Season 2 Episode 19

Ex Libris

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2000 on The WB

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  • Too many threads and not enough yarn

    This is one of those annoying episodes which is full of good ideas but somehow fails to turn them into a great storyline. There's certainly plenty of action and the first half hour is really intriguing as you try and work out where all the plots are going. Unfortunately, the answer is nowhere.

    There are three distinct strands: 1) Phoebe's new friend Charlene is murdered and becomes a ghost while Phoebe hunts down the demon that killed her; 2) Prue helps a bloke find out who murdered his daughter and takes on the local hardman; 3) Dan and Leo come to blows over Piper and she finds out Leo used to be married.

    Having a mortal prove the existence of demons was a really good idea and I thought they could have made far more of it than they did. All the way through I felt a dramatic twist was just around the corner but sadly it never came. The demon Libris was vanquished way too easily and Charlene didn't seem remotely bothered that she had just been murdered. We also never got to hear what she had uncovered.

    Prue's storyline seemed pretty pointless and didn't add anything to the episode in the end. I'd much rather they'd focused more on the demon plot.

    The best part of the episode is actually Leo and Dan's storyline. Watching them kicking the sh*t out of each other in P3 is one of the best Charmed moments ever. I don't know why Dan has suddenly become so obsessed with Leo. Beating him up is hardly going to make Piper want to take him back. I did think it was a nice touch to have Piper meet Leo's first wife though.

    Seeing Brian Krause in the shower was an added plus and his expression when he saw Prue was priceless. Nice orbs indeed!