Season 3 Episode 20

Exit Strategy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 03, 2001 on The WB

Episode Recap

Raynar and the brotherhood keep Cole on ice while Phoebe frets what his absence might mean. Raynar continues to probe Cole's mind for information and learns of his connection to the Charmed Ones.

Meanwhile, Piper and Leo plan a trip to Paris. He wants to orb them there, but she insists on going like any normal couple. Therefore, he'll need a passport. After a quick correction to his birth certificate shaving off fifty years, they're headed for the passport office. As they wait in line, Leo is called and in her frustration, Piper is waving her hands about and blows up the wall clock.

Raynar wakes Cole up and as a test of his loyalty, he instructs him to take a powerful amulet from a witch. He goes to Phoebe and tells her what he has to do. He leaves her and finds the witch and gets the amulet without harming her. But after he leaves, Raynar arrives and kills the witch.

Back at the manor, it is revealed that in her agitated state, anything that Piper waves her arms at explodes. Leo goes to find out what is wrong with her.

For his second test, Cole must get a second amulet. Together, the wearer is invincible. He arrives to warn the Charmed Ones and asks Phoebe if she is any closer to the potion that will strip him of his demon. She tells him to hold on.

Cole finds the second witch, and when he goes for the amulet the sisters arrive. Piper's powers are all out of whack, but she manages to disable the demon with Cole by blowing up a tree near him. Cole shoots an energy ball at Phoebe and the witch, knowing that the amulet will protect her.

After Cole shimmers out, the sisters and the witch they saved return to the manor, where the witch helps Phoebe to complete the potion for Cole. Leo shows up and tells Piper that the explosions are an augmentation of her powers: now she can speed up molecules as well as slow them down.

Cole arrives, but they are attacked when a demon shows up. Piper and Prue fight him and Piper accidentally knocks Prue unconscious. She calls for Phoebe who leaves Cole in the attic to help. Piper eventually blows up the demon.

Raynar shimmers in and knocks out Leo. He temps Cole with his father's soul. Phoebe goes back to the attic and finds Cole with Raynar. Cole kills the witch and Raynar disappears.

Phoebe comes in and Cole attempts to explain but Phoebe will not listen. He goes to drink the potion and she takes it from him and throws it to the ground. The Charmed Ones wonder if this was all just a ploy – a plan Cole had to trick them. He looks agonized and leaves.

While Piper and Phoebe decide that Cole was good before his corruption and the witches give a blessing for the two fallen witches and Cole's good side, Cole comes to Raynar who gloats about getting him back into the fold. Cole demands his father's soul. When he gets it, he kills Raynar, who says as he is dying that that is what he wanted, for it marked Cole's complete return to evil.