Season 4 Episode 4

Enter the Demon

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2001 on The WB

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  • Kung Fu Failure

    Enter The Demon-While making a potion, Paige accidentally switches bodies with Phoebe. Meanwhile, when an apprentice ninja kills his master, the sisters must find a way to vanquish him, while learning to control their switched powers.

    An light-hearted episode that tries to play for laughs, but ends up falling on it's head, "Enter The Demon" feels like a sorry attempt by the writers to create a "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" knock-off. Yen Lo is hardly a threatening villain and pretty lame at that. His threats are laughable and you just can't wait until the sisters just vanquish him already. Also, the writers have seen way too many kug fu movies as the actors they've heard all act like stereotypical asian characters in a kung fu movie. Both James Hong (Zen Master) and Jeanne Chinn (An Ling) look so bored in their performances it's not even funny.

    To top is all off, we get a childish sub-plot with Paige accidently switching bodies with Phoebe. While this could have been developed into an interesting storyline, it played for cheap laughs and silly sexual hijinks. While Cole hitting on Phoebe while she's in Paige's body was slightly funny, the storyline just isn't convincing by any means. Rose at least tries to act like Phoebe while Alyssa puts on that annoying baby voice that made "Once Upon A Time" grating and pretty much thinks she's Paige, ehw! Also, Holly Marie Combs was surprisingly bad when playing the Zen Master in possession of Piper's body. While she is a versatile actress, she just couldn't pull it off as you could tell she just wasn't interested in the material...period! All and All, "Enter The Demon" is just a boring, ridiculous episode that should be ignored.