Season 1 Episode 5

Dream Sorcerer

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 1998 on The WB

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  • My favorite episode of all 8 seasons.

    The villain's concept was so utterly compelling to me. I've never seen the Nightmare on Elm Street films, but the horror genre's gratuitous gore doesn't sit well enough with me for me to want to seek them out. I have absolutely no idea how or why people were bored while watching it; I was gripped until the very end! Absolutely adored it. In fact, I'd love to watch it again right now and may do just that.
  • Not one of the best.

    Not going to lie, I didn't really enjoy this episode. I don't actually like Prue so most Prue-centric episodes annoy me (which is almost all of them in S3) BUT I did enjoy the fact that it was a mortal 'evil guy'.

    Seems to be a lot of people complaining at the fact that a human can be a bad guy AND affect the charmed ones, but I enjoy that we get to see how real humans are still dangerous (like the witch hunter at the end of S4) and how they are dealt with, similarly in S2 when Piper gets sick. Human-centric episodes are actually good I think. But that was about where all my marks came from, I found the bad guy - like someone else said - high the whole time, and just completely flat. He probably played his part well, but I didn't enjoy the character still. I think she defeated him too easily. AND if Piper and Phoebe know Prue shouldn't be sleeping why was she allowed to go to work and be driving (let alone at night time) sleep deprived.

    Anyway, not one of their best, not the worst though.
  • Dream Sorcerer

    Dream Sorcerer was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was intriguing and showed the great lengths humans will go through in extreme circumstances. I liked how every thing played out, especially Piper and Phoebe learning that love is not some thing that can be forced through magic. I wonder what Andy believes about reality after this episode. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Prince Valium and the Dream Machine...

    Ripping from movies will become a popular method of coming up with episodic plotlines throughout Charmed's run, and one week after we had a stellar episode that certainly got its inspiration from Ghost, here we have a Dreamscape redux that unfortunately doesn't work nearly as well as either the movie or last episode. The actor playing the "dream sorcerer" plays the character like he is tripping on the best valium ever the entire show. I will admit that his catatonic style is somewhat creepy. This is also the second show in a row where a mortal is the bad guy. His dream machine is straight out of Dreamscape, but it is never explained how he gets into people's dreams from miles away within a lab. This is the first episode where the trauma of losing her mother is apparent in Prue. Prue never really shakes this demon throughout her 3 season run. Prue's disposal of Mr. Valium is perhaps too easy, but it was satisfying that he got what he was giving.

    As usual for Charmed, we have a comedic thread to weave with the darker subplot. Phoebe and Piper cast a love spell in an attempt to draw in men, though this will be far from a problem in later years, when it seems like men just pop out of the woodwork for these two. This totally would have been seen as more sinister if it were men casting the spell. Regardless, with a minimum amount of comedy things backfire, of course, and the sisters wisely reverse it. Altogether, slightly below average Charmed fare.

    this is propably one of the STUPIDEST episodes ever! this doesnt even have 2 do with anything super natural. it just so happens that the charmed ones were his victim. this shouldnt have been an episode. if u havent seen this episode u dont want 2 see it. unlss you thought it was good...
  • See you in my dreams.

    This is one of the most boring and slow moving episode in Charmed history. All of the dream sequences are very well made and Berman is very creepy with his way to talk and move. That is one of the only good things about this episode. The sub plot begins funny, with the love spell gone amok and guys all over flirting with phoebe and Piper, but just ends up as boring as the main plot. You just lose interest after a while. The sisters and Andy’s struggle to find who the killer is, and to save Prue from his evil claws isn’t the least exciting, and it feels like such an overused topic. This episode brings absolutely nothing new to the series and opens up no new story lines. It feels like such a pointless episode. The acting is alright through the whole episode and the scene in the end with the roses and the cheeseburger is priceless, and it has a very realistic and friendly, everyday feeling toward it.
  • Terrible

    This was the worst episode of Charmed. It has nothing to do with demon\'s or pretty much anything to do with magic either. THe \"villian\" if you can call him that, was a pathetic loser with access to technology capable of getting into people\'s dreams. THe only real feats of magic portrayed in this episode was when Prue used her power to throw him off the building.

    The episode just seemed so out of character to charmed. It was ackward and stupid with the worst concept ever. Luckily the show didnt follow with more pointless episodes like this one and is much better because of it
  • Great for a fifth episode, but I imagine it wouldn't score well later on in any of the other seasons.

    "Dream Sorcerer" is on of those beginning episodes that seems strange at first, but then develops to something better. The beginning wasn't very good, with Phoebe discovering the Lover Attraction spell. It got better when Prue got involved with the dream guy, and then her fantastic acting skills showed when she tried her hand at not staying awake. Why didn't she just drink coffee though? There must have been some sort of coffee maker at Bucklands. Anyways, overall a good episode. Could have been better if Piper was a little more involved in it - she seemed to stay on the sidelines a little, which is bad for her since she is a fantastic actress, much like the other two sisters.
  • A mortal kills people in there dreams

    when Skye a waitress at quake is found dead on her bed with all her bones smashed the only outcome the sisters can think of is demonic but this time the killer is a mortal who uses a sleep formula to get into other peoples dreams. Prue is next and after a near fatal car crash almost becomes a victim. Piper and Phoebe help Prue fight the man off.

    Piper and Phoebe cast a spell for love but the spell becomes too strong the men become way too obsessed that they resort to violence.

    A filler episode and one that no matter how many times you watch it will never get better.
  • Phoebe ?? love spell, Who knew ??

    Overworked at her new job, Prue finds her beauty sleep disturbed by strange visions in which she's taunted by a handsome man. Capable of stalking others in their dreams, he's already succeeded in killing women while they slumber. Inspector Andy Trudeau is hot on his heels. Phoebe conjures a spell to attract men, but it turns out too strong, and Piper and Phoebe can barely escape their myriad admirers. Learning their lesson, the sisters end their romantic magic and focus on Prue, who falls into a coma after the sleep demon tries to throw her off a skyscraper. At first, Prue's powers don't seem to work in dreamland. But with her sisters by her hospital bed, Prue musters the strength to send the sleep demon over the edge. He dies in his sleep, just like his victims before him.
  • A nightmare on Prescott Street

    A creepy main plot and a hilarious sub plot make this a pretty good episode.

    The main plot features a man who punishes women who reject him by entering their dreams and killing them in their sleep. Unfortunately for him, one of the women he picks on is Prue Halliwell. Despite some quite tense confrontations, she does eventually vanquish him and, in doing so, becomes the first charmed one to kill a baddie on her own. The dream sorcerer is surprisingly creepy with his slow speech and childlike words. For a long time I couldn't work out whether he was a demon, a warlock or a mortal. In the end I settled for a mortal with a clever machine.

    The sub plot sees Piper and Phoebe cast their first recreational spell - one to attract a lover. The scene where they cast the spell is brilliantly acted and their innocent sense of fun and excitement really comes through. Of course, being for personal gain, the spell backfires and they end up getting far more attention than they want. Great stuff!

    The two halves are sewn together well and Prue's long hours at work contrast strongly with Phoebe and Piper's playful hex. Not much happening on the Andy front this week, but the potential is still there.

    The moral of the tale? Never turn down a free drink.
  • Prue finds her dreams being invaded by a murderous dream researcher. Piper and Phoebe cast an attraction spell and end up being unable to escape their myriad admirers

    A very nerve-wracking episode containing some chilling scenes; like when Prue is in the bath and the dream researcher scrapes a sponge down her back producing blood and when Prue crashes her car into a pole when falling asleep at the wheel

    The dream researcher is very sinister with his slow talking and sinister grin. The end scene were Piper and Phoebe speak to the unconscious Prue telling her to use her powers against the dream researcher is very dramatic and you actually feel that Prue might not pull through

    Overall a great episode full of powerful scenes, good special effects and a convining baddie
  • This episode is one that I watch from time to time, but it's a weak storyline and doesn't get really exciting until the very end.

    This used to be one of my favourite episodes when I first started watching the series, but as soon as I got to the end of season 1, I realised how weak this episode really was. I'm not a huge Shannen Doherty fan, and this is another episode to me that revolves around her. Sometimes I actually think they should have named the show Prue just because it was Prue-centric most of the time. I thought the acting in this episode was horrendous, especially the guy who played the Dream Sorcerer. I truly thought his performance was terrible and unbelievable. I hated the sub-plot to. A love spell??? Piper was right, it was desperate. I hated that Hans guy, and I hated seeing Piper with anyone else but Leo, because Leo was PERFECT for her. I do think that did have a bit of humour, but in terms of sub-plots it was definately not the best.

    This episode is a weak one, but I'll still watch it from time to time because I don't know, maybe I'll like it better next week.
  • I Like My Nightmares Demon-Free!

    Dream Sorcerer-Prue finds her sleep disturbed by strange visions in which she's taunted by a man. Meanwhile Phoebe and Piper cast a spell to attract men, but it turns out too strong, and they can barely escape their myriad of admirers.

    While not to most exciting episode, "Dream Sorcerer" isn't as bad as most say it is. While this episode seems like a "Nightmare on Elm Street" rip-off, some scenes drag in between and Matt Schulze (Whitaker Berman/Dream Sorcerer) is quite lousy in the role, The dream seqeunces are very stunningly directed with vibrate colors and dark shadows. This scenes are disturbing, especially when the dream sorcerer cuts Prue's back and tries to drown her in the bathtub. It was refreshing to have a mortal villain for the sisters to fight against yet the whole sci-fi approach never quit works in the episode. Anyway, Shannen plays Prue's panic and fear to fall asleep well that who do get worried when she finally falls alseep. The climax really pays off as Prue sends the dream sorcerer flying off the the top of the roof. Piper and Phoebe's sub-plot with the love spell starts out fun before becoming cliche and dull when the men under the spell go psychotic on them. It's just another pointless lesson about personal gain/consequences that just bores and wish they would have just left the sub-plot as just a fun filler. All and All, while dull and average at times, "Dream Sorcerer" is wonderfully directed in some scenes and has some tense moments.
  • Prue finds her sleep disturbed by the Dream Sorcerer- a human!

    One of the best episodes of the season! Connie moves her magic wond and magician Nick Mark makes a PERFECT episode.

    Prue's storyline: PERFECT! For the first time her storyline isn't about Andy but about a dream sorcerer. Now the idea of him: realy great! Piper's and Phoebe's storyline is simply great! They took a lesson: Love is a magic of her own! Plus the quotes were realy FUNNY! Now, the direction was great too! Great camera angle in the scene were Phoebe explains to Prue what the spell will do ( there was a great acting by our girls in that scene too) I realy liked the lighting in the dream state! Memorable scenes: The one were Phoebe and Piper are casting the spell, all the scenes with the sorcerer ( especialy the last one, in the part were Prue tries to call someone with her cellphone) and the one were Piper and Phoebe decide to undo the spell!

    Now, this episode is Perfect! This is why I love Constance M. Burge's writting!

    Blessed be, John
  • a nightmare on elm street meets charmed

    a truely grisly and slightly disturbing episode of the show...its a true gem of very grande standards.
    for me this is one of the shows best episodes and certainly one of season 1st greatest episodes...season one is by far a strong season...and personal fave of mine.
    Shannen shines again in this episode and delivers some great performances in this episode.
    the plot between {hoebe and Piper is used to a great effect for this episode in particular.
    it is very true to what this show is about,and in many ways hits u deep.
    charmed was never biffy of the x files but this episode is close to tht standrard which is why i love this season in particular.
  • It seems that dreaming can be dangerous, especially for Prue!

    In a very strange case, Andy and Darryl investigate the deaths of young women who are being found dead, apparently of natural causes, and in their own beds. Most unfortunately, we learn that the dreams are far from pleasant when Prue starts having them too and it looks very much as though her life is also in great danger.

    Andy and Darryl think they have leads and even a suspect but, even if this is true, will they apprehend the culprit in time to save Prue?

    Meanwhile, when the other girls cast a 'love spell' to attract young men, things go a LITTLE bit wrong when it seems that every male they meet is attracted to them and they have to try and stop it as soon as possible!

    Not a brilliant episode but definitely not terrible and there are a few chuckles when the love spells turns everything upside down.
  • Women are dying in their sleep of trauma while in their own beds with no sign of struggle. Andy and Darryl investigate and suspect a man who is doing dream research. Prue is in danger and the other girls fool with a lust spell which goes awry.

    Hmmm... when your sister tells you that there was someone in her dreams trying to kill her and you have the knowledge these three have you don't blow it off to being overworked. I really like this show and its characters. The acting is very good and the stories are interesting generally but moving a story forward by having the characters act stupid is the stuff of horror movie legend. It's like going into the cellar to check the lights when there is axe wielding murderer loose in the house. You just don't do it.

    First Prue denies it to herself that anything happened until she looks at her back in the mirror. Then Piper tells her she's overworked when Prue tells what happened to her. It really takes away from the dramatic nature of the episode when you as a viewer can't believe the characters are that naive.

    Luckily Andy and even Darryl are smarter in this case. Ole' skeptical Darryl played by Dorian Gregory is forced to believe that Whitaker Berman played by Matt Schulze may be guilty of the crimes. It was nice to see him play a bigger part for the first time.

    In the end the other girls reach Piper's subconscious and she finally defends herself in the dream destroying her attacker.

    The secondary plot about the lust spell is actually pretty cute. I especially liked the fact that even the cat that was in the room when they did the spell is attracting suitors. Remember a spell can't be cast for their own gain. That should pretty well teach them a lesson. Of course we know it won't but we can dream. The acting was good, the dialogue lacked something, and the dream sequences reminded me of the ones in Once Bitten with Jim Carrey. I expected Cleavon Little to come rollerskating by any second with a light. Thanks for reading...
  • A dream sorcerer has rejection issues

    I kinda enjoyed this episode quite a bit (even if it wasn't that original). The dream sorcerer felt like a real threat and the side plot involving Piper and Phoebe casting a love spell was although pithy quite humorous. The only weak link was Andy and his detecting, he's the most open minded detective ever when it comes to figuring out things. When a cop reads reports and jumps to conclusions like he does here it feels just a little off. I was actually enjoying that side of the story till that happened but after that and the subsequent scene where they go to see the dream sorcerer in the real world (which because of the guys bizarre stilted acting had me in fits of laughter) I lost interest. Thankfully the side story with Phoebe and Piper kept things fun. I'm just so glad that the dreariness is starting to lift although Prue still looks pretty rough and is a little bit of a downer on the whole thing.
  • Not one of the best episodes but still good

    In this episode of Charmed, we see a man haunting woman in their dreams. Andy and Morris are appointed to the case and but they don't know how she died. Soon, This dream sorcer starts haunting Prue.........Meanwhile Phobie and Piper are dateless and Phobie convinces Piper to use a love spell that makes them inrestistible. The spell backfires though and now every man wants to date them. So they find men and go on dates with them. Andy saves Prue just in time when the sorcer is about to kill her. Piper and phobie soon reset the spell and Prue tell them about the man..........
  • Sometimes dreams don't just stay in your head...

    This time, The Charmed Ones are not dealing with the supernatural. They have to stop the "Dream Sorcerer", a man that uses dreams to kill young women that have rejected him in the past. How can he do that? Well, he says that when we are killed in our dreams, we die in real life. When Prue rejects a drink he bought her, he goes after her, trying to kill her in her sleep. He makes her feel powerless, which means she can't use her powers to make him stay away. Only with the help of Piper and Phoebe, Prue can defeat him and make him disappear.

    Also, in this episode, Piper and Phoebe cast a spell to find a lover. However, the spell doesn't work very well, and they find themselves being chased by several men.
  • This is were prue finds out that falling a sleep could kill. A socercer gets into her dreams and she finally crashes her car and goes into a deep sleep.

    This epsiode really shows that power of 1 really can be accomplished. Pure defeats him by using her power and killing him instead of her. She won by the power of one and yes her sisters were there to help remind her that she can use her powers to deafet him. Now while all this is going on phoepe and piper make a love spell to have the perfect mate but of course we all know about the personal gain so of course it back fired on them and the reversed the spell. The men kept coming back and would not leave them alone. Great plot.
  • Creepy dream guy and a love spell

    Okay this episode was just way too creepy for my liking. That dream guy gave me the creeps he was just so odd.

    Piper and Phoebe were great! I loved that lust spell that they did. It was so funny to see all the guys drooling over them. I loved them making fun of what the other wanted in a guy when they were casting the spell; it was so cute and sister like of them to do. I loved how Phoebe just seemed to randomly end up with that one guy who got all jealous when a lot of guys were going after her.

    The guy killing women in their dreams was way freaky. I loved Andy and Darryl trying to solve the case. It was really cool though that the women were just lying in their beds with every bone in their bodies broken.

    Prue and Andy were great to see here. I liked that Prue was actually trying to give the relationship a shot.

    It was amazing to watch Phoebe and Piper trying to keep Prue awake while Mr. Dream Sorcerer tried to kill her in her sleep. It was so scary to see Prue get in the car accident.

    This was a pretty good episode with a very creepy villain.
  • women are dying in their sleep an Prue is next. Phoebe and Piper cast a spell to attract a lover.

    A psychopath kills women who reject him by entering their dreams and throwing them off a building. It was nice that Andy finally got to solve a case and see the body of the killer since he wasn't a demon. The dream sequences were shot well but I thought they went on a little too long. Also the killer kind of annoyed me with the way he talked.
    I didn't like the way that Prue could fight back phsically but not use her powers until her sisters reminded her.

    The storyline with Phoebe and Piper was pretty funny. I especially liked the way Piper kept saying things to try to turn off Jack, one of her suiters who was under the spell. loved the ending with the rose and cheeseburger.
  • Robert Englund Should Sue...

    Most fantasy shows usually check off all the science-fiction-type storylines as they go on, with this episode featuring the Charmed Ones battling a psychopath who enters people's dreams before killing them. Despite the usually reliable story idea, this isn't a great episode, and shows Charmed yet again launching into serial killer territory. Plus, the haunting of Prue's dreams is done in neither an imaginative or original way, with Whitaker Berman usually standing around with a menacing grin.

    Whilst the dream sequences look stylish and are well lit, they are few and far between and are the only good moments in this episode. The love spell subplot is partially better but turns predictable as soon as the new boyfriends turn psycho, leading to way to one of those "no personal gain" conversations that happen all the time.

    Though seriously disappointing for a Connie Burge-written episode, the most successful thing Dream Sorceror offers up is a human nemesis for the sisters to battle. For the many seasons showing us demons with human-looking features but some magical powers, a relatively normal enemy is pretty original for the show.

    Director: Nick Marck
    Writer: Constance M Burge
    Rating: C-
  • Really enjoyed it

    I really enjoyed this episode since it made a change from constantly battling demons and warlocks, and being able to find solutions in the Book of Shadows at just the right moment. This added more suspense to the show since you weren't sure what the sisters would do.

    I felt really sorry for Andy, trying to figure out the murder case when all his cases are strange and supernatural with no rational explanation. This is also the first time we really see Morris's true character (I know he's called Darryl but they still call him Morris at this point so I will too).
  • The plot thickens

    Rex and Hanna are tgucjebubg the plot. You know they are not right but not quite sure what they are up to. Andy and Prue get into it again. And prue is haunted in her sleep. With many women ending up dead in the city it seems Prue is getting dreams of her being the next victim. Piper and Pheobe's lust spell backfires and they don't know how to deal with the fall out from it.
  • One of my least favorites

    In a series that usually has above average episodes, this one pretty much sucks.
    It could be better if not for the many--and long--dream sequences through its entire length (which take away from the story).
    In fact, the subplot with the other sisters finding true love was more enjoyable to watch.
    The story centers on a disabled sleep scientist going into the dreams of people that reject him for whatever reason. When he gets rejected by one of the sisters, she winds up killing him.
    That is just plain silly and stupid all rolled into one with a little bow attached for fun.
  • The Power of Three and the Horny Man's Dreams

    The Power of Three and the Horny Man's Dreams

    Main Storyline:
    After multiple women are killed in their sleep, Prue becomes the next potential-victim when she is seduced by a man in her dreams. A really intriguing and interesting story.

    1. Piper and Phoebe's Lust Spell: Phoebe and Piper cast a spell to meet men. However, it comically backfires and the men start to obsess over them. This was enormously funny.
    2. Prue and Andy: Prue continues to complain about keeping her family secret. Get over it, babe.
    3. Prue Doesn't Want to Sleep: And the complainer award goes to...?

    Though Prue got a little whiny, the sisters were really great in this Prue-focused episode. It was an interesting, original plot that I'd never thought of.

    Grade: B

    The Dream Sorcerer: Not a demon, but definetly a baddie, a guy who uses science to harass women! Seriously, this guy is really whack, though it was really cool to see a human, not a demon, use magic, though a bit confusing.
    Rex and Hannah: Their plot continues...or does it? Yeah, it definetly does.