguez was a demon really pays off in this episode as he makes for a sinster villain. No while the timp loop/the day repeating itself storylin has been done to death of many TV shows and movies, the writers truly craft a brilliant episode full of suspense and intensity. Tempus is also another fabulous villain with a wonderful M.O., not to mention brilliantly played by veteran actor David Carradine of "Kung Fu" fame. He just gives Tempus so much presence and even though you don't see him much, the scenes his involved in are nothing short of genuis.

    The time loop is also a refreshing change from how the sisters usually figure out their plan as they are not prepared at all and with Rodriguez being vanuished then remembering the the past events, he has an much advantage over the Charmed Ones than past demons have. The scenes where Rodriguez kill Phoebe and Piper were shocking and heartbreaking as we saw the sisters die for the first time. But I loved how Phoebe could remember a little bit more everyday the day repeated as she was the sisters only chance to save the day. Not to mention, it was hilarious how Phoebe knew everything that was about to happen before Prue could react like when she was describing the accident:

    Phoebe: "3...2...1...Car skids...hokes...crashes. Mrs. Henderson's car, a little-fender-bender, lucky I parked your car in the driveway."

    The highlight of the episode is Prue and Andy, as they're scenes together have never been so strong. Ted King shines for the first time as Andy steps up for the first time, but unfornately leading to his death. The dream seuqence as Andy says goodbye to Prue is one of the saddest scenes as well as Andy's furneral with some beautiful music playing in the background. Another great development is Piper quitting her job at Quake after running into an old, nose-jobbed classmate who makes her re-evaluate her life, wanting to own her own restuarant some day. The episod ends brilliantly with all 3 sisters being proud of what they achieved as witches so far and Prue magically shuting to front door to start the finale tradition of Charmed. All and All, "Deja Vu All Over Again" is a fantastic finale with tons of thrills, action, emotional drama, and fitting end to the first season.
  • A superb episode upon which to end the first season with the amazing David Carradine in a major guest role.

    Phoebe is experiencing far more than her usual amount of episodes of Deja Vu. She knows, for example that there will be a 'fender bender' down the road and is also fully aware of what is about to come on the television. This is because she and her sisters are experiencing the same day on loop time after time when Tempus, the Devil's Sorcerer, is summoned by a demon who wishes to destroy The Charmed Ones. The demon must destroy them by a certain time or the day is repeated again ... and again. How will the sisters save their lives and stop Tempus (David Carradine) in their tracks?

    Watch and find out! Fantastic episode. Certainly a terrific way to end the first season and leave us eagerly awaiting Season 2.
  • The confrontation between Lt. Rodriguez and the Haliwells finally occurs. When Rodriguez is defeated a Tempus resets time so he can try again until he succeeds. Andy is an integral part of the plot as his death has been foreseen by Phoebe.

    A truly classic episode using a couple of long used and often poorly done methods to push the story. This time the time loop is played for all it is worth with a very sad but satisfactory completion to the story.

    I was sorry to see David Carradine's part was so small. What a great actor. He plays the Tempus sent to help Rodriquez achieve his goal of killing the three sisters. Simply put the day will replay itself until Rodriguez succeeds in killing all three of the sisters. Carlos Gomez plays Lt. Rodriguez with a burning need to complete his goal He wants the sisters to feel the sting of death he is forced to feel over and over again. It has become somewhat personal for him.

    The sisters, especially Phoebe do an excellent job in this episode. There is the death of Andy and Phoebe's growing power of premonition that really allows the three to finally be prepared to defeat the demon. I think it was a stroke of genius for Andy's character to complete the final part and to die protecting the one he loves in the end. Very sad but in these situations sacrifices will be made from time to time. It would be nice to see Prue be together with him eventually.

    Overall a very satisfactory completion to the first season. The season had its pitfalls but the level of quality has improved and is very good at this point. I'm looking forward to season two. Thanks for reading...
  • Two demons team up to take out the Charmed Ones, ending in the life of a loved one. Starring: Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, and Alyssa Milano, T.W. King, Dorian Gregory

    This episode was one of my favorites of the first season. The episode had many things that i liked, and a few things that i didnt like. Firstly, i really liked that Piper (Holly Marie Combs) quit her job, and finally seemed to be able to stand up for herself. I also really enjoyed that Phoebe's (Alyssa Milano) power of premonitions was the one that figured everything out, showing how powerful the ability actually is. The plot of the episode was great and i really enjoyed the desperation to kill the Charmed Ones. As usual, me being my picky self, there were a couple of things i didnt enjoy. I thought that Leo should have appeared in the episode to warn the Charmed Ones, i believe that the Source, if he didn't seem so lazy i guess, could have easily taken them out if needed to. Personally, if i was the Source, when they first got their powers, i would've gone after them myself. Another thing i particularly did not enjoy was the fact that Andy (T.W. King) died in this episode. I really liked him and Prue (Shannen Doherty) together. It was sad, but good. The worst thing about the episode though was that it repeated a lot and got annoying. But for the most part i though this was a great episode.
  • The first season finale, and by far one of the best.

    This episode shows the charmed ones facing an inspector who thinks that andy has been hiding the fact that the sisters are witches, This episode shows the first time Phoebe and Piper die. The first real loss of a character. An all around amazing episode the second or third really pivatal episode. This one is one to remember because so many people die at one point in the episode, except for Prue. The first demon the Charmed Ones vanquish more than once. It's a great one and I think I'm gonna watch it right now . . . . .

    I would give this episode an A
  • Deja Vu

    The demon Rodriguez has a visitor--the Tempus. A very unwelcome visitor to the Charmed Ones because he is a demon, who can change the time anyway they like. His job is to help Rodriguez in order to kill the three sisters. If he fails, the Tempus will turn back the time until he succeeded. Rodriguez failed for the first time, he only successfully killed Phoebe. Due to that failure, Phoebe experience a Deja Vu. For the second time, he failed again, he only successfully killed Phoebe and Piper. Due to that failure, both Phoebe and Piper experience Deja Vu, especially Phoebe. This episode is perfect, great, awesome, amazing, exciting, excellent...One of the best episode in this series.
  • Imagine the worst day of live. Now, multiply it by three...

    The devil's sorcerer Tempus associates to the demon Rodriguez to destroy the Power of Three. Phoebe has a premonition about Andy dead at their home and Prue makes him promise not to come to their house. When Rodriguez fails in his intention, Tempus resets the day, but Phoebe has a sensation of déjà vu, tells her sisters and they try to find in the Book of Shadows the means of vanquishing Tempus and Rodriguez.

    "Déjà Vu All Over Again" closes the first season of this charming series with a golden key. The attractive story is a sort of "12:01" and "Groundhog Day", and the conclusion indicates that the characters will follow a new fate with the death of Andy and the decision of Piper of quitting her job. The participation of David Carradine is a plus in this delightful show.
  • Try as they might, they can't get this one to work out the way we probably all hoped it would.

    I never watched Charmed when it was on TV, and so far I've only gone through the first series on DVD, and I do agree with others that it's a poignant ending to the season, but it does work. As much as I would have liked to see how Prue and Andy's relationship developed, the stunning fact that they couldn't keep him from his fate despite all their powers made this a really good episode for me. And the fact it was a bit Groundhog Dayish didn't bother me at all.

    The actors are all pretty good and the characters gel really nicely, if a little glibly at times. Rodriguez is really funny though - part demon and part having to scream and die every time. He's not particularly frightening, much as Tempus isn't, but on the whole the episode works pretty well.
  • A superb season finale! will a decision made to stop the time loop result in changes to everything forever and in losing something sacred for good?

    This is a classic episode for the entire show! It's dramatic, funny one-liners and an unexpected twist in losing one of the main characters helps to make this episode so great. It's a shame that Andy has to leave so early because I felt he was quite a good character but the way that they developed Darryl more slowly as seasons went by is probably a better result then if they'd kept Andy in too. apart from the three showdowns between the sisters and Rodriguez, Piper isn't featured as heavily as the other two but the final showdown is quite a cliffhanger. All in all, this is a brilliant episode!
  • This episode was really good. The dream socereer that made time repeat it self and only the demon was supose to know about it. But the twist was with Phoeobe's power she was able to relize what was going on and let her sisters know what was going on.

    This episode was one of my faviorates. Even though the sisters had to loose a loved one once again. But without Andys help they would not have vanquished the socerreer of time and saved all sisters. This just shows you, you can't always save everyone you love witch you learn in the future episode of how many loved ones the loose over the years. This is why this episode was so exciting because you really don't know how the ending was going to end. You didn't know if they were going to be able to save Andy and also live or if they would have to loose a sister to save Andy but if that happen then it would change all the episodes around. I am glad of they way the episode ended but also sad because Prude had to loose a best friend and boyfriend.
  • Andy dies, Phoebe dies, Piper dies, Prue dies !!

    In an attempt to vanquish the Charmed Ones from the mortal world forever, the Devil's Sorcerer creates a terrifying time loop. Prue, Piper and Phoebe lose a battle for their lives time and time again. While trying to find a way out of their terrifying reoccurring fates, Phoebe has a premonition that Andy's life is also in jeopardy by a powerful supernatural force. It is a race against the clock over and over again until the sisters break the loop and are able to save their own lives, but unfortunately losing Andy's life in the process.
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