Season 1 Episode 11

Feats Of Clay

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 1999 on The WB

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  • As much as I liked this eppisode is as much as I disliked it.

    I have watched all of the charmed eppisode a few hundred times and love most of them, Some of course more then others. Feats of Clay was one of the ones I liked the least. Funny thing is, is I can not figure out why.

    I liked this eppisode because after watching the ones before Shannon left I can see where things started to get tense with the actores. This is the only eppisode that I have watched where Pheobe and Prue's character really got along. Prue reallying worring about what happens to Pheobe and Pheobe being ok with her sister telling her she was worried.

    As much as I loved the interaction of the sisters the story line left me with just wishing they would have done a different story line. I felt that it was just a story line to show the viewer that there were demons from different places other then the San Fran. and that things could be evil (the Urn) and not just people.

    I am still a little confused with the personal gain thingy, since piper cast a spell on Doug she said it wouldnt be personal gain, but since he was driving her nutz at work breaking things and this spell would help him have more confidence and make life at work better and that would effect piper, wouldnt that be personal gain for piper? I'm confused.

    Im glad that Andy is still there for Prue. You can tell they still have feeling for each other.

    My only nit picks with this eppisode was Prue just walking right into Pheobe's room without knocking, She did it in the eppisode and The fouth sister. I just think that is rude.

    My other was Pheobe and Clay 'doing it' with Piper right down stair. I myself would not be comfortable doing that, But that is just me.

    Over all this was a good eppisode. Im glad we have charmed.

  • Feats Of Clay

    Feats Of Clay was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was good, the acting was excellent and there was some great character and plot development. It was interesting to see one of Phoebe's exes caught up in thievery and Egyptian curses. Each of the sisters deals with their own small issues such as dealing with an ex, saving the auction house, and helping Quake employees come back together. Andy has yet another clue for another mysterious case leading back to Prue. All ended well and I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • After all these years, I finally get the title...

    The young, adorable, and fabulous Alyssa Milano, starting to look gorgeous, and Holly Marie Combs save this episode from being complete bunk; otherwise, this episode might be less annoying than The Fourth Sister, but at least that had a fairly decent bad guy to vanquish. Prue and Phoebe are fighting again, which always kind of bores me. Prue is back to being overprotective and boorish, and Phoebe is pulling a Paige with faith in a boyfriend that borders on delusion. Phoebe's boyfriend is a decent enough actor; his character is just boring, no fault of his own. No more boring than the Guardian of the Urn, which is quite a feat considering she's attractive enough and showing cleavage. If the urn can simply shimmer back to position, then why do people need to be punished for stealing it? Huh...

    Piper's subplot is the comedic variety and an excuse to use the freezing power over and over again. Obviously, production thought it was cool at this point. Funny considering how it is practically forgotten later on. Apparently, Piper is determined to keep the young couple together as some sort of substitute for her and Leo. This is an unusual instance where the writers would have been better off connecting the dots for us. No vanquish this week. So, the episode is unique in that regard.

    I did like Phoebe's, "Okay STOP!... Okay, go." And Andy getting Prue's card and saying, "I'm cursed." Haha... Not helping matters is Prue's new boss is more of a demon than Rex was.
  • Yawns of Clay.

    Feats of Clay was the first episode of Charmed I ever saw. It obviously was enough to get me hooked, but it’s not good enough for me now. The whole main story is just ridiculous, and the stories about the urn and Clay are just wrong. The ex boyfriend coming to town pretending to be good, is just not gripping at all, and the protector of the urn is just stiff and boring. The actor who portrays Clay is plain bad, his character is worse, and he has no chemistry with Alyssa whatsoever. The idea of Clay really wanting to be good, and the fact that he “never lied about his feelings” are just strained and unrealistic. It’s as if the writers just want to create a deep character and have some development in the show, but it fails utterly. Prue and Andy’s relationship is as boring as ever, even though they’re not a couple anymore. The loss of Leo is also noticeable, and there’s no fun Rex and Hannah dialogue to fill the gaps. The only thing left is basically the main plot, and that’s not much to brag about.

    Although one of the worst episodes of season 1, it featured some good parts. It introduced the character of Claire, someone I really like. Claire and Prue are great together and Shannen was great throughout the entire episode. The sub plot about Doug the clumsy waiter was cute, and actually a lot better than the main story.

    Feats of Clay is one big yawn fest, and one of the dullest hours of Charmed ever. It was badly written, and at parts, badly acted, and is one of the worst of Season 1, as well as the whole series.
  • So boring!

    Phoebe's ex boyfriend Clay comes to San Francisco to have Prue appraise an urn. I don't get how he knew that Prue worked at an auction house because Phoebe said that she hadn't spoken to him since she left New York and Prue was working at a museum. A protector of the urn comes out and kills Clay's friends and Clay knows he's next. He hides the truth from Phoebe but she has a premonition of him being killed by a snake. A selfless act is all that can save him. When the snake attacts he protects Phoebe and lives. Boring episode
  • Clay Misérables

    Feats of Clay-When Phoebe's ex-boyfriend comes to town he brings trouble in the forum of a stolen Egyptian urn which carries a mortal curse. Meanwhile, Prue deals with her own problem of trying to save the auction house from bankruptcy, and Piper's use of her powers in a misguided attempt at matchmaking may backfire.

    Slow moving and pointless in the end, "Feats of Clay" is one of the dullest hours from this season as centers around a plot not remotely interesting in the least. Even the guest actors seem bored in their roles, the most noticeable being Stacy Haiduk (Guardian of the Urn) whose peformance is about as lifeless as dead ant on a hot summer day. Her warnings and little speeches about "paying for your guilt" and "your guilt comsumes you" are completely unconvincing. Not to mention, who dressed the poor actress as her Egyptian get looks like some reject material from one of the "Mummy" movies. Clay is the first love interest for Phoebe to be introduced to the series. His also the most boring (well at least until Jason!) Victor Browne is also a dull actor and his poerformance as drags the episode down, if you forget the lousy script. Both he and Phoebe have no chemistry and you wonder what Phoebe say in him anyway as the character is a below average joe! Alyssa Milano tries to put some energy into the episode, but even Shannen Doherty can't save this episode. The death scenes at the hand of the Guardian are also hilariously bad, even the special effects are abysmal with the fake looking spiders coming to life. Also, the way the Guardian just gives up going after Clay is beyond anti-climatic and you left feeling what was the point of the episode anyway!? All and All, such a bad and boring episode that you'll switch the channels before it's over!
  • When ex boyfriends turn up with stolen artifacts, you know you're in trouble and this episode certainly was, almost from the beginning.

    Prue is working her tail off to keep Buckland's Auction House from going into bankruptcy, which proves to be quite a task. Meanwhile, Clay, an ex boyfriend of Phoebe's turn up with a stolen urn to which is attached a death curse, and expects that Prue will help him to sell it on.

    Apart from Prue's efforts to save Buckland's, I can honestly not think of a single positive thing to say about this episode. It was, in my opinion, lacklustre, boring, predictable and dull in every respect except the one mentioned above.

    The writers certainly can ( and do ) produce much better material than this. If they hadn't, this show wouldn't have lasted a season, let alone eight.

    Awful script which resulted in awful acting.
  • Back to boredom

    A step back in quality from the last few episodes. I was very bored watching this as really I couldn't care less about Phoebe's ex Clay. Nor were you encouraged too much. You knew he wasn't going to stick around so what was the point. The Urn story is really boring as well as the only notable thing about the guardian of the urn is she has cleavage alright she kills a few people but they deserved it anyway. Andy doesn't really appear much either which is probably because the next episode is when he takes centre stage. The only light relief once again is Piper and her freezing this time for a clumsy waiter who has just broken up with his long term girlfriend. Turns out all she wanted was for him to propose. Autocue please, ahhhhhh
  • Dull as Clay

    Phoebe's ex-boyfriend shows up in San Fransisco with a strange urn he's trying to get rid of. Phoebe deals with her old flame while Piper tries to get a couple back together.

    By no means the greatest of episodes, this story is intriguing at most, delving into Egyptian mythology (ish) and desperately trying to engage us with the character Clay, who is about as exciting as everybody Phoebe dates from season 5 onwards. Meaning dull and pointless. I think the actor's to blame, and his failure puts down even Alyssa Milano's and Shannen Doherty's obvious efforts. Phoebe's and Clay's relationship is not the least bit interesting, and not even Clay's selfless act at the end managed to win me over. Piper's storyline is not that memorable either. Only the introduction of the wonderful fury Claire and an undeniably intriguing Egyptian atmosphere save this episode.
  • Prue is trying to keep the auction house from closing. Clay, Phoebe's former boyfriend from New York City shows up with an Egyptian Urn for sale that turns up stolen. Piper is getting involved in match making and its tiring her out.

    Hmmm... an Egyptian Artifact with a curse on it? Of course they have scientifically proved what killed the people from King Tut's tomb and so many other tomb finders, but would you steal an Egyptian item that's supposedly cursed? I think not!

    So Clay played by Victor Browne not knowing about the curse and his two buddies steal the urn and decide to meet in San Fransisco of all the places in the world. Did they ever explain why San Fransisco? No. He shows up to see Phoebe and of course she suggests Prue to see about selling the Urn. Sometimes you have to wonder about Phoebe's level of intelligence or how naive she really is! This episode was brought down by the soap opera nature of the dialogue. It's like they were trying to find conflict within a story that really didn't need any extra conflict.

    We meet Claire Pryce played by Cristine Rose who works for the bank and is now running the Auction house and making financial decisions for the property. She will be around for a while as she seems to be a recurring character causing problems for Prue.

    As far as the story goes the Guardian of the Urn played by Stacy Haiduk was pretty cool. You wonder how something like that is created? By the way Haiduk is really familiar as she has been in Heroes, seaQuest DSV, and the short lived Kindred: The Embraced. This must have been a really early guest star role for her. She looked great!

    So the two other thieves are destroyed for their greed and Clay survives because of his selfless act. I'm not sure how that would fit into the curse but it made the story move forward.

    I liked the episode but there were some bothersome dialogue and storyline quirks that detracted from the good idea for the episode. I think we'll see more of Clay in the future for some reason. Thanks for reading...
  • Phoebe's old flame, Clay comes in town to sell a cursed urn. Starring: Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, and Alyssa Milano, T.W. King, Dorian Gregory

    This episode was one of my least favorite episodes of the entire series. But first i really liked the sub plot with Piper (Holly Marie Combs) having to freeze a nervous Doug (guest star Allen Cutler), who used to date Shelly (guest star Carolyne Lowry), and then them getting engaged. It was a great sub plot. However, the main plot with the Guardian of the Urn (guest star Stacey Haiduk) trying to kill Clay (guest star Victor Browne). The idea was good, but i really do not enjoy episodes that make the Charmed Ones seem like they are really weak, mainly because i think they could be taken out easily, but then i have never fought them, so....
    This episode was a disappointment to me.
  • This episode is about where Phoebe's ex-boyfriend comes to town and brings with him a mortal curse in a stolen Egyptian urn. Plus, Piper trys to help out a guy at work but it backfires.

    In this episode Clay, Phoebe's ex-boyfriend, comes to visit. He asks Phoebe if she can ask her sister if she would try to sale the Egyptian urn for him as soon as possible. At this time Clay doesn't realize that the urn has a curse because it is stolen. Mean while, Piper put a cofadiant spell on Doug, a coworker, at work to make him not so clumsy and maybe get the nerve to ask Shelly to marry him. After a while Prue learns that the urn is stolen and takes it off the auction list. She then learns that the urn is cursed. She trys to help Phoebe help Clay from being the next victim. In the mean time, Piper goes to work and realize that she shouldn't have doubled the recipe because it worked to good that Doug doesn't even think about shelly anymore. Then she takes the spell off and he becomes clumsy again. Then Clay learns a lesson because he trys to save Phoebe from getting hurt from the snake that was his punishment for stealing the urn and because he did this it also saved his life and the urn and Egyptian disappeared. Back at Piper's work, Prue finally takes the engagement ring out of doug's pocket and sets it on the floor when piper freazed the scene. When everything went back to normal Shelly sees the ring and is happy again she said, "I broke up with you because I was tired of waiting for you to ask me."
  • Greed is punished...

    In Cairo, Egypt, three Americans steal a valuable urn, but the object is cursed and its guardian kills one of the thieves and feeds of his greed. One of the guys is Clay, Phoebe's former boyfriend, and he travels to San Francisco to use her to convince Prue to auction the urn. Meanwhile, Piper helps the clumsy waiter of "Quake", Doug, to get back and propose his girlfriend Shelly. When the second thief is killed, Clay decides to leave San Francisco in a hurry. The Halliwell sisters do not have enough power to protect him, but something unpredictably happens.

    "Feats of Clay" is one of the weakest episodes of "Charmed", but entertains. The romance of the waiter Doug and the waitress Shelly is silly, and the story of the curse protected by a guardian is predictable.
  • Phoebe's exboyfriend comes to San Francisco hoping to get Phoebe's help into asking Prue to auction off a stolen Urn which has a death curse attached. Meanwhile Piper casts a spell to make a co-worker gain confidence

    A slightly dull and disappointing episode compared to the previous episodes which were more fast paced and exciting.

    The storyline involving the Guardian seems to drag on for ages with the Guardian only appearing for short scenes where she produces animals from the urn to do her bidding, althogh it is quite creepy the actress who plays the guardian is very drawn out producing no emotion in her role, making her seem as if shes bored stiff

    The last battle sequence is quite ridiculous, it would have been a lot better if the sisters banished the guardian but instead we see Clay put himself at harms way to save Phoebe from the Guardian's cobra, and the Guardian leaving of her own free will (tedious!)

    Overall pretty much filler material and worth dodging
  • Raiders of the cursed urn

    This is easily the weakest storyline of Season One; probably a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth, given that it took four people to write it.

    The opening scene is truly awful. It's set in Egypt, and just to put this beyond any doubt, everyone is dressed in khaki and the security guards are wearing Arabian headdresses. Please! Thank heavens the tall one dies first; he's worse than the bloke in "The Wedding from Hell".

    The whole idea of a cursed urn is unoriginal and the woman playing the guardian puts little effort into the role. The way she simply gives up and leaves at the end is pathetic. And whose idea was it to dress her as a drag queen?

    Far too much time is spent on the Phoebe and Clay non-storyline. She's never mentioned him before so why is she so interested now? Still, at least they picked someone fit to play him (he looks and sounds like Jensen Ackles from Supernatural).

    Thankfully, there is a sub plot involving a lovestruck, clumsy and rather cute waiter from Quake, whose girlfriend problems Piper attempts to fix. This is much better than the main plot and produces the best scenes of the episode. The special effects where Piper plucks the three frozen glasses from the air are very good and the scene where he is under her confidence spell is well acted.

    I like the way Buckland's is now in administration and Claire has taken over - it would have been way too easy simply to pretend Rex had never existed.

    Interestingly, this is the first episode of Charmed, and one of only two in Season One, in which no baddies are vanquished. Still doesn't make it a good episode though.
  • Phoebe's ex-boyfriend comes to town with a cursed artifact that he wants Prue to sell.

    Not my favorite episode even though I thought it was a good idea for the storyline. I think it has more to do with the guest stars. They seemed very stiff and there was absolutely no chemistry between Phoebe and Clay. The storyline was interesting with the cursed urn but a few things bothered me. I really didn’t like it when Prue found out that Clay stole the urn and confronted Phoebe. All of sudden during the conversation/argument that followed all that seemed to matter was if Clay knew the urn was cursed or not. That became the only focus. What difference does that make! It’s not bad enough he stole the urn and used Phoebe to get to Prue? There was a little humor in the subplot with Piper trying to play matchmaker between two of her employees. She had to keep freezing the room when her waiter would drop dishes , glasses and things because he was distracted. I liked the line at the end when the two finally did get together when she said “maybe it would have happened sooner if I kept me little Wicca nose out of it”.
  • Lacked anything of interest.

    This was a poor excuse for trying to give Phoebe a storyline. They are basically trying to throw her a bone because Prue has had the whole Andy thing and work issues and Piper's had the difficulty accepting being a witch, her hectic job issues and her feelings for Leo. I mean at this point Phoebe has no man she wants, no career to focus on and the easiest time being a witch. The plot was uninteresting and at times far fetched and ridiculous, there were no twists, you knew what was going to happen from the beginning of the show so why put yourself through the pain of watching it. Thank goodness they got better at writing for her character.
  • Not my Favorite. I Don't even think i've seen the whole eppy.

    I bought Season 1 on dvd recently. I hadn't seen this eposide before, I started watching this one after i finished the ones before. After about 15 or so minuets into this eposide I turned it off. I find this eppy to be one of the boring ones. So if you want a good nap, Watch this eposide "feats of clay" from Season one of Charmed.
  • phoebe's old boyfriend, clay is a theif that stole a cursed artifact. he wants prue to sell it but she finds out its stolen so she doesn't. meanwhile, the curse kills clay's friends and comes after clay and the charmed ones stop it

    this episode was poorly done and looked very cheap. the costume of the curse was disgusting and looked like a little kid's school play costume! and prue should have known better than to trust her sister's old friend because phoebe made horrible choices before she met her sisters. i like it how they show some of phoebe's friends before she became a witch but i didn't like the episode.
  • Clays of Our Lives

    An episode which struggles to be anything else besides boring, Feats of Clay suffers from some bad guest actors (which is usual of season one) and a pretty dull storyline.

    In the episode, Phoebe's former boyfriend Clay arrives in San Francisco to get back together with her and make Prue auction off a stolen Egyptian urn. But Clay is unaware to the fact that the Guardian of the Urn has begun killing those who stole the urn and Clay becomes the next target...

    The whole episode feels slightly lifeless with an awful performance from Stacy Haiduk as the Guardian, who expresses as much emotion as something from the House of Wax. She also had a really bad taste in clothes. Her weird golden outfit looked like something from RuPaul's wardrobe. Yuck. You also don't care about Phoebe and Clay's relationship. We've only just met the guy and at least when a boyfriend is in peril in the future, they at least feature him in more than one episode before he's targeted by a demon (A Witch in Time for instance). The motives behind the Guardian just giving up on killing Clay are also extremely unbelievable. It just seems way too easy.

    Feats of Clay has too many coincidences and lame plot devices for it to work. Just avoid it.

    Rating: D
  • its ok...

    i really didnt like this episode. i mean its ok but like i sayd, notin happend. there was a curse. nothin good about the episode. it was pretty boring. the egypt person looked really gay and stupid. i really cant think of any thing good about this episode... so,

    the end
  • I like this episode up until they show certain things in this epsiode....

    The things were spiders and snakes which I am REALL scared of and are my phobias, but thats me. The storyline was Ok but it needed more exciting stuff to happen. Dunno what but something. All of the actresses were as good as usual and I'd never seen nor heard of this episod ebefore until i got the dvd
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