Season 2 Episode 19

Ex Libris

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2000 on The WB

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  • A Girl Got Beheaded and All We Got Was This Lousy Episode?

    Secrets. Lies. Ghosts. Beheadings. You would think those things would combine to make a really good episode. Sadly, they don't. Badly structured and featuring a storyline which gets more and more boring as it goes along, this isn't Charmed at its best.

    Ex Libris has a young student at Phoebe's college getting beheaded. Phoebe soon discovers that the girl's ghost is still roaming the halls of the college library and she must help her fulfill her ultimate destiny so she can finally move on. Meanwhile, Prue helps a grieving man find his daughter's killer and Dan investigates Leo.

    The A-story sounds pretty good on paper but isn't executed well. The demon-of-the-week, Libris, isn't evolved on much, Rebecca Cross isn't convincing as Charlene and her new-found friendship with Phoebe isn't believable. This is all-round a disappointing story which just drags on for ages.

    The B-story is slightly better with some excellent performances from Shannen Doherty and Sliders star Cleavant Derricks. But, Charmed isn't interesting when subplots feature human-based mysteries and it just doesn't feel like a Charmed storyline.

    Dan had now fulfilled his usefulness by this time in season two and it just feels like the writers were desperately trying to give him something to do. He started the season as a slightly boring but ultimately nice guy before suddenly turning into this obsessive and jealous freak. Why couldn't they have just let him leave the show instead of keeping him around to drag out the Piper love triangle for an even longer period of time and completely change his character as well?

    Rating: D