Season 3 Episode 20

Exit Strategy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 03, 2001 on The WB

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  • Cole blows it...

    Finally, Piper's explosive power makes its first appearance, and Charmed and the demon population will never be the same.

    By this time, everyone is well aware that Prue is on the way out. As such, Piper is given a much needed power boost to help fill the void. The sudden appearance of this new power and the comedy around it is clearly the highlight of the episode and enough to make this episode a tad better than the last.

    Unfortunately, much of the rest of the episode is a mess. New bad, Raynor, mysteriously is determined to win Belthazor back by converting him back to evil or at least convincing Phoebe that he has. This all seems like a lot of work rather than simply vanquishing Belthazor and being done with it, especially when you consider that prior episodes have already made it clear that the Source wants Belthazor dead. Raynor's plan to accomplish this involves an amulet or a couple amulets that a pair of unfortunate witches have possession of. Whether or not Raynor can actually use this amulet is never completely established. In the end, a rather preposterous theory is advanced that Cole wanted his powers bound just so he could use the amulet. Whuh?

    Should Piper be able to vanquish Tarkin with just her blow-up power? She can't vanquish Belthazor that way, and they are brothers. Anyway...

    To cap everything off, Belthazor vanquishes Raynor when he conveniently walks right up to him. Raynor strangely insists this means Belthazor has fully turned. Sorry, vanquishing his evil @ss hardly makes someone evil. And the sisters have been under spells enough times to rush to judgement about Cole. After two episodes of the same, Cole is back in the Underworld. Fortunately, his reunion with evil will be short lived.
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