Season 8 Episode 22

Forever Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 2006 on The WB

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  • this episode was just beautifull i liked the way all was put together and all was back to normality and see all the family was so fun

    this episode was just beautifull i liked the way all was put together and all was back to normality and see all the family was so fun and i liked the fact that they talked about prue even if she wasn't in the episode she will always be remembed but wen a door closes(prue) another one opens(paige) like patty said. the end was so sad when they show all the pictures i usually don't cry but i wanted to because it was over forever charmed the other scene that got me was wen billie started to cry because she killed her own sister that was so sad porr billie i felt bad for her in the end i like her she was good after all and she sacrify her sister for the charmedones i really like her. thats all i have to say i never thought i see this last episode at my twentys 4 ever charmed.
  • Very completed!

    It was a very special episode! Very complete written! I really enjoyed it (more than watching the series finale of “7th Heaven”).

    As we knew, Christy was the bad news, too sad for Billie, she had to kill her own sister by herself.

    It was so nice to see members of the Halliwell family showed up in the final episode (except Prue) as well as knowing their future at the end. Eventually, the Halliwell became a very big family since each sister got 3 children (even though they did not specify that Piper has one more daughter but they showed the scene that she handed out lunch boxes to 2 boys and a girl). I like the way they concluded the show by showing Grandma Piper was reading the last page of the book to her granddaughter.
  • Leo and Piper attempt to go to the past to save Paige and Pheobe, but are misdirected and get to see more then they bargained for.

    OMG. I can't put into words to describe how much I loved this episode. It's almost as good as the one where Wyatt was born. I cried, I laughed, and I pined. All in all, the second best episode of Charmed ever. I love how the writter's ended it, telling all that you would need to know about the show, and how it's going to end. The only part I hated was not having another episode to follow up on. I hate the fact that "Charmed" is over. I guess you can't hate the girls, though. They did devote their best years to this show. I just wish they could come up with another show based on Charmed. Maybe have some guest appearences done by the girls every now and then.
  • The end of one of the bestest shows ever!

    This episode was the best! It is hard to put in words on how amazing it was. I was very satisfied on how they ended it. They did't leave anyone hanging on what was going to pen. It was wonderful!

    The actors and actresses were great in this episode. I was really excited when they brought Future Chris, Future Whytt, Grams, and Patty on. That was awsome.

    The future was amazing! UNCLE COOOP!! YESS! I knew they would end up togather! Oh and the girls kids in the future how cute! That was awsome they each had three each. And I was glad Piper has another! I thought they could have showen what happens with Billie more but you know how it goes. I am really happy Piper opens a resturant but what about the club? I was also glad Phoebe still has her colmn and Pagie embrasses her whitelighter.Oh yeah Chirsty dead.YES! But that would be alful killing your sister.

    At the end I cried so much when they showed Piper and Leo going up the stairs. And they showed all those pictures. I was such a baby! I really like this episode. But I still wish it was not over!
  • The halliwells and the drama they brought to the screen will be greatly missed and remembered for all of that. The drama and intensity just made you escape into the show everytime you turned it on.

    I felt this episode was very emotional, being final episode and all. Happy to see that Phoebe was finaly able to find true love that was not a forbidden one, happy to see Piper didn\'t have to go on living without her sisters, sad to see Billie having to \'vanquish\' her sister after being away from her for so many years. I have been watching Charmed from Season 1..Something Wicca this way comes, watched it religously till the end. Unfortunately, i will miss the series and will have to resort to watching reruns. I still can\'t believe the series was done as of 5/21/06. I shed tears of joy and because the charmed was survived and were able to fulfil life long dreams and sadness because of it being last episode ever. Wish and hope to see some type of reunion show with all the main characters looking back on the past 8 years and getting their opinions and comments on a variety of areas relating to the series.
  • What a magical sendoff. What a fairy tale ending.

    I didn't actually see the second to last episode, but I knew I couldn't miss the series finale of a show that have given me one more reason to look forward to Sunday primetime.

    I've always loved time travel, though I sometimes question it. Even though I'm not very good in finding inconsistancies in a show like this (cause I'm not an avid fan as some people are), I try to see if it was plausible. For the most part, I think they did a good job. At the end, they decided to send Phoebe, the mother, and Grams back before they were called for in order for them not to remember the future.

    But if going back in time was so easily done, why couldn't they have rescued Prue? Anyways...

    It was nice to see adult Wyatt and Chris as well as Grams as well as Phoebe, the mother, as well as Victor. I like reunion series finale episodes.

    It was tragic that Billie had to kill her sister in order to save the Halliwell sisters and Leo. But I guess that was the only way.

    The ending was perfect for all the sisters. We learn that Piper and Leo live happily into a ripe old age, having grandchildren of their own. Phoebe marries Coop and have three children. Paige and Henry have three children (one of which was a boy!). So I'm thinking if the Halliwell family marries a magical being, they can actually have boys.

    Very sentimental of Old Piper and Leo walking up the stairs with the pictures of themselves, their family, and their family's family.

    I'll miss you, Charmed.
  • I did not think it would end like that.....

    Well Charmed is finally over, 8 years of Super-girl powered magic now ended!

    The episode was gonna be a back in time thing, that much I knew, I never expected a conclusion like that, not only did we have the past but we also had the future which made a fitting end to the story and was good to see that Wyatt becomes good in the future, although his evil side seemed to be much better looking!!

    They answered most questions in this episode which made it a good watch and even showed the powers moving onto the next generation too but they never mentioned how the magical community responded to being tricked by Billy and her sister.

    I guess there will always be answered questions in things like these but hey it was a great show and will be dearly missed off our screens, onto the DVD I guess!
  • It was a fitting conclusion to an all round entertaining series whose mixture of fantasy and magic, with a side salad of comedy and high drama kept me coming back. In the fine traditions of theater, it can be truly said that they left us wanting more.

    It was a fitting conclusion to an all round entertaining series whose mixture of fantasy and magic, with a side salad of comedy and high drama kept me coming back. In the fine traditions of theater, it can be truly said that they left us wanting more. I hope that at some stage in the not too distant future we may see “Charmed the Next Generation.” This is however another story.

    It would have been nice if all the Halliwell sisters had managed to make an appearance in the finale. It would seem though that the bridges between Shannen Doherty and the rest of the charmed organisation had been well and truly burnt. Still Patty and Grams managed to instil some humour into the situation not to mention Uncle coop.

    In what I consider as being a typical charmed instance of using roller coasting emotions witness the vanquishing of Christy and the anguish of Billy, to be followed by the joyful reunion of the whole Halliwell clan. It is one of the things this show did exceeding well. Sending your emotions hurtling up and down the track.

    As old Pipa and Leo took that walk up the stairs for that final time and we witnessed that cavalcade of memorabilia, I found my eyes welling and myself standing up and applauding. When the children came rushing through the front door and the lone granddaughter seated with the book of shadows on her lap, closed the dor with if wave of her hand. I was reminded of the closing scene from the final episode of season one. Fitting and poetic. Forever charmed will always be forever charming.
  • The second best way to end a classic series.

    Charmed finally comes to an end and I'm actually not disappointed with its conclusion. I thought there would be more flashbacks and I wanted more flashbacks. I was very happy to see Patty, Grams, adult Chris and Wyatt. It was kind of weird to see Patty and Victor in love because they never showed them. I was very happy to see Christy and the Triad die. Their death was not all that big which was slightly disappointing. I was mad that they didn't kill off Billie. I never really like her even when she was good. It was tearjerking to see the old Leo and Piper. Their love can last! There was just one thing missing, Prue! She was mentioned more than usual but she seen at all, not in pictures or even little Prue. At least the sisters got their happy endings. Phoebe finally found love (they should have had Cole back). Piper is finally happy with Leo and Paige is settling with her husband. It was very sad to see old Piper reading to her grandaughter, I even cracked a tear. The triquetra was the last thing seen which was very appropriate. Let's say goodbye to a classic series that will not be forgotten.
  • Charmed ends with one of the best episodes of the series

    After watching Charmed since mid season 2. I was so sad to hear that Charmed was cancelled. Living in Australia it was hard to wait for the final season but i've seen it now thanks to the net.

    Piper and Billie are the only ones left alive and both travel back in time to alter the events. Piper, dragging along half her family and Billie, alone, come together to alter the future and save Phoebe and Paige.

    At first i wa s skpetical. 'Don't tell me they're going back in time again??' But after watching this, it was a whole new ball game. It was great to humor in the last episode. I would've been disapointed to have a deadly serious final episode. The ending was great and brings together family and sisters. The perfect ending but one thing bugs me.

    How the hell can the sisters afford so many kids?!
  • Piper must go to the future in order to change the past and save the present; sound complicated enough? What a great way to end the series!

    I\'ve watched Charmed since the show started, and I must admit that as I watched this episode, I was disappointed at first. I thought there was more they could do with the girls together to wrap up the series. However, the last half hour of the show made up for anything wrong in the first half. As it showed the Charmed One\'s futures and how happy they were going to be, I was thrilled. After all the struggles the writers put those poor characters through, especially poor Piper and Leo, they had to end them on a happy note. The finale was above and beyond what I was hoping for; thank you for that. If you haven\'t seen it, make sure you catch it at some point; it is definitely worth seeing more than once.
  • I had never cried watching anything on TV, but this episode was just so awesome , that by the end, i just couldnt hold the tears no longer..hehe.. I love Charmed, and I'm gonna miss it.

    Perfect, flawless.. There are so many things that i can say about this episode, It's was just an amazing journey and i can't believe that it is actually over.

    This to me was even better than the Friends finale. Loved it when Christy got killed, totally didn't see it coming. Amazing... just amazing... all I can say.... I will love charmed forever and i'll never stop watching this show because it's simply the best thing that WAS out there.
  • What a way to end an awesome series! At least they still get to go out on a good foot.

    This was a terrific way to end the series. Leo came back, everyone had found love.

    I just feel so bad for Billie, she had finally found her sister only to lose her for good. She did what she knew was right at the end after finding out the truth. I'm sure it took her a while to get over being the one to take her sister's life, but Christie had been willing to take Billie's first.

    Piper and Leo were able to go back in time in order to keep Paige and Phoebe from dying. They saw not only the past, but also their future, which probably gave them more hope for the battle.

    It was also great to see future Chris again, as his usual blunt self. He was with future Wyatt, and he it was great the way ends up turning out. It was just funny the way their personalities were; usually the older one is supposed to be the responsible and more mature one, and the younger the happy-go-lucky one. Instead they seemed to have switched it around. But, it was definitely better than the future Chris had originally come from.

    We also got to see the past Patty and Grams, and I think that it helped Piper, because she had her whole family behiind her and helping her.

    Overall, it was and excellent final episode for an excellent series. Unfortunately, of course all good things must come to an end.

    So, good-bye, Charmed! We wiull miss you!
  • A great episode, very touching and moving, but...

    i can't believe that 8 years have passed :-)

    the episode was amazing, the way that all the problems were resolved.

    it was great to see the charmed ones past and future.

    i really felt for billie, and was releaved too see that the sisters forgave her, and welcomed her back to their lives.

    the one thing that bothered me, and because of it my enjoyment from the final episode hadn't been complete, was the absence of Prue.

    i know that this issue is worn out, but still.

    i'm really disappointed from shannon - she could at least let the producers use her photo for the last scene, where leo and piper are climbing the stairs.

    i feel like my 5 years waitting for her character's return was a complete waist of time, and that she doesn't really desearve all the fans she has.

    it is a bitter-sweet moment
    everything was fun while it lasted
    and i'm really sad that it is over :-)

  • Almost made me cry!!

    ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING!!! I was almost crying at the end, it was the perfect series finale for the show, we finally see all the sisters dreams come true: Piper- husband, kids, her own restaurant, Pheobe- married to coop, kids, great job, and Paige- husband, kids, and finding her true calling. Also all the characters (minus Prue) Grams, Patty, Victor, Adult Wyatt, Adult Chris, Piper, Pheobe, Paige, and also Billy important characters for a very important episode. The Perfect way to finish to begin their lives.
  • Many of the past Charmed elements come together in this Series Finale.

    At first when I saw last week\'s episode, and read the bits of information from this week\'s episode I feared the worst. My initial thoughts were that the current season\'s plotlines were going to be completely waved off in the first 10 mins and then we were going to have one big happy send-off. Fortunately the episode\'s streamlined in a way in which the previous plot details are acknowledged and still the past,present and future remains intact and presented. Certainly some of it is forced, but this Series Finale is more than anything a celebration of all the years of Charmed we fans have been following.

    We were fortunate to see this final goodbye succeed in giving us so much material. I mean, adult Chris and Wyatt returning, glimpses into the future etc. are terrific stuff to feed us fans. From what I can conceive, Brad Kern claimed he didn\'t even ask Shannon Doherty to return for the finale and whatnot. I actually think he didn\'t even dare to ask, because I don\'t think she would have even considered it, and he knows it too. She didn\'t appear at the 90210 finale, why would Charmed be a priority? It\'s sad, since an appearance from her character would have finalized this as a solid series finale. There is no denying her character\'s importance in the series, which is why I believe she got a mention at least.

    Now some fans may complain over the fact that Cole doesn\'t make an appearance, however they should remember he did make a guest appearance last season, creating some closure for his character. Sure, it wouldn\'t have hurt seeing him one more time, but adding him to an almost over-full line-up for this finale, would have definitely seemed forced.

    If one disregards for a while that this episode is in fact a tribute to us fans, how does it fare as a Charmed episode? In fact, not all too poorly. This episode is for sure the best episode to date for Charmed\'s 8th season, perhaps even better what the 7th season had to offer. It brings back many of the elements these previous seasons lacked. The sistership among the Charmed ones, the magical elements, the sense of family etc. all came back in this one episode. This season lost me with the focus going to Christy and Billie, plus Leo being imprisoned. Last season while it had some good ideas, where it failed was in making the show all about Leo. Leo is a great character but should be used sparingly and after all the series is about the Charmed ones.

    The episode also has another headache, namely time traveling. Admittedly the writer has conjured (no pun intended) a good setup, but his tool creates inevitably some loopholes. I noticed this site has made its nit-picking already, but there are more. The main one would be that the adult Chris seems to remember having travelled back in time, and the other characters in the show interact with him like he should be the same Chris. In fact, if any logic should dictate, the adult Chris we saw from season 6 actually did die. The big but we have here is though that considering he succeeded in changing the future, so would also future Chris\'s current past,present and future, meaning we in fact would have a New Future Chris. A new Chris who would not remember his brother becoming evil etc. This is why it rang false that adult Chris would \"remember\" his grandpa\'s old place among other things.

    All in all, Charmed fans receive a big treat and with some thought and care put into the episode. If one were to draw any parallell right now, That 70\'s Show finale should be a disappointment to fans, the way it was rushed. The Charmed fans are big winners here, most things come together neatly.
  • This episode was amasing. I was so happy, and yet so sad. It was perfect.

    This episode was amasing. I was so happy, and yet so sad. It was perfect. I think the ending would have been better if i just ended at everyone hugging. That is the only thing that could have made it more perfect. I was so happy when I found out that Chris and Wyatt would be in it. I was jumping up and down. When we finally watched it, me and my mom cried like 4 times. Sometimes 'kuz it was so funny, others 'kuz it was sad. Im sad its over, but it was a good way to go out. And im really glad Billie turned back, I like her. And (future)Wyatts stupidity about not revealing things was halirious. I could not stop laughing. Angain, it was amazing.

  • Piper is the only sister left... she travels back and fort in time to change the event that killed her sisters.

    This very last episode of charmed made me feel a bit sad. I have been watching charmed since season 3 and it had been a part of my life ever since.

    The episode was well written. All loose ends were neatly tied up and the most powerful evil has been destroyed for good.

    Althoug I did not like, that the finale battle only took like 30 seconds. (same thing with Buffy 3 years ago).

    Anyways, each sister will have 3 kids in the future and everyone is happy... (allthough Paige may take off her glases ;))
    I especially loved that we saw Piper and Leo's future selfs. And that very last scence, when Piper and Leo r walking up the stairs almost made me cry... that's what true love is all about...
  • Piper goes back in time to save her sisters and meets up with some familier faces that help her, which include, grams, her mom, older piper and leo, chris and wyatt.

    I absolutely love this episode. It was the best episode ever and I should know- i have seen every episode at least twice. Too bad it was the last, but I don't blame them, there's nowhere else to go with Charmed.

    I was surprised when Wyatt said, "Uncle Coop!" I kinda just gasped out loud. I'm glad that Phoebe got to marry Coop and had children like her premonitions showed. I was surprised that she had three daughters and not one. I'm happy that she finally found happiness.

    Yay!! Piper got Leo back. I'm glad that they grow old together. They also had a daughter it seems. The end of the episode, Piper is handing Chris and Wyatt lunches and she has a little girl right next to her, so I assume that she had a daughter.

    Paige also finally found happiness. She married her true love and had twin daughters and a son. I'm glad that she also found happiness. She deserved it.
  • I am so sad to see Charmed come to an end after all this time. But, did anyone notice that on the stairwell where all the pics were there were no pics of Prue at all? WHy is that? Booboo or just poor planning. I will greatly miss Charmed.

    I was really glad to see the flashforwards about all the characters. It really seems to bring it to a close. But, notice that Phoebe did have \\\\\\\"3\\\\\\\" little girls. Future Charmed ones maybe? One can only hope. I have watched this show since its conception and will really miss it. Charmed has been a part of my family viewing and now there is nothing like it to replace it. I am really sorry to see it over. My 21 yr old daughter and I watched and cried when the flashforwards were being played and the ending finally came. Thanks Charmed you have really made Sunday evenings a thing to look forward to for the past seasons. I hope that something as good will come along to take the place of it. Again all our thanks to the cast and crew of Charmed. We have indeed been charmed to be a part of this great show.
  • Forever Charmed, all too fitting!

    Wow! What an ending! I cried and laughed at the same time. Reminds me of the line from "Steel Magnolias" from Dolly Parton, "Laughter through tears, my favorite emotion". I am deeply saddened that my favorite show is gone. But, what a great ending, no more loose ends. I loved seeing Grams, Patty, Victor, Wyatt, and Chris both older and younger. I only wish they could have had Prue come back even if you hired a lookalike, since it is known they could not even use Shannen's image. They could have super-imposed someone else's face in photos and recreated scenes. Overall the ending to one of the very best series ever! Although, I wouldn't mind a spin-off or reunion movie.
  • I love Charmed.But this season was a little tiring as the writers ran out of ideas.And an excellent title was wasted courtesy of last season\\\'s finale.But the writers did a great job wrapping up the show.I really will miss it.It\\\'s nice to know that l

    I used to love Charmed. This season of Charmed was tiring and it seemed as though the show was chugging on its last breath. The writers were out of ideas, it was almost painful. But out of loyalty I continued to watch. Mostly because I wanted to understand the series finale. And I have to hand it to the writers. They have done a phenominal job wrapping up this show. It is one of the most loved shows on television. They have showed that life does continue after Charmed.
  • A perfect ending to a great series...

    This was it... the very last episode of charmed (ever). I'm sure going to miss this series: the cast was great, the storyline original...

    and this was the perfect ending in my opinion. Everything worked out the way I wanted it to. I really wanted this happy ending for Charmed, and I'm glad they had it ;)
    Phoebe finally finds the love of her life, they all have kids (the sisters all have three kids, or am I mistaken: I'm not sure if the girl with Chris and Wyatt was also a daughter from Piper and Leo). It's great that Billie finally realised her sister was "playing" her, and reunites with the Charmed-ones again.

    Sorry to see this show go.. but maybe there will be room for a spin-off? With Wyatt and Chris maybe... that would be great !!!!! They both are so cute :d
  • Bringing it all together in a tidy package!

    Eight years of joy and tears are condensed into a one-hour thrill ride through time.
    Various charcaters come to the present-day time and the family is reunited (with the exception of Prue).

    Anybody that has seen this show from the beginning can't stop the tears from appearing at the end as the last fade-out happens with the triquetra.
    The tears are either from knowing the show has ended forever or knowing the family is going to be all right in the future.

    Although the series finale episode lacks the punch of other favorites of mine (such as "All Hell Breaks Loose")it still will rank as one of my favorites.

  • Although the best title to bring the show out on was wasted last season, a great ending to a great show.

    In this night and in this hour. . .I have been waiting for this episode since learning Charmed was renewed for an 8th season; with all the great things that Charmed has done, it was very exciting trying to figure out how they would take the show out. As others have mentioned it seems they could have done a little bit more with Prue, but I understand the conflict that is there. That said, this was one of the best episodes ever and my second favorite (All Halliwell's Eve is first). The writing was great and the acting amazing (Holly proves herself yet again). The only thing that bothered me about this season (and I wasn't able to see all of it) was how quickly the arc turned Billie against the sisters. Fittingly, she gets the chance to redeem herself and restore order. I was glad to see Piper and Leo finally got their daugther; Forever Charmed brings great closure to the series and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Best of luck to the girls and everyone else on the show. It's been a great run and this is a very bittersweet farewell. I can't wait for the DVDs. Blessed be.
  • A Truley Amazing Episode All Lose Ends Are Wrapped Up Well I Think That It Would Have Been Just A Little Better If They Put A Bit More Memory In Shannen's Charicter (Prue) However Still A Great End To A Show, One Of The Best I Have Seen

    This Episode Is Truly A Great Way To End A Show, It Starts Of With Leo And Piper Entering Phoebe's Apartment And Talking About What There Gonna Do To Save The Charmed Ones, Piper Decided That She Can Use Coop's Ring To Travel Back In Time To Sort The Mess Out, Piper And Leo Then Travel Through Time Stopping At A Few Different Times Picking Up Their Mother (Patty) And Grandmother (Penny A.K.A Grams) They Then Travel To The Present Where They Cast The Hollow Out Of Piper, Billie, Phoebe, Paige, Christy, However Billie And Christy They Leave Quickly Befour They Can Vanquish Them, Eventually Billie Realises That Her And Her Sister Were Being Manipulated By The Triad And Billie Decided To Go Help The Charmed Ones, When They Travel Through Time Once Again They Vanquish The Triad (again) And Then Christy Sends A Fire Ball To Billie And She Reflects It Killing Her, Back At The Manor Everyone Says There Goodbye's And Then The Three Sisters Are Left To Each Write A Personal Statement About Themselfs In The Book Of Shawdows (They Write About What Happends In The Future) Which Shows, Paige Has 3 Children A Boy Called Henry And Two Twin Girls, She Also Carries On With Her Whitelighter Duties, Phoebe Also Has 3 Children, She Changes Her Coloum To a Ask For Help On Love Coloum, And Piper Decideds To Open Up The Resturant She Always Wanted. A Truly Great Way To End A Series

    Gary Ruthven
  • All the information that I wanted was given in this episode, and thats what made it a great season finale. I'm glad that it ended happily and not leaving me saying, so whats gonna happen now. It ended perfectly, happily and fulfilling. It was one of the b

    Piper and Leo with the help of Coop travel back into the past to try and change the events leading to the deaths of Phoebe and Paige. There were a lot of flashbacks, even far back to when Phoebe was not yet born, and a trip to the future, where Leo and Piper are old and together, and they are grand parents. At a certain point, future Wyatt and Chris come to see what caused their future to change. Wyatt let a piece of the future slip, calling Coop, Uncle Coop. Leo was brought back for good by the angel of destiny. What I loved about the finale, is that it didn't leave you guessing. You got to see the future, where Phoebe and Coop get married, and finally have their kids. Paige and Henry have 3 kids of their own, and ofcourse Piper and Leo are together happy and with their children. It was the perfect ending, goodbye charmed ones.
  • Loose ends are wrapped up with the help of the usual time travel, with the usual results.

    I thought "Charmed" had already ended, and was surprised so learn that I had not missed the season finale. Glad nothing else was on in this time slot, or I might have felt cheated. At least they didn't do a 2-hour blow-out like so many other networks did! WIthin one hour, we had time travel on various levels, vanquishing demons, regaining a husband, learning about a future one, and a look into how things will probably be in the future. More been there, done that type of work, but pretty good. Of the entire hour, I like the very last part best, during which the sisters wrapped up their careers, so to speak, with each one narrating how things ended up. Characters from previous episodes showed up, demons got blown up, and Phoebe finally found her soulmate (although I still like Cole!), all within one hour. This show was showing its age and perhaps should have quit when they started introducing Chris as from the future, but I don't regret watching it. It was better in the old days with Prue, I feel, and too bad they couldn't get Shannon to guest-star, but it was a nice ending to a successful 8-year run.
  • Blessed Be

    I remember watching the first episode of Charmed right back in September 1998. Something Wicca This Way Comes was a masterpiece and immediately got me hooked on this little show about young women who discover they are witches. I never expected it to last that long, though. Maybe three years? Give or take? But, here I am, eight years later. It's been a bumpy eight years, with several pit-stops of eye-tearing suckiness, but Forever Charmed, the final ever episode, was a sufficient end to the series.

    In the series finale, Piper and Leo are sent back in time with the help of Coop's ring to save the lives of Paige and Phoebe. In the past, Piper crosses paths with her mother and Grams and reunites with the future versions of her sons, Chris and Wyatt. Meanwhile, Billie finally realizes she's being manipulated and tries to convince Christy of what Dumain is planning.

    I wasn't completely satisfied with this finale. Many moments seemed rushed and not much made sense. I really wanted to love this episode and I sat down eagerly awaiting the final ever Charmed hour, but I just couldn't get into it. The time travel aspect of the episode was slightly average. It basically seemed as if it was only needed in order to draft in guest spots from past characters and the whole time travel thing was full of loop holes, which just distracted me from the rest of the episode.

    The return appearances from Drew Fuller, Jennifer Rhodes and Finola Hughes were welcome, but hardly special. I would have liked Dorian Gregory to return for instance. I was also annoyed that there wasn't even a picture of Prue during the montage of photographs at the end. That would have made it perfect. But, sadly, I guess Shannen Doherty just wasn't interested in letting them use her image. Billie's presence in this episode was slightly awkward. I can't deny that her purpose became clearer as the season went on but devoting so much time to Kaley Cuoco in the finale just annoyed me. I also got annoyed that Leo was taken out of the episode so soon, as he deserved to be featured more.

    Holly Marie Combs gave a stand-out performance throughout the episode but I couldn't help but feel a little sad that Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan didn't really have much to do until the last half hour. I absolutely adore Piper but it would have been nicer if both Phoebe and Paige were given a little more screentime. Kaley Cuoco handled her scenes well, especially her grieving Christy's death. Obviously, she still can't act to save her life but at least it was better than her painfully bad mourning scene in Generation Hex. Eww.

    I admit that I did shed a tear during the final moments. The narration at the end was a really perfect way to end the series and I loved hearing about all the ventures the Halliwells embarked on later on in life. I especially loved how Piper finally opened her own restaurant and it was a neat throwback to her ambitions back in season one. Though I did find the whole "each sister has three kids" thing a little corny, especially as the 7th Heaven pseudo-finale had the same sort of "baby twist" thing, that whole scene made me really sad.

    I did love the performances in this episode. Holly rocked it, as well as Rose McGowan, Jennifer Rhodes, Victor Webster, Wes Ramsey, Finola Hughes, Ivan Sergei and (admittedly) Alyssa Milano. The big group hug between all the Halliwell family was cheesy but extremely effective. I loved seeing the whole family together one last time.

    All in all, Forever Charmed was a half-decent finale. It had all the main ingredients to make the perfect final episode but it just didn't come together that well. There were moments I really loved and moments that I wasn't that happy about. Despite that, it was still an effective closer to the show. It wasn't the best series finale I've seen but it was still a satisfying end to a show I've watched for the past eight years.

    From 1998 to 2006, Charmed has never maintained its perfection but I can't deny that it's been one hell of a ride. It's been entertaining. It's been fun. It's been dramatic. Some may say (and I know this is as corny-as-hell) it's been... charming.

    Director: James L Conway
    Writer: Brad Kern
    Rating: B
  • Read ahead and find out what happens in this amazing last episode!!!!!!!

    Probably one of the best episodes for charmed!!! I always new that when the time came to make a last episode, it would be one of the best and thats what happend when \'something wicca this ways goes\' came to the screen. It was amazing and at the same time it was sad that it was actually over. That was until season 8 came out bringing another amazing last episode 'Forever Carmed'.

    For 8 years the charmed ones have battled the forces of evil and now evil won!
    Paige: "so much for happy ever after"
    Now for their very last episode ever of charmed...
    Billie: "Piper, theres no-one left"
    Paige and Peobe are dead! so Piper must summon the most unimaginable power to bring them back.
    Piper: "I dont now how, but im going to fix this"

    Piper: " the future..."
    Peobe: (to Paige) "are you getting any of this"
    Paige: "whatever"
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