Season 1 Episode 5

Dream Sorcerer

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 1998 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: This episode marks the first time that a magical enemy is referred to as a "demon." Previously, they were just known as "warlocks." In episode 1 "Something Wicca This Way Comes" it is stated that warlocks are "evil witches." Later in the series it is more clearly established that "demons" and "warlocks" are different types of magical creatures, and that there are many other different magical creatures in the Book of Shadows in addition to "demons" and "warlocks."

    • TRIVIA: Featured music in this episode -
      -A Stroke Of Luck by Garbage

    • TRIVIA: This is the first episode in which Phoebe does not get a premonition.

    • TRIVIA: The outside of the building that they show when Skye gets killed, is also shown later in many different episodes.

    • Goof: In the dream, Prue's left shoulder is scratched and when she gets out of the tub to look in the mirror it's her right shoulder. And for that matter, how did Piper, standing directly behind Prue when she comes to check on Prue's screams, not see those scratches?

    • TRIVIA: Prue says she is 27 years old, placing her birth year as 1971.

    • TRIVIA: This episode marks the first time there is no magical enemy at all.

    • TRIVIA: Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, and Alyssa Milano are wearing the exact same dresses they used for the promotional pictures for this season.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, with this spell Piper and Phoebe try to attract a Lover - "I conjure thee, I conjure thee, I am the queen, you're the bee, as I desire so shall it be".

    • TRIVIA: This is the first episode where a mortal tries to kill one of the Halliwell sisters.

  • Quotes

    • Andy: Brought your favourite.
      (He hands Prue the take-away bag and she looks in it.)
      Prue: Oh, cheeseburgers and fries.
      Andy: Glad to see every bone in your body's not broken.
      Prue: What?
      Andy: The car accident. Never mind.
      (Andy gives Prue the rose.)

    • (Andy walks in carrying a red rose and some take-away.)
      Andy: Afternoon, ladies. Surprise.
      Prue: Yes. It is.
      (Prue looks at Phoebe.)
      Phoebe: What are you looking at me for? I didn't tell him.
      (Prue then looks at Piper.)
      Piper: Guilty. Come on, let's go.
      Phoebe: Okay, bye.
      Piper: Um, we'll see you later tonight.
      Phoebe: After we raid your closet.
      (They leave.)

    • Phoebe: Knock, knock.
      Prue: Please, tell me you guys are here to pick me up.
      Piper: Hi. No, Dr. Black said one more day. Just to be sure.
      Phoebe: Yeah, and you know, it wouldn't kill you to get some rest.
      (She realizes what she just said and covers her mouth.)
      Prue: Phoebe, it's okay. Thanks for the flowers.
      Piper: Yeah.
      (Phoebe laughs.)
      Prue: What's going on?
      Phoebe: Oh, long story, not very interesting.
      Prue: Does this have anything to do with your lust spell?
      Phoebe: Mmm hmm. But don't worry.
      Piper: We reversed the spell last night.
      Phoebe: Piper called Jack.
      Prue: The guy that you had dinner with?
      Piper: And he didn't remember anything. And Phoebe called Hans...
      Phoebe: And he didn't remember anything.
      Piper: So, don't worry. Everything is back to normal.
      Prue: Good.

    • Piper: (after trying to copy an exercise video) Uh, I give up. Two weeks and nothing strengthened but my temper.
      Prue: Piper, here's the problem. You didn't read the fine print. See, it says right here. $19.95 for the video and twenty grand for the plastic surgeon.

    • Phoebe: Go away horny tom cats!

    • Jack: Has anyone ever told you how beautiful your eyes are?
      Piper: Have you been drinking?

    • Piper: So, what's up?
      Phoebe: I, uh, I found this spell. "How to attract a lover".
      Piper: No, Phoebe. Forget it. We're not casting any spells.
      Phoebe: Come on. There must be more to our powers than warlock wasting. I'm ready to have some fun with our magic.
      Piper: No. No personal gain, remember?
      Phoebe: How is it personal gain, if we're using our powers to bring happiness to another person? And in my case lots and lots of happiness...

    • Prue (mumbles): Can't fall asleep. Can't fall asleep.

    • Phoebe (as Piper is flipping through the Book of Shadows): I'm telling you, there's no Dream Sorcerer stuff anywhere.
      Piper: That's impossible. The Book of Shadows has never let us down.
      Phoebe: Well, maybe he's not a demon. Maybe he's a mortal.
      Piper: Then he's got one hell of a power.
      Phoebe: You're not kidding.

    • Phoebe: You want a man who is single, smart, endowed?
      Piper: Employed.

    • Prue: Piper? Phoebe?
      Piper: Prue. You're home. I thought you had a date with Andy.
      Prue: Uh, no. He had to cancel. What are you doing?
      Piper: Hmm...
      Phoebe (from the other room): Piper, I was wrong. The spell calls for cayenne pepper not black pepper. (She walks in the kitchen and sees Prue) Ooh. Did I say spell? I ... I meant recipe. We are so busted, aren't we?
      Prue: I would say yes.

    • First Guy: Are your parents terrorists? 'Cause, baby, you're the bomb.
      Second Guy: Jim, Jim, ask her if it hurt when she fell.
      Phoebe: Uh, excuse me?
      Guy: When you fell from Heaven. Did it hurt? 'Cause I know an angel when I see one.
      Phoebe: I'm no angel. I'm a witch. But don't tell my sisters I told you.

    • Whitaker Berman/Dream Sorcerer: Let me say goodnight.
      (He kisses Prue's forehead.)
      Prue: No let me.
      (Prue closes her eyes and sends the Dream Sorcerer off the rooftop.)

    • Phoebe: Don't worry. We had safe sex. A lot of safe sex.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles: Spain: El Brujo Del Sueno France: L'homme de mes rêves (The Man of My Dreams) Czech Republic: Čaroděj snů (Wizard of Dreams) Italy: L'uomo di sogni (The Man of Dreams) Germany: Tödliche Träume (Deadly Dreams)

    • While filming this episode, Shannen Doherty was very sick. This explains why Prue looked quite pale and tired.

  • Allusions

    • Title: "Dream Sorcerer"
      This is a reference to the song (and album) "Dream Weaver", first released by Gary Wright in 1975. It may also be a reference to the 1987 film A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors, in which a group of teens, like the Three, join to fight the dream-invading killer Freddy Kreuger. The line in this episode "If you die in your dreams, you die in real life" is a direct quote from this and the entire series of the Nightmare movies. It could also be a reference to the Bobby Darin hit from 1959, "Dream Lover".

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