Season 4 Episode 4

Enter the Demon

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2001 on The WB
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While making a potion, Paige accidentally switches bodies with Phoebe. Meanwhile, when an apprentice ninja kills his master, the sisters must find a way to vanquish him, while learning to control their switched powers.

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  • Enter the Demon

    Enter the Demon was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching though at first I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. There was a lot of great character and plot development as Paige stirs up some trouble and in the process becomes closer with her sisters. It was fun watching Phoebe train with Cole and for Piper to tutor Paige in herbs. The story of the Zen Master, his daughter, and his student was pretty interesting. I liked the lessons learned. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Enter the witches...

    The first time I saw this episode I thought it was an outlandish filler episode after the tremendous start to Season 4, but after seeing it a 2nd time, I recognize it as a very enjoyable and original hour of Charmed.

    Charmed has always mixed and matched rather brazenly from religion, wicca, and mythology, and this plot involves a very creative mix of Buddhist and Christian ideas. It also involves a vengeful martial artist who can use pools of water to travel between planes and has set up shop in limbo. The stakes really get amped up when a soul-stealing dagger, (is there any other kind?), comes into play, and like last episode, it is Piper's soul that is in danger. Though some of the dialogue is ripped line for line from Enter the Dragon, and some of the action sets are clearly inspired by Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, at least we have two great movies to pay homage to.

    In addition to that, the best part of the episode is the lighthearted subplot where Paige and Phoebe get to spend some time in each other's shoes. It was great watching it closely and seeing how well each actress could mimic the other. Alyssa was practically spot on with Paige, if maybe a little exaggerated, and Rose, for being the newcomer, was perhaps even better as the more difficult to play Phoebe, though with a 3rd viewing I did catch her breaking character twice. The clear highlight is in the herbal store, when the guy compliments "Paige" and Rose McGowan does the Phoebe neck rub, Phoebe's ubiquitous gesture when acting shy or uncomfortable. Bravo!

    Of course, besides the acting by our ladies, the best part is when Cole knows what is going on and hits on Paige. Hahaha! We get our one and only Cole and Paige kiss! It is an even more enjoyable scene if you already know that Paige and Cole become arch-enemies. Repeated viewings have allowed me to appreciate the writing in this episode, and the beginning of this season, even more. Though it doesn't deal with the issue as openly as the first 3 episodes of the season, Prue's death still lingers over all things, and ultimately, this episode echoes the message of "Death Takes a Halliwell"- in that death is something to be accepted as part of life.moreless
  • Crouching Tiger, Screaming Audience

    Essentially an episode of two halves, with an entertaining if slightly tedious body swap between Phoebe and Paige and a badly structured, almost embarrassing attempt to capitalize on the Crouching Tiger-style movies which were gaining in popularity at the time this episode aired.

    Enter the Demon sees the sisters attempting to save the Zen Master, who has been abducted by his vengeful apprentice and locked in "limbo", a place where time doesn't move and death is non-existent. Meanwhile, one of Paige's spells goes awry, causing her and Phoebe to swap bodies.

    The body swap scenario is entertaining, if marginally lame, with the writers hardly doing anything different to the last time they did a body/powers swap, which (I believe) was back in season one's Love Hurts. The performances aren't that great though. Whilst body swaps on other shows are usually done with style and confidence and decent acting, Alyssa and Rose don't put close to any effort into their performances as Paige and Phoebe, respectively. Maybe that's because they're both such vacant, uninteresting characters that they haven't really got much to work with? Oooh, burn!

    The Chow Yun-Not storyline is much worse, being unknowingly offensive and having a bad case of "Holy Exposition, Batman!" with every tiny little piece of the extremely convoluted storyline glaringly explained in a coma-inducing 5-minute scene half-way through. The sets used for much of this storyline are also bad, with the Limbo set like a reject from a Shatner-era Star Trek episode and the other sets obviously taken from the "Clichéd Mystical-Chinese-Place" closet on the Paramount lot. The performances are the only decent thing about the subplot, with Daniel Dae Kim, who would eventually go on to much greater things on better shows, putting some life into the badly-constructed, badly-written character of Yen-Lo.

    Enter the Demon is probably one of the worse episodes of season four, with a ton of clichés, lame dialogue and some lazy plot twists.

    Director: Joel J Feigenbaum

    Writer: Daniel Cerone

    Rating: Fmoreless
  • A pretty well known scenario but with a twist that made it a TINY bit better.

    Phoebe and Paige learn that a nasty Ninja is on the loose and realise that they will have to do something about him sooner rather than later as he is hell bent on the usual amount of evil.

    Problems occur though when a spell is cast that goes more than a little bit wrong and the two sisters end up having to switch bodies which complicates matters a great deal because Phoebe has to learn to master and manipulate Paige's powers, whilst Paige has to do the same with Phoebe's.

    The humour comes as they try to vanquish the warlock while dealing with the exchange of powers at the same time and that alone makes it watchable. The rest was just way too predictable.moreless
  • Good guest stars, cliched story...

    It's an action-packed episode that lacks a sense of direction, with two contrasting plotlines webbed into one, creating a mess of an hour. There are, of course, some redeeming qualities, but they are few and far between. Cole's flirtation with Paige-as-Phoebe is very funny and the choreography is complex for a Charmed episode. The body swap ordeal felt tacked on and the girls haven't been together long enough to really sell it. And Piper-as-Zen Master came off as unintentionally hilarious, too. It'll do to pass the time, and if you're a fan of either Julian or Alyssa and their hot bods, there's plenty of sweaty action to enjoy. Overall, though, it's a disposable episode at best, one that only appeals for its elaborate action sequences.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • As Phoebe and Cole are training in the basement, for the wide shots it's clearly obvious it isn't Julian McMahon. He has no chest hair, a more muscular and defined physique and you can see his face is clearly different.

    • Doesn't it seem a little odd that Phoebe who has only studied martial arts for a few years would be able to go hand to hand with Yen-Lo who has studied his entire life? Even though the powers intensified in the other world, his powers would also have intensified still making him superior in ability!

    • Why was the Zen Master so determined that it was his time to die? If he believed so strongly in fate, wouldn't he even consider that meeting a Whitelighter who could save him may possibly have been his?

    • It wasn't revealed what happened to Yen Lo's body.

    • It wasn't revealed what happened to the Dragon Blade. Only souls can cross over to the vortex.

    • When Paige and Phoebe are at the door talking to Mason, the lollipop that Phoebe is holding still has the wrapper on it. When she walks away from the door and is talking to Piper, the wrapper is off.

    • In the episode is shown that they can use water as a portal to another world. When we see the scene in the attic, the water-portal shows us the Master Zen from above. So, why when they go in the portal do they appear in another side (in a cave)? The portal should take them to the place that is being shown by the water (just above the Master).

    • Despite the fact that the vortex is meant to be a place where a soul passes to the next life, the Master Zen introduces his body in it. Shouldn't he be the first one to know that is a vortex to the souls and not the body?

    • When Yen-Lo is killed and the Limbo turns to normal, we can see in the right side of the screen that the grass and the sky don't change (despite the left side having changed already) and that on the same side a little tree appears. It is clearly a camera effect, the plant is in the front of the screen so the grass and the blue sky would be hidden. Anyway, if we see it, it makes absolutely no sense that the grass and the sky don't change at the same time.

    • When Yen-Lo is in the house and he attacks Piper, Paige in Phoebe's body enters and levitates. After that we can see that her hair is clearly another way. Anyway, when they go out of the kitchen, she suddenly has perfect hair again. How is that possible?

    • When Piper says "We've got a water-loving demon, so Phoebe can you take Paige to the water main. It takes two to turn off that rusty valve." it's wrong. Piper says a water-loving demon, despite that is clearly obvious that Yen-Lo is a person, not a demon. How can she say such a big mistake?

    • We see a mistake in the scene where Piper changes her body with the Zen Master in limbo. After they have changed bodies the Zen Master, that is now in Piper's body, says "Where's the dragon blade?". Just after that we see Piper in the Zen Master's body, and Yen-Lo is talking about the blade "I was telling you how I stole the blade from your daugther". If Yen-Lo was talking about the blade with the blade in his hands and suddenly the Zen Master went away, why did the Zen Master ask about the blade when he gets into Piper body? He knew already that Yen-Lo had the blade.

    • When Phoebe (with Paige's soul in her) goes to the door to talk to Mason, the lollipop in her hands is light purple but then when she turns around to talk to Piper it has switched to pink.

    • TRIVIA: This is the only episode that shows Piper wearing glasses.

    • When Piper and the Zen master switch bodies and Yen-Lo uses the dragon blade to steal Piper's soul, the Zen master's image is shown as a visualization of the soul, but it should be Piper's image instead.

    • It's a little thing and a fairly common mistake for this sort of storyline, but accents are a part of the mind, not the body. Yet Piper and the Zen Master do not trade theirs. Nor do Paige and Phoebe, although the difference isn't quite as noticeable. Which also brings up the fact that Phoebe in Paige's body kept all the same characteristics/character traits that Paige already had(only a little more serious), while Paige in Phoebe's body took on a personality that neither of them previously had!

  • QUOTES (21)

  • NOTES (3)


    • Phoebe (to Cole): What's on today's training schedule - lightsabers?

      Lightsabers are a reference to the weapons used by Jedi Knights in George Lucas' six film saga called Star Wars.

    • Zen Master: It's never too late for redemption. If you enter that vortex, you'll cleanse your soul. Start life fresh.
      Yen-Lo: Yeah, as a tapeworm or maybe even a dung beetle. I know how karma works.

      Usually it is believed to be a sum of all that an individual has done, is currently doing and will do. The results or "fruits" of actions are called karma. In religions that incorporate reincarnation, karma extends through one's present life and all past and future lives as well. It is cumulative.

    • Piper: You need to work on your potions.
      Paige: Come on!
      Piper: Paige, don't make me the wicked witch of the northwest.

      It's an allusion to The Wizard of Oz. The Wicked Witch of the West (or simply The Wicked Witch) is a character in the Land of Oz. The character also figures prominently in the classic 1939 movie based on Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

    • Yen-Lo: Oh, it's you... black belt Barbie.

      This is a reference to the popular Mattel doll, Barbie.

    • Cole (to Phoebe while training her): When I expand, you contract. When I contract you expand.

      This is a reference to the same thing Bruce Lee says in the film "Enter the Dragon".

    • Title: Enter the Demon

      A reference to the 1973 Bruce Lee film, "Enter the Dragon".

    • Paige: Next up, some powered toadstool. Bam! Let's kick it up one more notch.

      While practicing her potion-making, Paige imitates Chef Emeril Lagasse by using his famous catchphrases.