Season 8 Episode 16

Engaged and Confused

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2006 on The WB

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  • Despite what is said in other reviews, this was a great hour, filled with humour, excitement, some great new plot twist and character development and an interesting vanquish. One of the best this season.

    First off, I would like to discuss Paige and Henry. They have throughout the season had chemistry like no other Charmed couple, and whenever they’re in a scene together, they blossom. This episode featured more and better Henry/Paige time than ever, and the two actors, as well as the two characters, were amazingly perfect. Their little argument in the street was adorable and I sat in my chair and giggled to myself. Their wedding was even better, and Rose looked absolutely stunning. The wedding didn’t even seem rushed. It felt right. And I also liked that Paige got to be the sister, whose wedding didn’t end or begin with a disaster. She is the only of the Halliwell sisters, whose wedding went smoothly. I take off my hat for Paige and Henry, the best thing about Season 8.

    After that, I would like to discuss the matter of Christy. As it turns out, Marnette Patterson is not only a good actress (to my big surprise), but Christy is also looking to be a great character. It’s nice to see some character with depth, and the fact that she’s evil is something I really like. It’s opening up some great new storylines, and the direction of the Season as well as the Billie story is getting better and better. I don’t, however, like the idea that Billie is “The Ultimate Power”. No one besides the Charmed ones, or their babies, are allowed to have that title. Speaking of Billie, her character is slowly getting better and more interesting now that she’s more level-headed and calm. My guess is that Christy will turn Billie evil, and the two Jenkins sisters will be the Big Bad. I don’t know if Kaley is enough of a good actress to pull it off. Only time will tell, but I’m certainly looking forward to seeing it.

    The demons of the episode were standard Charmed: Boring, predictable and portrayed by bad actors. The Triad was dull, but at least their vanquish was original and thought through. Not the usual, run in and hope for the best.

    And now for Cupid. I really liked the actor, and he actually had some chemistry with Alyssa, but I can’t help like feeling I’m watching re-runs. I’m not speaking of a useless hunk coming and flirting with phoebe, and then leaving for no apparent reason. No, I’m talking about the charming guy coming in, flirting with Phoebe and telling her not to give up on love, and then leaving. First we had the other cupid in Season 2, and then Drake. It’s like they’re redoing storylines, just to keep us interested, but I’m getting tired of it. I’m hoping for something more original with this guy.

    All in all, this was a great episode. It was exciting, funny and it featured some major character and story development. I’m really looking forward to seeing the development of the Billie/Christy story line. Good work, writers. And Good work Rose.
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