Season 7 Episode 12

Extreme Makeover: World Edition

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2005 on The WB

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  • The Charmed Ones help the Avatars usher in a world where evil cannot take hold...but at what cost?

    Ah, Utopia...where nothing bad ever happens. But can anything truly good happen there, either?

    In "It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World," the Charmed Ones entered an evil parallel universe that was necessary to keep their own universe in balance. Forgetting that lesson in "Extreme Makeover: World Edition," they go forward with the plan of the Avatars to rid the world of evil.

    Kyle, however, remains skeptical, and tries to contact the Elders to let them know he has a potion to vanquish the Avatars. When Zankou intercepts the message, Kyle makes a deal with a demon. It culminates in a battle between Kyle and Avatar Beta that leaves them both dead.

    Avatar Alpha's words to Paige, as she begs him to save Kyle's life, reveal the true evil: "The needs of the one must be sacrificed for the good of the many." Who decides what's for the good of the many, and whose needs should be sacrificed? The Avatars, apparently. Paige vehemently objects: "I did not sign up for this experiment so you could play God!" But it's too late; the Avatars put Paige and her sisters into the same deep sleep that has fallen over the rest of the world. When they wake up, everything is peachy keen, and Paige's grief has been transformed into the satisfaction that Kyle has gone to a better place.

    This episode is fast paced, emotion packed, and intelligently written. Rose McGowan displayed both her comic and dramatic skills beautifully. Her chemistry with Kerr Smith was enchanting. How sad to see him go.
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