Season 8 Episode 16

Engaged and Confused

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2006 on The WB

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  • Stoopid Coop-id Seeks Phoebe's Loins

    Paige has evolved a lot since she first appeared on Charmed five years ago. When I first discovered that she would be getting married, I wasn't that happy. For one, I had never seen Paige as the marrying type and to hear that she was getting hitched before her man-obsessed sister seemed bizarre. Thankfully, Paige's choice of husband could not be better and their wedding in this episode was a classic Charmed moment.

    Engaged and Confused sees Paige getting cold feet about her upcoming wedding to Henry. Meanwhile, the sisters discover that The Triad are back and believe this might be the final fight they were told about. They go into battle with the three demons but we soon discover that the Big Bad is somebody a little closer to home...

    We discover this episode that the Big Bad isn't The Triad but in fact Christy, who's obviously been "turned" during her 15 years of captivity. We also learn that Billie is the Ultimate Power and Christy is the key to that power. I really dislike that Billie is this specific thing as it completely screws up the show. Couldn't the Ultimate Power be one of the sisters or something? I hate how that the final ever Charmed story arc will be centered on a blonde trainee witch who's only appeared in one season. It just really annoys me. They've made her more powerful than ALL of the Halliwell sisters, Wyatt and basically the entire Halliwell line put together. Way to ruin the message of the show Kern!

    Christy is an intriguing character and I'm glad that they've hired an actress who's actually able to put across being all evil. I found it sorta weird though that she could remember all her 80's crushes last episode but can't remember how to use a knife and fork in this one. Hopefully she's just messing with their minds. If she is though, it doesn't bode well for convincing the audience that the sisters actually have brain cells...

    I was slightly annoyed that The Triad were disbanded so quickly. It almost seems pointless to bring back a demon from the past and vanquish most of them after just two episodes. Maybe it was a last-minute story change? Who knows? At least we won't have to see their ridiculous robes anymore. Seriously, what was the costume designer thinking?

    Paige and Henry's wedding was, as expected, awesome to watch. Both Rose McGowan and Ivan Sergei gave excellent performances and despite the ultimate TV cliché of soon-to-be-married couples ALWAYS getting cold feet, their storyline this episode really worked.

    In a truly moronic subplot, Phoebe discovered that The Elders have sent Cupid to her so she could have a successful relationship with somebody. Whatever. The Elders ignore Piper's grieving and the coming battle because they believe Phoebe's loins are more important. Complete garbage.

    Like every Charmed episode this season, there were problems but the majority of it was pretty good. I hate that Billie is now the biggest part of the magical mythology on this show but I am excited to see what Christy's gonna do next.

    One more thing, the Charmed writers can't do drama, comedy or tension anymore but there's one thing they always do right: weddings.

    Rating: B+
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