Season 7 Episode 12

Extreme Makeover: World Edition

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2005 on The WB

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  • Extreme Makeover: World Edition

    Extreme Makeover: World Edition was a perfect episode of Charmed though admittedly there were some things that didn't make total sense. Over all I was very entertained because the story took a few interesting turns as the Avatars and Charmed ones usher in Utopia. Zankou and Brody work together to stop the change, and one of them doesn't make it out alive. I was disappointed with how easily Beta was killed, but she went down fighting and it was awesome to see her in action. The change occurs and the new world seems pretty interesting so far, with hints at the real price being paid. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!

    The times they are a-changin'

    I have to say I was a bit disappointed with this one. It's a good storyline but, with such a cosmic plot, there should have been more fireworks.

    The avatar plot has been building for weeks now so, thankfully, none of the action feels rushed. I'd been dying to see what Utopia looked like but when it arrived it was pretty feeble - just lots of people beaming and shaking hands. I also didn't get how there could still be demons around. All along, the avatars have been telling us that Utopia means a world without evil. So how come Zankou and his mates are still alive? And what about the elders? Are they still around too? Sadly, the answer is probably yes. The transformation is also rather weak: some cheap graphics and everyone lying down in the street. What happened to the spell they were going to use?

    The 'Kyle hates avatars' storyline is beginning to wear a little thin although having him work alongside Zankou was actually the best bit of the episode. All the way through I was waiting (and hoping) for him to get busted but it ended with him killing an avatar before being zapped himself. This would have been far more dramatic if we hadn't seen the same thing three episodes earlier. Rose gives a wonderful performance in his death scene but I just couldn't bring myself to feel sorry for him.

    Some of it lives up to the billing: the outbreak of paranoia is an clever idea and nicely acted by the three leads. I also liked Piper's suspicion of Kyle. Overall though, it's a bit of a letdown. And they never did answer Phoebe's question about what happened to the aircraft. I guess we'll never know....

    Score: 8.9
  • Really good, but im happy to see brody go !!

    While the Avatars prepare to transform the world into Utopia, they inform the Charmed Ones that the human world must be put to sleep so that they can kill any remaining demons. Brody, doubting the Avatars good intentions, calls the Elders for help but is instead kidnapped by Zankou and agrees to help Zankou stop the change by placing a paranoia spell on Piper, Phoebe and Paige. During the Utopian transformation, Brody kills an Avatar ith one remaining potion he has left. However, Brody pays a high price for his actions.
  • The Charmed Ones help the Avatars usher in a world where evil cannot take hold...but at what cost?

    Ah, Utopia...where nothing bad ever happens. But can anything truly good happen there, either?

    In "It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World," the Charmed Ones entered an evil parallel universe that was necessary to keep their own universe in balance. Forgetting that lesson in "Extreme Makeover: World Edition," they go forward with the plan of the Avatars to rid the world of evil.

    Kyle, however, remains skeptical, and tries to contact the Elders to let them know he has a potion to vanquish the Avatars. When Zankou intercepts the message, Kyle makes a deal with a demon. It culminates in a battle between Kyle and Avatar Beta that leaves them both dead.

    Avatar Alpha's words to Paige, as she begs him to save Kyle's life, reveal the true evil: "The needs of the one must be sacrificed for the good of the many." Who decides what's for the good of the many, and whose needs should be sacrificed? The Avatars, apparently. Paige vehemently objects: "I did not sign up for this experiment so you could play God!" But it's too late; the Avatars put Paige and her sisters into the same deep sleep that has fallen over the rest of the world. When they wake up, everything is peachy keen, and Paige's grief has been transformed into the satisfaction that Kyle has gone to a better place.

    This episode is fast paced, emotion packed, and intelligently written. Rose McGowan displayed both her comic and dramatic skills beautifully. Her chemistry with Kerr Smith was enchanting. How sad to see him go.
  • paranioa problems

    When the sister are under the paranoia spell it is a fun thing to see. The avatars are beginning their reign on the world. And the sisters are stuck in their own spell of pariania to help out. The episode had a lot more comdey then most episodes. This is what makes the series so special that they can include the comdey with the storyline. It is a rare quality that a show of theis nature had so many bits of humor. It holds your attention and keeps you coming back for more. Another great installment to a great series.
  • Dead Boyfriend #92136

    The beginning of the Utopia storyline, Extreme Makeover: World Edition is probably the best of the Avatar episodes, featuring some good story developments and some, almost season finale-like moments.

    The episode has the sisters preparing for casting a spell with the Avatars to turn the world into the perfect Utopia. But Zankou, who's still up to his dirty tricks, abducts Brody and encourages him to infect the sisters with a Paranoia spell, which will make them weary of casting the spell.

    This episode also features the death of Brody. It's unsurprising really as every boyfriend character on this show will either be fired or killed at some point but I have to admit, I am slightly disappointed. He was an interesting character and it's a shame he was used for such a short amount of episodes. You really feel for Paige as she weeps beside his dead body and Rose McGowan shines during this scene.

    The rest of episode also featured some good scenes, Phoebe leaving the Bay Mirror was hopeful yet sad and the quick mentions of the Grimlocks were memorable. Like the sisters do whilst under their paranoia spell, your suspicions of the Avatars do rise during this episode and you can't help but feel that Utopia may not be as perfect as the Avatars want the Halliwell's to believe.
  • I hate this episode so much.

    After since the episode "Something to Witch Over Me", I hate avatars. And I hate avatars more in this episode after what they did. They make the world into a "sleeping" world, while the Charmed Ones tries to kill the demons in the utopia world. Kyle is kidnapped by Zankou, who wants Kyle to work with him to stop the avatars. Kyle casts a spell on the sisters, and they got paranoid. You think this episode is interesting? Oh please. This is one of the worst episode in this series. The whole episode is full with crap and I totally dislike avatars and the utopia world. An episode full with rubbish and nothing happened at all.