Season 8 Episode 16

Engaged and Confused

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2006 on The WB

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  • In this episode piper plans a enagement party but it turns into a wedding when the have to go up against the triad.Pheobe and billie try to teach christy how to walk in high heels. piper is trying o find a way to get leo back. Yay.

    I love ths episode it is so romantic!
    I love ths episode it is so romantic!
    I love ths episode it is so romantic!
    I love ths episode it is so romantic!
    I love ths episode it is so romantic!
    I love ths episode it is so romantic!
    From C h armed12345 bye
  • Paige's wedding

    In this episode paige gets married, and i saw that Brian Krausse was listed as a EPISODE cast member for this episode. No lie this might be the one! keep your hopes up! Because we all miss leo i really hope they bring him back and who knows this might just be the one
  • good episode

    okay so now we basically officially know that christie is evil. it is not her fault i mean she grew up in a cave with demons but why else would she contact the triad and talk about getting billy on her side. paiges wedding was great cant wait til the next episode
  • The girls sure have had rough love lives. Now, Paige has what she always wanted, a love that accepts magic. I was so glad to see her get married. I just Leo was there!

    It's about time Paige had a love she could count on and hold on to. It seems like every love she had ended in a tragedy. She deserved to have a happy ending and I was so happy to see her finally get married.
    I think the story about Coop was kind of just thrown in just to give Phoebe a storyline in this episode. I wish she would just find a love she can hold on to. Or maybe she should just come to realize that maybe she’s not meant to have that little girl she saw in the future. After all we’ve all seen how the future can change. It seems like her love life is a lot like Paige's.
    It seems like Piper wasn't able to hold on to her love either. Her and Leo only had a short, happy time together (if you subtract the time with the elders.) I am so ready for Leo to return. It was sad when Piper stood there waiting for Leo, after they had gotten rid of the Triad. I knew it wasn’t going to be that easy. I wish Leo had been able to be at Paige's wedding. It didn’t seem the same without him.
    Ok, I'm tired of Billie and her sister, Christy. This is getting ridiculous. I don't understand how they can find the money to pay them but can't find it to pay Brian (Leo.) Don't they know by now, we don't care about them? We want Leo!! I had read that Billie and Christy were the "big threat." And Christy turning evil in this episode was a big clue. I'm not sure what will happen, but I hope it happens soon.
  • Where is Leo? Where is Wyatt and Chris? Where is anybody and any storyline that really matters? I hate Christy and Billie. Worst characters ever...

    Okay, it seems like the storyline for the show is getting washed out with boring crap like Phoebe and the Cupid dude. "My little girl in my premonition. I want a little girl. Blah blah blah. I am doing stupid stuff that is turning off the viewers to this show such as the seperate apartment, but me always hanging out at the Manor" Phoebe, damn it, move back into the house, find a damn husband (or resurruct Cole because that was your best relationship in my opinion), and stop moping about. Paige, I have no problems with you, just getting married so quickly was crazy. Piper, we need more Piper in the show, especially with Wyatt and Chris. Those two boys barely get any face time with the show anymore especially after the end of season 6 which was all Wyatt based.

    Now on to the newbie witches. Both are so hot, but both are so annoying. Billie, you found your damn sister, so getting rid of the annoyng personality you had before that was based on "oh my god, i need to find christy. where is christy? christy, i need you, blah blah blah." Christy, stop adapting traits from your sister. If you are evil or have a secret, then be smart about it like Cole (as the Source or Belthazar), Gideon, or Leo (the Avatar). Stop being a pest.

    Finally, how in the heck is Billie and Christy so powerful that they can crush the Charmed Ones? They are the strongest witches in the world? What the heck happened to the doublely charmed witch-whitelighter Wyatt. Please don't tell me these girls could beat Wyatt. For god's sake, Wyatt as a baby in Season 5 and 6 had a super barrier and demon vanquishing powers. A well noted exmaple of this is in the season 6 finale when he is orbng around in the Underworld and he vanquishes the two demons with a simple blink of his eyes. Now add two years of growth on to that, and he should be as powerful as his mother at least. Just look at the episode when the Source was resurrected. I am sure the Charmed ones wouldn't be able to do that (if they were under s strong spell and use to resurrect their enemy, blah blah blah). One other thing, why the heck doesn't Wyatt put up is barrier anymore. Sure, Gideon pierced it, but i am sure Wyatt was able to recover the ability. In this episode tonight, Wyatt should have immediately brought up his barrier around Christy because he is incredible smart. Once again, refering back to Season 6, for half the season he didn't trust his own future brother even though Chris showed no threats to Wyatt. It just doesn't make sense. And what about Chris? Why is he still a puggy baby? He should be almost 2 years old and not a baby, plus they haven't showed any signs of him beginning to come into his powers which he should have a while ago as stated by Leo.

    Anyway, 1) we want Leo back really soon, 2) make Wyatt beat Christy up because there is no way she is stronger than him, 3) please Phoebe, actually do something productive like using you empath powers to find Christy out (it will probably redeem you just a bit), and 4) have the show focus strongly on the main storyline and get rid of the 50 billion mini-storylines that are screwing up the main point of the show.
  • started out good but lost my interest farther into the show... didnt seem as interesting as previous episodes.

    it seems the storylines are going farther away from the sisters and more along the lines of Billie and her sister. And what about leo?? And wyatt and chris??? What happened to them being involved in the story?? It appears to me that the writers are trying to pull us away from the sisters and testing the waters for a possible spin-off in the future.
  • Finally the show is getting on track for the season

    The show has been draging with a few good episodes here and there but this finially pulled everything together. This episode has really brought in the Billy and her sister storyline.
    Also i am very surprised that a Charmed wedding went throught the first time without a hitc. I can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out and if they do decide to make it the last season plaes give us a real ending
  • I love this show, but now I see why everyone is talking bad about it. if you watch this show from the start than you would know that no one is as powerful as the charmed one's. now Billie and her sister are all powerful. how in the hell.

    I love this show, but now I see why everyone is talking bad about it. if you watch this show from the start than you would know that no one is as powerful as the charmed one's. now Billie and her sister are all powerful. how in the hell did that happen. Billie and her sister are not that powerful or even have a strong magic line. if you ask me Wyatt should be able to stop Billie and Christy. or better yet Wyatt and Chris should be able to handily the two of them. what they should do is tell Wyatt that if Billie and Christy was out of the way his daddy would come back. than let's see how strong the two of them are.
    it was a good show anyway. the wedding was beautiful. hate to say this but coop might be able to help phoebe. that way she might be able to get all her powers back in time to kill Billie and her sister. looking forward to the last couple of show. want to see where they are going with this. if the charmed one's get beat by them two, than this whole eight years has done nothing for them and there power's.
  • WHOA!!!

    I am soooo happy Pagie and Henry gott married!!!That is so awsomme!It is about time they showed Chris!!He is so adorable!!!It was so cute when Henry and Whyatt were sneaking some cake.I hope Pagie gets pregnet this season.(giggle,giggle)Any way...I knew Christy was evil!!!!Thats going to really suck when they find out.Because in order to get Leo back they will have to kill Christy,or get her on there side which i don't see her agring to that.Scence Billie is the ultimint(spelled that wrong)does that make her more powerful then the Charmedones?Also i am so happy cupid is going to help Pheobe find love.She really deserves someone after all that shes gone through.This episode is my new favorite!!Great job ladies!
  • A lot happens, that’s nice. The evil is revealed, but the rest is more than questionable!

    Ok I’ll start with the good parts:
    1. The evil is revealed.
    2. The charmed ones take one a big fight again.
    3. Paige finally gets married.
    4. There was some fun with this magical guy sent to help Phoebe.

    Now the bad things:
    1. Where is the rest of the family for the wedding? Where are the grandmother and all those magical persons called for such events?
    2. How come that there are still more powerful demons than the source was? There were a few I understood, but now it’s getting ridicules.
    3. Suddenly the elders are interested in Phoebe? How come? No answer!
    4. How can Billie be the even more powerful than the charmed ones? No answer! But that doesn’t make sense. The charmed ones are a grown power. Billie’s is much younger. Then the theories about that there is as much evil force than good forces? Remember the Avatars? Did they forget everything?
    5. Why remember everyone at Leo? So the fans get hold up in their memories and the new stuff can’t be acknowledged as good.

    Now to the basic theories: I understand that the writers try to make up a new powerful force so the charmed ones could go in rent to the end of this series, but like that? It’s cheap (remember Buffy?) and it’s against the complete logic of the entire series!
    After that one I don’t have much hope for the episodes till the last one or two. Till then I think we’ll rush from disappointment to disappointment. Maybe the finale will make some sense again and settle all those differences.
  • Very nice.

    This was an awesome episode. I wonder what its ratings were. I hope they were good.

    One question-how is Christy so stupid about wiping her mouth with napkins and siping glasses? She has to remember something about when she was younger. I understand the sipping but pulling a napkin out from under a bunch of glasses is stupid because obviously they will break but whatever.

    What I don't get though is that when the demons come to warn the Charmed ones of the triad why do the demons fight back? Why wouldn't they just say we're not here to hurt you just to warn you? All they were doing is getting yourself killed. It was cool how Christy killed that one demon and then after Billie just yelled SWEET! Christy's powers are SWEET though. I would love to be a first starter.

    Also, why are the elders butting in on Phoebe's love life? Wait nevermind they just want her to have the kid right? But anyways why does Phoebe refuse so much to Cupid? Doesn't she want to have a child?

    I thought that when Paige was telling Henry she might not come back and he was like then let me come with you-that scence was a good scene. Obviously though everyone knew that she would because there are more episode in the season and if she didn't come back then the power of 3 would be ruined (unless there is yet another Halliwell that they don't know about haha).

    Was it the triad that froze time when they came to talk to Christy? Also how is Christy going to turn Billie evil? I can't wait until the next episode on next week. I hope it is just as good as this episode.

    I like the Charmed one's plan to defeat the triad. It was a good one. One thing I don't get though is when Paige orbed out and then Piper froze them how when Piper yelled Paige now Paige came out. How could Paige hear Piper? Was she listening like a whitelighter or what? It was cool how they defeated to triad.

    It was nice when Paige and Henry got married. They were saying their vows and everything. Good thing nothing interupted them while they were in the middle of their wedding like something did at all of Piper's weddings but then again Henry isn't a whitelighter. Wyatt was a good ring bearer.

    This episode rocked. I loved it and I can't wait until next week. I believe the episode is called Generation Hex or something along those lines.

  • Paige and Henry get married!!!!

    I love Paige and Henry so so so so Much!! they are so cute together! Glad tehy found each other :D CHristy is evil?? wow thats a twist and Billie is wanted or someting... i dont knwo... i was just so excited about the wedding! i thought is was great and its a first for charmed weddings!
  • Christy evil...I saw that coming a mile away. Paige and Henry got married the first time....ok I guess. Piper still at a loss without Leo...

    I only half watched this episode, because frankly it is sad and depressing to know this is the end and it is not being done very well.
    Atleast they admitted that the Triad was already vaquished before, however that would be a way to bring Cole back, since he seems to be the one meant for Pheobe. Although cupid is realy cute, maybe he could become real.
    Anyway, Christy evil big suprise. I hope that Billie and Christy do each other in.
    The one thing missing from the wedding that actual happened the first time around was Gram.
    I do believe that the charmed ones will defeat this final evil of all evil and I am still holding out for Prue coming back in the end.
    I hope Leo, is de-thalled.
    With all these people who could help, the Charmed ones can't loose.
    Holding out hope...
  • Unfreakin Believable.

    there is not much to say about this one that hasn't been said by the majority of the review's here. I personally gave it a 2 because we got to see both boys this time.
    WOW Christy is evil surprize surpize... NOT!!
    I am glad this will be the last series for this show I am getting a little tired of getting my hopes up only to be dashed on a weekly basis. I am still hoping that Charmed will end on a Charmed Note. But alas we will have to see if there is some amazing twist to this that will make Charmed once again Charmed
    "side note"
    Couldn't they make budget cuts on Christy and Billie and bring Leo back.
  • Too fast.

    OK, they certainly took their sweet time trying to FIND Christy and yet they took all of 2 episodes to make her (unsurprisingly) evil.

    They\'ve been trying to find a permanent Beau for Phoebe and they\'ve been unsuccessful for the last 3 seasons. But Paige can meet a guy, fall in love, tell him she\'s a witch, AND get married all in the same season? OK....

    Also, why did she get married (in that hideous dress, in my opinion) without her mother or father there??? I mean, I realize that she hasn’t been on the best terms with her father, and her mothers dead, but come on! She\'s getting married for petes sake, that\'s a big thing! She had none of her family there, at least that we know of. I know there are budget cuts, but come on Producers, lets get our stuff together!

    So disappointing.
  • Decent episode, but still the world of Billie and Christy.

    It was an okay episode tonight. I manged to pay attention and not get bored half way through like "The Last Temptation of Christy". I don't like how the Charmed Ones are becoming very not important. Also did they really think that it was going to be so easy? This season is reusing old plots and not doing it well. Does this season remind anyone of season six? But done very, very, badly? You'd think Gideon would teach the sisters not to trust every so-called "good person".

    Ugh Cupid. (all these guest stars and they can't afford Brian Krause?). I can understand with Piper married (all though you wouldn't know it by last week), and Paige the little sister engaged, Phoebe would feel alittle depressed about having no one in her life. But this ploy to make her have a child is getting annoying. She need to find love...the child will come after. What happend to her character? She's so one dimentional.

    Paige's story was cute. Albeit very, very rushed. Piper too seasons to get married. Henry and Paige just met this season. The season isn't even over yet and they are married? I think the writers of Charmed have been watching too much 7th Heaven and fell in to the "must have every sibling married by the end of the show" trap. I didn't even see Paige as the marrying type. Oh well, at least they are a great couple and it's a good storyline. We saw Chris and Wyatt at the wedding which was a nice surprise. Though I wish Piper would spend time with her kids on camera. I've seen Paige actually interact with the kids (not just ship them off here and there as Piper does) I haven't seen Piper do that in a long time.

    Piper didn't have a storyline :(. I liked that she was hoping to get Leo back though.

    Billie and Christy. Ugh. Now that Christy talks they sound alike too. Great. How many times will they try to kidnap her before they realize that we just don't care. Or atleast I don't. She's evil. We get it. Billie is the altimate power?I thought the Charmed Ones were. But I guess they are no longer important. What was the name of this show agian?
  • Not a great example of the show, but it was still great to watch. If not for Paige's wedding, I wouldn't have given it an above average rating.

    This whole storyline with Christy is getting a little dull. Nothing really great is happening with it. I mean whoever didn't see her being evil before this episode has no sense at all. I mean they have to bring back an old enemy just to keep the story line going! Why can't they just mix it up with a brand new villan? But it ended great with Paige getting married to Henry. I am glad they finally settled her down. I want so much for the show to be good and go into the 9th season, but from the way things are going I don't see that happening.
  • i have to agree with some of the comments being made....

    This has being the worst season ever, and thank the gods it is the last season, because these episodes have been nothing but escape goals like they are not even trying any more to write good shows, and for the love of all that is good get rid of the bille and her sister story line it's getting old and boring. And can you believe they took Leo away but yet, paige get her man and phobe will soon be getting her's but piper had to lose her's to save the world. How dumb is that.
  • OMG they are killing it, they are just killing it, after 8 years of good enterteining tv, they just had to go ahead and ruin it, 8 years of work down the drain.

    i've always been a firm charmed fan, i can basically recite anything that happened in every episode in all the seasons, so when i say this episode was just disastrous, then believe me , it is.

    Okay lets just face the facts for a moment, here, one thing we have always known about the charmed ones is that they as witches have always been doomed to bad relationships with men, i mean it took pipper ages to get married to leo, even though we knew they were a perfect couple, phoebe has had a roller coster of a love life and gramps was divorced so many times, so will someone tell me just how the hell, paige got engaged in one episode and married in the other, that just kills the plot.

    Secondly a message that has always been persistent all the way thru the season was the fact that the charmed ones powers come from their emotions and these develop as they get more experienced, so you can just imagine how dissapointed i was to find out that billie , a week old witch had more powers than the charmed ones, and its also dissapointing that the sisters powers havent grown over the past few seasons, so telling us that billie who has no mentioned magical history is more powerful than the power of 3 is just stabbing us loyal funs in the bak, and My God it hurts. (and also thinking that billie is more powerful than wyatt, i mean wyatt, just makes it worse).

    charmed has always been a great programme but its episodes that these that explain why there are fewer people watching it, i hope the fianle will be much better than this, and that the plot line would differ, coz the thot that billie a new character is going to be the shows final attention is just ridiculous.
  • Triad... Christy... Billie and her powers of projection... goddammit, it seems it all makes sense by now!

    What do I think about the last episode... (noone cares, but I go on ^^) is that, it was sure marked by a very obvious goof (flipping pentagram on the Triad robes) but otherwise I enjoyed it.

    The character of Christy was well developped and I enjoyed her "adaptation to the real world" . the marriage sure was a bit fast, but I liked it though. Paige was always the most isloated Charmed one, and now she's got a life of her own :)

    Cupid... I mean, Coop... what is that really about? I'm not really sure. But, however, it is promising, whatever naysayers say. Hey, Charmed isn't just about being witches, right? If Phoebe finds her Mr Right, I'll enjoy it as much as if she had killed a Mr Wrong. (I read some spoilers, there will be flashbacls in next ep, can't wait :) Yep I know I'm weird)

    But why I enjoyed this episode the best is that it gave me some answers... first, where the Hell did the Triad come back from? Answer: they never left, but were smart enough to put frontmen on their places. Christy, why did they hold her captive? Answer: to get to Billie... Who's the Big Bad of this season? Answer... you got that :) Everything that was weird for me before make sense now, I see the connection between Billie looking for her sis, Leo that's gone and the great battle, and that's what I like the most.

    Developping Billie and Christy and turning them evil then reminds me one of Charmed most loved characters who became a real symbol of Charmed... guess who?
    Can't wait to see what's next.
  • Yall haters are crazy ! this is great episode sooo stop complaining silly comment and all ! read more inside !

    okey 1st of all about da character

    Phoebe/Alyssa : as usual look really gorgeous , i really like when she release her hair... look more feminin , her storyline was great too , u know about she helping da girls and Billie/Christy , i also like da whole Cupid & Phoebe story.. its about damn time ! acting : 10/10

    Paige/Rose : was gorgeous like usual also , her dress was awesome (not da wedding dress but da other one when she fight with the Triad , da wedding dress are probably one of worst dress i ever seen) ! and finally she married ! yay for Paige , and i really like da whole storyline between her & Henry too like when she told Henry she may not getting alive when she fight with da Triad and some mooore.. acting 9.9/10

    Piper/Holly : OMG da hair was beautiful ! and finally she make it curly ! when was da last time she had that ? Hulkus Pokus rite ? hmm her storyline has nothing special.. just same stuff like when trying to get Leo back , set da dinner for Paige but still coool to see.. acting 9.9/10

    Billie/Kaley : she still a bit annoying but now less , thank god ! but what in da hell she is da Ultimate Power ? cant da Brad make one of The Charmed Ones da ultimate power ? and like some of yall said , i thought The Charmed Ones were da powerful witches ever ? not some Bimbo chick ! acting 9.7/10

    Christy (i dont know her real name) : this girl definitely can acted and it really done well ! she is much much less annoying then Billie , and she playing her evil character great too... her scene at da underworld also awesome ! i hope da last final battle scene between her and da sister were awesome ! acting 9.8/10 (i need to see her evil character moore !!!!)

    Cupid/Victor : good new character they make , hes good looking , cute , sooo hes definitely fit with Phoebe... i like he's storyline with Phoebe , acting 9.6/10

    okey da storyline/plot in this episode were good , yerp definitely one of best episode in season 8 or probably top 3 best episode... da wedding at da last scene was soooooooo coool and not a mess at all ! i think i dont mind Billie & Christy storyline now cuz its much less annoying then da 14 previous episode ! da last scene between the girls and da triad are awesome but i wish it could be moooore longer and more magic please but it still great ! not always we seen that... da fight scene and special effect in this episode are great too but im sooooo mad ! when did Brad going to gave Phoebe empathy power back soo she can deflect demon power ? u better do it fast ! only 6 moooore episode too gooo ! :crying real hard: , okey thats it i think rite now.. i hate to type long lol ! sooo see ya at next episode !
  • Yes! Finally!! Paige got married!! :-D

    It finally came true, Paige is married! And plus I fell in love with Henry! So thats even better lol

    I loved the episode, because at least now they show us what they are going for you know what i mean

    The end of Charmed is something I dont want happening! But I guess we all knew it was coming sometime!
  • Great episode, Paige got married and we find out who Christy really is and what the ultimate power is

    This episode was really good, the storyline was great. The return of the Triad was a great idea, i just wish they would let us know how they got back and if they work for the new Big Bad.

    I hope Christy and Billie aren't the ones that the sisters will have to fight, cause that will be a very weak ending for the series.

    Don't have that much to say, but great episode!!
  • you know a show is doing good when they bring back 2 main villains, and have a rushed marriage all in the same season

    There’s a lot I have to say about this episode, aside from the fact that it was one of the most painful hours of TV I’ve watched

    First there's the Triad, who were mediocre villains back in season 3 return. I mean I was like WTF, these guys are the new, and so called greatest threat the Charmed ones must face. For crying out load Cole killed them like they were push overs, and the Charmed Ones kicked his ass numerous times. And to make matters worse they come back without even explaining how

    Then there’s Christy, wow I thought Kaley Cuoco (Billie) sucked at acting but this girl must be like 3 times worse. And then there’s her little evil sister plot. Can’t say I didn’t that one coming a mile away

    Now the one thing that turned this episode from bad into a total train wreck was Paige getting marred, my god that has got to be the most rushed and poorly don marriage in tv history. Henry has only been in a total of 9 episodes, and he’s already marred to Paige. My god what the hell were the writher of this show thinking.

    Well long story short, I’ve lost all faith in this show, and I’m quite happy that it will not be returning next year

  • Very, Very Silly Episode Indeed....

    This episode underminded the whole season itself. We just met the Big Bad for the season and then you go out an vanquish them? They have planning for something for 15 years, you'd think they would be stronger than the Charmed Ones. This was not a great episode to watch, though I wish they would have showed this episode in April and did like a countdown to the finale. Then we could have seen Paige and Henry have a real wedding. Rushed and Confused is what this episode left me and it's kind of making me happy that Charmed is ending May 21, we won't see this show go downhill anymore than it has already gone.
  • Oh. My. God. Can't you all see???? Billie's going to be the ultimate power because she and Christy will kill Wyatt. It has to be!!!

    Oh. My. God. Can't you all see???? Billie's going to be the ultimate power because she and Christy will kill Wyatt. It has to be!!! Wyatt's more powerful than anything, event The Charmed Ones (when he grows up anyways), that's why every demon was afrais of him. It has to be Wyatt getting killed by Billie, Christy and The Triad and stealing his powers. Then the Charmed Ones will be extremely angry!!!! Oh. My. God!!!!
  • In this episode Paige is getting married and we find out, on which side Christy really is. Phoebe meets a strange man.

    Seeing Paige finally getting married was nice. And I was really surprised by the fact that Christy is evil. I didn\'t expect that at all. Watching the last few episodes I was wondering when Phoebe is going to have her first baby. Now it looks like it will happen sooner or later. Iam really looking forward to what will happen next.
  • Stoopid Coop-id Seeks Phoebe's Loins

    Paige has evolved a lot since she first appeared on Charmed five years ago. When I first discovered that she would be getting married, I wasn't that happy. For one, I had never seen Paige as the marrying type and to hear that she was getting hitched before her man-obsessed sister seemed bizarre. Thankfully, Paige's choice of husband could not be better and their wedding in this episode was a classic Charmed moment.

    Engaged and Confused sees Paige getting cold feet about her upcoming wedding to Henry. Meanwhile, the sisters discover that The Triad are back and believe this might be the final fight they were told about. They go into battle with the three demons but we soon discover that the Big Bad is somebody a little closer to home...

    We discover this episode that the Big Bad isn't The Triad but in fact Christy, who's obviously been "turned" during her 15 years of captivity. We also learn that Billie is the Ultimate Power and Christy is the key to that power. I really dislike that Billie is this specific thing as it completely screws up the show. Couldn't the Ultimate Power be one of the sisters or something? I hate how that the final ever Charmed story arc will be centered on a blonde trainee witch who's only appeared in one season. It just really annoys me. They've made her more powerful than ALL of the Halliwell sisters, Wyatt and basically the entire Halliwell line put together. Way to ruin the message of the show Kern!

    Christy is an intriguing character and I'm glad that they've hired an actress who's actually able to put across being all evil. I found it sorta weird though that she could remember all her 80's crushes last episode but can't remember how to use a knife and fork in this one. Hopefully she's just messing with their minds. If she is though, it doesn't bode well for convincing the audience that the sisters actually have brain cells...

    I was slightly annoyed that The Triad were disbanded so quickly. It almost seems pointless to bring back a demon from the past and vanquish most of them after just two episodes. Maybe it was a last-minute story change? Who knows? At least we won't have to see their ridiculous robes anymore. Seriously, what was the costume designer thinking?

    Paige and Henry's wedding was, as expected, awesome to watch. Both Rose McGowan and Ivan Sergei gave excellent performances and despite the ultimate TV cliché of soon-to-be-married couples ALWAYS getting cold feet, their storyline this episode really worked.

    In a truly moronic subplot, Phoebe discovered that The Elders have sent Cupid to her so she could have a successful relationship with somebody. Whatever. The Elders ignore Piper's grieving and the coming battle because they believe Phoebe's loins are more important. Complete garbage.

    Like every Charmed episode this season, there were problems but the majority of it was pretty good. I hate that Billie is now the biggest part of the magical mythology on this show but I am excited to see what Christy's gonna do next.

    One more thing, the Charmed writers can't do drama, comedy or tension anymore but there's one thing they always do right: weddings.

    Rating: B+
  • Fans are the ones confused.

    I think that they meant by the title that the cast are the ones confused, but I honestly think it was the fans that were confused. I know I was. It made no sense. One minute Christy's totally innocent and with the Charmed Ones and then she goes downstairs, calls the triad, and tells them that someone is trying to impersonate them. She's on their side! Evil's side! I mean she was raised by demons, but come on. It makes no sense. And then with Henry and Paige. Their all arguing and mad at each other and then Paige thinks she's gonna die going up against the Triad so she goes to Henry and apoligizes! Then they get married! Very Screwed up!
  • Goodbye Paige Matthews and hello Paige - What's her name?

    Paige has finally found her love and how ironic it would be if he or she were to die this season. This episode however was very refreshing in how the episode was layed out. Building up to a fight from the beginning of the episode that was actually IN the episode - whereas usually in Charmed the fight will be saved until the final episode or a few episodes later.
    The Charmed Ones fight the Triad and the bigger focus on graphics and details becomes much more apparent for the last season in this episode.

    Overall a really good episode, had a lot of action packed into the 40 minutes.

    Watch It!
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