Season 3 Episode 20

Exit Strategy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 03, 2001 on The WB

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  • Hands of Death

    Exit Strategy-The evil Brotherhood plots to sabotage Cole's relationship with Phoebe in an attempt to turn him back to evil. Meanwhile, Piper's power develops with some explosive results. A super follow-up to the events of last episode as Cole is trapped working for the Brotherhood and Phoebe, as well as her sisters, must find out a way to get him out of there while also dealing with Piper's new power! The writers are definately starting to enjoy exploring the dark side of the series as next season will prove to be the series' darkest and this episode is no exception. Raynor, is a great villain, and excellently played by Ian Buchanan. He's deep, grim delivery and menacing mannerism are done so well. He's plan to turn Cole away from Phoebe was well played through, especially with him taking the amulets and attacking Phoebe knowing how much it hurts him.

    Rachel Luttrell (Janna) is great as well as the character she plays. It was nice to see another witch from another coven, especially as Janna being very resourceful. She made for a great ally and it's a shame she didn't survive by episode end. The climax is pretty heartbreaking as the sisters have all turned on Cole after the fact he killed a witch. The pain in Phoebe's eyes is really moving as she has lost all trust in Cole as well as Cole slowly shimmering away in pain at the fact his lost the only person in the world who ever loved him. In hilarious sub-plot news, Piper's new power was probably the best any sister has ever developed. The power to speed up molecules aka blow stuff up is cool as hell and watching Piper learning to control is was beyond hilarious throughout. The highlight of the episode is without a doubt when Piper blows up the shelf and it falls on Prue, knocking her out during a demon attack. I swear I laughed for hours after that, lol. Both "The Demon That Came..." and "Exit Strategy" are rather underrated episodes in the 3rd season as it's full of some many classic episodes it's easy to forget. But they're a dark and impressive duo of episodes with this being the darker and most entertaining of the 2.