Season 8 Episode 16

Engaged and Confused

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2006 on The WB

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  • we get to see that christy is not what she apperears to be and paige gets married!

    The seaseon is finally pciking up and getting better every episode. This episode included so many great things I do not know where to start! Firstly the christy storyline has definatley gotten off its feet and I am officialy dieing to see what happens next, but even though she is evil, I couldn't stop myself from laughing when she found the corkscrew! One of the funniest moments of the season! But of course she wasn't the main point to this episode. Paige is officially married to henry after realising she better do it sooner rather than later! It was a great wedding definatley up to the standard of Pipers! One thing I didnt like though (Dont ask me why) was the fact that paige picked up wyatt after she kissed henry. It was supposed to be a moment about her not wyatt! That beig said it was a great epsidoe!!!