Season 8 Episode 16

Engaged and Confused

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2006 on The WB

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  • A very special (and important, if you ask me) episode, with a very good storyline, no matter how much importance they gave to Billie and Christy.

    Overall, a very good episode, with one of the most special (but way to forced) moments of the show history, a very good (but to short and simple) fight scene, and the introduction of the second cupid, who could actually be a good addition to the show (like Billy Zane), or turn out to be a very uninteresting character with no apparent resaon to exist (Nick Lachey... Jason Lewis...).

    In spite of all the above, the wedding scene was very sweet, and no matter how forced it was, was truly touching and tender; let's do the math, shall we:

    Acting: A very good performance from everyone, and that doesn't include Billie because she was pretty useless in this episode, so I'll give the acting 2 points out of 2.

    I was gonna try to divide the plots in a and b, but I couldn't decide which one is the main plot, and which is the second (because they both seem to be more important than the other at some point), so I'll rate the plots together...

    The engagement thing was very amusing, specially when Piper fights with the BRIDE herself, in ordert to mantain the engagement; very funny lines from Piper.

    The twist in the Christy storyline was obvius, but it was decent, for me, it was.

    The cupid thing seemed pretty lame, and I hope that it gets better, because I think it's a really good storyline to follow, no matter how obviously forced it is.

    Overall, I give the story 2,7 points out of 3

    Development of the story: the engagement thing was ok, even when the fights between Paige and Henry were pretty pointless; the twist of the Christy thing was obvius; and the fight with the triad was way to short even though it had some great special effects. I'll give the development 1,5 out of 2 points

    Conclusion of the story: two of the triads members are killed, and the remaining one reveals to Christy that Billie is the ultimate power, and that she is the key to said ultimate power... predictable...

    The wedding scene was just lovely, the wedding gown was beautiful, the bride was glowing, and the bridesmaids were stunning, and a sight of Chris was really refreshing, you know, he's alive...

    The conclusiuon gets 2,5 out of 3 points.

    This episode gets:

    2+2,7+1,5+2,5= 8,7 points out of 10.