Season 4 Episode 4

Enter the Demon

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2001 on The WB

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  • Crouching tiger, hidden dragon blade

    Another week, another 'demon plot, sister plot' episode. Unlike last week, however, the two halves don't work well together. This is Charmed as it was back in Season Two.

    The demon plot is pretty lame and the sisters' involvement seems, frankly, unnecessary. Not for the first time in Hollywood history, we are shown that the Chinese spend all their time dressed in karate suits going on about Yin and Yang and that all oriental men turn into Yoda as soon as they hit fifty. The father was particularly annoying - he didn't seem to care about anything. I know less is more but a little emotion would have been nice.

    The 'Limbo' set looked rubbish but at least it got the girls out of San Francisco for five minutes. I did like the idea of using puddles as a gateway.

    The sister plot is much better. Once again, one of Paige's spells goes awry, causing her to swap bodies with Phoebe. This provides some real comedy and gives the two actresses a chance to act out of character. Alyssa does Rose particularly well. The whole thing reminds me of Season One's "The Truth is Out There...."

    Julian looks awesome in the opening scene, as does his kung fu kicking double. His character was verging on the annoying at the time but, strangely, the script seems to pass me by whenever Jules gets his kit off. I'm glad it was Cole who sussed out the body swap.

    Meanwhile, Piper at last has control of her powers and seems to have accepted Paige as a witch as well as a sister. Best scene has to be Paige spinning around like a twit whilst trying to levitate. Best line comes from Piper two seconds later: "You two, follow me!"
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