Season 7 Episode 12

Extreme Makeover: World Edition

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2005 on The WB

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  • Dead Boyfriend #92136

    The beginning of the Utopia storyline, Extreme Makeover: World Edition is probably the best of the Avatar episodes, featuring some good story developments and some, almost season finale-like moments.

    The episode has the sisters preparing for casting a spell with the Avatars to turn the world into the perfect Utopia. But Zankou, who's still up to his dirty tricks, abducts Brody and encourages him to infect the sisters with a Paranoia spell, which will make them weary of casting the spell.

    This episode also features the death of Brody. It's unsurprising really as every boyfriend character on this show will either be fired or killed at some point but I have to admit, I am slightly disappointed. He was an interesting character and it's a shame he was used for such a short amount of episodes. You really feel for Paige as she weeps beside his dead body and Rose McGowan shines during this scene.

    The rest of episode also featured some good scenes, Phoebe leaving the Bay Mirror was hopeful yet sad and the quick mentions of the Grimlocks were memorable. Like the sisters do whilst under their paranoia spell, your suspicions of the Avatars do rise during this episode and you can't help but feel that Utopia may not be as perfect as the Avatars want the Halliwell's to believe.
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