Season 8 Episode 16

Engaged and Confused

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2006 on The WB

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  • For 8 years, the Charmed Ones have been the most powerful witches there are, something the whole series is based on. This episode, that changes and now a retard (Billie) is the most powerful witch ever! I'm sure that's exactly what every fan wants!

    This episode was disgusting. I really don't see how the Charmed Ones can just randomly be put below Billie and Christy in terms of power. Is this show trying to make us hate it so much we'll all be glad it won't be coming back? Seriously, how are we supposed to even think for one second that Christy is some key (Buffy anyone?) and Billie is the "ultimate power"? The whole line of Halliwell witches has led to the Charmed Ones, as we've been told for years. Now some reject sisters, one of which was tacky leather queen during the first few episodes this season, and one who was just introduced LAST WEEK, are all of a sudden more powerful than the Charmed Ones? No, that's just ridiculous, it ruined the whole episode, along with any dignity the show had left.

    The only good part about this episode was how the sisters worked together to vanquish (2/3's of) the Triad, just like the good old days. And it was actually intense for once! The sisters were actually going against demons that they weren't sure they would beat! Nice job there, that's something we haven't seen in awhile.

    But of course there has to be a trash side-plot with Phoebe since she's useless. Cupid did absolutely nothing except for be annoying throughout the episode. His absence could have paid the bill for an old character (Penny or Patty maybe?) to come back for an episode. And I like how Sam wasn't even at Paige's wedding - nice father she has! I mean, who cares about their daughter's wedding? Not Sam! And I really think Victor could have made an appearance too. No he's not related to her, but still, it would have been nice. Too nice for this show I guess.

    I still can't believe this show is trying to say that BILLIE is the ultimate power. I'm going to go bang my head against a wall for an hour now so I don't have to think about that anymore.
  • you know a show is doing good when they bring back 2 main villains, and have a rushed marriage all in the same season

    There’s a lot I have to say about this episode, aside from the fact that it was one of the most painful hours of TV I’ve watched

    First there's the Triad, who were mediocre villains back in season 3 return. I mean I was like WTF, these guys are the new, and so called greatest threat the Charmed ones must face. For crying out load Cole killed them like they were push overs, and the Charmed Ones kicked his ass numerous times. And to make matters worse they come back without even explaining how

    Then there’s Christy, wow I thought Kaley Cuoco (Billie) sucked at acting but this girl must be like 3 times worse. And then there’s her little evil sister plot. Can’t say I didn’t that one coming a mile away

    Now the one thing that turned this episode from bad into a total train wreck was Paige getting marred, my god that has got to be the most rushed and poorly don marriage in tv history. Henry has only been in a total of 9 episodes, and he’s already marred to Paige. My god what the hell were the writher of this show thinking.

    Well long story short, I’ve lost all faith in this show, and I’m quite happy that it will not be returning next year

  • OMG they are killing it, they are just killing it, after 8 years of good enterteining tv, they just had to go ahead and ruin it, 8 years of work down the drain.

    i've always been a firm charmed fan, i can basically recite anything that happened in every episode in all the seasons, so when i say this episode was just disastrous, then believe me , it is.

    Okay lets just face the facts for a moment, here, one thing we have always known about the charmed ones is that they as witches have always been doomed to bad relationships with men, i mean it took pipper ages to get married to leo, even though we knew they were a perfect couple, phoebe has had a roller coster of a love life and gramps was divorced so many times, so will someone tell me just how the hell, paige got engaged in one episode and married in the other, that just kills the plot.

    Secondly a message that has always been persistent all the way thru the season was the fact that the charmed ones powers come from their emotions and these develop as they get more experienced, so you can just imagine how dissapointed i was to find out that billie , a week old witch had more powers than the charmed ones, and its also dissapointing that the sisters powers havent grown over the past few seasons, so telling us that billie who has no mentioned magical history is more powerful than the power of 3 is just stabbing us loyal funs in the bak, and My God it hurts. (and also thinking that billie is more powerful than wyatt, i mean wyatt, just makes it worse).

    charmed has always been a great programme but its episodes that these that explain why there are fewer people watching it, i hope the fianle will be much better than this, and that the plot line would differ, coz the thot that billie a new character is going to be the shows final attention is just ridiculous.
  • Unfreakin Believable.

    there is not much to say about this one that hasn't been said by the majority of the review's here. I personally gave it a 2 because we got to see both boys this time.
    WOW Christy is evil surprize surpize... NOT!!
    I am glad this will be the last series for this show I am getting a little tired of getting my hopes up only to be dashed on a weekly basis. I am still hoping that Charmed will end on a Charmed Note. But alas we will have to see if there is some amazing twist to this that will make Charmed once again Charmed
    "side note"
    Couldn't they make budget cuts on Christy and Billie and bring Leo back.
  • Fans are the ones confused.

    I think that they meant by the title that the cast are the ones confused, but I honestly think it was the fans that were confused. I know I was. It made no sense. One minute Christy's totally innocent and with the Charmed Ones and then she goes downstairs, calls the triad, and tells them that someone is trying to impersonate them. She's on their side! Evil's side! I mean she was raised by demons, but come on. It makes no sense. And then with Henry and Paige. Their all arguing and mad at each other and then Paige thinks she's gonna die going up against the Triad so she goes to Henry and apoligizes! Then they get married! Very Screwed up!
  • Christy is revealed to the audience that she is working for/with evil. Piper tries to throw an engagement party for Paige who is showing very little feelings towards getting married. Cupid comes to help Pheobe.

    Yeah....not really feeling this episode. How in the world do they just get Paige engaged and then married in a matter of 4-5 episodes??? At least Cole was HOT and you could actually see that he was OBSESSED with Pheobe. With Henry, it was good to even put him on the screen!!!
    Besides, what is going on with Paige?? Why in the world would she want to get married?? Henry is a liability as a human. She isn't ready for marriage because if she were, she wouldn't thing Piper was obsessed with finding a way to get Leo back. She also would want to try to push Piper towards Greg the firefighter from the last episode. Yeah..this storyline SUCKED!!! I am not impressed.
    I have a feeling the writers are trying to marry off the sisters and tie up loose ends any way they can. An example would be how Cupid said that Pheobe's calculations were wrong when regarding her pregnancy. And, WOW, is this guy not HOT!!! Kinda wish he could help her out...LOL.
    Don't know what the writers are doing. Thanking them for finally finding Christy to shut Billie up. Sad that the Triad are back but interested in their real role. Hope the next episode is better!!!!
  • A lot happens, that’s nice. The evil is revealed, but the rest is more than questionable!

    Ok I’ll start with the good parts:
    1. The evil is revealed.
    2. The charmed ones take one a big fight again.
    3. Paige finally gets married.
    4. There was some fun with this magical guy sent to help Phoebe.

    Now the bad things:
    1. Where is the rest of the family for the wedding? Where are the grandmother and all those magical persons called for such events?
    2. How come that there are still more powerful demons than the source was? There were a few I understood, but now it’s getting ridicules.
    3. Suddenly the elders are interested in Phoebe? How come? No answer!
    4. How can Billie be the even more powerful than the charmed ones? No answer! But that doesn’t make sense. The charmed ones are a grown power. Billie’s is much younger. Then the theories about that there is as much evil force than good forces? Remember the Avatars? Did they forget everything?
    5. Why remember everyone at Leo? So the fans get hold up in their memories and the new stuff can’t be acknowledged as good.

    Now to the basic theories: I understand that the writers try to make up a new powerful force so the charmed ones could go in rent to the end of this series, but like that? It’s cheap (remember Buffy?) and it’s against the complete logic of the entire series!
    After that one I don’t have much hope for the episodes till the last one or two. Till then I think we’ll rush from disappointment to disappointment. Maybe the finale will make some sense again and settle all those differences.
  • Very, Very Silly Episode Indeed....

    This episode underminded the whole season itself. We just met the Big Bad for the season and then you go out an vanquish them? They have planning for something for 15 years, you'd think they would be stronger than the Charmed Ones. This was not a great episode to watch, though I wish they would have showed this episode in April and did like a countdown to the finale. Then we could have seen Paige and Henry have a real wedding. Rushed and Confused is what this episode left me and it's kind of making me happy that Charmed is ending May 21, we won't see this show go downhill anymore than it has already gone.
  • Paige gets cold feet about her upcoming wedding, Phoebe is stalked by the most irritating character since the introduction of Billie, and the Big Bad reveals itself, being.. not The Triad.

    Despite the fact that it is hardly Charmed as in its heydays, the main plotline definitely works. The big bad of each season has always been interesting, and the Triad/Christy story is quite intriguing, though somewhat corny. Charmed tends to make up new ultimate evil/power/good constantly without likening them to previous evils/powers/goods (do I need to mention Billie being the ultimate power, totally contradicting Melinda Warren's initial prediction about the Charmed Ones being something like that). In this case the Triad - who in deed are powerful, but initially were no more powerful than Cole could take them out. The Source, at least, could only be vanquished by the Charmed Ones using the power of the entire family line combined. But, who cares, really. The Triad are working it in this episode, and there was genuine suspense when the sisters orbed into Magic School to battle them. That was definitely the highlight of this episode, although it was somewhat disappointing that Piper, as always, was able to kill one by repeatedly using her exploding power on him. Coop has got be the most infuriating new asset that Charmed has seen for a long time. Or rather since Billie emerged in her black wig. This is classic Charmed focusing on Phoebe's love life, Phoebe who has not had a boyfriend for a little while, and therefore desperately needs the Elders to actually care enough to assign a Cupid solely to restore her faith in love. I personally would have preferred the series ending by Phoebe enjoying her life as a single, for this plotline's sole function is telling teenage girls out there that they are nothing without a succesful relationship. Quoting Phoebe: 'Cole was my longest relationship, how pathetic is that?' That is just downright despicable. Coop himself is very, very annoying, probably because of his tedious attempts to lead Phoebe to her path.. eh, once again. Yawn.

    Paige's wedding was rather beautiful, though also rather rushed. Rose McGowan's performance was brilliant, but I simply didn't care enough for Henry yet to feel exhilirated. The Christy plotline is the most interesting, and luckily also the main one. Patterson does a very good job, though she is a little too pretty and her hair a little too perfect for someone with her background. Billie is as always just plain annoying and too blonde for words. She is way too attached to this sister that she hasn't seen for fifteen years - she ought to be totally alienated, and yet Billie acts as protective and caring as Piper probably would if they discovered Prue being held captive by demons, as though only a relatively short time had elapsed, yet Billie has spent 75% of her life without Christy.

    All in all, a well written episode with some interesting plot development. Keep it up, Charmed.
  • Too fast.

    OK, they certainly took their sweet time trying to FIND Christy and yet they took all of 2 episodes to make her (unsurprisingly) evil.

    They\'ve been trying to find a permanent Beau for Phoebe and they\'ve been unsuccessful for the last 3 seasons. But Paige can meet a guy, fall in love, tell him she\'s a witch, AND get married all in the same season? OK....

    Also, why did she get married (in that hideous dress, in my opinion) without her mother or father there??? I mean, I realize that she hasn’t been on the best terms with her father, and her mothers dead, but come on! She\'s getting married for petes sake, that\'s a big thing! She had none of her family there, at least that we know of. I know there are budget cuts, but come on Producers, lets get our stuff together!

    So disappointing.
  • i have to agree with some of the comments being made....

    This has being the worst season ever, and thank the gods it is the last season, because these episodes have been nothing but escape goals like they are not even trying any more to write good shows, and for the love of all that is good get rid of the bille and her sister story line it's getting old and boring. And can you believe they took Leo away but yet, paige get her man and phobe will soon be getting her's but piper had to lose her's to save the world. How dumb is that.
  • Not a great example of the show, but it was still great to watch. If not for Paige's wedding, I wouldn't have given it an above average rating.

    This whole storyline with Christy is getting a little dull. Nothing really great is happening with it. I mean whoever didn't see her being evil before this episode has no sense at all. I mean they have to bring back an old enemy just to keep the story line going! Why can't they just mix it up with a brand new villan? But it ended great with Paige getting married to Henry. I am glad they finally settled her down. I want so much for the show to be good and go into the 9th season, but from the way things are going I don't see that happening.
  • Decent episode, but still the world of Billie and Christy.

    It was an okay episode tonight. I manged to pay attention and not get bored half way through like "The Last Temptation of Christy". I don't like how the Charmed Ones are becoming very not important. Also did they really think that it was going to be so easy? This season is reusing old plots and not doing it well. Does this season remind anyone of season six? But done very, very, badly? You'd think Gideon would teach the sisters not to trust every so-called "good person".

    Ugh Cupid. (all these guest stars and they can't afford Brian Krause?). I can understand with Piper married (all though you wouldn't know it by last week), and Paige the little sister engaged, Phoebe would feel alittle depressed about having no one in her life. But this ploy to make her have a child is getting annoying. She need to find love...the child will come after. What happend to her character? She's so one dimentional.

    Paige's story was cute. Albeit very, very rushed. Piper too seasons to get married. Henry and Paige just met this season. The season isn't even over yet and they are married? I think the writers of Charmed have been watching too much 7th Heaven and fell in to the "must have every sibling married by the end of the show" trap. I didn't even see Paige as the marrying type. Oh well, at least they are a great couple and it's a good storyline. We saw Chris and Wyatt at the wedding which was a nice surprise. Though I wish Piper would spend time with her kids on camera. I've seen Paige actually interact with the kids (not just ship them off here and there as Piper does) I haven't seen Piper do that in a long time.

    Piper didn't have a storyline :(. I liked that she was hoping to get Leo back though.

    Billie and Christy. Ugh. Now that Christy talks they sound alike too. Great. How many times will they try to kidnap her before they realize that we just don't care. Or atleast I don't. She's evil. We get it. Billie is the altimate power?I thought the Charmed Ones were. But I guess they are no longer important. What was the name of this show agian?
  • Christy evil...I saw that coming a mile away. Paige and Henry got married the first time....ok I guess. Piper still at a loss without Leo...

    I only half watched this episode, because frankly it is sad and depressing to know this is the end and it is not being done very well.
    Atleast they admitted that the Triad was already vaquished before, however that would be a way to bring Cole back, since he seems to be the one meant for Pheobe. Although cupid is realy cute, maybe he could become real.
    Anyway, Christy evil big suprise. I hope that Billie and Christy do each other in.
    The one thing missing from the wedding that actual happened the first time around was Gram.
    I do believe that the charmed ones will defeat this final evil of all evil and I am still holding out for Prue coming back in the end.
    I hope Leo, is de-thalled.
    With all these people who could help, the Charmed ones can't loose.
    Holding out hope...
  • started out good but lost my interest farther into the show... didnt seem as interesting as previous episodes.

    it seems the storylines are going farther away from the sisters and more along the lines of Billie and her sister. And what about leo?? And wyatt and chris??? What happened to them being involved in the story?? It appears to me that the writers are trying to pull us away from the sisters and testing the waters for a possible spin-off in the future.
  • Where is Leo? Where is Wyatt and Chris? Where is anybody and any storyline that really matters? I hate Christy and Billie. Worst characters ever...

    Okay, it seems like the storyline for the show is getting washed out with boring crap like Phoebe and the Cupid dude. "My little girl in my premonition. I want a little girl. Blah blah blah. I am doing stupid stuff that is turning off the viewers to this show such as the seperate apartment, but me always hanging out at the Manor" Phoebe, damn it, move back into the house, find a damn husband (or resurruct Cole because that was your best relationship in my opinion), and stop moping about. Paige, I have no problems with you, just getting married so quickly was crazy. Piper, we need more Piper in the show, especially with Wyatt and Chris. Those two boys barely get any face time with the show anymore especially after the end of season 6 which was all Wyatt based.

    Now on to the newbie witches. Both are so hot, but both are so annoying. Billie, you found your damn sister, so getting rid of the annoyng personality you had before that was based on "oh my god, i need to find christy. where is christy? christy, i need you, blah blah blah." Christy, stop adapting traits from your sister. If you are evil or have a secret, then be smart about it like Cole (as the Source or Belthazar), Gideon, or Leo (the Avatar). Stop being a pest.

    Finally, how in the heck is Billie and Christy so powerful that they can crush the Charmed Ones? They are the strongest witches in the world? What the heck happened to the doublely charmed witch-whitelighter Wyatt. Please don't tell me these girls could beat Wyatt. For god's sake, Wyatt as a baby in Season 5 and 6 had a super barrier and demon vanquishing powers. A well noted exmaple of this is in the season 6 finale when he is orbng around in the Underworld and he vanquishes the two demons with a simple blink of his eyes. Now add two years of growth on to that, and he should be as powerful as his mother at least. Just look at the episode when the Source was resurrected. I am sure the Charmed ones wouldn't be able to do that (if they were under s strong spell and use to resurrect their enemy, blah blah blah). One other thing, why the heck doesn't Wyatt put up is barrier anymore. Sure, Gideon pierced it, but i am sure Wyatt was able to recover the ability. In this episode tonight, Wyatt should have immediately brought up his barrier around Christy because he is incredible smart. Once again, refering back to Season 6, for half the season he didn't trust his own future brother even though Chris showed no threats to Wyatt. It just doesn't make sense. And what about Chris? Why is he still a puggy baby? He should be almost 2 years old and not a baby, plus they haven't showed any signs of him beginning to come into his powers which he should have a while ago as stated by Leo.

    Anyway, 1) we want Leo back really soon, 2) make Wyatt beat Christy up because there is no way she is stronger than him, 3) please Phoebe, actually do something productive like using you empath powers to find Christy out (it will probably redeem you just a bit), and 4) have the show focus strongly on the main storyline and get rid of the 50 billion mini-storylines that are screwing up the main point of the show.
  • The wedding of Paige and Henry and Christy's dark side is revealed.

    Anyone else find the wedding kinda random? i mean Henry's not even been in Charmed long. I think he should have appeared earlier in the season tbh. Or maybe been an old flame of Paige's/been in an earlier season. The rushed marrige just doesn't seem like something Charmed would do.
  • A Decent Episode.

    Engaged and Confused is not my favorite episode ever but it is a really good episode for this horrible season, In this episode a lot of things happen like The Charmed Ones destroy the Triad, and Paige's wedding.This is a very special episode in my opinion because this season was extremelly boring with this Billie story, and this episode focused more on the three sisters.One thing that I didn't like was this Triad back, I mean the story editors of Charmed could not even make a new villian, this season they already bring back the Source that was a great idea, but unfortunately the episode really disappointed.The writer of this episode Jeanine Renshaw make a good entertaing hour of Charmed, but in the battle with The Triad should had more action, but at least this episode was good, for this idiot season.
  • Confused, I am :)

    I still need to get used to the whole Billy-Christy idea, it wasn't a bad episode but it wasn't my favourite though...

    When will Phoebe get her daughter? The audience is longing to that! :)

    Charmed is a good serie, but maybe it's good they've put an end to it, to end in beauty!
  • Paige's wedding

    In this episode paige gets married, and i saw that Brian Krausse was listed as a EPISODE cast member for this episode. No lie this might be the one! keep your hopes up! Because we all miss leo i really hope they bring him back and who knows this might just be the one
  • Stoopid Coop-id Seeks Phoebe's Loins

    Paige has evolved a lot since she first appeared on Charmed five years ago. When I first discovered that she would be getting married, I wasn't that happy. For one, I had never seen Paige as the marrying type and to hear that she was getting hitched before her man-obsessed sister seemed bizarre. Thankfully, Paige's choice of husband could not be better and their wedding in this episode was a classic Charmed moment.

    Engaged and Confused sees Paige getting cold feet about her upcoming wedding to Henry. Meanwhile, the sisters discover that The Triad are back and believe this might be the final fight they were told about. They go into battle with the three demons but we soon discover that the Big Bad is somebody a little closer to home...

    We discover this episode that the Big Bad isn't The Triad but in fact Christy, who's obviously been "turned" during her 15 years of captivity. We also learn that Billie is the Ultimate Power and Christy is the key to that power. I really dislike that Billie is this specific thing as it completely screws up the show. Couldn't the Ultimate Power be one of the sisters or something? I hate how that the final ever Charmed story arc will be centered on a blonde trainee witch who's only appeared in one season. It just really annoys me. They've made her more powerful than ALL of the Halliwell sisters, Wyatt and basically the entire Halliwell line put together. Way to ruin the message of the show Kern!

    Christy is an intriguing character and I'm glad that they've hired an actress who's actually able to put across being all evil. I found it sorta weird though that she could remember all her 80's crushes last episode but can't remember how to use a knife and fork in this one. Hopefully she's just messing with their minds. If she is though, it doesn't bode well for convincing the audience that the sisters actually have brain cells...

    I was slightly annoyed that The Triad were disbanded so quickly. It almost seems pointless to bring back a demon from the past and vanquish most of them after just two episodes. Maybe it was a last-minute story change? Who knows? At least we won't have to see their ridiculous robes anymore. Seriously, what was the costume designer thinking?

    Paige and Henry's wedding was, as expected, awesome to watch. Both Rose McGowan and Ivan Sergei gave excellent performances and despite the ultimate TV cliché of soon-to-be-married couples ALWAYS getting cold feet, their storyline this episode really worked.

    In a truly moronic subplot, Phoebe discovered that The Elders have sent Cupid to her so she could have a successful relationship with somebody. Whatever. The Elders ignore Piper's grieving and the coming battle because they believe Phoebe's loins are more important. Complete garbage.

    Like every Charmed episode this season, there were problems but the majority of it was pretty good. I hate that Billie is now the biggest part of the magical mythology on this show but I am excited to see what Christy's gonna do next.

    One more thing, the Charmed writers can't do drama, comedy or tension anymore but there's one thing they always do right: weddings.

    Rating: B+
  • I don't know, I don't know! The title say "confused"... I guess that is a good title...

    I see the episode and I don't know if it's a good one or not.

    The part of the story "go against the Triad" is quite good: The effects and the battle is original. The atack of the Demons is aswell and the whole Christy in the cave too. I guess the thing that anoy me is the whole we go to the Triad without prepare ourself! It so ridicule... It makes no sense go to a fight just relaying in her powers. They should have never done that! Why the demon blow ups, they usually don't (even less powerful than the triad) I know that the power of the triada come to the trio but makes no sense that killing one the other can be blow up! It just should debilitate the colective! And why the freezing thing... Phoebe said "they upper level demons so they won't be frozen too much" The **** upper level demon NEVER freeze!! I hate when they change the rules becuse the want to!

    The part of the sisters lifes is not what I expected... I didn't like Paige at the beginning od the episode, I always love Rose's acting but here I din't. And the episode seemed to have a empty that makes me wonder if I like it or not! I love the whole "cave" thing: Was so original see how demons eat!! Great idea!

    So... why I should give the episode a 8??? Becuse the great and perfect camera job! I think that the episode has one of the best job of filming of the season. We see a good photography and a great filming. We have scenes with a good "angle" for exemple the scene when they orb back to the manor after killing the triad (the one shot since the stirs) and the whole mirror plays (The sometimes do it) And when the camera goes down to the triad, to the sofa... it's a great one! We have a original acting to make the episode better: I said I didn't like Paige at the begining but at the end I loved her: The scene Paige-Henry is awesome and I love the filming of the scene too. The sets are original too (the cave for exemple)

    If you wanna see a great episode in the whole field of filming, this is the one. But the story is kinda poor is a enjoyable episode. The puntuation a 8
  • Paige gets married as the Charmed Ones discover the Evil Triad is still alive. We also learn Billie is the key, not Christy.

    This episode was pivotal simply because we saw Paige get married. In a way I feel her character was slighted here because there was no real preparation for her wedding. We didn\'t even have her father Sam walking her down the isle. The attention paid to Christy and Billie is annoying, I like the characters but they\'re getting too much screentime... the show is about the Halliwells.
  • Despite what is said in other reviews, this was a great hour, filled with humour, excitement, some great new plot twist and character development and an interesting vanquish. One of the best this season.

    First off, I would like to discuss Paige and Henry. They have throughout the season had chemistry like no other Charmed couple, and whenever they’re in a scene together, they blossom. This episode featured more and better Henry/Paige time than ever, and the two actors, as well as the two characters, were amazingly perfect. Their little argument in the street was adorable and I sat in my chair and giggled to myself. Their wedding was even better, and Rose looked absolutely stunning. The wedding didn’t even seem rushed. It felt right. And I also liked that Paige got to be the sister, whose wedding didn’t end or begin with a disaster. She is the only of the Halliwell sisters, whose wedding went smoothly. I take off my hat for Paige and Henry, the best thing about Season 8.

    After that, I would like to discuss the matter of Christy. As it turns out, Marnette Patterson is not only a good actress (to my big surprise), but Christy is also looking to be a great character. It’s nice to see some character with depth, and the fact that she’s evil is something I really like. It’s opening up some great new storylines, and the direction of the Season as well as the Billie story is getting better and better. I don’t, however, like the idea that Billie is “The Ultimate Power”. No one besides the Charmed ones, or their babies, are allowed to have that title. Speaking of Billie, her character is slowly getting better and more interesting now that she’s more level-headed and calm. My guess is that Christy will turn Billie evil, and the two Jenkins sisters will be the Big Bad. I don’t know if Kaley is enough of a good actress to pull it off. Only time will tell, but I’m certainly looking forward to seeing it.

    The demons of the episode were standard Charmed: Boring, predictable and portrayed by bad actors. The Triad was dull, but at least their vanquish was original and thought through. Not the usual, run in and hope for the best.

    And now for Cupid. I really liked the actor, and he actually had some chemistry with Alyssa, but I can’t help like feeling I’m watching re-runs. I’m not speaking of a useless hunk coming and flirting with phoebe, and then leaving for no apparent reason. No, I’m talking about the charming guy coming in, flirting with Phoebe and telling her not to give up on love, and then leaving. First we had the other cupid in Season 2, and then Drake. It’s like they’re redoing storylines, just to keep us interested, but I’m getting tired of it. I’m hoping for something more original with this guy.

    All in all, this was a great episode. It was exciting, funny and it featured some major character and story development. I’m really looking forward to seeing the development of the Billie/Christy story line. Good work, writers. And Good work Rose.
  • In this episode Paige is getting married and we find out, on which side Christy really is. Phoebe meets a strange man.

    Seeing Paige finally getting married was nice. And I was really surprised by the fact that Christy is evil. I didn\'t expect that at all. Watching the last few episodes I was wondering when Phoebe is going to have her first baby. Now it looks like it will happen sooner or later. Iam really looking forward to what will happen next.
  • A very special (and important, if you ask me) episode, with a very good storyline, no matter how much importance they gave to Billie and Christy.

    Overall, a very good episode, with one of the most special (but way to forced) moments of the show history, a very good (but to short and simple) fight scene, and the introduction of the second cupid, who could actually be a good addition to the show (like Billy Zane), or turn out to be a very uninteresting character with no apparent resaon to exist (Nick Lachey... Jason Lewis...).

    In spite of all the above, the wedding scene was very sweet, and no matter how forced it was, was truly touching and tender; let's do the math, shall we:

    Acting: A very good performance from everyone, and that doesn't include Billie because she was pretty useless in this episode, so I'll give the acting 2 points out of 2.

    I was gonna try to divide the plots in a and b, but I couldn't decide which one is the main plot, and which is the second (because they both seem to be more important than the other at some point), so I'll rate the plots together...

    The engagement thing was very amusing, specially when Piper fights with the BRIDE herself, in ordert to mantain the engagement; very funny lines from Piper.

    The twist in the Christy storyline was obvius, but it was decent, for me, it was.

    The cupid thing seemed pretty lame, and I hope that it gets better, because I think it's a really good storyline to follow, no matter how obviously forced it is.

    Overall, I give the story 2,7 points out of 3

    Development of the story: the engagement thing was ok, even when the fights between Paige and Henry were pretty pointless; the twist of the Christy thing was obvius; and the fight with the triad was way to short even though it had some great special effects. I'll give the development 1,5 out of 2 points

    Conclusion of the story: two of the triads members are killed, and the remaining one reveals to Christy that Billie is the ultimate power, and that she is the key to said ultimate power... predictable...

    The wedding scene was just lovely, the wedding gown was beautiful, the bride was glowing, and the bridesmaids were stunning, and a sight of Chris was really refreshing, you know, he's alive...

    The conclusiuon gets 2,5 out of 3 points.

    This episode gets:

    2+2,7+1,5+2,5= 8,7 points out of 10.

  • Engaged and Confused

    This episode was good, but it could have been better. There is far too much exposure on the parts of Billie and her sister. This show is about the sisters.

    Since this is Paige's wedding, where is Penny, Patty, Sam, Victor and Darryl for that matter?

    And as for Victor, how did he take it when he found out that Paige was Sam's daughter by Patty? They have never addressed this. It is just like it is a non-issue. There would have
    to be some fireworks to that revelation.

    Back to topic, with all the demon fighting/chasing that the Halliwells have done throughout the years, they wouldn't be that stupid to Billie's sister. I would even know that something is off with her.

    I got to think that they know more than what they want people to think they know when it comes to Billie's sister.

    It could have been developed a little better, but it was still a fine episode.
  • Goodbye Paige Matthews and hello Paige - What's her name?

    Paige has finally found her love and how ironic it would be if he or she were to die this season. This episode however was very refreshing in how the episode was layed out. Building up to a fight from the beginning of the episode that was actually IN the episode - whereas usually in Charmed the fight will be saved until the final episode or a few episodes later.
    The Charmed Ones fight the Triad and the bigger focus on graphics and details becomes much more apparent for the last season in this episode.

    Overall a really good episode, had a lot of action packed into the 40 minutes.

    Watch It!
  • Finally the show is getting on track for the season

    The show has been draging with a few good episodes here and there but this finially pulled everything together. This episode has really brought in the Billy and her sister storyline.
    Also i am very surprised that a Charmed wedding went throught the first time without a hitc. I can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out and if they do decide to make it the last season plaes give us a real ending
  • The girls sure have had rough love lives. Now, Paige has what she always wanted, a love that accepts magic. I was so glad to see her get married. I just Leo was there!

    It's about time Paige had a love she could count on and hold on to. It seems like every love she had ended in a tragedy. She deserved to have a happy ending and I was so happy to see her finally get married.
    I think the story about Coop was kind of just thrown in just to give Phoebe a storyline in this episode. I wish she would just find a love she can hold on to. Or maybe she should just come to realize that maybe she’s not meant to have that little girl she saw in the future. After all we’ve all seen how the future can change. It seems like her love life is a lot like Paige's.
    It seems like Piper wasn't able to hold on to her love either. Her and Leo only had a short, happy time together (if you subtract the time with the elders.) I am so ready for Leo to return. It was sad when Piper stood there waiting for Leo, after they had gotten rid of the Triad. I knew it wasn’t going to be that easy. I wish Leo had been able to be at Paige's wedding. It didn’t seem the same without him.
    Ok, I'm tired of Billie and her sister, Christy. This is getting ridiculous. I don't understand how they can find the money to pay them but can't find it to pay Brian (Leo.) Don't they know by now, we don't care about them? We want Leo!! I had read that Billie and Christy were the "big threat." And Christy turning evil in this episode was a big clue. I'm not sure what will happen, but I hope it happens soon.
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